Santa Mailbox and Letters

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SANTA MAIL BOX AND DEAR SANTA LETTERS You will need: •Medium sized boxed taped up and a slit placed on the Medium top for children to place in their letters. •Red or green crepe paper Red •Glue and scissors Glue •Colour pencils or crayons Colour First you will need to make your mail box. Wrap the mail box in red or green crepe paper. Santa on page two is for the front of the mail box, once coloured and cut out stick Santa to the mail box. Each child had a candy cane to decorate, and cut out. Once finished you can stick the candy canes with glue to the mail box or stick with a pin. Once your box is finished give each child a letter template and help them to make their list. Place in the box for Santa and page seven is if you would like to write a little reply to all. Dear Santa, ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ Love ________________________ Dear Santa, ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ Love ________________________ Dear __________________ It has been great to see how good you have been this year. I've just been checking my list and had to show Mrs Claus how good you have been this year. My Elves have told me what you are hoping for this Christmas, so if you want those presents make sure you keep being good and I will see what I can do! It's not long now and I will be delivering presents to you and your friend, who has also been very good this year. The Elves have added a little bit of magic dust to your letter, they have said you can use it to make a Christmas wish. I have to finish this letter here as I need to clean my sleigh so that it will be extra sparkly when we fly over all the houses on Christmas Eve.
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