Subject Pronouns Verb Conjugation Explanation Hacer Hablar Comer Escuchar Estudiar Cantar Esquiar Bailar Ver Infinitives

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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>REALIDADESChapter 1 App. 25-46</p> <p>11Me gusta escuchar msica.Qu te gusta hacer?</p> <p>Me gusta estudiar.Qu te gusta hacer?</p> <p>Me gusta cantar.Qu te gusta hacer?</p> <p>Me gusta esquiar.Qu te gusta hacer?</p> <p>Me gusta bailar.Qu te gusta hacer?</p> <p>yo = Inosotros,as + yo = wet = youvosotros,as = you alll,ella, Ud. =he,she, name,youellos,ellas, Uds. = he,she,namesyou allInfinitives - What is the action?</p> <p>P. 32Realidades 1InfinitivesVerbs are words that are most often used to name actions. InfinitivesThe most basic form of a verb is called the INFINITIVE.InfinitivesIn English, you can spot infinitives because they always have the word TO in front of them:to swim, to read, to writeInfinitivesInfinitives in Spanish, though, dont have a separate word like to in front of them.Spanish infinitives are only one word, and always end in -ar, -er, or -ir: Nadar, Leer EscribirInfinitives are used after words or expressions like:</p> <p>Me gusta I likeMe gusta comer. I like to eat.No me gusta I dont likeNo me gusta bailar. I dont like to dance.Puedo I canPuedo cantar. I can sing.</p> <p>Tengo que I have toTengo que estudiar. I have to study.Necesito I need Necesito escribir. I need to write.Quiero I wantQuiero jugar al tenis. I want to play tennis.</p> <p>Infinitives are used after words or expressions like:</p> <p> Verb Conjugation</p> <p> Infinitive = basic form of the verbDrop the -ar, -er, -ir ending Stem = tells the actionEndings - tell who is doing the action and when the action happens (past, present,future)</p> <p>hacer = to make, to do</p> <p>hacer - present tenseto make, to doYo hago la tarea.(I do the homework.)yo hagohacemoshaceshacishacehacenhacer - imperative (affirmative commands)Haz la tarea! - (Do the homework!)thazustedhaganosotros (lets)hagamosvosotroshacedustedeshaganhacer - imperative (negative commands)No hagas la tarea! - (Dont do the homework!)tno hagasustedno haganosotros (lets not)no hagamosvosotrosno hagisustedesno haganhacer - present progressive tenseto make, to doYo estoy haciendo la tarea.(I am doing the homework - at this moment.)estoy haciendoestamos haciendoests haciendoestis haciendoest haciendoestn haciendohacer - near past tenseto make, to doYo acabo de hacer la tarea.(I just did the homework.)acabo de haceracabamos de haceracabas de haceracabis de haceracaba de haceracaban de hacerhacer - preterite tenseto make, to doYo hice la tarea.(I did the homework. + am finished) hicehicimoshicistehicisteishizohicieronhacer - imperfect tenseto make, to doYo haca la tarea.(I used to do or I was doing the homework.)hacahacamoshacashacaishacahacanhacer - near future tenseto make, to doYo voy a hacer la tarea.(I am going to do the homework.)voy a hacervamos a hacervas a hacervais a hacerva a hacervan a hacerhacer - future tenseto make, to doharharemosharsharisharharnYo har la tarea.(I will do the homework.)estudiar = to study</p> <p>estudiar - present tenseto studyl estudia espaol.(He studies Spanish.)estudioestudiamosestudiasestudiisestudiaestudianestudiar - imperative (affirmative commands)Estudiemos espaol! - (Lets study Spanish!)testudiaustedestudienosotros (lets)estudiemosvosotrosestudiadustedesestudienestudiar - imperative (negative commands)No estudiemos espaol! - (Lets not study Spanish!)tno estudiesustedno estudienosotros (lets not)no estudiemosvosotrosno estudiisustedesno estudienestudiar - present progressive tenseto studyl est estudiando espaol. (He is studying Spanish. - at this moment.)estoy estudiandoestamos estudiandoests estudiandoestis estudiandoest estudiandoestn estudiandoestudiar - near past tenseto studyl acaba de estudiar espaol.(He just studied Spanish.)acabo de estudiaracabamos de estudiaracabas de estudiaracabis de estudiaracaba de estudiaracaban de estudiarestudiar - preterite tenseto studyl estudi espaol.(He studied Spanish. + is finished) estudiestudiamosestudiasteestudiisestudiestudiaronestudiar - imperfect tenseto studyl estudiaba espaol.(He used to study or was studying Spanish.)estudiabaestudibamosestudiabasestudiabaisestudiabaestudiabanestudiar - near future tenseto studyl va a estudiar espaol.(He is going to study Spanish.)voy a estudiarvamos a estudiarvas a estudiarvais a estudiarva a estudiarvan a estudiarestudiar - future tenseto studyestudiarestudiaremosestudiarsestudiarisestudiarestudiarnl estudiar espaol.(He will study Spanish.)hablar = to speak, to talk</p> <p>hablar - present tenseto speak, to talkNosotros hablamos ingls.(We speak English.)hablohablamoshablashablishablahablanhablar - imperative (affirmative commands)Hablen ingls! - (Speak English!)thablaustedhablenosotros (lets)hablemosvosotroshabladustedeshablenhablar - imperative (negative commands)No hablen ingls! - (Dont speak English!)tno hablesustedno hablenosotros (lets not)no hablemosvosotrosno hablisustedesno hablenhablar - present progressive tenseto speak, to talkNosotros estamos hablando ingls. (We are speaking English. - at this moment.)estoy hablandoestamos hablandoests hablandoestis hablandoest hablandoestn hablandohablar - near past tenseto speak, to talkNosotros acabamos de hablar ingls.(We just spoke English.)acabo de hablaracabamos de hablaracabas de hablaracabis de hablaracaba de hablaracaban de hablarhablar - preterite tenseto speak, to talkNosotros hablamos ingls.(We spoke English. + is finished) hablhablamoshablastehablishablhablaronhablar - imperfect tenseto speak, to talkNosotros hablbamos ingls.(We used to speak or were speaking English.)hablabahablbamoshablabashablabaishablabahablabanhablar - near future tenseto speak, to talkNosotros vamos a hablar ingls.(We are going to speak English.)voy a hablarvamos a hablarvas a hablarvais a hablarva a hablarvan a hablarhablar - future tenseto speak, to talkhablarhablaremoshablarshablarishablarhablarnNosotros hablaremos ingls.(We will speak English.)comer = to eat</p> <p>comer - present tenseto eatComes (t) pizza?(Do you eat pizza?)comocomemoscomescomiscomecomencomer - imperative (affirmative commands)Comen pizza! - (Eat pizza!)tcomeustedcomanosotros (lets)comamosvosotroscomedustedescomancomer - imperative (negative commands)No coman pizza! - (Dont eat pizza!)tno comasustedno comenosotros (lets not)no comamosvosotrosno comisustedesno comancomer - present progressive tenseto eatEsts (t) comiendo pizza? (Are you eating pizza? - at this moment.)estoy comiendoestamos comiendoests comiendoestis comiendoest comiendoestn comiendocomer - near past tenseto eatAcabas (t) de comer pizza? (Did you just eat pizza?)</p> <p>acabo de comeracabamos de comeracabas de comeracabis de comeracaba de comeracaban de comercomer - preterite tenseto eatComiste (t) pizza?(Did you eat pizza? + is finished) comcomimoscomistecomisteiscomicomieroncomer - imperfect tenseto eatComas (t) pizza?(Did you used to eat or were you eating pizza?)comacomamoscomascomaiscomacomancomer - near future tenseto eatVas (t) a comer pizza? (Are you going to eat pizza?)voy a comervamos a comervas a comervais a comerva a comervan a comercomer - future tenseto eatcomercomeremoscomerscomeriscomercomernComers (t) pizza?(Will you eat pizza?)esquiar = to ski</p> <p>esquiar - present tenseto skiElla esqua bien.(She skis well.)esquoesquiamosesquasesquiisesquaesquanesquiar - imperative (affirmative commands)Esqua bien! - (Ski well!)tesquaustedesquenosotros (lets)esquiemosvosotrosesquiadustedesesquenesquiar - imperative (negative commands)No esques bien! - (Dont ski well!)tno esquesustedno esquenosotros (lets not)no esquiemosvosotrosno esquiisustedesno esquenesquiar - present progressive tenseto skiElla est esquiando bien.(She is skiing well. - at this moment.)estoy esquiandoestamos esquiandoests esquiandoestis esquiandoest esquiandoestn esquiandoesquiar - near past tenseto skiElla acaba de esquiar bien. (She just skied well.)</p> <p>acabo de esquiaracabamos de esquiaracabas de esquiaracabis de esquiaracaba de esquiaracaban de esquiaresquiar - preterite tenseto skiElla esqui bien.(She skied well. + is finished) esquiesquiamosesquiasteesquiasteisesquiesquiaronesquiar - imperfect tenseto skiElla esquiaba bien.(She used to ski or was skiing well.)esquiabaesquibamosesquiabasesquibaisesquiabaesquiabanesquiar - near future tenseto skiElla va a esquiar bien.(She is going to ski well.)voy a esquiarvamos a esquiarvas a esquiarvais a esquiarva a esquiarvan a esquiaresquiar - future tenseto skiesquiaresquiaremosesquiarsesquiarisesquiaresquiarnElla esquiar bien.(She will ski well.)escuchar = to listen</p> <p>escuchar - present tenseto listen (to)Escucho msica de rock.(I listen to rock music.)escuchoescuchamosescuchasescuchisescuchaescuchanescuchar - imperative (affirmative commands)!Escuchemos msica de rock! (Listen to rock music!)tescuchaustedescuchenosotros (lets)escuchemosvosotrosescuchadustedesescuchenescuchar - imperative (negative commands)No escuchemos msica de rock! (Dont listen to rock music.)tno escuchesustedno escuchenosotros (lets not)no escuchemosvosotrosno eschuchisustedesno escuchenescuchar - present progressive tenseto listen (to)Estoy escuchando msica de rock.(I am listening to rock music. - at this moment.)estoy escuchandoestamos escuchandoests escuchandoestis escuchandoest escuchandoestn escuchandoescuchar - near past tenseto listen (to)Acabo de escuchar msica de rock.(I just listened to rock music.)</p> <p>acabo de escucharacabamos de escucharacabas de escucharacabis de escucharacaba de escucharacaban de escucharescuchar - preterite tenseto listen (to)Escuch msica de rock.(I listened to rock music.+ am finished) escuchescuchamosescuchasteescuchasteisescuchescucharonescuchar - imperfect tenseto listen (to)Escuchaba msica de rock.(I used to or was listening to rock music.)escuchabaescuchbamosescuchabasescuchabaisescuchabaescuchabanescuchar - near future tenseto listen (to)Voy a escuchar msica de rock.(I am going to listen to rock music.)</p> <p>voy a escucharvamos a escucharvas a escucharvais a escucharva a escucharvan a escucharescuchar - future tenseto listen (to)escucharescucharemosescucharsescucharisescucharescucharnEscuchar msica de rock.(I will listen to rock music.)cantar = to sing</p> <p>cantar - present tenseto singCantas (t) bien?(Do you sing well?)cantocantamoscantascantiscantacantancantar - imperative (affirmative commands)Canta bien! - (Sing well!)tcantaustedcantenosotros (lets)cantemosvosotroscantadustedescantencantar - imperative (negative commands)No cante bien! - (Dont sing well!)tno cantesustedno cantenosotros (lets not)no cantemosvosotrosno cantisustedesno cantencantar - present progressive tenseto singEsts (t) cantando bien? (Are you singing well? - at this moment.)estoy cantandoestamos cantandoests cantandoestis cantandoest cantandoestn cantandocantar - near past tenseto singAcabas (t) de cantar bien? (Did you just sing well?)</p> <p>acabo de cantaracabamos de cantaracabas de cantaracabis de cantaracaba de cantaracaban de cantarcantar - preterite tenseto singCantaste (t) bien?(Did you sing well? + is finished) cantcantamoscantastecantasteiscantcantaroncantar - imperfect tenseto singCantabas (t) bien?(Did you used to sing or were you singing well?)cantabacantbamoscantabascantabaiscantabacantabancantar - near future tenseto singVas (t) a cantar bien? (Are you going to sing well?)voy a cantarvamos a cantarvas a cantarvais a cantarva a cantarvan a cantarcantar - future tenseto singcantarcantaremoscantarscantariscantarcantarnCantars (t) bien?(Will you sing well?)bailar = to dance</p> <p>bailar - present tenseto danceEllos bailan rpido.(They dance fast.)bailobailamosbailasbailisbailabailanbailar - imperative (affirmative commands)Baila rpido! - (Dance fast!)tbailaustedbailenosotros (lets)bailemosvosotrosbailadustedesbailenbailar - imperative (negative commands)No bailen rpido! - (Dont dance fast!)tno bailesustedno bailenosotros (lets not)no bailemosvosotrosno bailisustedesno bailenbailar - present progressive tenseto danceEllos estn bailando rpido.(They are dancing fast. - at this moment.)estoy bailandoestamos bailandoests bailandoestis bailandoest bailandoestn bailandobailar - near past tenseto danceEllos acaban de bailar rpido.(They just danced fast.)</p> <p>acabo de bailaracabamos de bailaracabas de bailaracabis de bailaracaba de bailaracaban de bailarbailar - preterite tenseto danceEllos bailaron rpido.(They danced fast. + are finished) bailbailamosbailastebailasteisbailbailaronbailar - imperfect tenseto danceEllos bailaban rpido.(They used to dance or were dancing fast.)bailababailbamosbailabasbailabaisbailababailabanbailar - near future tenseto danceEllos van a bailar rpido.(They are going to dance fast.)voy a bailarvamos a bailarvas a bailarvais a bailarva a bailarvan a bailarbailar - future tenseto dancebailarbailaremosbailarsbailarisbailarbailarnEllos bailarn rpido.(They will dance fast.)ver = to see, to watch</p> <p>ver - present tenseto see, to watchQu ven Uds.?(What do you all see?)veovemosvesveisvevenver - imperative (affirmative commands)Vean la tele! - (Watch TV!)tveustedveanosotros (lets)veamosvosotrosvedustedesveanver - imperative (negative commands)No vean la tele! - (Dont watch TV!)tno veasustedno veanosotros (lets not)no veamosvosotrosno veisustedesno veanver - present progressive tenseto see, to watchQu estn viendo Uds.? (What are you all watching? - at this moment.)estoy viendoestamos viendoests viendoestis viendoest viendoestn viendover - near past tenseto see, to watchQu acaban de ver Uds.? (What did you all just see?)</p> <p>acabo de veracabamos de veracabas de veracabis de veracaba de veracaban de verver - preterite tenseto see, to watchQu vieron Uds.?(What did you all see? + are finished) vivimosvistevisteisviovieronver - imperfect tenseto see, to watchQu vean Uds.?(What did you all used to watch or were watching?)veaveamosveasveaisveaveanver - near future tenseto see, to watchQu van a ver Uds.?(What are you going to see?)voy a vervamos a vervas a vervais a verva a vervan a verver - future tenseto see, to watchververemosversverisververnQu vern Uds.?(What will you all see?)dormir = to sleep</p> <p>dormir - present tense (o&gt;ue)to sleepDnde dorms vosotros?(Where are you all sleeping?)duermodormimosduermesdormsduermeduermendormir - imperative (affirmative commands)Dormid bien. - (Sleep well!)tduermeustedduermanosotros (lets)durmamosvosotrosdormidustedesduermandormir - imperative (negative commands)No dormis en la clase. - (Dont sleep in class!)tno duermasustedno duermanosotros (lets not)no durmamosvosotrosno durmisustedesno duermandormir - present progressive tenseto sleepDnde estis durmiendo?(Where are you sleeping? - at this moment.)estoy durmiendoestamos durmiendoests durmiendoestis durmiendoest durmiendoestn durmiendodormir - near past tenseto sleepDnde acabis de dormir vosotros? (Where did you all just sleep?)</p> <p>acabo de dormiracabamos de dormiracabas de dormiracabis de dormiracaba de dormiracaban de dormirdormir - preterite tenseto sleepDnde dormi...</p>