Rubrik Kerja Projek 2014

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<ul><li><p>JABATAN PELAJARAN NEGERI PAHANG</p><p>RUBRIC FOR ADDITIONAL MATHEMATICS PROJECT WORK 2014</p><p>Name: . Form 5: ..</p><p>Range of marks Marks Awarded Subtotal</p><p>A. REPORT PRESENTATION</p><p>A1. General Aspect (6%)</p><p>Appropriate title 1 Content page 1 Systematic presentation 1 - 2Creativity 1 - 2</p><p>A2: Introduction (5%)4 - 5</p><p>Satisfactory introduction 2 - 3Incomplete introduction 1</p><p>B. TASK SPECIFICATION</p><p>B1. Specify the task (5%) 4- 5</p><p>Identify and state given information and required results 1 -3incompletely.</p><p>C. PROBLEM SOLVING</p><p>C1: Procedure (40%)</p><p>In-depth understanding of the questions. 35- 40Use very efficient problem-solving strategies.</p><p>Answer all questions correctly.Understand the questions.</p><p> 25 - 34Use strategies that lead to solutions of the problems.Answer at least 90% questions correctly.Understand the questions.</p><p>15 - 24Use strategies that lead to solutions of the problems.Answer at least 50% questions correctly.Partially understand the question. Use strategies that are partially 5-14useful. Answer less than 50 % questions correctly.Communicate precisely and effeciently using mathematical </p><p> 13 - 15representations such as symbols/graphs/tables/diagrams.Use effective mathematical reasoning.Communicate effecitively using mathematical representations such a</p><p>10 -12symbols/graphs/tables/diagrams.Some evidences of mathematical reasoning.Communicate ineffectively. Limited used of mathematical 5-9representations such as symbols/graphs/tables/diagrams.Evidence of making and supporting conjectures. 4-6Making conjecture only. 1-3</p><p>D. CONCLUSIONS/GENERALISATION/FURTHER INVESTIGATION</p><p>D1: Further Exploration (15%) Systematic exploration with comprehensive explanation. 10 - 15Some exploration. 1 - 9</p><p>D2: Conclusion/ Generalisation (3%) State relevant conclusion/generalisation. 1 - 3E. REFLECTION</p><p>E1. Reflection (5%) Comprehensive reflection. 4 - 5Incomplete reflection. 1 - 3</p><p>Total score (A1 + A2 + B1 + C1 + C2 + C3 + D1 + D2 + E1)</p><p>Comprehensive introduction - may include history, values and other information relevant to the task including pictures and captions.</p><p>Identify and state all given information and required results in effective mathematical statements.</p><p>C2: Communication &amp; Reasoning (15%)</p><p>C3: Making and supporting conjecture (6%)</p><p>Rubrik KPMT 2014</p></li></ul>