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<ul><li><p> Page1 </p><p>TABLE OF </p><p>CONTENTS District Administrator Welcome...1 </p><p>Never Grow Tired of Service2 </p><p>Budgeting for Your Club...3 </p><p>Recruitment..4 </p><p>Eliminate: Saving the World One </p><p>Baby at a Time.5 </p><p>District Project: Kids Against </p><p>Hunger6 </p><p>Contact Us7 </p><p>Thank you for supporting the </p><p>Rocky Mountain District of CKI! </p><p>CKI CHRONICLE A ROCKY MOUNTAIN DISTRICT PUBLICATION </p><p>SEP</p><p>TEM</p><p>BER</p><p> 20</p><p>13 </p><p>I am so excited for you </p><p>Rocky Mountain District </p><p>CKIers as you are coming </p><p>off a banner 2012-13 year </p><p>and headed to an even </p><p>more exciting year! With </p><p>Gov. Alyssa Smalley at </p><p>the helm, she has </p><p>gathered together a </p><p>District Board that is </p><p>motivated, sharp and </p><p>excited for this school </p><p>year. </p><p>At our recent District Board </p><p>meeting every officer led an </p><p>informative session that </p><p>inspired our imaginations and </p><p>made us think BIGGER! Be </p><p>ready for great fellowship, </p><p>service, leadership and more </p><p>clubs in formation! The </p><p>officers and I are here to </p><p>serve YOU please call on us! </p><p>Jan Brown Reed, </p><p>CKI District Administrator </p><p>WELCOME TO THE NEW SCHOOL YEAR </p><p>By District Administrator Jan Brown Reed </p></li><li><p> Page2 </p><p>NEVER GROW TIRED OF SERVICE By District Governor Alyssa Smalley </p><p> I would like to be </p><p>among the first to </p><p>welcome you to the new </p><p>school year for Circle K. </p><p>We as a District are very </p><p>excited about this </p><p>upcoming year and </p><p>everything it holds for our </p><p>organization, as Im sure you are as well. The </p><p>beginning of the year is </p><p>an exhilarating time as </p><p>clubs are full of good </p><p>ideas about how to start </p><p>the year off right with </p><p>recruitment and </p><p>projects. I want to </p><p>encourage you to fuel </p><p>that energy throughout </p><p>the entire year and </p><p>remain passionate about </p><p>service. Never grow </p><p>weary of service! Many </p><p>times we get bogged </p><p>down by everything else </p><p>in our lives, but </p><p>remember that even a </p><p>little can make a big </p><p>difference. </p><p>It is a difference felt by those </p><p>who lack even basic </p><p>necessities, like food or </p><p>clothes or homes, that we so </p><p>often take for granted. They </p><p>are the reason we work so </p><p>hard, and they are always </p><p>grateful for it. </p><p>Always remember that you </p><p>are not alone in this journey. </p><p>By being part of the Rocky </p><p>Mountain District of Circle K </p><p>you are a member of the </p><p>Kiwanis family, and thats truly what we are: a family. </p><p>You are surrounded by fellow </p><p>Circle K Members who will </p><p>work alongside you </p><p>throughout the year, by </p><p>Kiwanians who thrive on </p><p>supporting you to help you </p><p>succeed, and by a District </p><p>Board that is behind you one </p><p>hundred percent. Please, </p><p>dont hesitate to contact any of us throughout the </p><p>year with any questions or </p><p>assistance you may need. </p><p>You are here to help others, </p><p>and we are here to help you </p><p>do that. I look forward to a </p><p>great year of service with </p><p>you this 2013-2014 year! </p><p>Yours in Service, </p><p>Alyssa Smalley </p><p>Rocky Mountain District CKI </p><p> </p><p>(970) 388-3247 </p><p>I don</p><p>t kn</p><p>ow w</p><p>hat y</p><p>our de</p><p>stin</p><p>y will</p><p> be, </p><p>but o</p><p>ne th</p><p>ing </p><p>I do </p><p>know</p><p>: the</p><p> onl</p><p>y on</p><p>es a</p><p>mon</p><p>g yo</p><p>u wh</p><p>o wi</p><p>ll re</p><p>ally</p><p> be h</p><p>appy</p><p> are</p><p> thos</p><p>e who</p><p> hav</p><p>e sou</p><p>ght </p><p>and </p><p>foun</p><p>d ho</p><p>w to</p><p> serv</p><p>e. </p><p> Al</p><p>bert</p><p> Sch</p><p>weitz</p><p>er </p></li><li><p> Page3 </p><p>BUDGETING FOR YOUR CLUB And Realizing a Few Dollars Here and There is Not the End of the World </p><p>By District Treasurer Michaela Robidoux </p><p>At the beginning of the year, </p><p>whether it be the school year or </p><p>the calendar year, it is essential </p><p>to create a new plan for </p><p>financing the year to come. The </p><p>most important aspect of </p><p>financing is to establish a </p><p>budget or a plan, always with a </p><p>little room for emergencies. This </p><p>way you are prepared and fully </p><p>aware of how much money you </p><p>can really contribute to the </p><p>newfound emergency. This </p><p>allows for errors in planning, and </p><p>unforeseen emergencies, so </p><p>you wont accidentally endanger your finances for the </p><p>future. So whether its your own personal finances or your clubs finances, they should both be </p><p>treated with the same kind of </p><p>attentiveness and care that you </p><p>would put into caring for the individual people of your club. </p><p>Its also important to remember that your finance plan can shift!! </p><p>If you planned for an event to </p><p>be a certain amount of money </p><p>and you end up being two </p><p>dollars over, it is not the end of </p><p>the world. Flex your plan to </p><p>accommodate for this </p><p>unexpected two dollars and </p><p>move on. Money that your club </p><p>has is there to help you, not </p><p>hinder you. If you find yourself </p><p>paying more attention to the </p><p>amount of money you have </p><p>rather than the amount of </p><p>people your club is helping, you </p><p>are worrying about the wrong </p><p>thing. Make your financial plan </p><p>fit with the values of your club. </p><p>As long as you are smart and </p><p>attentive about your finances </p><p>everything else will fall into place. </p><p>Con</p><p>tact</p><p> Distr</p><p>ict </p><p>Tre</p><p>asu</p><p>rer </p><p>Michaela </p><p>Rob</p><p>idou</p><p>x a</p><p>t tr</p><p>easu</p><p>rerm</p><p>d@</p><p>gmail.c</p><p>om </p><p>for </p><p>ass</p><p>ista</p><p>nce in </p><p>creating</p><p> a b</p><p>udge</p><p>t </p><p>for </p><p>you</p><p>r club</p><p>! </p><p>SAVE T</p><p>HE </p><p>DATE DISTRICT CONVENTION </p><p>will be February 14th-16th </p><p>in Longmont, Colorado. </p><p>Look for more information in the </p><p>upcoming months! </p></li><li><p> Page4 </p><p>As a member of a </p><p>new club that is starting </p><p>out, I and my fellow </p><p>members have found </p><p>recruitment can be a </p><p>challenge. Students are </p><p>no strangers to busy lives </p><p>and it can be hard to find </p><p>time for extra-curricular </p><p>activities, even when they </p><p>are so important. With </p><p>already full schedules, </p><p>encouraging students to </p><p>see why they should join </p><p>CKI is a matter of showing </p><p>that it is rewarding and </p><p>well worth the time. </p><p>While having the </p><p>extremely welcoming </p><p>atmosphere that CKI is all </p><p>about is important, taking </p><p>students schedules into </p><p>consideration will be </p><p>appreciated by them. A </p><p>few ways to do this are by </p><p>inviting people to come to </p><p>meetings or service </p><p>projects when they have </p><p>the time. </p><p>THE HOWS AND WHYS OF RECRUITMENT By FRCC Liaison Celena Evans-Walk </p><p> After a day of sitting </p><p>through class, coming to </p><p>attend a meeting is not </p><p>always something to be </p><p>excited about, so another </p><p>way to get people </p><p>interested is by inviting </p><p>them to a service project </p><p>first. This will give them a </p><p>chance to be out doing </p><p>something and seeing </p><p>what it is all about. </p><p>Other ways to </p><p>recruit are by using your </p><p>schools resources. Our club is advertising in our </p><p>schools monthly newspaper that is posted </p><p>around campus. We are </p><p>also advertising on T.V. </p><p>monitors around the </p><p>school. The second week </p><p>of school we have a </p><p>campus resource fair that </p><p>we will participate in. This </p><p>gives people a good </p><p>chance to talk to us in </p><p>person about any </p><p>questions they might have. </p><p>Look for your own schools resources for advertising. </p><p>Recruitment can be </p><p>challenging but there are </p><p>many ways available to </p><p>make it work. While using </p><p>resources available from </p><p>the school and doing </p><p>what your current </p><p>members can in your own </p><p>way are important, never </p><p>underestimated word of </p><p>mouth! Talk about the </p><p>club with people in your </p><p>classes and you will surely </p><p>find people who are </p><p>interested! </p><p>Another way to get </p><p>them interested is </p><p>by inviting them to </p><p>a service project </p><p>first. </p><p> Even though it is </p><p>important to be aware of </p><p>potential members schedules it is also </p><p>important to manage your </p><p>own clubs time. Students appreciate stability and </p><p>having a set time and </p><p>place to meet. </p></li><li><p> Page5 </p><p> ELIMINATE: Saving the World One Baby at a Time </p><p>By C</p><p>olora</p><p>do M</p><p>esa</p><p>Liaison </p><p>Am</p><p>anda Jablonsky </p><p>Kiwanis and UNICEF have joined forces to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus, or MNT. This deadly disease claims the lives of nearly 60,000 newborn children yearly. MNT also claims the lives of several mothers as well. To Eliminate MNT the total cost will be $110 million. For just $1.80, you can save a life. Thats right; it costs less to save a life than it does to buy a cup of coffee from Starbucks in the morning. </p><p>As the Rocky Mountain Circle K District, our goal is to raise $1009.00 for the Eliminate Project this year. </p><p>The reason behind having a goal of $1009 is because every nine minutes a baby dies from MNT. </p><p>Here is a list of fundraising ideas to help your club start raising money: </p><p> Bad Movie Night: Host a free movie night and play bad movies. To get out of the door, you have to pay $1.80. </p><p> Bake Sales: Charge $1.80 for all goods </p><p> Shots4Shots: Have a 50/50 raffle at basketball games and charge $1.80 for all tickets. At halftime draw a ticket and if they make a half-court shot, they get half of the proceeds and the other half goes directly to the Eliminate Project. If the shot is missed, all the money raised goes to Eliminate. </p><p>At the International level, there is a recognition program to award clubs who have gone above and beyond in their fundraising efforts. </p><p>The awards are as follows: </p><p> Bronze: $350 (190 lives saved) </p><p> Silver: $500 (275 lives saved) </p><p> Model Club: $750 (416 lives saved) </p><p>So get out there and do your part in eliminating maternal neonatal tetanus! </p><p>Picture from The Eliminate </p><p>Project Walk at International </p><p>Convention in Vancouver, BC, </p><p>Canada in June 2013 </p></li><li><p> Page6 </p><p>By Rebekah Romberg, </p><p>K-Family Relations Chair </p><p>Id like to start by introducing myself and </p><p>saying hello. My name is </p><p>Rebekah Romberg and I am </p><p>the K Family Relations Chair </p><p>for the Rocky Mountain </p><p>District CKI this year. Hello! </p><p>Im so excited to be serving on the district board and to </p><p>tell you more about our </p><p>district project. </p><p>As a district board, </p><p>Rocky Mountain District CKI </p><p>has decided to make our </p><p>district project Kids Against </p><p>Hunger. The name really </p><p>explains it all. Kids Against </p><p>Hunger is a nonprofit </p><p>organization, which operates </p><p>internationally to combat </p><p>world hunger. One of the </p><p>cornerstones of this </p><p>organization is the food they </p><p>send. It contains a </p><p>combination of white rice, </p><p>soy, vegetables, and a </p><p>vitamin and mineral powder, </p><p>which when combined </p><p>creates a meal that combats </p><p>childrens hunger unlike other food. These food packages </p><p>are </p><p>sent to families across the </p><p>United States and to over 60 </p><p>countries across the world. </p><p>So where does CKI </p><p>come in? What is the actual </p><p>district project? Our goal is to </p><p>have each Circle K club in </p><p>the Rocky Mountain District </p><p>raise enough money to do a </p><p>packaging event. Packaging </p><p>events essentially consist of </p><p>packing boxes with food </p><p>packages to be shipped </p><p>locally or internationally. Our </p><p>goal is to host this packaging </p><p>event at the CKI District </p><p>Convention. As the K Family </p><p>Relations Chair, one of my </p><p>biggest goals for the event is </p><p>to bring members together </p><p>from every branch of the K </p><p>Family from all over the </p><p>Rocky Mountain District. </p><p>I bet youre wondering how you can help, arent you? Come to CKI District </p><p>Convention! Whoever you </p><p>are, wherever you are, we </p><p>want your help at the </p><p>packaging event! </p><p>KID</p><p>S A</p><p>GA</p><p>INST H</p><p>UN</p><p>GER</p><p>Visit the Kids Against Hunger website at </p><p> for more information about </p><p>this organization! </p></li><li><p> Page7 </p><p>CONTACT US The 2013-2014 </p><p>Rocky Mountain Circle K District Board </p><p>Alyssa Smalley, Governor </p><p> </p><p>Austin Good, Secretary </p><p> </p><p>Michaela Robidoux, Treasurer </p><p> </p><p>Andy McKay, Events Chair </p><p> </p><p>Rebekah Romberg, K-Family Relations </p><p>Chair </p><p> </p><p>Allie Moe, CO Club Building Chair </p><p> </p><p>Selena Hammer, WY/NE Club Building </p><p>Chair </p><p> </p><p>Jan Brown Reed, Administrator </p><p> </p><p>Matthew Carter, ASU Liaison </p><p> </p><p>Amanda Jablonsky, CMU Liaison </p><p> </p><p>Leah Jaron, CSM Liaison </p><p> </p><p>Maritza Arizaga, CSU Liaison </p><p> </p><p>Noha Kikhia, CU Boulder Liaison </p><p> </p><p>Celena Evans-Walk, FRCC Liaison </p><p> </p><p>Sophi Robbins, UNC Liaison </p><p> </p><p>Jennifer Anders, UW Liaison </p><p> </p><p>David Limjoco, Subregion B Trustee </p><p> </p></li></ul>