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December 5, 2011 To whom it may concern, I have worked with Doug Doyle for the past nine years, and have been blessed to be mentored by him as a leader, as a pastor and as a teacher. When Doug hired me, he knew that he was taking a risk with a young, headstrong and somewhat rebellious 11 Atwood Court Barrie, ON, L4N 4V3 T 705.220.1040 E W pastor, but he saw the potential in me and was willing to take that risk. Over the years he has continued to believe in me as he promoted me to the Senior Associate Pastor at our Thunder Bay campus and then to the Campus Pastor of the church here in Barrie. I have grown a great deal as a leader under Doug’s visionary leadership. He is a powerful vision caster, and a critical thinker with a passion for continued learning and growth. That passion is one that he has instilled in me and others he has mentored and is one that continues to serve me well. Doug is not only passionate about the study of leadership and culture, but also God’s word. He has instilled in me that same passion and desire for the word of God and for prayer, and I have seen him inspire many other young leaders in this way as well. As a teacher and communicator, Doug has been a role-model for me. He is a powerful teacher and an engaging communicator with the power to hold the attention of a very diverse congregation, and more importantly, the ability to inspire them to action and growth. His passion and style have also been well suited to the video format that we watch here in Barrie, and has been well received by our congregation. I believe that Doug is a gifted leader, communicator, teacher and pastor and would be well suited to organizations looking for these qualities. Sincerely yours, Nathan Barnes 36746  Bonito  Dr   Fremont,  CA  94536   USA     415-­‐779-­‐6646   December  6,  2011     To  Whom  It  May  Concern:   I  had  the  privilege  of  working  under  the  leadership  of  Doug  Doyle  for  five  years  as  the  children’s  pastor  at   Redwood  Park  Church  in  Thunder  Bay,  Ontario  from  2005  to  2010.  I  am  currently  a  part  of  the  children’s   ministry  staff  at  Menlo  Park  Presbyterian  Church  in  Menlo  Park,  California  as  the  assistant  children’s   ministry  director  overseeing  ministry  to  4th  and  5th  grades.  I  am  also  a  graduate  student  in  the  sociology   department  at  San  Jose  State  University.   During  the  years  I  worked  at  Redwood,  Doug  continually  challenged  and  encouraged  me  to  grow  in  my   leadership  by  providing  resources  and  leadership  enrichment  opportunities  as  well  as  providing  one-­‐on-­‐ one  feedback  and  guidance.  In  those  years  I  grew  in  confidence  and  competence  as  a  leader.  Additionally,   Doug  encouraged  me  to  pursue  my  interests  in  networking  with  children’s  ministry  leaders  as  well  as  in   studying  childhood  spiritual  formation.  While  moving  the  vision  and  mission  of  Redwood  forward  was  a   priority  to  Doug,  I  felt  that  he  was  even  more  so  interested  in  me  becoming  the  best  version  of  me  I  could   be.  Even  after  resigning  from  Redwood  and  moving  back  to  California  to  pursue  a  graduate  degree  in   sociology,  Doug  has  continued  to  encourage  me  along  the  way.   One  attribute  about  Doug  that  stands  out  for  me  is  that  he  was  a  consummate  learner.  While  strongly   confident  in  what  he  knew,  Doug  was  always  open  to  learn  something  new  or  different.  He  was  open  to   hearing  dissenting  viewpoints  and  even  solicited  those  viewpoints  for  the  sake  of  making  informed   decisions  on  a  variety  of  issues.   Doug  is  a  strong  leader  with  a  keen  understanding  of  culture  and  an  unwavering  commitment  to  engaging   unchurched  people  with  the  life  transforming  message  of  Christ.  I  have  appreciated  his  leadership  and  the   crucial  role  he  had  in  my  growth  personally  and  professionally.   Sincerely  yours,   Henry Zonio Henry  Zonio   208 Norah St. N Thunder Bay, ON P7E 4N6 November 28, 2011 Dear Sir or Madam, It is my pleasure to provide a letter of reference for Douglas Doyle. As the former Administrative Assistant to the Lead Pastor at Redwood Park Church, I have had the privilege of working for Doug over the past nine months. I have known Doug for six years and am very thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the staff team serving alongside his leadership, vision, and mission-focused perspective at Redwood Park. As Lead Pastor for the past twenty years, Doug has tirelessly and consistently served the Redwood Park community with his leadership skills and administrative efforts. He has invested time, effort, devotion, and commitment to see the mission and values of Redwood Park Church furthered in Thunder Bay and beyond. Doug has a passion to see people connect with God and with one another; he has served and supported a community who cares for those in need and is committed to seeing those who do not know God grow and develop in their faith. He has been focused in balancing out excellent vision with teaching, has invested time into his staff and congregation, and has taken many opportunities to strengthen ties both within our community of leaders and with others across the world that are committed to the mission of Christ. I believe that Doug has strengths that are exemplified through his contributions to our community. He is a man of vision who invests concentrated time to investigate, relate, and educate both himself and those on his team. He has the ability to develop strategies and execute them with purpose. He draws on external resources to have the “big picture” in mind but he also has the ability to see how individuals can fit into the day-to-day actions. Doug has put together a detailed mission statement, has acted in our community, and has had the fortitude to see how individual staff members can work together to see that vision carried out. In the process of selecting individuals for the Redwood Park team, he has seen their potential, and helped leaders grow within our community. He has reached beyond the Redwood Park Community to partner with leaders within the region of Thunder Bay. Due to his efforts and relationships with others in places such as Europe, Indonesia, and South America, Redwood Park Church also has a global focus and a mission centered cause. Doug possesses strong leadership skills on a variety of levels. He has the ability to work both independently and facilitate a team. He is an adept teacher and has a heart for mentorship. He employs the use of excellent educational materials, sets aside quality time to learn and assist others, and uses resources that can assist in areas of organization, perspective, mission, and reflection. He is established in his message preparation, sets aside time to meet and encourage his staff, and seeks to balance his time between people and projects. In my role as his administrative assistant, Doug always made time to meet with me, review my work projects and give me direction. His feedback enabled me to become an effective leader in my role at Redwood whether it was through perspective, prayer, or suggestions for specific resources that would assist me. I have seen him walk out similar relationships with his staff and key leaders, setting aside time to meet them, and offer input and assistance. His strong administrative skills complement his leadership style. Finally, Doug is an individual who is marked by his commitment to serving and investing in mission. Doug stays the course and takes initiative to educate, facilitate, and help coordinate the efforts of those he serves with. He devotes concerted effort to achieving the task at hand, seeks appropriate input for balance, coordinates times to meet with others, and effectively formulates goals and strategies to seeing mission fulfilled. He has initiative to think beyond what is expected and dares to dream into what is unexpected. Personally, I have been encouraged by Doug’s commitment to the mission at Redwood Park Church. Corporately, his commitment to the mission has had a huge impression on this community that has resulted in many people catching the vision and working together to see it come to fruition; twenty years of his investing leaves lasting effects, changed lives, and new hope. I would highly recommend Doug Doyle for a position where he would excel as a leader, a visionary, and a committed individual whose skills and resources serve to build, develop and teach others. I am thankful to have worked with him and have appreciated his input into developing me into the leader I am today. Please feel free to contact me for any additional information you may require. Sincerely, Dawn Condon Office Administrator Redwood Park Church dc 83 Rupert Street Thunder Bay, Ontario P7B 3W6 November 15, 2011 To Whom It May Concern: This is a letter of support for Douglas Doyle, our family pastor of 19 years at Redwood Church, and a teaching mentor. Doug is a strong visionary leader committed to Jesus Christ with a desire to serve God and his neighbours. He has a tremendous teaching/preaching gift. We have seen our church grow from about just under 200 on a weekend to often well over 800 in two services on Sundays and having about 1600 people associating with Redwood and calling it their church. When we moved into our new church building, in 2004, Doug encouraged myself and Cathy my wife, both of us retired, to take leadership of programs for the community in our old church building which now houses the second largest food bank in Thunder Bay. Threads, a quality used clothing store, along with several other significant community outreach ministries are found in this facility. There is a high proportion (over 60%) of the people who attend at this Opportunities Centre are First Nations people. Through a two year adventure of establishing this new endeavour, I would attend the weekly staff meetings that would occur on Tuesday mornings. Beside the Redwood staff being present at these meetings there would be several, late teens, and twenties Student Residents and Interns. Doug has an amazing ability to teach and challenge these young people both in the context of the group and also individually as he assesses their abilities and giftings. He would insist on significant readings each week with assignments, would have this material shared and reflected upon while at the same time using his well- honed theological and biblical knowledge together with life experiences to challenge growth and a closer walk with God for us all. There was also a significant prayer time and encouragement to journal personal encounters in life with the living God. Doug is able to relate extremely well to this age group as they take very significant decisions regarding their life direction. Doug is a talented teacher and mentor of young Christian men and women. Sincerely, Larry Brigham B.A., M.S.W. or 807-344-7986   December  3,  2011     How  well  I  remember  when  we,  as  international  workers,  were  first  challenged  to  be  more   closely  related  to  our  ‘cluster’  churches  &  pastors.    That  was  back  when  I  was  on  Home   Assignment  in  2004/  2005.    So  much  has  happened  since  then,  &  we  are  now  very  closely   related-­‐  both  Redwood  Park  &  I,  and  Doug  &  Jane  &  I-­‐  and  I  am  so  glad.    Thank  you  so  much,   Doug,  for  the  big  part  you  played,  in  bringing  that  about.         I  could  reminisce  at  length,  because  so  many  things  stand  out  in  my  mind,  but  that  would  take   too  long.    So,  I’m  just  going  to  mention  a  few  things  that  I’m  especially  thankful  for,  and  that   have  come  about  because  of  you.     • I’m  thankful  that  God  brought  you  to  Papua,  Doug,  in  His  time  &  way,  and  that  He   caused  you  to  fall  in  love  with  Papua.   • I’m  thankful  that  you  introduced  many  of  your  ministry  staff  to  Papua-­‐  what  an  impact   we  have  had  on  one  another!   • I’m  thankful  that  you  took  the  risk  of  bringing  many  young  adults  here,  not  only  for  the   impact  the  experience  had  on  them,  but  also  on  the  youth  here.   • I’m  thankful  that  you  have  come  back  repeatedly,  even  to  the  very  remote  area  of   Tomosiga.    Our  people  know  you  &  love  you,  &  are  always  glad  when  they  hear  you  are   returning  again.   • I’m  glad  for  the  open  &  honest  communication  we  have  had  with  one  another.    You   have  helped  me  to  know  who  I  am-­‐  part  Moni  &  part  Canadian.   • I’m  glad  for  the  wholistic  approach  you  have  to  ministry,  &  that  we  can  work  together   on  that.    You  have  brought  medical  people,  youth  workers,  worship  leaders,  preachers,   engineers  &  many  others.    You  have  helped  us  work  on  the  Tomosiga  airstrip,  treat  the   sick,  pray  for  many,  preach,  worship,  do  dramas  &  give  testimonies,  fix  water  pipes,  lay   floor  tiles,  brain  storm  about  solar  sustained  living,  &  set  up  a  satellite  communication   system.    Wow!!     I’m  thankful  for  the  many  opportunities  you  have  given  me  to  relate  to  your  people  at  Redwood.     I  treasure  that  and  look  forward  to  many  more  such  times.     Love  and  blessings,     Lois   Lois  Belsey   International  Worker  with  the  Christian  &  Missionary  Alliance  in  Canada   Hitadipia,  Papua,  Indonesia  
December 5, 2011 To whom it may concern, I have worked with Doug Doyle for the past nine years, and have been blessed to be mentored by him as a leader, as a pastor and as…