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RAIS Catalogue 2013 /2014 UK


<ul><li><p>INSERTS</p><p>RAIS 5001 7</p><p>RAIS 5002 8</p><p>RAIS 5003 9</p><p>RAIS 700 10</p><p>RAIS 900 12</p><p>RAIS Q-Bic insert 14</p><p>RAIS Q-Tee insert 16</p><p>RAIS 2:1 17</p><p>BIONIC FIRE</p><p>Bionic Fire 18</p><p>STOVES</p><p>RAIS Viva 98 23</p><p>RAIS Viva 120 24</p><p>RAIS Rina 27</p><p>RAIS Q-20 28</p><p>RAIS Q-Tee 30</p><p>RAIS Q-Tee wall-mounted 31</p><p>RAIS Q-Tee 2 32</p><p>RAIS Pilar 34</p><p>RAIS Q-Bic 36</p><p>RAIS Epoca 37</p><p>SOAPSTONE STOVES</p><p>RAIS Juno 39</p><p>RAIS Poleo Soapstone 40</p><p>RAIS Rina Soapstone 41</p><p>ACCESSORIES 42</p><p>SPECIFICATIONS 49</p><p>Content</p><p>Effect (min-max) </p><p>Effect (nominal)</p><p>Heat (at -20C)</p><p>Efficiency</p><p>Particulates</p><p>Inserts: External dimensions of the frame (W-D-H)</p><p>Stand-alone stoves:Dimensions (W-D-H)</p><p>Rotating base</p><p>Signs and symbols</p></li><li><p>3The RAIS stove is special.It stands out. From others. And in your home.</p><p>Our philosophy is simple and straightforward: A stove from RAIS has to be more than just a heat source. It has to unite aesthetics and technology. Form and function. Design and craftsmanship.We call our philosophy Art of Fire. Because your RAIS stove has to work as an efficient heat source, utilising the energy of the fire optimally, and as a streamlined design object a sculpture, integrated in your home. Our way of thinking about design and function, requires a lot from our designers, in terms of the manufacture process and materials used. However, the results are extraordinary.Thus, our stoves are the epitome of quality down to the last detail. All RAIS stoves are made without unnecessary joints, welds and other details with no specific function be it practically or aesthetically.The stoves are eco-friendly heat sources, ensuring efficient combustion at even low effect, and they are able to draw in combustion air from the outside, in order to provide a better indoor climate. And we have stoves, which fit in any home and any decoration. From castle to cabin. From nostalgia to modern minimalism.</p><p>RAIS is strong, contemporary design.Thats why we call it ART OF FIRE</p></li><li><p>4Impressive combustion</p><p>One of our renowned Danish designers, Mads Odgrd has the RAIS 700 centrally placed in his Swedish derelict farm house. The place oozes of a feeling of back to basics, amongst birch, woodpiles, stone fences and wooden houses, painted in classic Swedish earth tones. The stove manifests the only screen in the room, completely razor-sharp, since the efficient window cleanser circulates air and keeps the window clean on the wide door. The combustion is impressive with a RAIS, you fire first-class, the designer states. And of course, in an eco-friendly manner.</p><p>Fire is the heart of the home...Modern stoves are highlighted by a high degree of design and eco-friendliness</p><p>Since the dawn of time, humans have been closely connected to fire. Back in the day, homes had a hole in the roof, the fire was centred in the middle of the room and the family gathered around the fire, the warm focal point. Indeed, it is still like that the fire is the same...</p><p>Well, alright we have improved our homes quite a lot since that time. They are better insulated. And the fireplace? It has its own smoke channel. And very modern low-energy houses even have an invisible channel for the air intake. </p><p>Low-energy and rapid heat</p><p>This goes for the Christensen family; father, mother and two children, living in Frederikshavn in a low-energy house with aRAIS 2:1, a favourite of architects. The indoor climate is control-led by technique, unaffected by the stove. It provides heat when needed. A streamlined, non-stop stove with a two-sided door, so they can enjoy the fire in both kitchen and living room especially the bricking frame gave the architect some opportunities, which we love to play with, when tailoring the inner architecture to fit the wishes of the family, says architect Kim Bk from ARKINORD, Frederikshavn and Aalborg.</p></li><li><p>5High-tech craftsmanshipIf the fireplace should be placed in the middle of the room, be able to handle firewood in upright position and be able to compete with an excellent view through glass walls, RAIS Q 20 is the right solution with a top class design. And it has to be design in the home of artists like Inger and Jrgen Pedersen from Herning. Here, creativity and art is lived, and the urge to create, forces the couple to express themselves in steel and imaginative colours. The stove is also a fine piece of craftsmanship, made of plate steel, folded and flattened, installed and post-treated with great care and precision, and today the vibrant centre of the couples kitchen and living room.</p></li><li><p>6Floating lightness. Excellent heat.Regardless, if the stove inset is set and considered from the beginning of the house construction, or integrated in an existing fireplace in terms of refurbishment of the villa from the 70s, the result is the same: A stove inset creates a </p><p>visual and floating lightness in the room, not achievable with a regular stove. It is further a high-tech heat source, which is able to unite thought out design with unique functionality. The stoves are for instance able to take in combustion </p><p>air from the outside, in order to provide a better indoor climate, or you can go for heat transfer and utilise heat efficiently in several rooms.</p></li><li><p>7Super minimalist inset with a with a range of architectural possibilities for unique classic solutions in the home. Also in existing fireplaces. With a striking front glass pane, the fire lives beautifully in a central position in the room and in a fine interaction with the surfaces of the wall. Elegant and discreet handle. Glass door or classic door in steel, which can be opened either to the right or the left. Room for large wood pieces, unique combustion and fine environ-mental data. Can be connected to the AIR system from below or through a back wall.</p><p>6 kW (nominal)</p><p>4-8 kW (min-max)</p><p>60-120 m2 (at-20o C)</p><p>80% (73% UK)</p><p>&lt; 1,8 g/kg</p><p>764-506 mm (W-H)</p><p>RAIS 500 1</p></li><li><p>8This version with glass on two sides manifests an outstanding fire corner. The streamlined insert is beautifully integrated in the modern home. Elegant and discreet handle, easy operation via the front. Glass door or classic door in steel, which can be opened either to the right or the left. Room for large wood pieces, unique combustion and fine environ-mental data. Can be connected to the AIR system from below or through a back wall.</p><p>6 kW (nominal)</p><p>4-8 kW (min-max)</p><p>60-120 m2 (at-20o C)</p><p>80% (73% UK)</p><p>&lt; 1,8 g/kg</p><p>739-506-506 mm (W-D-H)</p><p>RAIS 500 2</p></li><li><p>9RAIS 500-3 with glass on all three sides gives the home a unique character. There is a perfect view of plenty of fire and the stove will create a genial atmosphere in the home. Elegant and discreet handle, easy operation. Glass door or classic door in steel, which can be opened either to the right or the left. Room for large wood pieces, unique combustion and fine environmental data. Can be connected to the AIR system from below or through a back wall.</p><p>6 kW (nominal) </p><p>4-8 kW (min-max)</p><p>60-120 m2 (at-20o C) </p><p>80% (73% UK)</p><p>&lt; 1,8 g/kg</p><p>714-506-506 mm (W-H)</p><p>RAIS 500 3</p></li><li><p>1010</p><p>A classic stove designed for the super minimalist architect designed home or the timeless decoration. The clean lines are completed by the special handle, which you can only see faintly. Room for large wood pieces and an impressive flame image. Unique combustion. Classic door in steel and glass or complete glass door, white or black. Can be connected to the AIR system through the back wall or right side.</p><p>5 kW (nominal)</p><p>3-7kW (min-max)</p><p>60-105m2 (at-20o C) </p><p>80% (73% UK)</p><p>&lt; 2,59 g/kg</p><p>864-574 mm (W-H)</p><p>RAIS 700</p></li><li><p>11</p><p>Its GREEN logic!By heating your home with a wood-burning stove, you have made an environmentally conscious choice. According to a report from the Danish Environmental Protection Agency from 2012, firewood as a source of energy has a CO2 emission of zero. This conclusion is based on the logic that trees through their lifetime absorb the same amount of carbon dioxide, which is emitted through combustion later on. </p><p>So, even though wood as fuel is an eco-friendly choice in general, it is far from unimportant what type of stove or inset you select for firing. There is great difference between how efficient the stoves on the market use the firewood, and not the least how much they pollute.</p><p>RAIS stoves are among the very best on the market, both in terms of utilising heat values in the firewood, and minimising the environmental impact. And these are not just empty words. We can actually justify it.</p><p>You will know, when you have a look at the Data and see the figures under Efficiency and Particulates for each stove and inset. The figure for efficiency states how many per cent of the heat value of the firewood are utilised. The figure for particulates states how many grams non-combusted rest particulates per kilo firewood, are led out with smoke. Both in terms of efficiency and particulates, the figures for RAIS stoves are absolutely excellent. </p></li><li><p>12</p><p>rais NEWS</p><p>New format for a stove insert: RAIS 900 embo-dies streamlined elegance, which underlines the style of your home.Further, there is something distinct and extravagant to it. The view of the fire is really phenomenal. The wide view of the fire offers a unique and breath-taking experience a la widescreen...Despite the large combustion chamber, it burns in a tranquil, calm and efficient manner.The door is available in classical steel, with a glass window or completely in glass with a black frame. Discrete, smart handle.</p><p>RAIS LIGHTING</p><p>6.9 kW (nominal)</p><p>5-9 kW (min-max)</p><p>75-135 m2 (at-20o C) </p><p>79% (72% UK)</p><p>&lt; 2,0 g/kg</p><p>1002-506 mm (W-H)</p><p>RAIS 900</p></li><li><p>13</p><p>Passive house with awarm RAIS heart...When building a passive house, either new or via refurbishment, the wood-burning stove is typically placed in a carefully selected spot inside. Here, the cosy centre of the home is created, where the stove provides heat rapidly, when you feel for it. The other heat sources are set on specific temperatures, which are not changed on a daily basis, since it takes time before you feel the difference. It also works like that in the refurbished house from the 60s, owned by architect Mark Krebs, who works for Bjerg Arkitektur, specialising in passive houses. Here, the family selected a RAIS 700 for the design, the radiant heat and cosiness. </p><p>The house is heated via radiant heat from the sun, a micro geothermal heat-ing system and a ventilation system with heat recovery. The stove is above all an aesthetic and atmospheric element, but is also able to increase temperature inside the house with the comfortable radiant heat, Mark Krebs says.Further, the house has well-insulated walls and a floor plan with windows that are headed in such a direction that light is used in the best possible way. The RAIS stove draws in combustion air from outside, via an air duct, in order to provide a good indoor climate in a tight passive house. And RAIS stoves are known for burning well, also at low effect. A RAIS 700 is perfect for our house, Mark Krebs says, after having lived in the house for three years. </p></li><li><p>14</p><p>The essence of a stove... Jewellery designer Mette Scherning and photographer Jakob Valling have put great efforts and plenty of time into decorating their building society house on sterbro in Copenhagen. Function and design had to come together and they do. This also goes for the stove, which has been integrated in a wonderful manner both in terms of aesthetics and our everyday life, Mette Scherning says; she, her husband and three children have lived with a RAIS Q-Bic for three years. </p><p>The stove is centrally placed in the kitchen-dining area, in order for the family to enjoy it. It fits perfectly into the room without being to dominating. It simply manifests the essence of a stove...Mette Scherning works like that, when she is designing jewellery. No frills. Function plus aesthetics - nothing else. To the core of an idea...</p><p>When the family comes home in the late afternoon, they usually turn on the cooker, light candles and fire the stove in the kitchen. And soon, the ground and first floor are well-heated. And its simply cosy...</p></li><li><p>15</p><p>INSERT</p><p>This beautiful corner insert gives the room character and life. Can be fitted in many places, even in small rooms. Two large glass surfaces give a beautiful view of the flames from both sides. First class design. Unfailing, modern stove. Simple operation. The Q-Bic corner insert has a steel frame. The flue duct points upwards. The Q-Bic corner insert is available with the AIR system that takes the combustion air from the outside. A super modern, environment friendly stove, which can warm up to 90 square metres.</p><p>4.5 kW (nominal)</p><p>2-6 kW (min-max)</p><p>30-90 m2 (at-20o C) </p><p>75% (68% UK)</p><p>3,4 g/kg</p><p>446/437-896 mm (W-H)</p><p>RAIS Q-BIC</p></li><li><p>RAIS Q-Tee</p><p>16</p><p>The Q-Tee insert is quite simply an efficient little stove, which can be a fireplace just exactly where there is room for it in the kitchen, a cosy corner or in the apartment. Maybe in the holiday house. It often fits into an existing chimney. One of the most eco-friendly stoves in the market. Has a shaking grate and a smart air-cooled handle. Is available with glass door or steel framed door. The frame can be adjusted.</p><p>INSERT</p><p>4.7 kW (nominal)</p><p>4-5 kW (min-max)</p><p>30-90 m2 (at-20o C) </p><p>80% (73% UK)</p><p> 0,8 g/kg</p><p>489-629 mm (W-H)</p></li><li><p>17</p><p>Here is the stove which adds a new dimension to the home. As a double sided stove for building into a wall it creates an experience in two rooms: see the fire from the kitchen and from the sofa. Unique, beautiful wide format a design with clean lines which beautifully matches a modern home. In addition to that it has a very effective combustion which even keeps the glass clean with low fire. And with double glass in the doors you can place furniture close to the stove. The door can be opened either to the right or the left. It is possible to lock one of the sides. The frame can be adapted to the size required.</p><p>6 kW (nominal)</p><p>3-9 kW (min-max)</p><p>60-135 m2 (at-20o C) </p><p>79% (72% UK)</p><p>3.6 g/kg</p><p>746-489 mm (W-H)</p><p>RAIS 2:1</p></li><li><p>18</p><p>FIRST-CLASS SUSTAINABILITY...The World is changing. And so are the requirements and expectations, we have for ourselves, each other and things surrounding us. While environmental discussions get more intense, we at RAIS take things seriously and act. We gave ourselves a challenge: to develop a wood-burning stove beyond belief. That technically complies with requirements for a heating source and concurrently limits what naturally remains after the combustion process. We succeeded. We at RAIS are proud that we are able to document the development of a wood burning stove, which in terms of technology, design and environment is tip-top in front. And which complies with a need of many green consumers, since they on a daily basis become able to reduce both the consumption of resources and the environmental impact. Also in terms of heating. </p><p>A new era</p></li><li><p>19</p><p>rais NEWS</p><p>This is a super eco-friendly wood burning stove with environmental data, undreamed of: no measurable particle emission. Further a record-breaking efficient stove. Bionic Fire has double combustion chambers, known from certain kinds of fireboxes. Further all-automatic air regulation thus...</p></li></ul>