Retraction Notice to: The Skp2 Promoter Integrates Signaling through the NF-κB, p53, and Akt/GSK3β Pathways to Regulate Autophagy and Apoptosis

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Molecular CellRetractionRetraction Notice to:The Skp2 Promoter Integrates Signalingthrough the NF-kB, p53, and Akt/GSK3b Pathwaysto Regulate Autophagy and ApoptosisBenjamin Barre and Neil D. Perkins**Correspondence: Cell 38, 524538; May 28, 2010)The authors have recently become aware that there are a number of issues with the figures in this manuscript. In Figures 1G and 7B,there are a number of duplicated or partially duplicated gel images. The first author, B.B., performed the experiments and assembledthe data into the figures where these issues occurred. The authors have been unable to locate the original data associated with thesefigures, meaning that it has not been possible to verify the accuracy of these experiments. Consequently, the integrity of the manu-script has been compromised, and there is no option but to retract the article. The Perkins Lab continues to work on the functionalconsequences of serine 222 phosphorylation of the p52/p100 NF-kB subunit and hopes to publish work on this in the near future thatwill help clarify the significance of this pathway.342 Molecular Cell 55, 342, July 17, 2014 2014 Elsevier Notice to: The Skp2 Promoter Integrates Signaling through the NF-B, p53, and Akt/GSK3 Pathways to Regulate Aut ...


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