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<p>PROJECT REPORT ON PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL AT BSNL</p> <p>SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULLFILMENT OF THE REQUIRMENT FOR B.B.A(BACHALOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION) 2008-2011</p> <p>SUBMITTED BY-CHANDA ROLL NO-4809</p> <p>UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF MISS: NAMARITA KALIA</p> <p>SCHOOL OF BUSINESS STUDIES POST GRADUATE GOVERNMENT COLLEGE DHARAMSHALA</p> <p>CERTIFICATE</p> <p>This is to certify that the project entitled PERFOMANCE APPRASIAL AT BSNL has been carried out by CHANDA RANA under my guidance in partial fulfillment of the degree of BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION of HIMACHAL PRADESH UNIVERSITY, SHIMLA during the academic year 2010-2011(Semester-VI) at SCHOOL OF BUSINESS STUDIES, GOVERNEMENT COLLEGE DHARAMSHALA.</p> <p>Date: Place: DHARAMSHALA</p> <p>Guide (NAMRITA KALIA)</p> <p>Head, School Of Business Studies (MADAN GULERIA)</p> <p>PRINCIPAL, Government College Dharamshala</p> <p>DECLARATION</p> <p>I CHANDA RANA , Roll No : 4809 a student of BBA VI semester of post graduate government collage dharamshala hereby declare that the report titled RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION PROCESS AT BSNL is my original work and the same has not been submitted for the award of any other diploma or degree.</p> <p>PLACE: DHARAMSHALA DATE:</p> <p>NAME- CHANDA RANA</p> <p>ACKNOWLEDGEMENT</p> <p>I express my sincere thanks to my project guide. MISS NAMRITA KALIA, SCHOOL OF BUSINESS STUDIES for guiding me right from the inception till the successful completion of the project. I sincerely acknowledge her for extending their valuable guidance, support for literature, critical reviews of project and the report and above all the moral support she had provided to me with all stages of this project. I would also like to thank the supporting staff of SCHOOL OF BUSINESS STUDIES Department, for their help and cooperation throughout our project.</p> <p>(Signature of Student) Name of the Students-CHANDA RANA ROLL NO- 4809</p> <p>TYPE AVAILABILITY OWNER KEY PEOPLE FOUNDED WEBSITE</p> <p>COMMUNICATION SERVICE PROVIDER COUNTRYWIDE EXCEPT DELHI &amp; MUMBAI GOVERNMENT OF INDIA CHAIRMAN S.C.MISRA DIRECTOR-RAJESH WADHWA 19TH CENTURY, INCORPRATED IN 2000 WWW.BSNL.IN</p> <p>1.1 OVERVIEW OF THE BSNL:BSNL is India's oldest and largest Communication Service Provider (CSP). Currently BSNL has a customer base of 64.8 million (Basic &amp; Mobile telephony). It has footprints throughout India except for the metropolitan cities of Mumbai and New Delhi which are managed by MTNL. As on March 31, 2007 BSNL commanded a customer base of 33.7 million Wire line, 3.6 million CDMAWLL and 27.5 million GSM Mobile subscribers. BSNL's earnings for the Financial Year ending March 31, 2006 stood at INR 401.8b (US$ 9.09 b) with net profit of INR 89.4b (US$ 2.02 billion). Today, BSNL is India's largest Telco and one of the largest Public Sector Undertaking of the country with authorized share capital of US$ 3.95 billion (INR 17,500 Crore) and net worth of US$ 14.32 billion.</p> <p>1.3 PROFILE OF ORGANISATION: OVER VIEWS OF ORGANISATION</p> <p>HISTORYThe foundation of Telecom Network in India was laid by the British sometime in 19th century. The history of BSNL is linked with the beginning of Telecom in India. In 19th century and for almost entire 20th century, the Telecom in India was operated as a Government of India wing. Earlier it was part of erstwhile Post &amp; Telegraph Department (P&amp;T). In 1975 the Department of Telecom (DoT) was separated from P&amp;T. DoT was responsible for running of Telecom services in entire country until 1985 when Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL) was carved out of DoT to run the telecom services of Delhi and Mumbai. It is a well known fact that BSNL was carved out of Department of Telecom to provide level playing field to private telecoms. Subsequently in 1990s the telecom sector was opened up by the Government for Private investment, therefore it became necessary to separate the Government's policy wing from Operations wing. The Government of India corporatized the operations wing of DoT on October 01, 2000 and named it as Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL).BSNL operates as a public sector.</p> <p>MAIN SERVICES BEING PROVIDED BY BSNL</p> <p>BSNL provides almost every telecom service, however following are the main Telecom Services being provided by BSNL in India:1. UNIVERSAL TELECOM SERVICES: Fixed wire line services &amp; Wireless</p> <p>in Local loop (WLL) using CDMA Technology called bfone and Tarang respectively. BSNL is dominant operator in fixed line. As on March 31, 2007 (end of financial year) BSNL had 76% share of fixed and WLL phones.</p> <p>BSNL MOBILE</p> <p>PRE-PAID MOBILE</p> <p>2. CELLULAR MOBILE TELEPHONE SERVICES: BSNL is major provider of</p> <p>Cellular Mobile Telephone services using GSM platform under brandname Cellone. Pre-paid Cellular services of BSNL are know as Excel. As on March 31, 2007 BSNL had 17% share of mobile telephony in the country.</p> <p>BSNL Broadband 3. INTERNET: BSNL is providing internet as dial-up connection (Sancharnet) and ADSL-Broadband Data one. BSNL has around 50% market share in broadband in India. BSNL has planned aggressive rollout in broadband for current financial year. 4. Intelligent Network (IN): BSNL is providing IN services like televoting, toll free calling, premium calling etc.</p> <p>BSNL PRESENT &amp; FUTURESince its corporatisation in October 2000, BSNL has been actively providing Connections in both Urban and Rural areas and the efficiency of the company has drastically improved from the days when one had to wait for years to get a phone connection to now when one can get a connection in even hours. Preactivated Mobile connections are available at many places across India. BSNL has alsounveiled very cost-effective Broadband internet access plans (DataOne) targetedat homes and small businesses. At present BSNL enjoy's 47% of market share of ISP services.</p> <p>Year of Broadband 2007Former Indian Communications Minister Thiru Dayanidhi Maran had declared year 2007 as "Year of Broadband" in India and BSNL is gearing up to provide 5 million Broadband connectivity by the end of 2007. BSNL has upgraded existing Dataone (Broadband) connections for a speed of up to 2 Mbit/s without any extra cost. This 2 Mbit/s broadband service is being provided by</p> <p>BSNL at a cost of just US$ 5.5 per month. Further, BSNL is planning to upgrade its broadband services to Triple play (telecommunications) in 2007. BSNL has been asked to add 108 million customers by 2010 by Former Indian Communications Minister Thiru Dayanidhi Maran. With the frantic activity in the communication sector in India, the target appears achievable, however due to intense competition in Indian Telecom sector in recent past BSNL's growth has slowed down. BSNL is pioneer of Rural Telephony in India. BSNL has recently bagged 80% of US$ 580 m (INR 2,500 crores) Rural Telephony project of Government of India.</p> <p>CHALLENGESDuring Financial Year 2007-2008 (From April 01, 2006 to March 31, 2007) BSNL has added 9.6 million new customers in various telephone services taking its customer base to 64.8 million. BSNL's nearest competitor Bharti Airtel is standing at a customer base of 39 million. However, despite impressive growth shown by BSNL in recent times, the fixed line customer base of BSNL is declining. In order to woo back its fixed-line customers BSNL has brought down long distance calling rate under One India plan, however, the success of the scheme is not known. However, BSNL faces bleak fiscal 2006-2007 as users flee, which has been accepted by the CMD BSNL. Presently there is an intense competition in Indian Telecom sector and various Telcos are rolling out attractive schemes and are providing good customer services. However, BSNL being legacy operator and its conversion from a Government Department earns lot of criticism for its poor customer service. Although in recent past there have been tremendous improvement in working of BSNL but still it is much below the Industry's Expectations. A large aging (average age 49 years (appx)) workforce (300,000 strong), which is mostly</p> <p>semiliterate or illiterate is the main reason for the poor customer service. Further, the Top management of BSNL is still working in BSNL on deputation basis holding Government employee status thus having little commitment to the organisation. Although in coming years the retirement profile of the workforce is very fast and around 25% of existing workforce will retire by 2010, however, still the workforce will be quite large by the industry standards. Quality of the workforce will also remain an issue. Access Deficit Charges (ADC, a levy being paid by the private operators to BSNL for provide service in non-lucrative areas especially rural areas) has been slashed by 37% by TRAI, w.e.f. April 01, 2007. The reduction in ADC may hit the bottom-line of BSNL.</p> <p>VISION To become the largest telecom Service Provider.</p> <p>MISSION To provide world class State-of-art technology telecom services to its Customers on demand at competitive prices. To Provide world class telecom infrastructure in its area of operation and to Contribute to the growth.</p> <p>OBJECTIVE MP Telecom looks over the management, control and operation of the telecom network with the following aims and objective To build a high degree of customer confidence by sustaining quality and reliability in service. To upgrade the quality of telecom service to international level. Provision of telephone connections on demand in all the villages of M.P. Expansion of new services like Internet, Intelligent Network, ISDN, Internet Telephony, Video Conferencing, Broadband etc. Popularize Broadband Services and to be on-demand in the whole State. Expansion of Cellular Mobile Telephone to all towns. To open Internet Kiosks (Cafe's) at all Block Head Quarters. To improve the quality of present services being given to the subscribers. To open more Customer Service Centers and upgrade the existing Customer</p> <p>Service Centers for better and friendly Customer care. Modernize PSTN network by making RSUs &amp; AN-RAX. Plantation of Trees to make environment Clean &amp; Green. To raise necessary financial resources for its developmental needs. To increase accessibility of services, by providing a large number of Local and NSD/ISD Public Call Offices (PCOs) so as to reach out to the masses.</p> <p>Products BSNL LANDLINE BSNL MOBILE _ POSTPAID _ PREPAID _ UNIFIED MESSAGING _ GPRS/WAP/MMS _ DEMOs _ TARIFF BSNL WLL INTERNET SERVICES _ NETWORK _ BROADBAND _ WI-FI _ CO-LOCATION SERVICE _ BSNL WEB HOSTING _ DIAL UP INTERNET _ SMS&amp; BULK SMS BSNL BROADBAND BSNL MANAGED NETWORK SERVICES BSNL MPLS-VPN ISDN LEASED LINE INTELLIGENT NETWORK _ FREE PHONE SERVICE _ PREMIUM RATE SERVICE _ INDIA TELEPHONE CARD _ VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK (VPN) _ VOICE VPN _ UNIVERSAL NUMBER _ UNIVERSAL PERSONAL NUMBER _ TELE VOTING VIDEO CONFERENCING</p> <p> AUDIO CONFERENCING TELEX/ TELEGRAPH EPABX _ EPABX _ FREE EPABX _ CENTREX HVNET INMARSAT TRANSPONDER</p> <p>PRFORMANCE APPRAISAL</p> <p>SYSTEM AT BSNL</p> <p>INTRODUCTION TO THE TOPICHuman Resource (or personnel) management, in the sense of getting things done through people, is an essential part of every managers responsibility, but many organizations find it advantageous to establish a specialist division to provide an expert service dedicated to ensuring that the human resource function is performed efficiently.</p> <p>People are our most valuable asset is a clich, which no member of any senior management team would disagree with. Yet, the reality for many organizations are that their people remain under valued, under trained and underutilized.</p> <p>Performance Appraisal is the process of assessing the performance and progress of an employee or a group of employees on a given job and his / their potential for future development. It consists of all formal procedures used in the working organizations to evaluate personalities, contributions and potentials of employees.</p> <p>PREFACEManaging human resources in todays dynamic environment is becoming more and more complex as well as important. Recognition of people as a valuable resource in the organization has led to increases trends in employee maintenance, job security, etc My research project deals with Performance Appraisal as carried out at Bhart Sanchar Nigam Ltd. (BSNLK). In this report, I have studied &amp;evaluated the performance appraisal process as it is carried out in the company.</p> <p>The first section of my report deals with a detailed company profile. It includes the companys history: its activities and operations, organizational structure, etc. this section attempts to give detailed information about the company and the nature of its functioning. The second section deals with performance appraisal. In this section, I have given a brief conceptual explanation to performance appraisal. It contains the definition, process and significance of performance appraisal. In the third section of my report, I have conducted a research study to evaluate the process of performance appraisal at Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd.; this section also contains my findings, conclusions, suggestions and feedback. The forth and final section of this report consists of extra information that I related to the main contents of the report. These annexure include some graphs and diagrams relating to the company, graphs relating to the research study and important documents upon which the project is based.</p> <p>RATIONALE OF THE STUDYPerformance Appraisal is the important aspect in the organization to evaluate the employees performance. It helps in understanding the employees work culture, involvement, and satisfaction. It helps the organization in deciding employees promotion, transfer, incentives, pay increase.</p> <p>INTRODUCTION TO HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENTHuman Resource (or personnel) management, in the sense of getting things done through people, is an essential part of every managers responsibility, but many organizations find it advantageous to establish a specialist division to provide an expert service dedicated to ensuring that the human resource function is performed efficiently. People are our most valuable asset is a clich, which no member of any senior management team would disagree with. Yet, the reality for many organizations are that their people remain under valued, under trained and under utilized. The market place for talented, skilled people is competitive and expensive. Taking on new staff can be disruptive to existing employees. Also, it takes time to develop cultural awareness, product / process / organization knowledge and experience for new staff members.</p> <p>FUNCTIONS OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENTFollowing are the various functions of Human Resource Management that are essential for the effective functioning of the organization: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Recruitment Selection Induction Performance Appraisal Training &amp; Development</p> <p>RECRUITMENT The process of recruitment begins after manpower requirements are determined in terms of quality through job analysis and quantity through forecasting and planning.</p> <p>SELECTION The selection is the...</p>