Smart Grid and Smart Community innovations - World ??Smart Grid and Smart Community innovations ... project in New China: (11/2009) (4/2010) Mexico (2,6/2010) ... ・gas ・communication ・

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<ul><li><p>Smart Grid and Smart CommunitySmart Grid and Smart Communityinnovations</p><p>F b 2 2011</p><p>- Toshibas Technology and Experience -</p><p>February 2, 2011</p><p>Shoji TakenakaChief Technology ExecutiveTransmission Distribution &amp; Industrial Systems Company</p><p> 2011 Toshiba Corporation</p><p>dust a Syste s Co pa yToshiba Corporation</p></li><li><p>I. ExperiencesII II. III.IV.</p><p>22011 Toshiba CorporationTOSHIBA provides Smart Community</p></li><li><p>I E iI. Experiences</p><p>32011 Toshiba CorporationTOSHIBA provides Smart Community</p></li><li><p>Japan:Japan:China: US:</p><p>We put our rich experiences in PJ Japan:Next generation energy/social system verification PJ in the Yokohama area </p><p>Japan:Testing of effects of load-leveling equipmentdeployment</p><p>China:Joint research with </p><p>Tsinghua University (2007-)</p><p>US:NEDO Japanese-</p><p>American Smart Grid verification project in New the Yokohama area </p><p>(4/2010)deployment(11/2009)</p><p>project in New Mexico (2,6/2010)China:</p><p>Smart Community Development </p><p>Japan:verification of optimal control technology for next </p><p>India:Delhi-Mumbai </p><p>pin Tianjin</p><p>generation transmission and distribution (7/2010)</p><p>industrial corridor PJ FS (4/2010)</p><p>Japan:Next generation energy/social system verification PJ in the </p><p>Japan:Miyakojima island </p><p>new energy deployment verification PJ with </p><p>Malaysia/Viet Nam:Exploring possibilities of Smart Grid &amp; </p><p>Singapore:UE SQUARE OFFICE TOWERToshibas Neuro </p><p>42011 Toshiba CorporationTOSHIBA provides Smart Community</p><p>Toyota area(4/2010)</p><p>independent system on remote islands (1/2010)</p><p>S a t G d &amp; Community in Malaysia/Viet Nam</p><p>Toshiba s Neuro PMV Control Latest Smart Building Project</p></li><li><p>I ExperiencesSouth East AsiaI. ExperiencesSouth East Asia</p><p>Proposal for an Industry CityProposal for an Industry Cityto be the Perfect Smart City</p><p>52011 Toshiba CorporationTOSHIBA provides Smart Community</p></li><li><p>TOSHIBAs Smart CommunityAn Industrial Town has upgraded its basic infrastructure while pgcontributing to the surrounding region to become the Perfect City. As a further development, we propose solutions that will make the Industrial Town more sustainable and eco-friendly Perfect Smart City.</p><p>What are the Aspects of a Perfect Smart City?1. More Ecology (Reduce CO2 and Energy Consumption)Renewable Energy Systems, EV Systems, BEMSRenewable Energy Systems, EV Systems, BEMS2. Better Quality of Energy (Maintain Stability of </p><p>Energy) CEMSCEMS3. Better Quality of LifeHEMS, IT Health Care Systems, LED Monitor and Lamp 4 B tt E (E Effi i )4. Better Economy (Energy Efficiency)5. Others (Water, Environment) EV: Electric Vehicle, BEMS: Building Energy Management Systems, </p><p>62011 Toshiba CorporationTOSHIBA provides Smart Community</p><p>ect c e c e, S u d g e gy a age e t Syste s,CEMS: Community Energy Management System, HEMS: Home Energy Management Systems, LED: Light Emitting Diode</p></li><li><p>Toshiba can provide both </p><p>TOSHIBAs Smart Community</p><p>residential areaschooltechnical training</p><p>Perfect Smart City</p><p>Toshiba can provide both Direct Flight and Final Flight to the Perfect </p><p>Smart City</p><p>perfect it</p><p>shopping areacountry clubhospital</p><p>y</p><p>Developed Industry </p><p>Townposition</p><p>city More Ecology Better Quality of Energy Better Quality of Life Better Economy</p><p>Town under upgrading</p><p>Town</p><p>n</p><p>Others </p><p>Newly developed </p><p>starting</p><p>power watersewage steamgas communicationsolid waste public safety</p><p>developed town</p><p>72011 Toshiba CorporationTOSHIBA provides Smart Communitytime</p><p>gsolid waste public safetyhospital</p></li><li><p>TOSHIBAs Smart Community1 More Ecology (Reduce CO2 and Energy Consumption)1. More Ecology (Reduce CO2 and Energy Consumption)Renewable Energy Systems, Electric Vehicle Systems, Building Energy Management Systems </p><p>BEMSRenewable Energy System</p><p>EV System</p><p>82011 Toshiba CorporationTOSHIBA provides Smart Community</p></li><li><p>TOSHIBAs Smart Community2 Better Quality of Energy (Maintain Stability of Energy) 2. Better Quality of Energy (Maintain Stability of Energy) Community Energy Management System</p><p>CEMS</p><p>Solar cells</p><p>Power generationPower transmission</p><p>Co-Generation system</p><p>Power generationPower Demand</p><p>Power generation</p><p>Discharge Charging</p><p>Power Demand</p><p>Power Demand</p><p>EV Station</p><p>92011 Toshiba CorporationTOSHIBA provides Smart CommunityStorage batteries Power Demand</p><p>EV</p></li><li><p>TOSHIBAs Smart CommunityCEMSCEMS manages the balance of energy of a community - not CEMSCEMS manages the balance of energy of a community - not </p><p>only Renewable Energy Systems and EV Station Systems, but also Co-generation Systems and priority of supply. </p><p>If national grid gpower generator is disrupted and energy is absorbed from AMATA area, CEMS increases</p><p>If co-generation system is disrupted by fault and shortage of Power CEMS increases </p><p>battery discharge and co-generation power and decreases non-</p><p>gin AMATA area occurs, CEMS increases battery discharge and decreases non-critical demand.</p><p>If connection to national grid is disrupted, there will </p><p>decreases non-critical demand.</p><p>If there is more sunlight than </p><p>be a surplus in AMATA area energy and CEMS decreases co-generation power</p><p>forecasted, CEMS decreases generation from co-generation system and increases</p><p>102011 Toshiba CorporationTOSHIBA provides Smart Community</p><p>generation power and increases charging of battery.</p><p>and increases charging in battery and EV.</p></li><li><p>TOSHIBAs Smart Community3 Better Quality of Life3. Better Quality of LifeHome Energy Management Systems,IT Health Care System, LED Display </p><p>HEMS Medical Network System</p><p>LED Displayp y</p><p>112011 Toshiba CorporationTOSHIBA provides Smart Community</p></li><li><p>TOSHIBAs Smart Community4. Better Economy (Energy Efficiency) 4. Better Economy (Energy Efficiency) Renewal Energy, CEMS, HEMS, BEMS, LED DisplayProvide Economic Benefits.</p><p>Waste Water Monitoring System </p><p>5. Others (Water, Environment)HVACMRT / LRT</p><p>Water Distribution Management System Waste Management</p><p>122011 Toshiba CorporationTOSHIBA provides Smart Community</p></li><li><p>Propose in Road Map(1) Expand Infrastructure for Information Communication System to Connect all Energy </p><p>I f tiInformation.(2) Install Renewable Energy System.(3) Install LED Display to Demonstrate Slogan and Motto.(4) Upgrade Energy Management System for Factory Area, Building Area, Residential Area, </p><p>C i l A d H lth C A t R li I di id l I tCommercial Area and Health Care Area to Realize Individual Improvement.(5) Install EV system(6) Upgrade Community Energy Management System to Integrate all Energy Management </p><p>Systems and Realize Total Energy Economy, Ecology and Quality. (7) E i t d W t S l ti i ht b Add d i d ith t(7) Environment and Water Solution might be Added in accordance with request.</p><p>(7)(1) (2)</p><p>(5)</p><p>(4)(3) (6)</p><p>(4)</p><p>(7) (7) (7)</p><p>132011 Toshiba CorporationTOSHIBA provides Smart Community</p><p>1st Year 2nd Year 3rd YearFS 4th Year</p><p>( ) ( ) ( )</p></li><li><p>I ExperiencesIndiaI. ExperiencesIndia</p><p>Smart Community Development in y pDelhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor </p><p>142011 Toshiba CorporationTOSHIBA provides Smart Community</p></li><li><p>Smart Community Development in IndiaDelhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC)Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC)</p><p>-Upgrade of brown field Industrial Park around Delhi, which include Japanese business enterprises.</p><p>Feasibility Studies by 4 Consortiums are being executed at the moment</p><p>-Study case of implementing highly reliable energy network of power and heat, including water, logistics and transports</p><p>Manesar (Haryana State)Consortium Leader Toshiba Corporation</p><p>Feasibility Studies by 4 Consortiums are being executed at the moment.</p><p>Maharashtra State</p><p>Haryana State</p><p>Consortium Members Tokyo Gas, Energy Advance, NECGujarat State</p><p>Sendra (Maharashtra State) JGC Group (Mitsubishi, Ebara, IBM Japan, Nikken, Yokohama City) ( , , p , , y)Changodar (Gujarat State) Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group Mitsubishi Corp., Mitsubishi Electric, J Power)Dahej (Gujarat State) Hitachi Group (Itochu, KyoseraTokyo Electric Power, Kita-Kyushu City, etc.)</p><p>152011 Toshiba CorporationTOSHIBA provides Smart Community</p><p> from press material</p><p>( , y y , y y, )</p></li><li><p>MRT Scope of the feasibility study in DMIC</p><p>Smart Community Development in India</p><p>Solar Generation</p><p>Solar Generation</p><p>Water Treatment Plant Sewage </p><p>Co-Generation System</p><p>Industrial Area</p><p>Substation(66kV)</p><p>Grid Power Supply</p><p>Plant gTreatment Plant</p><p>Energy</p><p>Industrial Area</p><p>Co-Generation System</p><p>Grid Power </p><p>School</p><p>OfficesHotels Hospital</p><p>Data &amp; Security Centre</p><p>Energy Management Center</p><p>Co-Generation System</p><p>EV Circuit BusSupply</p><p>SchoolSubstation220kV</p><p>Substation66kV</p><p>System</p><p>Communication Network</p><p>Logistics Hub Co-Generation System</p><p>Residential Area</p><p>NH8 Commercial Area</p><p>S l G i</p><p>Micro-Grid</p><p>Heat Supply</p><p>Communication Network</p><p>S i A</p><p>Grid Power Supply</p><p>162011 Toshiba CorporationTOSHIBA provides Smart Community</p><p>AreaSolar GenerationSecurity Area</p></li><li><p>I ExperiencesChinaI. ExperiencesChina</p><p>S t C it D l t i Ti jiSmart Community Development in Tianjin</p><p>172011 Toshiba CorporationTOSHIBA provides Smart Community</p></li><li><p>Smart Community Development in TianjinMoU signed on 24th October 2010MoU signed on 24th October 2010Toshiba Corporation, Mizuho Corporate Bank and Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area under the support of Tianjin Development and Reform Commission agreed that parties cooperate each other to develop energy-efficient low-carbon smart community in the area..</p><p>Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area (TEDA)</p><p>Tianjin Tianjin</p><p>West</p><p>East</p><p>MSD</p><p>China</p><p>MSD</p><p>South</p><p>Some of TEDA development p</p><p>sites</p><p>182011 Toshiba CorporationTOSHIBA provides Smart Community</p></li><li><p>S t C it i l ti f l ti</p><p>Smart Community Development in Tianjin</p><p>Smart Community is a solution of solutions.Toshiba will cooperate with TEDA to provide various solutions toward possible Smart Community realization at the area. </p><p>Energy Solution HospitalMedical SolutionTransport Solution</p><p>Gas, Electricity, PV</p><p>Water Solution</p><p>EV</p><p>Smart Water Solution</p><p>Water purification, Seawater desalination</p><p>Sewage treatmentICT/ Security Solution</p><p>Community</p><p>Smart Facility Solution</p><p>Low-Carbon Power Plant</p><p>Grid Control</p><p>g</p><p>Data CenterSecurity Cloud</p><p>ICT/ Security SolutionBEMS</p><p>PS</p><p>Lighting</p><p>Security</p><p>Elevator</p><p>AirConditioning</p><p>192011 Toshiba CorporationTOSHIBA provides Smart Community</p><p>Smart Grid SolutionPV Smart-meter</p></li><li><p>Smart Community Development in Tianjin</p><p>The parties have started discussion of possible energy-efficient solutions to the TEDAs various sites.</p><p>The parties will also study a feasibility of Green Field Development of Smart Community.</p><p>Gov. Gov.Green Field Development</p><p>Planning Scheme</p><p>Toshiba</p><p>Japan Consortium</p><p>TEDAX Y</p><p>Master Developer</p><p>Mizuho Corporate Bank</p><p>TEDA</p><p>202011 Toshiba CorporationTOSHIBA provides Smart Community</p></li><li><p>. Technologies 11Energy Energy 22BuildingBuildingHouse House 22BuildingBuilding House House 33Water Water 44Environment Environment 55Transportation Transportation 66MedicalMedical</p><p>212011 Toshiba CorporationTOSHIBA provides Smart Community</p></li><li><p> T h l i. Technologies</p><p>11 EE11EnergyEnergy</p><p>222011 Toshiba CorporationTOSHIBA provides Smart Community</p></li><li><p>CEMS (Community Energy Management System)-CEMS is a system effectively controlling supply and demand of electric y y g pp yenergy cooperating with HEMS, BEMS, PV and batteries for power stabilization. </p><p>Example of Services</p><p>Battery for power system stabilization: Battery to store the electric energy generated by large scale PV power plant and to discharge the stored energy on demand to</p><p>Ranking of CO2 emissions per area, per year/month/week and average emissions</p><p>232011 Toshiba CorporationTOSHIBA provides Smart Community</p><p>plant, and to discharge the stored energy on demand to stabilize the system.</p><p>year/month/week and average emissions.Breakdown of emissions data in a house and ranking by category.</p></li><li><p>Advanced Photovoltaic SystemCombination of Rapid charging and discharging storage batteries and Photovoltaic system realizes the following functions1) Free Power Supply 2) Reduction of CO23) Power supply backup in service interruptions 3) Power supply backup in service interruptions 4) Curb on fluctuations of the PV system output power5) Leveling of consumption of electric power (Peak cut) (Comb. With CEMS)1), 3), 5) for Economy, 2) for Ecology, 3), 4), 5) for Stability</p><p>0</p><p>0</p><p>0</p><p>0</p><p>Output waveform of photovoltaic</p><p>Waveform after curbing fluctuation DischargeDischarge Peak </p><p>cutElectrical </p><p>energy transformation </p><p>equipment Power Power generation</p><p>Power </p><p>0</p><p>0</p><p>0</p><p>Power consumptionPower consumptionChargingChargingequipment Power </p><p>transmission</p><p>supplyCharging</p><p>Power generation</p><p>Discharge</p><p>242011 Toshiba CorporationTOSHIBA provides Smart CommunityPower conditionerSolar cells Storage batteries</p></li><li><p>Storage Batteries for Demand and Supply BalanceLong life (Many charge and discharge cycles)U f id h i d di h i t b tt i f t l f b l Use of rapid charging and discharging storage batteries for control of balance between demand and supplyControl of radical fluctuations in output of renewable energy power generation(photovoltaics, wind power and other power sources)</p><p> L lif ( h i d di h l ) i Long life (charging and discharge cycles) is necessary</p><p>The possibility of rupturing or ignition is low, </p><p>SafetySafetyLong Cycle lifeLong Cycle life Rapidly RechargeableRapidly Rechargeable</p><p>even under extreme conditionsUsable for more than 6,000 charge-</p><p>discharge cycles</p><p>Long Cycle lifeLong Cycle life</p><p>Rechargeable in approx. 5 minutes</p><p>Cryogenic OperationCryogenic OperationHigh outputHigh output</p><p>Usable in extremely cold environments (-22 F/-30C)</p><p>Input/Output power density equivalent to a capacitor</p><p>High amount of actual usable energy over </p><p>High Effective Capacity</p><p>High Effective Capacity</p><p>252011 Toshiba CorporationTOSHIBA provides Smart Community</p><p>Features of SCiBTMa wide range of SOC SCiB: Rechargeable Battery</p><p>SOC: State of Charge</p></li><li><p> T h l i. Technologies</p><p>22 B ildiB ildi HH22BuildingBuildingHouseHouse</p><p>262011 Toshiba CorporationTOSHIBA provides Smart Community</p></li><li><p>BEMS Building and Energy Management SystemBEMS / FEMS aims to attain the balance of supply and demand between </p><p>Energy generation equipment Energy storage equipmentSmarter Facilities</p><p>various energy sources and load systems and performs load leveling to realize energy saving and reduce emissions.</p><p>Lighting</p><p>Solar panel</p><p>Smarter Facilities Control and conserve powerCorrespond Demand Res.</p><p>DC Equipment Reduction on energy transfer loss</p><p>EWT</p><p>LED L R d ti ti</p><p>Air-conditionerMFP PC</p><p>BEMS(BUILDAC)</p><p>Smarter BEMSModel Based Optimization Optimized operation, distribution</p><p>Elevator</p><p>LED Lamp Reduction on energy consumption</p><p>Serverroom</p><p>(BUILDAC)</p><p>Heat pumpSmarter Energy </p><p>p Optimized operation, distribution Demand based on dynamic control PV electricity generation</p><p>Forecasting</p><p>GridPSS PGS UPS</p><p>HSTFuel tank</p><p>SCiBHSE</p><p>Heat pumpgyPower Supply</p><p>Hybrid Power Supply</p><p>Renewable Energy System Combination of PV and Battery</p><p>272011 Toshiba CorporationTOSHIBA provides Smart Community</p><p>y pp y</p><p> 2-direction inverter (AC/DC &amp; DC/AC) EWT: Elevated water tank, PSS: power supply system, SCiB: Storage battery, HSE: Heat source equipment, </p><p>HST: Heat storage tank, PGS: Power generation system, MFP: Multi Function Printer, UPS: Uninterruptible power supply ,</p></li><li><p>HEMS function cored with Home IT system FEMINITY canR li i ibl th h Di it l TV i t</p><p>Home Solution by HEMS</p><p>Realize visible-energy through Digital TV, intercomControl Peak-Shift/demand by IT-Home-Gateway (HEMS server), realize peak-cut, CO2 reduction as well as sup...</p></li></ul>