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Report Writing Skills


<ul><li><p> Robert Gordon University </p><p>Reports </p><p>Engineering or Business style </p></li><li><p> RGU Robert Gordon University </p><p> RGU </p><p>A Typical Format... </p><p>Summary - brief, highlights only </p><p> Discussion - the argument developed Conclusions - reiterates main points, again in brief Recommendations (if appropriate) References, (Bibliography) Appendices </p></li><li><p> RGU Robert Gordon University </p><p> RGU </p><p>General </p><p>Always written in third person. i.e. It was decided that, it is a requirement that... not I decided... We shall require... Generally in passive tense e.g. maintenance shall be carried out is passive The crew shall maintain... is active Brevity. - KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) </p></li><li><p> RGU Robert Gordon University </p><p> RGU </p><p>The Six Ws </p><p> I keep six honest serving men, They taught me all I knew; Their names are what and why and when and how and where and who (Rudyard Kipling) </p><p>Who </p><p>Why </p><p>What </p><p>Whichway </p><p>Wherewithal </p><p>When </p></li><li><p> RGU Robert Gordon University </p><p> RGU </p><p>Some Feedback Thoughts </p><p>Stating facts isnt sufficient Justify your statements </p><p> Avoid the panacea approach </p><p> Also try to avoid blame culture thinking </p><p>Keep it simple References vs Bibliography Dont reference us your teachers </p></li><li><p> RGU Robert Gordon University </p><p> RGU </p><p>Thoughts, continued... </p><p>A Submission Sheet IS required! </p><p>Recommended RGU font style is Verdana, font size 11, or thereby. Keep sentences simple Break up work into paragraphs Use heading separators (intro, discussion, conclusion) Spellcheck! Use simple page formats check header &amp; footer clashes A remedial English class is available. </p></li><li><p> RGU Robert Gordon University </p><p> RGU </p><p>Example of Method (JB) </p><p>Everyone has their own style, to suit their way of thinking &amp; working. This is one suggestion - Dont write it as it reads = too difficult. - Mull &amp; note down thoughts, often quite randomly at </p><p> first. - May not be grammatical. These are working notes. - Then re-arrange, add logic links. - At least half of first version will get weeded out. - Summary &amp; conclusions are often good start point. </p></li><li><p> RGU Robert Gordon University </p><p> RGU </p><p>Timing </p><p>Get it in on time ! Plan ahead allow for contingencies </p><p> Computer crashes Printer jams Network goes down </p><p> We have heard them all (guess why we used them too!) </p><p> You are GRADUATE Engineers. </p></li><li><p> RGU Robert Gordon University </p><p> RGU </p><p>Engineering the Art of compromise </p><p> Well known maxims The best is enemy of the good. The barely adequate now is better than </p><p>perfection too late. (The Pareto principle : ~95% is good enough) </p></li><li><p> RGU Robert Gordon University </p><p> RGU </p><p> Get it in on time ! </p><p> Good luck </p><p>ReportsA Typical Format...GeneralThe Six WsSome Feedback ThoughtsThoughts, continued...Example of Method (JB)TimingEngineering the Art of compromiseSlide Number 10</p></li></ul>