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From nutritious and tasty food designed by our dietitian to on-site hairdressing services and an in-house laundry, all aspects of care are thoughtfully delivered.


  • ResidentHandbook
  • FOR RELATIVES AND FRIENDS1 Message to Residents

    We warmly welcome residents to their new home and encourage them to remember staff are here to support them in every way possible. We also offer a big welcome to family members and friends


  • SummitCare Resident Handbook | III

    FOR RELATIVES AND FRIENDS1 Message to ResidentsContents

    1 For Residents 3

    1.1 Settling In 4

    1.1.1 Your Care 4

    1.1.2 Your Wellbeing Case Conference 4

    1.2 Your Privacy 5

    1.3 Getting to Know Your New Home 6

    1.3.1 Centre Facilities 6

    1.3.2 Radio and TV 7

    1.3.3 TeleTidy 8

    1.3.4 Call Bell System 8

    1.3.5 Activity Programs 8

    1.3.6 Meeting Staff 9

    1.3.7 Resident Meetings 9

    1.3.8 Newsletters 9

    1.3.9 Valuables 10

    1.4 Maintaining Your Personal Networks 10

    1.4.1 Phones 10

    1.4.2 Email and Internet 11

    1.4.3 Visiting 11

    1.4.4 Voting 11

    1.4.5 Pets 12

    1.4.6 Alcohol 12

    1.5 Giving Feedback 12

    1.6 Thinking Ahead 12

    1.6.1 Using Leave Entitlements 12

    1.6.2 End of Life Choices 13 Advance Care Directives 13 Your Funeral Arrangements 14 Your Will 14

    2 For Relatives and Friends 15

    2.1 The First Six Weeks 16

    2.2 Your Role in Helping

    Residents to Settle In 17

    2.2.1 Communicating with

    the Family Network 17

    2.3 Working with Us 18

    2.3.1 Personal Clothing for Residents 18 Getting Involved

    in Resident Wellbeing 19 Resident / Relative Meetings 19

    2.3.2 Giving Feedback 19

    2.4 Your Important Role

    in Keeping Residents Safe 20

    2.5 Visiting 20

    2.5.1 Infection Control 20 Hand Washing and Sanitising 21

    2.5.2 Use of Communal Space 21

    2.5.3 Special Events 21

    2.5.4 Pets 21

    2.6 Procedures for Outings 22

    2.6.1 Sign In and Out 22

    2.6.2 Communicating Ahead 22

    2.6.3 Escort Help 23

    2.7 Thinking Ahead to Support

    Your Residents Wellbeing 24

    2.7.1 Residents with Dementia 24

    2.7.2 Palliative Care 24

    Welcome Message from the Chief Executive Officer 2

  • IV | SummitCare Resident Handbook


    3 More Detailed Information 26

    3.1 The Agreement with Us 27

    3.1.1 The General Agreement 27

    3.1.2 The Respite Agreement 27

    3.1.3 The Accommodation

    Bond Agreement 27

    3.1.4 Security of Tenure 28

    3.2 Agreement to Pay 29

    3.2.1 Resident Fees 29

    3.2.2 How Payment is Made 29

    3.2.3 Financial Hardship 30

    3.2.4 Refunds 30

    3.2.5 Legal Services 31

    3.3 Resident Rights and Responsibilities 31

    3.3.1 Supporting Residents

    with Challenging Behaviours 31

    3.3.2 Code of Conduct

    for Relatives and Visitors 32

    3.3.3 Code of Conduct for Our Staff 32

    3.4 Resident Advocates 33

    3.4.1 Resident as Decision-Maker 33

    3.4.2 Role of Person Responsible 33

    3.4.3 Power of Attorney 34

    3.4.4 Enduring Power of Attorney 34

    3.4.5 What is an Enduring Guardian? 35

    3.4.6 How Can a Solicitor Help? 35

    3.4.7 Access to Clinical Records 35

    3.4.8 The Aged-care Rights Service 36

    3.5 Safe Environment 36

    3.5.1 Safe Equipment

    and Resident Personal Items 36

    3.5.2 Food Safety for Relatives 36

    3.5.3 Going on Outings 37

    3.5.4 Secure Environments 37

    3.5.5 Using Keypads 38

    3.5.6 Smoke Free Environment 38

    3.6 Quality Management 38

    3.6.1 Aged Care Accreditation 38 Assessment Visits

    and Accreditation Audits 39

    3.7 Giving Us Feedback 40

    3.7.1 Compliments 40 Summit Star Program 40

    3.7.2 Complaints 41 How to Go About

    Making a Complaint 41 How We Will Respond

    to Your Feedback 41

    3.7.3 Gift Giving 42

    4 Care & Lifestyle 43

    4.1 Assessing Care Needs for Wellbeing 44

    4.1.1 Previous History 44

    4.2 Our Wellbeing Care Systems 44

    4.2.1 Continence Care and Aids 44

    4.2.2 Clinical Care Provision 44

    4.2.3 Complex Care 45

    4.2.4 Medical Care 45 Specialists 46 Resident Mobility 46 Lifting Equipment 46 Motorised Wheelchairs 47 Supporting Challenging Behaviours 47 Restraint Free Environment 47

    4.2.5 Leisure & Lifestyle Programs 47 Getting Involved 48 Special Events 48

    4.2.6 Allied Care Services 48 Physiotherapy 48 Speech Therapy 49 Dietitian Services 49


  • SummitCare Resident Handbook | V

    FOR RELATIVES AND FRIENDS Oral and Dental Care 49

    4.2.7 Pharmacy Services 49 Paying for Pharmacy 50

    4.2.8 Spiritual and Cultural Care 50 Culturally and Linguistically

    Diverse Residents 50

    4.3. Case Conferences to

    Support Wellbeing 51

    5 Accommodation Services 52

    5.1 Catering and Food 53

    5.1.1 Special Diets 53

    5.1.2 Likes and Dislikes 53

    5.1.3 Nutrition and

    Hydration Requirements 53

    5.1.4 Menu Development 53

    5.1.5 Food Safety Program 54

    5.2 Laundry and Clothing 54

    5.2.1 Laundry Labelling 54

    5.2.2 Onsite Laundry Services 55

    5.2.3 Outsourced Laundry Services 55

    5.2.4 Personal Clothing 55

    5.3 Maintenance of Building and Equipment 56

    5.3.1 Electrical Tagging 57

    5.4 Hairdressing and Beauty 57

    6 About SummitCare 58

    6.1 Our Vision and Values 59

    6.2 Our People 59

    6.2.1 Management Structure 59

    6.2.2 Weekdays and Weekends 60

    6.2.3 Risk Management

    and Workplace Safety 60

    6.3 Our Regulatory Environment 60

    6.3.1. The Aged Care System - Aged Care

    Standards and Accreditation Agency 60 Mandatory Reporting 61 Criminal Record Checks 61 External Complaints Systems 62

    6.3.2 Food Safety 62

    6.3.3 Privacy 62

    7 What to Expect - Wellbeing Support 63

    7.1 Going to Hospital 64

    7.2 The Vulnerable /

    Deteriorating Resident 64

    7.3 When an Outbreak Happens 64

    7.4 In the Event of an Emergency 64

    7.5 After Death 65

    7.5.1 Collection of Personal Items 66

    7.5.2 Settling the Account 66

    A Snapshot of SummitCare History 68

  • 1 | SummitCare Resident Handbook


    This is our latest edition of the SummitCare Residents Handbook. We have

    undertaken a major review of this document to try to better reflect the

    information needs of our residents whilst also ensuring that we include

    important information for relatives and friends. We trust the new format is

    easy for you to read and follow and that this document is a lasting resource

    for everyone. This Handbook is designed to be a guide for you. It provides

    general information about many topics. If you require more detail, the

    management staff at your centre will be able to assist you.

  • SummitCare Resident Handbook | 2


    Message from the Chief Executive Officer

    We would like to take this opportunity to

    welcome you to your new home and thank

    you for selecting SummitCare as your

    residential aged care provider.

    SummitCare has been providing quality

    residential aged care services to older

    people in Sydney for over forty-five years.

    During this time we have built an enviable

    reputation for quality care and services.

    We commit to you, our residents, our

    passion to deliver on our promise - Warmth

    Worth Wellbeing. At SummitCare we provide

    caring and supportive aged care services to

    help our residents find a sense of wellbeing.

    We see residents as the main focus of all

    that we do. Our staff work together to

    ensure our residents can enjoy a contented

    and meaningful way of life and feel a true

    sense of wellbeing.

    We have prepared this Residents Handbook

    to provide you and your family with

    important information on SummitCares

    Centres, our Policies and Procedures and

    with information regarding various aspects

    of the services we deliver. Please read

    this Handbook carefully and keep it as a

    reference document while you remain

    with SummitCare.

    In addition to this Handbook, we encourage

    you to read our centre-based newsletter,

    which is produced regularly, along with

    Summit News our corporate newsletter,

    which is produced quarterly.

    These newsletters provide interesting

    stories and articles as well as updates

    on the organisation and our activities.

    If you would like any further information

    regarding our organisation, or the services

    we provide, please contact the Operations

    Manager at your centre. Our website is also

    a useful source of information

    If you have any suggestions or feedback

    relating to this Handbook, or to the services

    we provide, we encourage you to pass on

    this feedback to us. We value your feedback,

    as this is central to our commitment to

    continuous improvement.

    We look forward to working together with

    you to ensure that you enjoy your time

    at SummitCare.


    Cynthia Payne

    Chief Executive Officer

  • 3 | SummitCare Resident Handbook


    We want to provide you with the best possible care to meet your individual requirements and preferences. We will talk with you about your care needs during the first few weeks of your stay with us

    1 For Residents

  • SummitCare Resident Handbook | 4


    1.1 Settling In

    We warmly welcome you to your new

    home. We are very happy to have you as

    a resident. Moving into a new home can

    be a difficult time. It is very normal to feel

    apprehensive about your new home and

    the many changes associated with moving.

    Your new environment will be unfamiliar

    to you and there is much information

    to take in. We want to reassure you that

    SummitCare staff are very experienced and

    they understand that the process of settling

    in will be different for everyone. Please feel

    comfortable about expressing your concerns

    to staff who can quickly respond and put

    your mind at ease.

    Experience tells us that it generally takes

    about six weeks before you will feel settled,

    have established relationships with staff and

    made new friends. If at any time you feel

    apprehensive please let staff know so they

    can make sure your care needs are met.

    Central to all care given to you is wellbeing.

    Our new tagline is both a statement of what

    our brand stands for and a promise to

    our residents.

    Warmth Worth Wellbeing

    Warmth by providing a caring approach

    and environment.

    Worth in that everyone is important

    and will be cared for equally.

    Wellbeing by a sense of fulfilment that

    residents enjoy as a result of our care.

    What this means everyday is our staff work

    together to ensure our residents can enjoy

    a meaningful way of life and feel a true

    sense of wellbeing.

    1.1.1 Your Wellbeing and Your Care

    Your wellbeing is very important to us. We

    want to provide you with the best possible

    care that supports your wellbeing and

    meet your individual requirements and

    preferences. To do this our staff will assess

    all aspects of your care needs during the

    first few weeks after you move into the

    centre. During this time we will talk to you

    about your needs and ask where you might

    require additional assistance from staff.

    This might be with personal care activities

    such as showering and dressing or joining in

    social activities.

    We have equipment such as shower

    chairs to assist with your independence

    and safety. We will also talk with your

    person responsible and other family

    members to make sure that we have as

    much information as possible to enable

    us to better understand your needs. This

    information will help us to develop

    a Care Plan for you.

    1.1.2 Your Wellbeing Case Conference

    Approximately six weeks after you move

    into your new home, we will invite you

    and your nominated person responsible

    (Please see section 4.3 Case Conferences pg

    51 for more information) and other family

  • 5 | SummitCare Resident Handbook

    members, if you wish, to attend a case

    conference. We will talk with you about your

    Care Plan and check to see how you are

    settling into the centre. This family conference

    is an opportunity for you to discuss any issues,

    concerns or questions relating to your care

    needs, medical needs or accommodation

    needs. Key people at the centre who are

    involved in your care will be included in this

    conference. We will also ask for your feedback

    about your experience during your first six

    weeks at the centre. Your feedback will help us

    to ensure that our care is meeting your needs

    and will assist us to improve our services.

    Importantly this is a way to make sure that

    your wellbeing is formost in planning the care

    you receive and is clear and in accordance

    with your preferences and choices.

    1.2 Your Privacy

    We take your privacy very seriously. At

    admission we ensure that you and your

    nominated person responsible clearly

    understand the personal information we hold.

    We cannot give this information to anyone

    without obtaining proper consent. We make

    sure that you have nominated someone

    you trust as your person responsible. It

    is important for you to know that your

    nominated person responsible is able to

    seek access to your files. We want to stress

    that we do not provide information to people

    without your approval. More information

    about our Privacy Policy is included later

    in this Handbook. (Please see section 6.3.3. Privacy pg 62

    for more information).

  • SummitCare Resident Handbook | 6

    1.3 Getting to Know Your New Home

    We encourage you to start exploring your

    new home. SummitCare staff will show you

    to your room and explain how you can find

    the toilet, shower and communal spaces in

    the centre. Staff will walk with you around

    the centre so that you are able to find your

    own way to the dining room and other

    communal areas. They will show you the

    outdoor areas and the best way to access

    these areas. The staff will also explain how

    you can get assistance if you need help

    in moving around the centre. We have a

    call bell system for you to alert staff when

    required. This is an easy to use cord with

    a press button. The alert sounds an alarm

    and reports your bed number and location

    on the indicator panel which is located

    in several places around the centre. We

    monitor response times for this system and

    responses can range from immediately to

    five minutes depending on the time of day

    and the level of activity at the centre.

    We understand that it will take time for you

    to become familiar with the layout of your

    new home, so dont hesitate to ask for help.

    1.3.1 Centre Facilities

    Your space is comprised of your bedroom

    (which may be single, twin style or

    multi-bed) and access to toilet and

    shower amenities.

    Your room contains a bed, a bedside locker,

    a wardrobe, a chair and an over bed table.

    The over bed table can be useful for times

    when you may need to eat your meal in your

    room. It can be used over the bed or while

    you are sitting in your chair beside your bed.

    We do encourage you to have your meals in

    the dining room for the added benefits

    of socialising and getting to know others.

    There is a power point near your bed and we

    provide a water jug and cup that are kept o...