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Rhne-Alpes Sales Manual


<ul><li><p>SALESMANUALM a n u e l d e s V e n t e s</p><p>R h n e - A l p e s</p></li><li><p>Rhne-Alpes Tourisme</p><p>2</p><p>Lake Geneva</p><p>Valloire</p><p>Les Deux Alpes</p><p>LAlpe-dHuezVillard-de-Lans</p><p>Les Mnuires</p><p>Val-Thorens</p><p>CourchevelMribelTignes</p><p>La PlagneVal dIsre</p><p>Les Arcs</p><p>St-Gervais</p><p>Megve</p><p>La Clusaz</p><p>ChamonixMont-Blanc</p><p>Morzine</p><p>Les Gets</p><p>Samons</p><p>Vals-les-bains</p><p>Annemasse</p><p>Thonon-les-Bains</p><p>vian-les-Bains</p><p>Aix-les-Bains</p><p>M e d i t e r r a n e a n S e a</p><p>Rhne</p><p>Loire</p><p>Loire</p><p>Arc</p><p>Drme</p><p>Ain</p><p>LacdAiguebelette</p><p>Lac de Grangent</p><p>Drac</p><p>Isre</p><p>Loire</p><p>C t e</p><p>d ' A z u r</p><p>Ardche</p><p>LYON</p><p>St-tienne</p><p>Bourg-en-Bresse</p><p>Valence</p><p>Chambry</p><p>Marseille</p><p>Le Puy-en-Velay</p><p>GENVE</p><p>Grenoble</p><p>Mcon</p><p>Gap</p><p>Avignon</p><p>Annecy</p><p>Toulon</p><p>Privas</p><p>Nmes</p><p>Montpellier</p><p>Digne-les-Bains</p><p>Culoz</p><p>Aroportinternationalde Lyon -Saint Exupry</p><p>Modane</p><p>Bellegarde</p><p>Motiers</p><p>Cannes</p><p>Drme provenale</p><p>Oisans</p><p>Domb</p><p>es</p><p>Monts</p><p>duForez</p><p>Chablais</p><p>Massif du</p><p>Mont</p><p>Blan</p><p>c</p><p>Diois</p><p>Beaujo</p><p>lais</p><p>Monts du</p><p>Lyonnais</p><p>Forez</p><p>Roanna</p><p>is</p><p>Monts</p><p>duViva</p><p>rais</p><p>Le Ventoux</p><p>Beaufortain</p><p>Bugey</p><p>Bresse</p><p>Belledonn</p><p>e</p><p>Aravis</p><p>Va</p><p>l d'Arly</p><p>Tarentai</p><p>se</p><p>Maurienne</p><p>Albertville</p><p>Aix-en-Provence</p><p>Villefranche-en-Beaujolais</p><p>St-Jean-de-Maurienne</p><p>Nyons</p><p>Die</p><p>Nantua</p><p>Arles</p><p>Montbrison</p><p>Bonneville</p><p>La Tour-du-Pin</p><p>Largentire</p><p>Belley</p><p>Gex</p><p>Vienne</p><p>Roanne</p><p>Romans-sur-Isre</p><p>La Cte-St-Andr</p><p>Montlimar</p><p>Tournon-sur-Rhne</p><p>Annonay</p><p>Aubenas</p><p>Vallon Pont d'Arc</p><p>Col de la Faucille1 323 m</p><p>Col de Montgenvre</p><p>2 188 m</p><p>1 180 m</p><p>Coldu Mont-Cenis</p><p>Col de lIseran</p><p>Col du Lautaret</p><p>Col du Galibier</p><p>Col du Petit St-Bernard</p><p>Col de Cabre</p><p>Col de la Croix-Haute</p><p>1 850 m</p><p>2 770 m</p><p>2 645 m</p><p>2 058 m</p><p>2 081 m</p><p>Mont Blanc4 810 m</p><p>A432</p><p>A42</p><p>A6</p><p>A40</p><p>A39</p><p>A43A43</p><p>A43</p><p>A43</p><p>A430</p><p>A40</p><p>A40</p><p>A41</p><p>A49</p><p>A48</p><p>A41</p><p>A51</p><p>A47</p><p>A72</p><p>A7</p><p>A7</p><p>ParisSp</p><p>ain</p><p>Turin - Mila</p><p>nNice - Italy</p><p>Strasbourg</p><p>Mila</p><p>n</p><p>Parc NaturelRgionaldu Pilat</p><p>Parc NaturelRgional</p><p>de Chartreuse</p><p>Parc NaturelRgionaldu Vercors</p><p>Parc NaturelRgional</p><p>des Monts d'Ardche</p><p>Parc Nationaldes crins</p><p>Parc Nationalde la Vanoise</p><p>Parc NaturelRgionaldes Bauges</p><p>Parc NaturelRgional</p><p>du Haut-Jura</p><p>DRME</p><p>ISRE</p><p>SAVOIE</p><p>ARDCHE</p><p>RHNE</p><p>AIN</p><p>LO IRE</p><p>HAUTE-SAVOIE</p><p>St-tienne-Bouthon</p><p>Valence-Chabeuil</p><p>Grenoble-Isre</p><p>Chambry-Savoie</p><p>Aroportinternationalde Genve</p><p>Aroport d'Annecy</p><p>latitude-ca</p><p>rtagn</p><p>e</p><p>25 km</p><p>Manual</p></li><li><p>3Rhne-Alpes Tourisme</p><p>Situated between Paris and the Cte dAzur, on the border with both Switzerland and Italy, and offe-ring access to two international airports (Lyon and Geneva), impressive rail connections and a vast motorway network, Rhne-Alpes region is literally at the crossroads of Europe.</p><p>Boasting 8 natural parks and peerless sites such as Mont Blanc and </p><p>the Gorges de lArdche, Rhne-Alpes offers a wide range of different </p><p>landscapes: mountains, vineyards and gentle valleys, fields of lavender </p><p>and olive groves.</p><p>In Rhne-Alpes, water is everywhere: from snow to glacier ice, rivers and </p><p>streams to lakes Rhne-Alpes is where three of Frances biggest lakes </p><p>can be found (Lake Geneva, Lac du Bourget and Lake dAnnecy).</p><p>Every form of sport is readily available, set against an impressive natural </p><p>backdrop: hiking, mountain biking or even paragliding and canoeing </p><p>Rhne-Alpes is not only the second most important golfing region in </p><p>France with over 60 courses but it also has the largest ski area in the </p><p>world and has hosted the Winter Olympics three times.</p><p>Enthusiasts of art and culture will not be disappointed by the regions </p><p>Villes dArt: Lyon, which is classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage </p><p>site, Annecy, Grenoble, Chambry, and Saint Etienne.</p><p>And last but not least, connoisseurs of good food and wine will be spoilt </p><p>for choice by the range of local specialities available to taste along with </p><p>a Beaujolais or a Ctes du Rhne, and by the sheer number of famous </p><p>restaurants in the region (with Paul Bocuse at the top of the list).</p><p>AIR Aroport International de Lyon Saint Exupry www.lyon.aeroport.fr From August 2010, new express shuttle Lyon Centre / Lyon airport in 30mn. www.rhonexpress.fr Aroport International de Genve www.gva.ch Aroport Annecy Haute-Savoie Mont Blanc www.annecy.aeroport.fr Aroport Chambry Savoie www.chambery.aeroport.fr Aroport Grenoble Isre www.grenoble-airport.com Aroport de Saint-Etienne Bouthon www.saint-etienne.aeroport.fr</p><p>RAILInternational services (high-speed trains): Brussels : Thalys (and Thalys Soleil and Thalys Neige) and TGV Brussels Lyon London : Eurostar TGV and Eurostar snow train International rail services : www.raileurope.com</p><p>National services: national rail services link Rhne-Alpes with many destinations in France, especially with high-speed trains (TGV). www.sncf.com </p><p>Regional services : local rail services criss-cross the region for regular connections and link Alpine resorts with country towns. www.ter-sncf.com </p><p>RoAdWith more than 1,300 kilometres of motorways, Rhne Alpes is among the best served regions of France for efficient access by road. Info on www.via-michelin.com </p><p>Getting here</p><p>SalesManual</p></li><li><p>Rhne-Alpes Tourisme</p><p>4</p><p>Citiesand culture</p><p>City passes Lyon City Card &amp; Pass GrenobleGrenoble Pass Dcouverte: visitors voucher book for more than 40 cultural and popular attractions. Available from Grenoble Tourist Office for just 13.</p><p>www.grenoble-tourisme.com</p><p>Lyon City Card: 28 free admissions and 11 discounts for exploring the best of Lyons heritage over 1, 2 or 3 days.</p><p>www.lyon-france.com</p><p>Grand Tour of Lyon on an open-top double-decker bus. Buses leave Place Bellecour every 45 minutes from 10 a.m. to 5.15 p.m. on a 1-hour tour of all the best bits of the city. Passengers can get off at any of the 9 stops to explore and hop back on a later Grand Tour bus!</p><p>www.voyages-nm.com/uk/voyage-autocar-lyon/services.htm</p><p>Institut Lumire in LyonA fascinating look at the history, science and aesthetics of film and the story of the Lumire brothers, inventors of the cinematograph and fathers of cinema.</p><p>www.institut-lumiere.org</p><p>Medieval and Renaissance centre of ChambrySpread around the chteau of the Ducs de Savoie. Le Grand Carillon, in the chapel, with its 70 bells, is the largest clock tower in Europe and one of the most beauti-ful in the world.</p><p>www.chambery-tourisme.com</p><p>Unmissable</p><p>5</p><p>A fascinating heritage and wealth of cultural interest</p><p>If you like to be a visitor not a tourist and really get under the skin of a place, the towns and cities of Rhne-Alpes are for you. </p><p>Top of the regions city destinations is Lyon, a UNESCO World Heritage city with over 2,000 years of history, from Gallo-Roman remains to unique modern city murals. But the competition is fierce: anywhere else, Chambry, Grenoble, Saint-Etienne and Vienne would easily take the crown, and then theres the gem of Annecy on Europes cleanest lake.</p><p>For culture buffs theres everything from classical concerts at Viennes Roman theatre to modern art and design in Saint-Etienne. If shopping is your thing, check out the famous-name stores jostling for elbow room with stylish, original boutiques.</p><p>And where there are people, theres life! Lyon is a hotspot of events with its famous Opera House, Biennials, Festival of Light and the theatre, dance, music and film of the Nuits de Fourvire, but theres plenty going on elsewhere too: Jazz in Vienne, the Animation Festival in Annecy, pop and rock in Aix-les-Bains and the Design Biennial in Saint-Etienne.</p></li><li><p>5Rhne-Alpes Tourisme</p><p>Cit du design in Saint-EtienneA centre for design, business and economics in a concept unique in France, opened in 2008. Three restored 19th century factory buildings alongside two modern constructions: the stunning metal and glass of the vast La Platine building and the 32-metre Observation Tower, for an amazing view of both the Cit and the city. Guided tours for groups only by arrangement with the Tourist Office.</p><p>www.citedudesign.com </p><p>Lyon and Lake Annecy</p><p>Arc</p><p>Drme</p><p>Ain</p><p>Drac</p><p>Isre</p><p>Loire</p><p>Ardche</p><p>Eyrieux</p><p>Rhne</p><p>San</p><p>e</p><p>Doux</p><p>DRME</p><p>ISRE</p><p>SAVOIE</p><p>ARDCHE</p><p>RHNE AIN</p><p>LO IRE</p><p>HAUTE-SAVOIE</p><p>LacLman</p><p>LacdAiguebelette</p><p> Lac dAnnecy</p><p>Mont Blanc4 810 m</p><p>Lacdu BourgetLYON</p><p>Saint-tienne</p><p>Bourg-en-Bresse</p><p>Valence</p><p>Chambry</p><p>GENVE</p><p>Grenoble</p><p>Annecy</p><p>Privas</p><p> latitude-cartagne</p><p>day 1Tour of the city, from the ancient theatre to Renaissance Lyon and the modern Peninsula. Lunch in a traditional bouchon. Silk workers museum and the unique traboule passageways. Dinner cruise on the river and overnight in Lyon.</p><p>day 2The bits most visitors miss including the famous Murals. Lunch in a famous brasserie. Free time for shopping in the afternoon. Dinner and overnight.</p><p>day 3Alps and Lake Annecy. Guided tour of the Old Town, medieval prison and brooding 12th to 16th century castle. Canals, back streets, arcaded houses. Lunch cruise on the lake and free time on the lakeside. Gastronomic dinner in Talloires and overnight.</p><p>Four days of events in the city of Light, culminating on December 8th when candles burn in windows all over the city.www.lyon-france.com</p><p>The Murals of LyonEye-catching and unexpected murals all over the city. Trompe loeils of imagination and colour.www.lyon-france.com </p><p>Annecy old Town andcanalsThe Little Venice of Savoie, arcaded streets with the Alps behind. Cruises on Europes cleanest lake.www.lac-annecy.com </p><p>The GrenobleBubblesFamous city-centre cable car to the Bastille fortress. Views to Mont Blanc. www.bastille-grenoble.fr </p><p>1</p><p>1</p><p>2</p><p>2</p><p>3</p><p>3</p><p>5</p><p>4</p><p>4</p><p>Lyon Festival of Light</p><p>For full details of accommodation, sightseeing and events, go to http://traveltrade.rhonealpes-tourisme.com -Tourist attractions in pictures at www.rhonealpes.tv - Photos available at http://phototheque.rhonealpes-tourisme.comResources</p><p>And not forgetting</p><p>Our favourites</p></li><li><p>Rhne-Alpes Tourisme</p><p>6</p><p>Gastronomyand wines</p><p>Chapoutier school of wine tasting, Tain-lHermitageWine-tasting workshops on the famous Chapoutier estate, including the Ctes du Rhne Grands Crus with a sommelier and a bistronomic dinner. </p><p>www.chapoutier.com </p><p>Scook cuisine with Anne Sophie Pic, ValenceThe only female chef in France to have achieved the ultimate distinction of three Michelin stars has opened her own cookery school called Scook, teaching cuisine in all its forms.</p><p>www.scook.fr </p><p>Hameau du Vin, Romanche-ThorinsA theme park with a difference its all about wine! A tasty exploration of the regions great wine heritage with the King of Beaujolais and friend of Paul Bocuse, Georges Duboeuf.</p><p>www.hameauduvin.com </p><p>Chartreuse cellars, VoironThe secret recipe of Chartreuse liqueur is known to only three of the monks who make it! Tour of the largest liqueur cellar in the world and distillery. 3D film. Liqueur tasting.</p><p>www.chartreuse.fr</p><p>Reblochon cooperative, ThnesSee Reblochon and Tomme cheeses being made and visit the maturing cellars at this cheese dairy in the pretty town of Thnes.</p><p>www.reblochon-thones.com </p><p>Unmissable</p><p>1</p><p>2</p><p>Frances gastronomic capital, the centre of French food and wine</p><p>With 66 Michelin-starred chefs, including Paul Bocuse, Georges Blanc, Michel Troisgros and Anne-Sophie Pic, Rhne-Alpes is the centre of French gastronomy, and no wonder with so much succulent fresh produce coming from the region! </p><p>The local markets are crammed with foodie treats: Bresse chickens, chestnuts from the Ardche, character cheeses from the Alps (Reblochon, Tomme, Beaufort) and fresh vegetables from the market gardens of the Rhne Valley, with a host of products earning star AOC status. Regional specialities include the enticingly different ravioles, pogne and quenelle and the deliciously familiar gratin dauphinois. And for those with a sweet tooth theres traditional nutty nougat from Montlimar.But what about wine? Rhne-Alpes is home not only to the big-name wines of the Beaujolais and Ctes du Rhne but also the lesser-known discoveries of Savoie, the Bugey, Cte Roannaise and Coteaux du Lyonnais. Spring 2010 sees the opening of the Beaujolais Route des Vins for wine buffs, with no shortage of wine-themed visits and tastings on offer elsewhere too.</p><p>Nothing compares with Rhne-Alpes wines to share memories and projects with friends</p><p>Ms Jae-Sook LEE SOCURI Korea</p></li><li><p>7Rhne-Alpes Tourisme</p><p>Valrhna School of Grand Chocolat, Tain-lHermitageA treat for chocoholics! Gourmet chocolate-making courses and learning how to taste the finest chocolate like a professional.</p><p>www.valrhona.com</p><p>Paul Jaboulet Vineum, Chteauneuf-sur-IsreDedicated to the fine wines of Ctes du Rhne: Hermitage, Crozes-Hermitage, Condrieu, Cte-Rtie, Saint-Joseph A series of underground galleries where the wines are kept at the perfect temperature and humidity. Includes tasting of the top Ctes du Rhne wines with a sommelier. </p><p>www.jaboulet.com</p><p>And not forgetting From Beaujolais to Ctes du Rhne</p><p>Arc</p><p>Drme</p><p>Ain</p><p>Drac</p><p>Isre</p><p>Loire</p><p>Ardche</p><p>Eyrieux</p><p>Rhne</p><p>San</p><p>e</p><p>Doux</p><p>DRME</p><p>ISRE</p><p>SAVOIE</p><p>ARDCHE</p><p>RHNE AIN</p><p>LO IRE</p><p>HAUTE-SAVOIE</p><p>LacLman</p><p>LacdAiguebelette</p><p> Lac dAnnecy</p><p>Mont Blanc4 810 m</p><p>Lacdu BourgetLYON</p><p>Saint-tienne</p><p>Bourg-en-Bresse</p><p>Valence</p><p>Chambry</p><p>GENVE</p><p>Grenoble</p><p>Annecy</p><p>Privas</p><p> latitude-cartagne</p><p>Vins de paysdArdche Ctes du</p><p>VivaraisCoteaux</p><p>du Tricastin</p><p>Ctesdu Rhne</p><p>Clairette de DieVins du Diois</p><p>Ctesdu Rhne</p><p>Ctesdu Forez</p><p>Coteauxdu Lyonnais</p><p>Beaujolais</p><p>CteRoannaise</p><p>Bugey</p><p>Vins de Savoie</p><p>Vins de Savoie</p><p>Vinsde Savoie</p><p>day 1Guided tour of Lyons Renaissance district and traboules. Lunch in a typical bouchon. Bocuse Halles market and cookery class with a chef. Dinner in a gastronomic restaurant, overnight in Lyon.</p><p>day 2French garden at Chteau de la Chaize. Lunch in a traditional Beaujolais bistro. Tour of Chteau de Montmelas and tasting of the chteau wines. Dinner and overnight at Chteau de Bagnols.</p><p>day 3The Gallo-Roman city of Vienne and a gastronomic lunch Rhne cruise past terraced vineyards. Jaboulet Vineum in Chteauneuf, tasting of Grand Cru wines. Dinner and overnight in Valence.</p><p>day 4Richard oil mill in Montoison. Hilltop villages of the Drme: Cliousclat, Mirmande and Le Pot-Laval. Lunch in Montlimar and tour of the Soubeyran nougaterie, the home of nougat.</p><p>3rd Thursday in November. The official opening of the new Beaujolais Nouveau vintage, celebrated the world over. Tastings, awards and torchlight procession at midnight.www.sarmentelles.com </p><p>Paul Bocuse Halles market, LyonA temple to French gastronomy, the crme de la crme of Frances top producers. http://halledelyon.free.fr</p><p>Soubeyran nougat factory, MontlimarA fascinating slice of French history, producing the countrys most famous sweetmeat. www.nougatsoubeyran.com</p><p>Chteau de MontmelasThe best preserved castle in the region. Owner Comtesse Delphine DHarcourt serves her Beaujolais Villages wines.www.chateau-montmelas.com </p><p>1</p><p>2</p><p>3</p><p>3</p><p>4</p><p>4</p><p>Les Sarmentelles, Beaujeu</p><p>For full details of cookery lessons, wine cellar tours and restaurants, go to http://traveltrade.rhonealpes-tourisme.com -Tourist attractions in pictures at www.rhonealpes.tv - Photos available at http://phototheque.rhonealpes-tourisme.comResources</p><p>Our favourites</p></li><li><p>Rhne-Alpes Tourisme</p><p>8</p><p>Waterand wellbeing</p><p>Lake cruises and river tourismCity cruises in Lyon, a gastronomic lunch on the Rhne from Vienne, or cruise the Isre on a Mississippi paddle-boat. For an intimate waterway experience, try a barge along the Roanne-Digoin canal.</p><p>www.naviginter.fr, www.route-marine.fr, www.bateau-livia.com, www.bateau-a-roue.com, www.lesmarinsdeaudouce.fr</p><p>Evian Royal ResortOpened in 1909 for the gentry, and Frances first 5-star hotel, it still...</p></li></ul>