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  • 2 Red Deer Express Wednesday, February 25, 2015SUMMER CAMP GUIDE

    A unique and fun week of indoor and outdooractivities! Children ages 5- 8 years explore anew safety topic each day while learning how toavoid injury.

    Topics Include:Pedestrian Traf c,Fire & Home,Acreage & Farm,Bicycle, Water, &Animal Safety

    2015 Camp Dates:July 610; July 20-24August 10-14

    Mornings: 9AM - 12PM; Afternoons: 1PM - 4PMCost: $100.00

    Register at: www.reddeer.ca/looknbookFind more program & registration details underCommunity Programs at www.safetycity.caor call 403-314-9914.

    Register Early!

    BY MARK WEBERRed Deer Express

    Summer time offers youngsters a host of fun- lled days packed with recreation, and making the season all the more complete is time spent at summer camp.

    Central Alberta includes all kinds of summer camps, geared towards those with a passion for dance, a penchant for horseback riding or those who want to spend time learning about the Bible while still enjoying a host of rec-reational opportunities.

    There are also camps suited to those with a range of sporting sensibilities where swimming, canoeing, wall climbing and the wonders of the outdoors are ex-plored.

    Camps can be found in all kinds of attractive settings as well, from locations near Sylvan Lake to the foothills around Rocky Mountain House and Nordegg.

    Choosing a camp may seem like an overwhelming venture considering the multitude of choices, but the Alberta Camping Association (ACA) provides tools to narrow down the possibilities.

    For those who would prefer to go the day camp route, there are also plenty of choices.

    This type of camp may be viewed as an introductory stage to camping at a high comfort lev-el. According to the ACA, there are several key steps to choosing a perfect camp for your child. Ex-plore the information available through the Associations web

    site. Folks can read about the or-ganization which, Has made its mandate an assurance of quality to the public through its program of accreditation and guidelines for operations.

    According to the ACA, the purpose of camp is to have a fun and safe experience, making new friends and learning new things in an outdoor setting.

    While every child is differ-ent, its important to choose a camp that will meet their speci c social, emotional and physical needs.

    With hundreds of camps rang-ing from day camps, residential, and others focusing on every-thing from activities like horse-back riding, canoeing, mountain-eering, to art, drama, and science there is a lot to choose from.

    To nd out what activities or type of camp that would t with your child best, visit the Alberta Camping Associations camp di-rectory.Something else to keep in mind is that ACA member camps have been accredited with the stamp of ACA approval.

    That means they reach a high level of standards and follow strict protocols to make sure your child is getting the best experi-ence in the safest environment. These standards are related to things like site, facility, adminis-tration, leadership, health, food service, and programming.

    Meanwhile, parents can con-tinue their research by visiting each individual camps web site to learn about the camps phi-

    losophy, the type of programs of-fered, session lengths, start dates and cost.

    Further information could be attained by calling the camp of- ce as well.

    Also available on the ACA web site is a Camper Worksheet and Checklist for Choosing a Camp.

    The ACA offers a complete list of camps there is an excellent tab on the web site called search for a camp which lists areas of interest ranging from baseball, biking and kayaking to cycling, sailing, backpacking and tennis.

    Those searching for the best

    camp can check off speci c inter-ests and the program nds camps that specialize in those areas.

    Once youve settled on a camp choice, its a good idea to contact camp of ces so parents can also ask about training, rate of staff turnover, and the experience of senior staff. Another question might be what provisions are made for campers with special needs?

    Also, another suggestion gen-erally speaking is to chat with others who have previously at-tended the camp in question.

    According to the ACA, once

    you register with the camp of your choice you should have regular contact from that point on, receiving, A warm welcome or con rmation package, includ-ing con rmation of dates, prices, equipment needed, cancellation policies, and other necessary camp information.

    For more helpful tips about all things related to the summer camp experience, check out www.albertacamping.com. For further information, contact the Alberta Camping Association at info@al-bertacamping.com.


    Planning for the best summer camp experiencesThe Alberta Camping Association provides parents a wealth of options

  • Wednesday, February 25, 2015 Red Deer Express 3SUMMER CAMP GUIDE



    E S T 1 9 2

    21 9 2




    Multi Sport: July 20-25 (Ages 7-12)

    Basketball: July 27-31 (Ages 13-17)

    Volleyball: August 3-7 (Ages 13-17)

    Contact us at www.prairie.edu/sportscamps

    Bible College - Applied Arts & Technology - Mission Aviation






    BY JENNA SWANRed Deer Express

    Located in the heart of western Alberta, Camp Alexo offers youth the op-portunity to submerse themselves into nature in a non-denominational atmo-sphere rich with commu-nity, culture and kindness.

    Located near Nordegg, Camp Alexo has been in op-eration since 1984 and was built on the former Alexo town site, which is now de-scribed as ghost town.

    The rich history of the camp tells the tale of the Alexo Coal Company, which built the town for the families of its employ-ees to live in. However after the shutdown of the mine around 1955 families slowly left the area.

    While there is still coal underground, geologists say it is not economically feasible to extract.

    Jillian Klassen, pro-gram coordinator for Camp Alexo, explains that while kids love the historical lo-cation of the camp, it is the scenery and experience that really draw them to it.

    Klassen said there is an emphasis on learning about nature and how to enjoy and survive in na-ture, while learning how to respect nature at the same time. Being out in the mountains gives you a chance to completely dis-connect from the outside world as well as reality in

    a sense and really immerse yourself in nature.

    I think many kids these days have never had the chance to be submersed in nature and Camp Alexo gives them a chance to see what its like to be out in the woods and how to fend for themselves outside.

    Phoenix, a teen adven-ture camp offered at Alexo is the ultimate opportunity for youth ages 13 to 17 to ex-plore the wilderness.

    Offering backcountry exploration, backpacking, horseback riding, cycling, canoeing, kayaking and other adventures, the camp asks teens to learn, lead and develop an assortment of skills. Teens also have the chance to participate in camp res and a wide vari-ety of games.

    The kids in this program get to sleep and construct their own lean-too, swim in the creek, and make their own food over a re, and it gives them a great chance to

    experience the outdoors, said Klassen. Camp Alexo also offers a variety of camps for children ages seven to 12 geared towards outdoor learning, self-de-velopment and teamwork.

    We excite every camp-ers imagination with in-teractive theme days and camp-wide games - new worlds and characters of imagination come to life, explains Klassen. Every group is guaranteed to get an overnight stay in an au-thentic tipi. These camp-ers also participate in day hikes, magical camp res, arts and crafts, camp-wide games and much more.

    Klassen explained so-cialization is a huge part of Camp Alexo. Youre along-side your group through-out the week and its al-most like the kids become a little family by the end of it, she said.

    The camp also offers the Waskway Leadership Camp for youth ages 13 to 17.

    Waskway is an inter-active camp focusing on building self-con dence, cooperation and leader-ship. Based on leadership ability, teens will be divid-ed into Level 1 or Level 2.

    Leadership development sessions will include ca-noeing, positive rounds, a camp re program, a night experience and much more.

    Visit www.bgcreddeer.ca/campalexo.


    Community, culture and kindness at Camp Alexo







  • 4 Red Deer Express Wednesday, February 25, 2015SUMMER CAMP GUIDE

    Family FriendlyCamp Times

    Both 6-9 yrs and 10-12 yrs attend from Noon 3 PM



    Also Adult Summer Evening ClassesRegister Online@www.reddeer.ca/looknbookor @Rec Centre, GH Dawe or Collicutt Centre

    4401 - 47 Avenue, Red Deer

    RDTCRed Deer Tennis

    RDTCRed Deer Tennis

    Dates Code Code CodeJuly 6-10 70658 70663 70669July 13-17 70659 70664 70670July 20-24 70660 70665 70671July 27-31* 70661 70666 70672Aug 10-14 70662 70667 70673Aug 17-21 70675 70668 70674

    6-9 Years12:00-3:00 pm

    Cost $120

    10-12 Years12:00-3:00 pm

    Cost $120

    13-18 Years3:00-4:00 pm

    Cost $60

    *July 31 9:00am -12:00pm


    On Pigeon LakeSince 1956

    Over 250 acres of Lakeshore property

    Exciting summer programs

    for Grades 1 to 12


    Visit our Open House on May 24, 2015, 1-4 pmOnline registration begins in March!Online registration begins in March!

    For details ph: (780) 389-2216

    Canoeing Swimming Geocoaching Outback Crafts Archery Re ection Drama Games Mud Pit Camp res And so much more!!


    WWant to reach new Heights this Summer?

    www.coe.ca CALL 403 721-2208

    Youth Adventure Week Youth Mountain Challenge

    Kayaking Adventure Backcountry Adventure

    Rock Climbing Adventure

    Adventure is not just for Youth its for Adults too, check out our web

    Preparing for camp at home will help prevent homesickness and ensure a suc-cessful summer camp experience.

    Here are some tips for preparing your child for camp:

    - Involve the child in the process of se-lecting the camp. This will help them feel like it was their choice to be there.

    - Pre-load the camp experience. Tell your camper what they should expect. For in-formation on what a regular day at camp looks like, contact your camp and/or camp director.

    - Learn about the camp with your child. If it is possible, visit the camp so they know what it looks like.Look at their web site with your child, view activities, pho-tos, and facilities.

    - Arrange for your child to spend a night or two at a friends house so they know how it feels to be away from home and hav-ing fun.Pretend that they are off to camp. They need to pack their own bags and only call home if there is an emergency. As a camp parent, you could tuck a letter into their bag. Pretend that they are at camp and need to make their own bed, pick up and put away their own clothes, brush their teeth, wash and comb their hair, etc.

    - Talk to your child about homesick-ness. Do not promise your camper that they can phone to be picked up anytime they want. Instead, encourage your camp-er to see this week as a challenge, and re-mind them that you will be very proud of them for making it through the week.Re-assure them that homesickness is normal, but communicate your con dence in them and their ability to be away from home.En-courage them to talk with their cabin leader if they are feeling sad or having a problem, and remind them that staff will contact you if they think it is necessary.

    - Do not schedule any special family events while your child is away or they might feel like theyre missing out. Let

    them know their camp counselor will make sure theyre safe and cared for. Ask camp staff about the camp schedule and pre-arrange for your camper to call home on certain days (if it is allowed ~ check be-fore you make the promise!)

    - Encourage your camper to express what it is that makes them nervous about camp. Be open to answering questions they may have.

    - Get excited with your camper and help them prepare! Mark the camp dates on

    your calendar and talk about it often.Going to summer camp is a big step for

    kids and parents, but the bene ts will last a lifetime. Your child will practice indepen-dence, make new friends, learn new things, and experience positive growth.

    Preparing your child for a successful camp experienceTips for ensuring youngsters are ready for some time away from home

  • Wednesday, February 25, 2015 Red Deer Express 5SUMMER CAMP GUIDE


    For more information, contact Mtis Training to

    Employment Services:






    Are you a Mtis youth between the ages of 15 and 17 returning to school in the fall? Do you enjoy the outdoors? Have you considered an environmental career? Would you like to earn a wage while you gain valuable employment skills and experience? Space in this program is limited, so apply today!.

    Camp Runs: July 25 August 25, 2015 Application Deadline: July 3, 2015


    Are you a Mtis youth between the ages of 15 and 17 returning to school in the fall? Do you enjoy the outdoors? Have you considered a career in the culinary arts? Would you like to earn a wage while you gain valuable employment skills and experience? Space in this program is limited, so apply today!

    Camp Runs: July 18 July 24, 2015 Application Deadline: July 3, 2015


    EMERGING LEADERSJULY 12-31Cost: Cost: $400 AGES 15-17

    JUNIOR CAMP 2JULY 19-24Cost: $375AGES 10-12

    DAY CAMPSAUG. 3RD.4Th. and 5THCost: $35AGES 6-8

    JUNIOR CAMP 1JULY 12-17Cost: $355AGES 8-10

    JUNIOR HIGH CAMPAUGUST 16-21Cost: $370AGES 13-15

    HORSEMANSHIP LEVEL 1 JULY 12-17Cost: $425 AGES 12+HORSEMANSHIP LEVEL 2 JULY 26-31Cost: $425 AGES 12+


    ADVENTURE CAMP 1JULY 26-31 Cost: $375AGES 12-17

    SQUIRT CAMPAUGUST 5-7Cost: $120

    ADVENTURE CAMP 2Aug 9-14 Cost: $375AGES 12-17


    BY ERIN FAWCETTRed Deer Express

    For those families looking for a differ-ent summer camp this year, the Red Deer and District SPCA offers weeklong camps for children who love animals.

    The Red Deer and District SPCA runs a couple of summer camps, each with a different theme everyday. The weeklong camps run from July 7th until Aug. 21st from Tuesdays to Fridays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Cost for a weeklong camp is $225.

    Camps are run for children ages six to eight as well as children ages eight to 12.

    There will be different days like dog days, cat days and small animal days, among others, said Melissa Devlin, hu-mane educator at the Red Deer and Dis-trict SPCA.

    When the kids come in they learn all about the SPCA and what we do here and what we believe in which is of course re-sponsible animal care and adoption. They get a lot of time behind the scenes here at the SPCA. They get a behind-the-scenes tour and then later on in the week they get access to the whole building that is not something the everyone gets to do.

    Throughout the week the SPCA also in-vites a variety of presenters to come and teach the children about various subjects.

    We might have like an RCMP of cer who has a dog, we have a group from Cal-gary come in who train rabbits to do an obstacle course, weve had the wildlife centre come in as well, said Devlin. The children arent just learning about us, but they are learning about other things that involve animals.

    As well, the children involved in the summer camps get a lot of one-on-one time with the animals at the shelter.

    Probably half their day is spending time with the animals in some way. We go into the cat room, or we bring cats or dogs into the room. We go on nature hikes with the dogs. Our ferret comes in and they play with her a lot which is great because a lot of them havent seen a ferret before, said Devlin.

    When they are not interacting with the animals we will do games, crafts, movies and outdoor activities.

    The camps are great because they teach the kids to be compassionate to-wards animals as well as about proper animal care.

    We hope that they carry that with them throughout their lives and tell their friends about it, so the next generation will be responsible pet owners. That is re-ally what we want.

    In addition, Devlin said the summer camps ll up quickly, so early booking is recommended.

    There is a limit to the number of kids the SPCA will take for the weekly camps. For the eight to 12-year-old camps, the SPCA will take 15 kids and for the six to eight-years-old, the SPCA will take 10 kids each week.

    Devlin said she encourages families to take part in the SPCA summer camps because all of the enrolment fees are di-rectly put back into the SPCA.

    We dont make any pro t off the sum-mer camps. Any money we do get goes right back into taking care of the animals and operational costs, she said.

    For more information about the SPCA summer camps, visit www.reddeerspca.com or call 403-342-7722. Applications for the summer camps will be available in April.


    SPCA summer camps focus on animal care

  • 6 Red Deer Express Wednesday, February 25, 2015SUMMER CAMP GUIDE


    Phone: 403-342-6500 Register at: Youth & Volunteer Centre 4633-49 Street, Red Deer, AB www.bgcreddeer.ca

    Located near Nordegg, AB. Accredited and non-denominational summer camp for ages 717.

    A place where memories are made Register Today!

    Follow us on Facebook: Camp Alexo


    Canoeing Crafts Swimming Sports Camp re New Friends Memories for Life

    The Heart & Soul of Summer


    Children & Youth ages


    Register today online at


    onlllllllliiiiiiiiiinnnneeeeeee aaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttt

    Th H & S l

    Located on Buffalo Lakenear Stettler, AB

    BHC Junior #29-15 yrs

    BHBHBHBHHHHCCCCCCCCCCCC JuJuJuJuuuJuJuJuJuJuJuuuJuuuuninininiininiinninininniorororororororoororororroroororr #################2222222222222222222222222

    Intermediate& Senior Youth

    13-17 yrsBHC Junior #1

    9-12 yrs

    Fall Senior Youth CampSept 18 20 15-17


    BHC Scamper

    6-8 yrs

    For More Information or to Register Online: www.acca.coop 780-991-4620

    Grad July 2-8Pre-Teen A July 2-8Teen A July 8-14Youth A July 14-20

    Teen B July 20-26Pre-Teen B July 26 - Aug 1Youth B Aug 1-7






    BY JENNA SWANRed Deer Express

    Nestled nicely on over 330 acres of pris-tine back country in the middle of a stun-ning valley, Camp Caroline is the picture perfect ideal of an Alberta summer camp.

    Campers will enjoy unique cabin accom-modations with the chance to stay a night in the camps teepee village. These cozy ac-commodations will be needed after the full days of activities available to kids during the sunny summer days, organizers say.

    Program Manager for Camp Caroline, Harrison Berg explained the camp is host to such on-site activities as a swimming pool, high ropes course, zip line, climbing wall, archery, crafts, dance, various sports in the large gym facility, as well as laser tag.

    He added that campers have the choice to pay for additional offsite activities such as horse back riding, paintball, wake-boarding, white water rafting as well as climbing and rappelling.

    Its a place where you can really just have a lot of fun, and fun in a lot of differ-ent ways, said Berg. Theres the fun of doing all of these activities and having a blast, then theres also the fun of meeting new people and making new friends.

    Camp Caroline, which has been an inte-gral summer camp for Grades 2-12 since 1973, is owned by the Alberta Baptist As-sociation, which Berg explains allows the Camp to put a strong emphasis on building campers relationships with God during their experience.

    Being a Christian camp and one that points people towards Jesus and God is very important to us, said Berg. Our spiritual emphasis allows us to bring in speakers every week who allow us to fur-ther develop on our relationship with God.

    The camp offers programming for various age groups including Grades 2-3, Grades 4-6, Grades 7-9, Grades 10-12, as

    well as a family camp which allows fami-lies to visit Camp Caroline together.

    In addition, the camp also offers the R12 program a post-graduation gap year pro-gram for those unsure of where they want to take their lives or who wish to continue their camp experience.

    R-12 is brand new this year, explains Berg. Its a chance to gure out who you are as an individual, who God is, how you can help build and develop your commu-nity in a positive way, as well as how you can further develop your relationship with God.

    On top of these programs, Camp Caro-line also offers the LEAD program for Grades 11-12 students who are interested in further developing their leadership skills both within and outside of the camp.

    The two-part program is offered in a LEAD 1 and LEAD 2 format with each pro-gram lasting two weeks and the LEAD 2 program building on the skills learned in LEAD 1. LEAD focuses on building up the next generation of leaders, not just for camp, but for their own communities, said Berg. It asks kids how does one be a leader and what does it mean to be a lead-

    er, and continues to build on these founda-tions.

    Berg explained some of the best memo-ries and the things kids remember the most after leaving Camp Caroline are the staff members. Whether its counselors or someone who runs one of the programs, these young adults who come out really pour their hearts and souls into the camp and our campers.

    For more information on Camp Caro-lines many summer programs, visit www.campcaroline.ab.ca.


    Lots of adventures await at Camp Caroline

  • Wednesday, February 25, 2015 Red Deer Express 7SUMMER CAMP GUIDE

    BY MARK WEBERRed Deer Express

    When it comes to select-ing a summer camp for your child, there are a va-riety of options throughout Central Alberta.

    And one of the most well-rounded choices would be Camp Kuriakos, located on the shores of Sylvan Lake.

    We offer the usual fun camp stuff canoeing, kayaking, swimming, chal-lenge courses, sleep-outs where campers head over to the wilderness site for the night and camp out there, explains Paul Kop-jar, assistant director.

    Of course, there are also crafts and camp res.

    We have an exceptional camp culture the staff who work here are very dedicated.

    We end up each year with a phenomenal crew of staff - most of them are in some sort of college or uni-versity program, he said.

    It ends up being a very close staff team that works hard to support each other. That comes through in how they work to support the campers.

    Camp Kuriakos also of-fers soccer, music and dra-ma camps which run July 26st-31st.

    Soccer camp features coaches who bring out the best in participants, and is

    open to youth ages 10 to 14.Music and Drama camp

    focus on the development of a musical production in just one week.

    Camper talents will be showcased for parents and friends on Aug. 1st at 7 p.m. Music and Drama camp is open to those in the eight to 16-year-old age group.

    Dance camp features ex-perienced instructors who will teach several dance styles over the week.

    Participants will strut their stuff in a perfor-mance for friends and fam-ily on Aug. 1st at 7 p.m.

    Regular camps run through the summer, too, for children ages six to nine or ages eight to 11.

    There is also a camp for junior youth (ages 12 to 14) and senior youth (ages 14 to 18).

    A Week in the Woods is a great chance to sleep un-der the stars. This special opportunity is for youth ages 12 to 14.

    You spend the time cooking over a re, canoe-ing everyday, sleeping in tents.

    There are also lots of fun opportunities through a number of day camps and family camps as well.

    Another unique feature of Camp Kuriakos are whats called KOS Kuria-kos Outdoor School.

    These are educational

    opportunities for all age groups which focus on building leadership and team building skills.

    Of course, there are loads of fun things that are woven into the experience, from archery, re-building, a high ropes challenge course and swimming to a climbing tower, a boulder-ing wall, skating and skiing (depending on the season of course).

    We have campers from many different back-grounds.

    Kopjar also said the kids are also required to give up their cell phones and other technological gadgets for the week, too.

    It speaks to their com-mitment of why they like this experience if theyre willing to give that up, there must be something

    good going on.According to the facil-

    itys web site, Kuriakos is owned and operated by Syl-van Lake Lutheran Bible Camp Association.

    Camp Kuriakos is rich in history and full of vision for the future. An industry-accredited camp, the quali-ty of your experience is our top priority.

    A bit of history is also included on the web site. In 1930, Danish settlers from the Dickson area ap-

    proached a local farmer about donating part of his land for a Lutheran camp. Nick Isaacson stood up from his rocking chair on the porch of his house and offered the 17 acres of lake-front land that became the base for Camp Kuriakos.

    The mission of Kuria-kos has never changed. Kuriakos exists to provide an outdoor space in which people can be encountered by the living God, through activity, community and worship.

    Since those days, two more parcels of land have been purchased.

    The Chapel was built in 1958, renovated in the late 1990s and remains a place of worship today.

    The Standard Lodge (now Dana Lodge) was build in the early 1960s and

    renovated in 2000.Meanwhile, Kopjar en-

    joys his work of introduc-ing campers to a fun- lled week that also takes time to educate and inspire.

    The counselors have their campers for a week, and they build great rela-tionships with them.

    And they see lots of growth in the kids as well. I kind of get that same thing with the staff over the course of the (summer) too. So I really enjoy that part of it.

    I also think a camp ex-perience is a very valuable thing for people of any age but especially kids.

    For more information about Camp Kuriakos and what they offer, call 403-746-2702 or email info@kuriakos.ab.ca.


    Camp Kuriakos offers well-rounded summer experienceYouth can take part in a variety of favourite activities

    SUMMER SCHOOL Innisfail Career High School Sylvan Lake Career High School Olds Career High School

    Call Chinooks Edge at (403) 227-7070 or visit www.chinooksedge.ab.ca

    All core high school courses offered No charge for Chinooks Edge students Runs 8:30 am 12:30 pm Monday to Friday

    Daily Attendance Required June 30 July 28 (No school July 1st)

    All studentscurrently enrolled in

    high school or who will be entering grade 10

    in Sept. 2015 areeligible.

    is offered at

    587-952-0518 403-816-3670for BOYS phone

    2015 schedule for BOYS:Adults Info Session & Fundraiser Dinner. .............Apr 11Age 5-18 Father/Son Team Day ......................................May 30Age 5-7 Treeclimbers with Father .................June 26 - 28Age 14-18 Leadership Tr ................................................. July 5 - 11Age 12-13 Adventure Tr ...............................................July 12 - 18Age 8-11 Stockade ..............................................................July 19 - 25

    West of Sundre in the beautiful

    BowCrow Forest. A Christian summer

    camp has a full range of

    camps for boys

    for GIRLS phone

    GIRLS camp please contact:Alberta Camp Cherith


    Incredible Outdoor activities may include:shooting, crafts, whitewater rafting, biking, archery, canoeing, rappelling, swimming and many others

    see www.campteepeepole.orgfor photos & on-line Registration

    Grades 7-12 Challenge ............................................. Aug 2-8Grades 3-7 Path nder/Trailblazer ................Aug 9-15

    Summer Day Camps

    at SunnybrookFarm Museum

    Travel back in time and experience pioneer life in early Alberta. Children will learn how to feed chickens, make butter, pump water, cook on a wood stove and take part in fun farm chores. Explore our 1889 log home, check out the blacksmith shop, and take a ride on the barrel train. Crafts and activites are based on weekly themes. Some field trips are included. See our website for details. This popular program fills quickly so early registration is highly recommended.

    Offered weekly between July 2 - August 28, 2015Only $175 a week, or $40 per day9:00am-4:30pm, before and after care available4701 - 30 Street, Red DeerPhone: (403) 340-3511Email: sbfs@shaw.cawww.sunnybrookfarmmuseum.ca

    for children aged 5-11 years




  • 8 Red Deer Express Wednesday, February 25, 2015SUMMER CAMP GUIDE

    Pioneer Ranch & Pioneer Lodge

    Adventure Camping for all agesCamps ranging from 5-14 days

    Girls camps, Boys camps, Co-ed camps, Family camp,

    Teen Leadership and Work Crew

    Visit our website for more details and registration http://pioneercamps.ab.ca

    Faith! Friendships! Fun!


    When selecting a summer camp, its im-portant to see how it will bene t your child the most. For parents of children who deal with learning disabilities or ADHD there is the option of Camp Amicus, based out of Calgary with the overnight camp at Nor-degg.

    Amicus is a camp that has been special-ized for kids who have average to above average intelligence, but who struggle with understanding language, math, non-verbal body language and other issues that accompany learning disabilities. ADHD is sometimes a part of the lives of children with learning disabilities and so this camp was created to offer a comfortable place for kids within that population.

    The kids at our camp often struggle in classrooms with this invisible disability. They are intelligent, but there is a little bit of a mismatch between how they are doing academically, and what they are capable of doing, and that can really interfere with con dence and self-esteem, said Manager of Amicus programs Janice Nelson.

    One of the bene ts of the camp is that these kids can be in an environment where all of the other kids are like them. The counsellors go through training to learn about learning disabilities and to get some skills and strategies to work with these kids and encourage them to be success-ful and connect with the other kids. We want the kids to feel like they can really be themselves.

    The camp schedule is posted online at foothillsacademy.org, the web site for the governing party that operates the camps. The cost is $900 for a six-day program, with

    nancial assistance available for some par-ties. The camp is aimed at youths aged 9-16. The rst overnight camp starts on June 28th.

    The cost of the camp is expensive we know. The reason for it being expensive is that three to one ratio of campers to coun-sellors. Its expensive to run, but thanks to the generosity of donors, we do have nan-cial assistance available so we encourage people to inquire about that if that is the difference between a child being able to at-tend or not, Nelson said.

    The camps three to one ratio means that for each three children, there is a counsel-lor who has been trained with skills to help make the kids feel comfortable in everyday situations. The counsellors receive two weeks of training that provides them some skills and strategies to use to help commu-nicate effectively and facilitate communi-cation between campers.

    Because we have a maximum of 30 kids at the camp at any time, there is lots of support from the counsellors as they watch and notice things like that. Then, they are able to give the kids some support and strategies. The hope is that when these kids go back to school in the fall, they have a little more con dence.

    We hope that these effects can spill over into the kids lives once they go home. Camp hopefully is a positive and wonder-ful experience, but hopefully the bene ts go beyond there, Nelson said.

    The camp is special because each day there is a time to focus on social skills but in a fun way. There are activities to help re-inforce the strategies the kids learn, along with all regularly expected camp activities such as hiking, canoeing, swimming, rope climbing, arts and crafts, camp res and

    more. Id like to emphasise some things that weve heard from families, which are the bene ts that they see in their child. Its good for the kids to be able to be around other kids like them, and around adults who understand them and are there to sup-port them, Nelson said.

    The counsellors are there to try and make it a great week for the campers. This camp provides an opportunity for kids to

    learn skills and have fun and have a great time. One of the things we emphasize with our counsellors is to identify some things that the kids are good at. They might not be good at reading, but theyre amazing at the ropes course or doing artwork or are just a kind person. Its important to nd those qualities and let the kids know that we see them.


    Camp Amicus is an option for kids dealing with learning disabilities, ADHD

  • Wednesday, February 25, 2015 Red Deer Express 9SUMMER CAMP GUIDE

    Camp Date Price AgeScamper June 19 21 140 5 to 7LTD June 27 July 3 see web see webJr. Teens 1 July 5 10 390 12 to 14Inter. 1 July 12 17 385 9 to 12Family Camp July 19 24 see web all agesInter. 2 July 26 31 385 9 to 12Jr. Boys & Girls Aug. 4 7 280 7 to 10Jr. Teens 2 Aug. 9 14 390 12 to 14Sr. Teens Aug. 16 22 425 14 to 18

    STEP OUTSIDERegistration Now Open!

    phone: 403-782-2495info@gulllakecentre.cawww.gulllakecentre.ca

    Hard to believe that with freezing temperatures and snow still under our feet, that we are receiving appli-cation forms from summer camps.

    Kind of nice though. Its the same kind of feeling I get when I walk past my favourite clothing store in February and start to see the rst of their spring col-lection. It lls me with hope of warmer days ahead. The thought of summer camp elicits thoughts of happy children running carefree with their friends or wad-ing in water knee deep, a refreshing cooling off un-der the brilliant sun.

    But are all children hap-py campers?

    For some, the thought of summer camp brings about feelings of anxiety. For some, even day camp rep-resents an unfamiliar bus ride between home and the campgrounds. For some, it may mean having to make new friends.

    Other kids live for camp. They get through the school year by reminding themselves of the freedoms of summer camp, of rekin-

    dling relationships with special camp buddies and learning new skills that foster self-con dence and personal growth.

    The bottom line is to know your child when se-lecting a camp environ-ment. Camp does not have to be a fair distance from home, does not have to be overnight, does not even have to be sporty.

    For younger children, camp may be the only al-ternative for parents who are working. Sometimes, the school or day care that your young child attends may offer summer pro-grams too.

    As children get a little older, aged six and up, for example, parents may choose a day camp that is quite varied.

    By doing so, they allow their child to be involved in many different activi-ties both in and outdoors from sportsy to artsy so that both parent and child can develop increased awareness of the childs in-terests. Some children may hate the heat and prefer to attend an indoor camp that offers outdoor activities.

    Other children love to be out all day and might feel cooped up inside. As chil-dren are even older, you may want to tailor the camp to meet your childs inter-ests. There are so many to choose from. There are theatre camps, arts based camps, gymnastics camps,

    tennis camps, sailing camps and baseball camps from which to choose. The list is endless.

    Aside from considering your childs interests, loca-tion of the camp and their facilities, whether they are accredited or not, how ex-ible they are in offering the hours that you need, whether or not they offer the option of transporta-tion and meals, consider very importantly the ratio

    of counselor to camper. Ideally, there should be no more than ve campers per counselor in the younger age groups and no more than eight campers per counselor as the children get older.

    Also, ask what experi-ence and training the coun-selors have. Are they certi- ed in CPR and rst aid? What is the minimum age requirement for counsel-ors?

    Camp is not for everyone and some children may pre-fer to just hang out at home the whole summer long.

    However, keep in mind that 10 weeks at home can be quite long for both par-ent and child. Unless youre prepared to nd activities to keep your child out of mischief, even a few hours of camp a day can be help-ful.

    Include your child in the selection process many

    camps have open houses during the winter and spring months.

    Others send wonderful promotional CDs for you and your children to watch. Camp should be a fun place to be and if its not, then ex-plore other options.

    Sara Dimerman, is a mom of two and is the author of two parenting books, Am I A Nor-mal Parent? and Character Is the Key. Find out more at www.helpmesara.com.

    Tips for selecting the very best summer camp



  • 10 Red Deer Express Wednesday, February 25, 2015SUMMER CAMP GUIDE

    KASOTA EAST CAMPSylvan Lake, Alberta Ph. (403) 887-5757 www.kasotaeastcamp.orgWe o er traditional activities including swimming, canoeing, camp res, and campouts, along with a blend of activities updated yearly. This year campers will enjoy wacky science labs, spray paint art, archery, and a water trampoline! Come check out our new slingshot range! Our heated cabins, dining hall, and full service washhouse help new campers feel right at home.Our one of a kind sta are screened thoroughly and certi ed with First Aid and CPR. Every member of the team completes leadership and child development training. Above all, we are energetic, caring, and professional.KEC o ers a ordable camper fees and nancial assistance is available through our Campership Fund. Receive $25 toward your registration for each new friend you bring to camp this summer! See our website for more details.The mission of Kasota East Camp is to model a Christian lifestyle in an outdoor setting within a community that promotes outreach, spiritual awareness, personal growth, and harmonious living. KEC is an accredited member of the Alberta Camping Association and the United Church Camping Association.

    CAMP KURIAKOSWelcome to Kuriakos! Located on Sylvan Lake, we are a year-round camping and outdoor education centre, specializing in summer camps and school programs for all ages. An industry-accredited camp, the quality of your experience is our top priority.Kuriakos o ers programs for kids, youth, adults, and families. Enjoy swimming, canoeing, kayaking, archery, challenge courses, wilderness site, climbing tower, sports, playground, wood shop, crafts, and more. Special events like costume meals and sleep outs make every day unique. Every day is lled with adventure, learning, and laughter in a Christ-centered community. It doesnt get any better!Exceptional sta serve at Kuriakos. Each sta person is chosen for their ability to serve as an authentic Christian role model and to nurture caring relationships with campers. Year-round senior sta have years of experience in campingleadership. Two weeks of training equips university-age sta to serve ase ective leaders and role models.Want to join us? Check out our website at www.kuriakos.ab.ca, or call us at 403.746.2702. Because you belong at camp!


    PH: 403.347.3050 www.soundconnectionscentres.comThe Sound Connections Literacy and Language Centre provides literacy and speech/language intervention to children starting from 3 years old and upwards.

    We have a variety of different programs that are perfect for: School aged children who struggle with literacy Children with learning difficulties ESL students * Pre-school students ready for a head start on literacy Advanced Kindergarteners and school aged children looking to be extended in literacy Children with speech and language concerns Children with Dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, Autism, Down Syndrome, Developmental delays etc. * Children with motivational problems or who struggle with traditional teaching methods Children with a different learning style

    Qualified instructors will work with your child twice a week for 45 minutesessions, either individually or in a small group through a unique program/s/ that usea fun, play based, multi-sensory approach to best meet your childs needs.


    RED DEER SAFETY CITY SOCIETY Injury Control Champion Award Winner

    3030 55th Street - Red Deer, AB T4P 3S6 Phone: (403) 314-9914 Email: safetycity@telusplanet.net Website: www.safetycity.ca

    Red Deer Safety City Society delivers award winning, interactive and educational injury prevention programs for children, in a fun, realistic and safe environment. Unique summer programs include weeklong half-day Summer Camps, Bicycle Safety, Fire and Home Safety, Acreage and Farm Safety, Pedestrian Traffic Safety, and exciting Birthday Parties, where participants drive battery-powered ATVs on the streetscape.

    Cost and age requirements vary by program. Visit our website; see Community Programs for complete details.

    Register online (Birthday Parties excluded) at www.reddeer.ca/looknbook, at City of Red Deer recreation facilities, or in person at Safety City.

    Birthday Party bookings available in person only at Red Deer Safety City, beginning Monday April 13th; call 403-314-9914 for available dates.

    Note: when registering in person at Safety City, debit or credit cards NOT ACCEPTED. For additional information contact us as outlined above.

    RIVERS EDGE CAMPWater Valley, Alberta Ph# 403 637-2766 www.riversedgecamp.orgRivers Edge Camp is located 60 km SW of Olds, situated in the Water Valley area overlooking the Rocky Mountains.

    Rivers Edge camp is a non-pro t Christian based organization that desires to see adults, youth and children to investigate who Jesus is and the relationship that we can have with Him. We desire to see everyone that comes to camp to have a great experience and a desire to come back in future summers. Come out for a week of camp to try new activities, meet new friends, sit around a camp re, and enjoy some great camp food.Here at Rivers Edge we will do our best to make sure that your child gets the quality care that they deserve in a safe environment.

    Rivers Edge camp is also a year round retreat centre open to church groups, school groups, outdoor ed, band camps and leadership groups.For more information call (403) 340-3511.

    DANCERS EDGE STUDIO www.dancersedgestudio.ca

    Dancers Edge Studio has been operating for 12 amazing years now. We have two great locations, Blackfalds & Lacombe, each equipped with 3 state of the art studios and large waiting rooms. Our studios offer classes in both Recreational and Competitive and all our instructors are certified. We also have a travel team that is welcome to all dancers, this summer we will be dancing in 2 Disneyland parades. Come join the Family at Dancers Edge Studio!

    PRAIRIE BIBLE INSTITUTEEach summer hundreds of athletes participate in ouron-campus camp programs speci cally designed tomotivate and strengthen both your mind and your body.We o er one multi-sport day camp for elementary aged kids and an overnight basketball and volleyball camp whereaccommodations are provided on our campus in Three Hills. All our camps are coached and lead by college athletes and coaches who are dedicated to seeing campers improve both on and o the court.

    This year bring 5 or more people from your team and save $100 each! Check the registration page at our website for more discounts and information.

    RED DEER SPCA SUMMER CAMP! Animal themed fun for your child.

    Do you love spending time with animals? Would you like to spend the dog days of summer interacting with animals and learning fun new facts about them? Well the Red Deer & District SPCA Summer Camps are just for you. Our camps offer hands on learning, animal-themed days, games, special animal guests and more. Come see what it is like to be behind the scenes at the Red Deer & District SPCA. Our team of qualified Childrens activity leaders will ensure that your child has fun learning all about the animals that share our world and how to care for the companion animals that share our homes! Your support and participation will help to support the animals in our care. We offer 4 day camps for ages 6-8 and 8-12. Camps will run from July 7 to August 28, 9-5pm and cost $200.

    Contact education@reddeerspca.com for more information or call 403-342-7722 or register online at www.reddeerspca.com

  • Wednesday, February 25, 2015 Red Deer Express 11SUMMER CAMP GUIDE


    before June 1stgets you a freeT-SHIRT!!!!!!

    For more information contact Dancers Edgeat 403-391-3124 or visit our website


    KINDER KAMP $120July 20-23rd in Blackfalds / August 10-13th in LacombeAges 3-6yrs9am-12pm (Snack provided)* 4 days fi lled with dance, gymnastics, music, drama, crafts, friends, & FUN!!!!

    GOT THE EDGE CAMP $160July 20-23rd in Blackfalds / August 10-13th in LacombeAges 7-14yrs1pm-5pm (Snack provided)* 4 days fi lled with a variety of dance styles and different qualifi ed instructors. Tap, Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical, Acro, Musical Theatre, Disco, and MORE!!!! All levels welcome.

    OVER THE EDGE CAMP $275August 17-20th in LacombeAges 12yrs & Older9am-3pm (Lunch and Snack provided)* Looking to expand your dance knowledge and learn from highly sought after instructors?? Ready to get back into dance shape for your upcoming season?? Then this is the camp for you!! Take a variety of different dance classes from teachers coming from all over Canada and the US. Must have previous dance experience as this camp is going to WORK you and take you over the Edge!! Open to all studios.

    Helping children reach their potenal!


    Experience fun, multi-sensory learning.Sound Connections provides literacy intervention and/or speech/language stimulation for all learners of all ages.

    Concerned about your childs literacy or speech/language skills?

    Does your child have speci c learning dif culties?

    Do you simply want to give yourpre-schooler a head start?

    www.soundconnectionscentres.comTel: (403) 347-3050 soundconnections@live.ca


    BY ERIN FAWCETTRed Deer Express

    Although heading a con-siderable distance away from home for summer camp may be perfectly suitable for many kids, others arent quite ready to take that step. Thats where the option of checking out day camps and other camp oppor-tunities right here in Red Deer comes in.

    These offer plenty of fun and learning for kids with the com-fort factor of knowing home is nearby. After all, there are a number of things to keep in mind when guring out if your child is okay with setting off away from home for a week of adventure.

    Are they comfortable in un-familiar settings? When asked about their interest in leaving the City for summer camp, do they light up or shy away from the subject?

    Something else to consider is does your son or daughter make new friends easily? Do they have problems speaking up about concerns that may arise?

    If it turns out that some of these are signi cant issues, en-joying a camp experience near home may be the best option for a slice of summer time fun.

    There is much to explore in Red Deer including a slate of day camps and other kid-fo-cused adventures and activities through the City of Red Deer at

    the Collicutt Centre, the Kerry Wood Nature Centre, Fort Nor-mandeau and Red Deer College.

    For one, Artstrek at Red Deer College is geared to youth with a love of theatre.

    The camp runs from July 5th-10th, 12th-17th and 19th-25th, and is designed for those ages 12 to 18.

    Artstrek is a summer school for teens that explores the ex-citing world of theatre and the-atre production.

    Over the course of a week in residence at RDC, Artstrek students discover acting, voice, movement, directing, sound/music, design, creation and col-laboration with some of Alber-tas nest theatre professionals and educators.

    Registration opens April 1st.For those with a love of mu-

    sic, there is Adventures in Summer Music Aug. 17th-21st and is aimed at those ages nine to 14. Each day campers will enjoy full band rehearsals, sectional rehearsals, master classes, music options, presen-tations and supervised recre-ational activities. There is also MusiCamp Alberta which runs from July 26th to Aug. 15th and is for those ages 10 and up.

    For more information about camps and events in Red Deer, call continuing education at RDC at 403-356-4900, the Col-licutt Centre at (403) 358-7529, or the Kerry Wood Nature Cen-tre at 403-346-2010.


    Various summer camps offered in City

  • 12 Red Deer Express Wednesday, February 25, 2015SUMMER CAMP GUIDE


    Chinooks Edge School Division o ers summer schools in three communities,making it convenient for students to take courses for credit. Summer schoolis available in Innisfail, Sylvan Lake and Olds. High School students, or thoseentering grade 10 in September 2015, are able to take courses to upgradeexisting marks, complete a required course missing from their timetable, orfor personal reasons. All core high school courses are o ered and there is nocharge for students currently in Chinooks Edge. Students work at their ownpace, but under the guidance and supervision of teachers who provideassistance when needed. Taking a summer course provides students theopportunity to upgrade their marks in a course they didnt do well in, or itcan help reduce their course load in September. Summer School runsMonday to Friday, June 30 July 28 (no school on July 1st Canada Day),from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. each day.

    Begin next school year ahead of the game!Call us toll-free at 1-800-561-9229 or visit www.chinooksedge.ab.ca

    ENVIRONMENTAL CAREER CAMPIn partnership with Inroads Mountain Sports, Rupertsland Institute is recruiting for the Environmental Career Camp. This camp is for Mtis youth, from across Alberta, ages 15-17 who are returning to school in the fall. Preference will be given to those youth interested in learning and experiencing outdoor careers. Participants have the opportunity to earn high school credits and safety tickets. Experienced and inexperienced campers alike will learn valuable skills they will carry with them their whole lives. Focusing on leadership, responsibility and team work,participants leave better equipped for the workforce. The camp islocated in Hinton, AB at the Black Cat Ranch. While this is a working camp, youth have the opportunity to participate in activities such asrock climbing, horseback riding, canoeing, etc. Space is limited. Apply at your local Metis Training to Employment Centre today!

    BAR HARBOURAll our summer camps take place at Bar Harbour, a secluded 100 acre site on the south east shores of Buffalo Lake, next to the summer village of White Sands located in the County of Stettler. Campers participate in many different activities while at camp, depending on the age group. Waterfront, swimming, canoeing, sports, crafts, games, talent shows, dances, campfire, are just some of the things we do at camp. Campers who come back for another season often find many familiar faces in both campers and staff. Bar Harbour Camp is proud of our community and invites everyone to be a part of it!

    Campers are always under the direct supervision and care of our qualified staff. In addition to our leadership team and camp counsellors, medical staff and certified lifeguards are onsite at all times. Bar Harbour Camp holds accreditation with the Alberta Camping Association and the United Church Camping standards program. Registration is online atwww.barharbourcamp.com

    If you have questions e-mail info@barharbourcamp.com

    CAMP KANNAWINCamp Kannawin welcomes children, youth, and adults of all ages to come and spend some time with us this summer in one or more of our camps. Campers will get to spend time in the water canoeing, swimming, using the water trampolines and a favourite of many is the Rainbow Slide. On land we will shoot arrows, walk on ropes, go on nature walks, and explore Gods Beauty. Those who are creative will love the crafts and games that are played. Our evenings end with a crackling fire on Sylvan Lake with songs and skits under the stars. Check us out at www.campkannawin.ca for further information. We can also be reached at 403-887-5760 Monday-Friday should you have questions. We look forward to seeing you this summer.

    HALKIRK CIRCLE SQUARE RANCHHalkirk, AlbertaPh: (403) 884-2444 www.halkirkcirclesquare.caLocated along the scenic coulees of Paintearth creek. We have two camps that run simultaneously for different age groups; Western Town for children ages 9-17 and a new campsite called Pathway for children 6-10.

    Circle Square Ranch is a non-profit Christian-based organization that welcomes children and youth of any faith and race. We encourage each camper to grow spiritually, mentally, social, and physically in an exciting, fun-filled western atmosphere. We invite campers to consider what the Bible has to say about them, their relationship with God, and each other.

    Our horsemanship program offers the chance to develop and improve their skills as they progress through our five star riding programs. We offer many other thrilling activities including a high ropes course, swimming pool, and bmx skatepark.

    The staff at Circle Square Ranch are loving, encouraging, and engaging as they care for each child and teach the many activities offered. These staff have been carefully selected, screened, and trained to work with children and youth.

    GULL LAKE CENTREAt Gull Lake Centre, camp is awesome! We believe summer camp is an important time in a childs life- a time of adventure and discovery unique to the camping experience. It is one week each year when we get to come together and Step Outside of the norm.Summer camp is a rite of passage that has been changing lives for generations.In our 95th summer Gull Lake Centre o ers camping programs for ages 5-17 plus a family camp. Our camp runs at a 3:1 camper to leader ratio. This is how we ensure quality care for each individual camper. We believe that at summer camp, campers should be free to Step Outside in their faith, in relationships with their friends, as well as literally stepping outside and enjoying our 60 acre campus!Join us this summer for the best week of your year. Some activities we o er are: Boating and water sports, wall climbing, archery, mad science, canoeing, R/Caviation, arts, drama, ukulele, sports in our gymnasium and playing elds as well as unbelievable wide games. That is just the tip of the iceberg.Check us our at www.gulllakecentre.ca for more information and to register.


    Nordegg, Alberta Ph: (403) 721-2208 www.coe.caWelcome to C.O.E. as we celebrate 20 years of Youth Adventure Programs. Why not join us this summer for the adventure of a lifetime? Parents can feel secure in the knowledge that our safety record is unsurpassed due to our highly trained, dedicated, energetic and motivated staff. They are here to provide your children with challenge, excitement and fun, regardless of fitness. None of our activities require special skills, only energy, courage and a spirit of adventure. What will they get in returnpride in all that they accomplish, a renewed sense of themselves and a growing appreciation for the world around them. They will meet other kids with the same interests and form long-lasting relationships with them. This is our commitment to you. Join us this summer at C.O.E. where Adventure truly does BEGIN!

    RED DEER TENNIS CLUB4401-47 Avenue Ph: (403) 346-7567 www.reddeertennis.com

    Summer Youth Tennis Camps (Mon-Fri)Participants will be taught basic tennis skill, strokes andstrategies. Non tennis orientated activities will also beincluded. Registrants are encouraged to bring their own racquets. Racquets are available for purchase at our well stocked pro shop. Participants must wear non-markingrunning shoes, t-shirt, shorts/sweats.Recommended: insect repellent, sunscreen, snack,water bottle.Those participants taking more than one week will betaught at their skill level.

  • Wednesday, February 25, 2015 Red Deer Express 13SUMMER CAMP GUIDE

    www.blackfalds.com/campcuriousRegistration starts May 1, 2015

    swimming lessons cra


    group activities field

    trips sports

    July through August

    Ages 6-10

    Monday to Friday | 8:

    30am - 4:30pm


    The Rocky Mountain Historic Site offers a vari-ety of activities, from trail discovery to camping and exploration of historic fur trade posts.

    There are also some camping experiences for children and youth that can prove to be not only fun but a rich historical learning experience as well, orga-nizers say.

    There is an on-site day camp that is run by the Con uence Heritage Soci-ety that runs in July and August, beginning the week after Canada Day. The camp runs from Tues-days to Fridays, with drop-off at 9 a.m. and pick up at 4p.m.

    The typical camp is usu-ally for 8- to 11-year-olds with a single week directed at ages 12 to 14.

    The camp is operated in both English and French. The cost is $125 for the week.

    Call at 1-403-845-6680 or email to camp@con u-encehs.org to register for the day camp.

    Rocky Mountain House is a historic site of the fur trade.

    The site was settled in 1799 with the North West Company and the Hudsons Bay Company each setting up rival posts on the North Saskatchewan River. We-ber said that there were a

    wide variety of traders at the fort that included nine different aboriginal groups.

    Parks Canada maintains the site and the archaeo-logical remains of the four trading posts.

    According to the sites interpretation coordinator, Travis Weber, its also easy to a ll a day out at the site, between visiting the exhib-it, the visitor centre and ex-ploring the natural beauty of the land.

    We have about three kilometres of self-guided walking trails with listen-ing stations that will tell you different stories, as well as interpretive panels that take you across the four trading posts of the historic site. As well, there are usually interpretive activities going on, Weber said.

    We have two partners out at the site - the Comple-ments Heritage Society and the Mtis Local 845. The Mtis Local uses M-tis trappers tents to put on interpretive heritage pro-

    grams where people can come and visit the inter-preters and nd out what life was like throughout history.

    The tipis and trappers tents are located on the banks of the North Sas-katchewan River and Bri-erley Rapids.

    To book a night in each of these, the cost is $19.60/

    night for adults and $11.70/night for youth.

    We also have a play fort on site that is a scaled-down version of a fort with a jungle gym and things for kids to play in.

    Thats a de nite high-light for the little ones com-ing to the site.

    There are a lot of activi-ties for families at the Na-

    tional Historic Site. People can enjoy in-

    teractive exhibits, visit the Mtis at the Trappers Tents, discover the play-fort and York boat replica, gaze upon our bison herd, take a dip in the North Sas-katchewan River or walk or bike our three kilometres of self-guided trails, We-ber said.

    A variety of special event days are also held from June through until October that include outdoor movie nights, Canada Day Cel-ebrations, stargazing and more.

    These events are posted on www.pc.gc.ca/rocky-mountainhouse as they are announced.


    Rocky Mountain Historic Site a step back in time for campers




  • 14 Red Deer Express Wednesday, February 25, 2015SUMMER CAMP GUIDE

    CAMP TEEPEE POLEWest of Sundre, AB Ph: 403-932-1405 www.campteepeepole.orgAffiliated with Christian Service Brigade, our motto is win and train BOYS for Christ.We are also an OUTDOOR adventure camp, a place where boys can be boys while learning about God, their Creator. Psalm 8:3-5Staff work with the year-round CSB ministries program providing a natural follow-up program for the boys. We choose activities that boys like, methods of training that boys respond to, and leaders who can become friends and role models.Camp is also a lot of fun! Our activities are outdoor oriented: shooting, hiking, white water rafting, and many others. We ensure activities are age appropriate.Facilities: max 50 campers; 6 cabins; Washhouse with showers and toilets;Kitchen and dining area with qualified cooks who provide great food.For GIRLS contact Alberta Camp Cherith, who use CAMP TEEPEE POLE,providing similar activities.

    SALVATION ARMY Pine Lake Camp is an evangelical ministry of The Salvation Armys Alberta and Northern Territories Division. We o er an atmosphere of transformation and renewal for men, women, families, children and teens. Some of the cool stu that happens at our camp include: swimming, canoeing, crafts, camp re songs & games, playing at the playground, mini-golf, climbing wall, low ropes course, and so much more!!!! We o er an environment of Christian growth, encouragement and discipleship to youth and young adults employed with us through summer sta positions. We o er great year round facilities to accommodate rental groups, families, and individuals looking for a safe and peaceful place of retreat, rest, and reconnection. We are excited to model Christ through servant ministry, loving relationships, and unforgettable experiences! Come on out to Pine Lake Camp we want the next unforgettable experience to be yours!For more information check out our website at pinelakecamp.ca.


    In partnership with NAIT, Rupertsland Institute is recruiting for the Exploring Culinary Opportunities Camp in Hinton, AB at Black Cat Ranch. This camp is for Mtis youth, from across Alberta, ages 15-17 who are returning to school in the fall. Participants will learn the basics of cooking, cooking over an open re, and the utilization of kitchen tools. The goal of this program is toprovide participants with Emergency First Aid certi cation, career exposure, and team building. Through the course of this program, youth will discover how understanding themselves and others will help them become moree ective individuals, have a greater understanding of the hospitality andculinary arts industry, and be able to make a more informed career choice.In addition to the training component of this camp, the youth will have the opportunity to participate in typical camp activities. Space is limited. Apply at your local Metis Training to Employment Centre today!

    CAMP MASKEPETOONPigeon Lake, Alberta Ph: (780) 389-2216 www.maskepetoon.ab.caCelebrating over 50 years of camping, Camp Maskepetoon was named after a Cree Indian Chief who embraced Christianity and struggled to bring peace and forgiveness to the warring tribes, missionaries and settlers in the region. To this date, those values are what guide the summer camping program as described by our mission statement: To nurture personal growth and promote respect for nature, others and self through an inclusive, Christian camping experience.Camp Maskepetoon has 11 heated, natural log cabins, main lodge and 250 acres on the Northwest shore of Pigeon Lake. Campers participate in many activities such as archery, canoeing, crafts, sports, devotions, waterfront, campfires and many surprises! Experiencing a night under the stars at the outback site, making new friends, playing in the mud pit,and making noise around the campfire are just a few ofthe life- long memories gained. Find us on


    CAMP CURIOUSDiscover Camp Curious at our new home, the Abbey Centre in the town of Blackfalds! Camp Curious offers children between the ages of 6-10 years swimming lessons, sports, crafts, group activities and awesome field trips in a safe and supervised environment. Camp leaders believe all children are capable of success and will create a week of camp we are sure each camper will enjoy.Open to 30 campers each week throughout July and August, Camp Curious is sure to exceed your expectations! Registration for camp will begin May 1, 2015 at the Abbey Centre, 4500 Womacks Road.For more information on Camp Curious, please contact 403-885-4039/ kpenner@blackfalds.com or visit www.blackfalds.com/campcurious.


    Goldeye Centre near Nordegg, AB Ph: (780) 991-4620 www.acca.coopSummer camp is a time for making new friends and is the place where youth discover their hidden talents. Those who have attended the ACCA Co-operative Youth Leadership Program, (now going into their 56th year) will tell you that it was one of their most memorable and life-changing experiences. Held at Goldeye Centre near Nordegg, the serene foothills location provides a beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains. wWe aim to develop leadership skills and self-confidence in youth so they can return to their communities and get involved. Every summer, youth learn how to work in committees, elect their owngovernment and learn how to set up and run a co-operative business. They also develop communication and public speaking skills and expand their knowledge of the agriculture industry and the benefits of membership in co-operatives. Grad (ages 17-18) Youth (ages 15-16) Teen (ages 13-14) Pre-Teen (ages 11-12)

    CAMP ALEXOA place where memories are made75km west of Rocky Mountain House, AB Camp Alexo gives children and youth a chance to explore nature, discover their potential and build positive relationships through a week long overnight camp setting. We are associated with two charities: Boys and Girls Clubs and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Red Deer and District. One of our 11 year old campers commented Camp Alexo is awesome; it was the highlight of my summer. I made so many new friends and played so manynew games. Campership subsidies are available for families who qualify. Visit our website at www.bgcreddeer.caor call us at 403.342.6500

    SUNNYBROOK FARMSunnybrook Farm Museum is again o ering a remarkable summer day camp experience for children aged 5-11. Located at 4701 30th Street, just North of Bower Mall. The Museum preserves the original farmstead of James Bower and celebrates the history of the family mixed farm right inside the City of Red Deer. Our summer day camp experience is led by a professional team ofinterpretive sta . Children will participate in traditional farm activitiesincluding learning how to feed chickens, make butter, pump water, cook on a wood stove and take part in fun farm chores. They will explore our 1889 log home, check out the blacksmith shop, and take a ride on the barrel train. Each week features themed activities and games. Weekly eld trips are also included. Before and after care is also available.Check our website for more details.For more information call (403) 340-3511.

  • Wednesday, February 25, 2015 Red Deer Express 15SUMMER CAMP GUIDE

    Creative arts, the challenge of games, sports and outdoor activities, opportunities for

    self-expression and exploration are all vital to a childs development.

    DAY CAMPS For a full list of camp themes, dates and times check the

    Spring & Summer Activity Guide

    or go online www.reddeer.ca/daycamps

    For Pre-Sc

    hool &

    School Ag

    e Children

    Full Day an

    d Half Day


    Summer cam

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    way to help c

    hildren learn

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    he City of Re

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    a full range o

    f Day Camps

    with focuses

    on activities

    from the art

    s and theatr

    e to adventur

    e and sports



    camps beg

    in June 29.

    Spring + Sum


    l & dren




    AG ES









    D Cw




    ALBERTA PIONEER CAMPSVisit our website for more details and registration http://pioneercamps.ab.caPioneer Ranch 403-845-6777 Pioneer Lodge 403-638-2660Financial Assistance available.Adventure Camping for all ages: We o er a wide variety of camps ranging from 5-14 days - Girls only, Boys only, Co-ed, Families, Teen Leadership and Work Crew. Founded in 1951, Alberta Pioneer Camp is part of a network of nine Inter-Varsity Camps across Canada. We are committed to seeing young people transformed by the love of God actively at work in their lives.We have two spectacular camp locations: Pioneer Lodge, Sundre, nestled in the foothills and Pioneer Ranch, Rocky Mountain House, on the shores of beautiful Crimson Lake.We love kids. We love seeing them discover they can do more than they realize. We love watching them develop life-long friendships. We love listening to their laughter. We love seeing them grow and mature as they discover how much God loves them. We love welcoming them back to camp, year after year.


    1 location in Red Deer (see website www.royalsoccer.com for details)Phone: 1-800-427-0536 email: info@royalsoccer.com www.royalsoccer.com

    Full day or half day weekly sessions from June 29 to September 4.

    RCSC is excited to host our 23rd year of summer soccer camps this summer. Host to over 20,000 boys and girls across the country including a location in Red Deer. Our program is designed to promote personal development, team building and of course, FUN! The camp program is uniquely designed to o er a soccer focus in the morning and a leisure swim with other organized camp activities in the afternoons. We encourage all boys and girls between 5 and 13 to register. We o er full day, morning and afternoon sessions during the months of July and August. We o er early drop o and late pickup times fully supervised at no extra charge. We look forward to a great summer of camp. Check out our website to register online or call us for more information.

  • 16 Red Deer Express Wednesday, February 25, 2015SUMMER CAMP GUIDE

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