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  • 1. Selling Skill Program (1) Introduction to selling -> gi thiu v sale (1) Interpersonal aspects of selling -> Quan im ring v cc kha cnh bn hng (1) Pre-call planning -> Lp k hoch trc . (1) Call (2) Post call analysis -> a ra nhng phn tch.
  • 2. Introduction to Selling( gii thiu v bn hng ) Sales/ Medical Representative (bn hng, i din y t) Challenging Role, because he is selling ( vai tr thch thc , bi v anh l mt nhn vin bn hng) * to well-educated,well informed customer (C kin thc tt cng nh l phi thng bo , cung cp thng tin cho khch hng) * highly technical & complex products (sn phm c trnh k thut cao v a dng) Must combine( phi hp tc , kt ni) Highly developed, professional selling skills( pht trin trnh cao v chuyn mn ha k nng bn hng ) Enthusiasm,confidence,knowledge of product,customer & competitor ( Nhit tnh , t tin , c kin thc hiu bit v sn phm cng nh khch hng & i th cnh tranh.)
  • 3. Introduction to sales What is a sales (Bn hng l nh th no) Exchange of goods, services or ideas for profits (trao i hng ha, dch v , tng thu c li nhun ) Salesman (nhn vin bn hng) *Customer come to him ( khch hng n vi ngi bn hng) *Goes out to find customers ( ngi bn hng ra ngoi th trng tm khch hng)
  • 4. Introduction to sales Creative selling for a medical Representative (To ra cch thc bn hng cho mt nhn vin i din sn phm dc(y t)) He doesnt have customers who come to him knowing what they want (Nhng khch hng khng thuc s phn phi ca nhn vin bn hng s n vi h v h s bit nhng ngi khch hng ny mun g ?) He must go out to his customers & create a sales (NVBH : nhn vin bn hng phi tm kim khch hng t th trng bn ngoi v to ra vic mua bn bng cch) Find out the needs of the doctor (Tm nhng nhu cu sn phm t bc s) Use knowledge ( s dng kin thc v hiu bit) Suggest the products which will satisfy those needs. (a ra nhng sn phm m s p ng nhng nhu cu cn thit ny)
  • 5. Interpersonal aspects of selling Six basic needs 1.Power ( Tim nng) 2.Achievement (thnh tch) 3.Recognition (Nhn thc ) 4.Affiliation ( Kt hp , lin kt) 5.Safety & Security ( An ton v bo mt) 6.Order ( t hng)
  • 6. Interpersonal aspects of selling Four basic personality styles ( 4 phong cch c nhn c bn nht) Thinker (Ngi c t tng) Authoritarian ( ngi c lp ,kin quyt) Affiliator ( Ngi hp tc ) Extrovert (Ngi hng ngoi)
  • 7. Interpersonal aspects of selling Thinker ( Ngi c t tng ) Strength : th mnh =Controlled, accurate, ask questions, analytical, task-oriented ( kim sot mt cch chnh xc , a ra nhng vn , phn tch phng hng nhim v) Weakness : im yu = Closed distant, hard to get to know ( khong cch kh gn , khng d tip cn v bit dc nhiu th) Basic needs = Order & Safety,Security ( nhng iu cn thit c bn : t hng , an toan v bo mt) Authoritarian Strength: = Take charge, Active,Independent, goal-oriented,task-oriented( Chu trch nhim , nng ng , t do, inh hng mc tiu , phng hng nhim v) Weakness = Impatient, not friendly, pushy ( khng kin nhn , khng thn thin , t cao)
  • 8. Interpersonal aspects of selling Affiliator Strength =relaxed,patient,good listener,supportive, relationship-oriented( ha nh , kin nhn , ngi lng nghe tt , h tr nhng mi quan h khuynh hng hp tc) Weakness =weak,indecisive,cant say no. ( khng kin quyt , khng c dm t b) Basic needs =Affiliation & safety/security Extrovert Strength =Open,feeling,quick result,dynamic, relationship-oriented ( c khuynh hng m , nhanh nhn , nng ng trong cc khuynh hng hp tc) Weakness =not genuine,poor time manage arrogant,show off ( khng thnh thc , t thi gian qun l , ngo mn, thch th hin) Basic needs = Recognition & achievement (d on & thnh tch)
  • 9. Interpersonal aspects of selling When working with ( khi lm vic vi) Thinker Be very well prepared (s c s chun b tt) Explain purpose of call ( gii thch c mc ch vn) Be logical & factual ( c logic v thc t) Interaction & closing phrases are important (h tr tng tc thn thin th quan trng) Make decisions slowly( quyt nh chm ) Authoritarian Be very well prepared ( c chun b rt tt) Dont waste time( khng hoang ph thi gian ) Be logical & concise (logic, ngn gn) Dialogue will move rapidly (giao dch s vn hnh nhanh chng ) Allow him/her to make decisions ( ngh anh y/ c y a ra nhng quyt nh )
  • 10. Interpersonal aspects of selling Affiliator Be relaxed, prepared to spend time (ha nh , sp xp thi gian ) Be conversational,Listen & smile ( lng nghe v mm ci khi am thoi) Dialogue will be extended (m rng cuc i thoi) Assist towards decision (h tr nhng quyt nh n nhau ) Extrovert Be conversational (c kh nng giao tip) Listen, give freedom of dialogue but keep to the point (lng nghe , thoi mi gio tip nhng trong mt gii hn nht nh) Talk of the success of others (ni v nhng thnh cng ca ngi khc) Make the decision mutual (a ra nhng quyt nh ln nhau)
  • 11. Treat each customer as an individual. i x vi mi khch hng nh con ngi, c nhn Make it a joy for people to do business with you. Lm iu nh mt nim vui vi nhng ngi kinh doanh vi bn .
  • 12. Pre-call Planning Why do we need to do it? (ti sao bn cn lm iu ) -Ensure a well-organized call ( m bo mt h thng ngun vn tt) -Provide a means to evaluate results of a call ( Nh mt phng thc xc nh vn) What shall we do? ( chng ta s lm nh th no?) -Setting a call objective (thit lp mc tiu vn) -Preparing call strategy (chun b chin lc vn )
  • 13. Pre-call Planning Objectives should be SMART. ( Nhng mc tiu phi khn kho ) S =Specific ( c bit) M =Measurable ( c phng php) A =Attainable ( C kh nng t c) R =Realistic ( Thc t) T =Time frame (C khung thi gian)
  • 14. Pre-call Planning TYPES OF OBJECTIVES ( cc loi mc tiu) 1.Quantitative ( tch cht) To increase sales of Roxibid by 25 boxes at the end of the month (tng hng Roxibid ln 25 hp vo cui thng) 2. Qualitative To establish good will with the doctor/pharmacist/owner before end of Q3.
  • 15. Pre-call Planning Why do we need to do it?( tai sao chng ta cn lm iu ny) -Ensure a well-organized call (m bo ngun h thng vn( n hng) tt -Provide a means to evaluate results of a call( nh gi kt qu vn ( n hng) What shall we do? -Setting a call objective -Preparing call strategy
  • 16. Pre-call Planning The Six P Principle Proper : c bit , ring planning : k hoch prevents : phng Possible: c kh nng poor : Rc ri, im xu Performance kh nng din t
  • 17. Pre-call Planning Believe in yourself, t tin vo chnh mnh your product vo sn phm ca mnh & company. Ca cng ty
  • 18. Call (1) Opening a sales call (thc hin giao dich bun bn) (2) Probing ( thm d , nghin cu) (3) Presentation (thuyt trnh , trnh by sn phm) (4) Handling the objection ( k kt nhng mc tiu , quy c) (5) Closing ( hp tc thn thin)
  • 19. Call (1) Opening a sales call Create a good impression ( li n tng) Confident approach (t tin tip cn) Pleasant manner & appearance ( c x thn thin lch s) Consider doctors staff ( , quan tm n nhng phng khm , nhn vin ca bc s) Introduce self & company( gii thiu sn phm ca cng ty) Generate interest ( to ra s th v ) Use an opening statement ( dng nhng cu cho hi ban u thn thin) Use selling skills( dng cc k nng bn hng) Use product & customer knowledge ( dng nhng kin thc , hiu bit v khch hng cng nh sn phm)
  • 20. Call (2) Probing Before probing -listen carefully ( lng nghe k