Select Online Databases. Select Science in Context

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Select Online Databases

Select Science in Context

Select Science in Context

Now you can start a basic search

As you type your keyword search the database is trying to guess what you want

Look here to see what type of resources you get

Type your Keyword in the Search Box and use the dropdown menu to select Keyword

Be sure to select Full Text Documents

Select Videos

Be sure to select the first video

Click here to access the interactive video from NOVA

You are no longer in the database. You are now on the NOVA website.

Click here to startRead this first

Click Next to navigate through the videoOnce you are finished close the NOVA website

Follow the Cookies to return to your search results

Select Audio to access the NPR interview with UC Berkeley Professor Tim White

You can read the transcript or listen to the audio

When listening to the interview you will be leaving the database and accessing the NPR websiteOnce you are finished close the NOVA website

Now select Magazines

You will notice there are 27 magazines

Under the article title you will see the title of the magazine and the date of publication

Under Tools you will see multiple options

Be sure to Email the article for further reading

Under Tools you will see multiple options

Seclet Citation Tools to cite the article