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Make your very own luggage tag! :)


  • Step-by-step Guide: Phone cover luggage tags

    Materials needed: Phone cover, penknife, transparency, glue, ribbon/fabric, fine wire (bendable), decorative items 1. Cut out the base of the phone cover with the use of a penknife. Repeated cuts can be made on the edges until the blade cuts through the layer and the sides can be fully removed. 2. Cut out 6 thin strips (approximately 2cm shorter than the length of the phone cover) and 3 thin strips (approximately the width of the phone cover) from the transparency. The strips should be around 0.5cm wide. 3. Paste 3-5 strips at each length of the phone cover and 3-5 strips at the bottom of the cover. 4. Cut out a piece of transparency large enough to cover the area bounded by the strips and paste it on. 5. Line the sides of the cover with decorative ribbon.

  • Making the luggage tag strap: 1. Choose a piece of ribbon to be used for the strap. 2. A metal ring can be made by coiling the wire a few times around a suitably sized pen. Leave a small length of the string uncoiled and make a bridge across the ring. Secure the wire by twisting it along the diameters of the ring. 3. Insert the ribbon/fabric through the metal ring as shown below. 4. Cut out a slip of paper slightly smaller than the size of the transparency and insert it in. This is what your final product would look like! You can then further decorate the luggage tags with various items such as ribbons, buttons and decorative paper or tape on the upper side of the phone cover (i.e. the side that was facing outwards before cutting.)