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<p>Professional Fax</p> <p>Disciplina Limba EnglezaSUPORT DE CURS</p> <p>Cursul de calificare </p> <p>Tehnician in hotelarie</p> <p>FORMATOR </p> <p> Oana Adriana Gorgon2012CUPRINS</p> <p>I. HOTEL FACILITIES AND SERVICES.</p> <p>1. Hotel Types, Hotel Facilities and Services.</p> <p>2. Room Types, Bedding Types and Room Rates.</p> <p>3. Meals.</p> <p>4. Homework: Vocabulary and Translations</p> <p>II. HOTEL DEPARTMENTS.</p> <p>1. Rooms Division- Basic departments in a full service hotel:</p> <p>Front Office: </p> <p>Reservations</p> <p>Front Desk</p> <p>Registration-Checking in</p> <p>Handing guest complains</p> <p>Updating and checking guest accounts</p> <p>Checking outIII. LETTER OF COMPLAINT</p> <p>Goods</p> <p>Services</p> <p>Normal</p> <p>IV. BASIC KNOWLEGGE</p> <p>V.ABBREVIATION</p> <p>VI. SITUATIONAL EXERCISESVII. GRAMMAR </p> <p>VIII.BIBLIOGRAPHYI. HOTEL FACILITIES AND SERVICES</p> <p>1.Hotel Types, Hotel Facilities and Services.</p> <p>Hotel types - there are many different types of hotel properties, from small places major international chains and may vary according to number of stars from 5/7-star hotels to 1-star hotels.</p> <p>Classification</p> <p>1.airport hotel</p> <p>2.all-suites hotel</p> <p>3.conference/congress hotel</p> <p>4.motel</p> <p>5.resort</p> <p></p> <p>b.upscale</p> <p>c.mid-range</p> <p>d.budget-econom</p> <p>A hotels primary mission is to offer a comfortable room to sleep and usually to offer other services such asmeals and recreation.</p> <p>Most hotels offer private sleeping rooms with bathrooms, front desk services, luggage services , F&amp;B and guest services. They may also offer commercial services to business travellers, including a business centre electronic devices and multi-line phones.</p> <p>1. Airport hotel: a hotel located near an airport, usually offering shuttle service to and from the airport, as well as meeting rooms and early checkout. They cater to the business traveler or leisure traveller with a long "lay-over" in an airport en route to another destination. Recently many companies have begun using them to hold meetings, seminars and conferences especially when participants are flying in from different locations.</p> <p>2. All-Suites hotel: like small apartments, include a bedroom, and living room with limited kitchen facilities. Some All-Suite hotels may include microwaves, coffee makers and a small refrigerator and bar. The living rooms will include a pull-out sofa and desk. They cater to the traveller whose stay is one week or more.</p> <p>3. Conference hotel: generally conference centres are upscale (first-c1ass) properties catering to corporate clients' meetings. Usually, pricing is inclusive of food, beverage and conference services. The meeting rooms have been designated to accommodate the special needs of 10-50 attendees.</p> <p>4. Motel: a building or group of buildings where entrance to rooms is made directly from the outside of the building. These properties are generally smaller and cater to people travelling by car (Motor Hotel - Motel). The front desk covers check in, check out, guest services and luggage assistance. They are lower in price than a hotel.</p> <p>5. Resorts: cater to vocation travellers, as well as to businesses holding conferences and meetings. Services are all inclusive so that the guest does not have to leave the premises for any need. They will have food and beverage outlets, sports facilities, health club, entertainment, baby-sitting and parking.</p> <p>The specialities of these resorts may include seasonal recreation such as skiing and golfing or catering to couples, honeymooners, singles or families.</p> <p>6. Spas: these are resorts offering health, physical fitness, nutritional advice or just plain pampering. There are tennis courts, swimming pools, hiking trails, beauty salons and specially prepared meals.</p> <p>Hotel facilities and servicesrestaurant, bar / mini-bar, room-service, wake-up service (early morning call)</p> <p>health club - fitness center / sauna / Jacuzzi, swimming pool, safe box for valuables</p> <p>TVand video, telex, fax, telephone (outside calls, long distance calls), currency exchange</p> <p>dry cleaning, laundry service, ironing</p> <p>car parking, transport, rent-a-car</p> <p>medical assistance, baby-sitting</p> <p>a. Luxury Hotels: Five star hotels offer full service: a concierge, 24 hours room service, one or more restaurants, a health club, a lounge/ bar, full business services such as multiple phone lines and data ports, a business centre with administrative support.</p> <p>b. Upscale Hotels: Four and five star hotels which cater to the business traveller.They are sometimes called superior or First Class. Business amenities are standard and services include 24-hour room service,full-service business centre, multiple restaurants and health club.</p> <p>c.Mid-Range Hotel: Typically consisting two and three star hotels, they are sometimes referred to as Tourist hotels.They may have a concierge or otur desk available to serve guest needs for dining, theatre, car rental, etc. Front desk will generally handle these services and business may be available.</p> <p>d. Budget/Economy Hotels: one and two-star hotels; their goal ist o offer a clean comfortable place to sleep with limited service. </p> <p>2. Room Types/Bedding Types/Room Rates.</p> <p>Room TypesRooms with specific purposes</p> <p>Suite(junior, senior, presidential suite, royal, family, VIPsuite)</p> <p>Single-room</p> <p>Twin-room</p> <p>Double-room</p> <p>Triple-room</p> <p>Connecting/adjioining room</p> <p>Lounge/sitting room/ parlor(Am.E)Banquet room</p> <p>Reception room</p> <p>Ballroom</p> <p>Conference room</p> <p>Exhibition/Display room</p> <p>Room Types :</p> <p> Single: a room designed for one person. Some rooms will have only one single bed while</p> <p>most will have two.</p> <p> Twin room: a room designed for two people with two single or "twin" beds.</p> <p> Double: room with a double bed that can be used for either one or two people.</p> <p> Double/double: a room with two double beds.</p> <p> Suite: consists of two or more rooms, typically a living and sleeping room. Asuite may have</p> <p>more than one bedroom or extra rooms such as kitchenette or conference room.</p> <p> Adjoining room: two or more bedrooms next toone another but not connected by a commondoor.</p> <p>\</p> <p> Connecting: two or more sleeping rooms with a common door between them.</p> <p>Bedding Types:</p> <p>Single</p> <p>Double</p> <p>Queen</p> <p>King</p> <p>Murphy</p> <p>Japanese style</p> <p> a bed designed for one person</p> <p> a bed designed for two people</p> <p> an extra large double bed</p> <p> largest size double bed</p> <p> a bed that folds into the wall when not in use</p> <p> bedding is stored out of sight during day time and rolled out on the floor for sleeping</p> <p>Rating System</p> <p>Throughout the world, tourism professionals are using various grading systems (rating system) in order to assess hotels.</p> <p>The ratings are usually determined by the level and number of facilities, amenities, service provided and dependability of basic utilities such as telephone, water, electricity. Standards may differ from system to system, therefore comparisons are rather difficult to make.</p> <p>However, the best-known rating system is the one which rates hotels from one to five stars. A one-star rating would indicate a modest hotel with very basic facilities, while a five-star rating would indicate a luxurious full-service hotel with excellent service and facilities.</p> <p>Given the fact that these ratings are quite subjective, it is recommended we use a rating system to compare hotels within a country or region only.</p> <p>3. MEALS</p> <p> English breakfast: a breakfast including cooked food, offering for example fried bacon, .</p> <p>fried eggs, sausages, etc.</p> <p> Continental breakfast: a breakfast consisting of tea or coffee and baked products</p> <p>(bread, buns, rolls, croissant, toast) with butter and jam, honey and marmalade, etc.</p> <p> Lunch</p> <p> Dinner / Supper</p> <p>Food plans:</p> <p> European plan: the rate for a room alone, with no meals included at all.</p> <p> Bed &amp; Breakfast / continental plan: the rate includes the room and breakfast. The breakfast itself can be English or continental.</p> <p> Half board / demi pension / modified American plan: this includes the room, plus breakfast and other one meal (lunch or dinner).</p> <p> Full hoard / en pension / American plan: rooms and all meals included.</p> <p>Hotel Services-International Codes</p> <p>ROMANIAEUROPESUACODE</p> <p>CazareRoom onlyEuropean plan(no meals)EP</p> <p>Cazare cu mic dejun inclus( simplu sau continental)Bed&amp;BreakfastContinental plan( room and continental breakfast)B&amp;BCP</p> <p>Cazare cu mic dejun englez sau american.Room and English/American BreakfsatBermuda plan ( room and half-board)BP</p> <p>DemipensiuneDemi-Pension, Half BoardModified American plan ( room and half-board)MAP</p> <p>Pensiune completaEn pension, Full BoardAmerican plan( room and full-board)AP</p> <p>TASKS:</p> <p>1.Which are the main hotel types?</p> <p>2. True or false</p> <p>a. room service is charged at the same price as in the restaurant</p> <p>b. an ..a la carte" menu offers a single price for a three-course meal</p> <p>c. all- suites hotels are small, upscale apartments hotels catering to student travellers</p> <p>d. spas are smaller properties catering to people travelling by car</p> <p>3. Hotels that cater to corporate clients' meetings are called:</p> <p>a. airport hotels</p> <p>b. resorts</p> <p>c.spas</p> <p>d. conference hotels</p> <p>4. True or false</p> <p>Ratings are objective and they should be used to compare hotels throughout the world.</p> <p>5. Choose the correct answer:</p> <p>The European plan:</p> <p>a. includes in the rate the room and breakfa:</p> <p>b. includes the rooms and all meals</p> <p>c. includes no meals at all</p> <p>Rating system (guide)</p> <p>All-suite hotel</p> <p>Studio type-room</p> <p>Minimum stay</p> <p>Economy / Budget / Limited-service /</p> <p>Self-catering hotel</p> <p>Resort / Gaming hotel</p> <p>Convention / Conference hotel</p> <p>Quality control</p> <p>To cater</p> <p>Audit</p> <p>Sales</p> <p>Market research / strategy</p> <p>Public relations</p> <p>Engineering department</p> <p>Financial reporting / statement</p> <p>Sistem de clasificare</p> <p>Hotel format numai din apartamente</p> <p>Garsoniera</p> <p>Numar de zile minim impus pentru o sedere</p> <p>Hotel ieftin/de categorie inferioara</p> <p>Hotel de vacanta</p> <p>Hotel pentru intruniri</p> <p>Controlul calitatii</p> <p>A furniza, a satisface cerinte</p> <p>Control financiar</p> <p>Serviciu comercial / vanzari</p> <p>Cercetare / Strategie de piata</p> <p>Relapii publice</p> <p>Serviciul tehnic / intrepinere</p> <p>Raportare/dare de seama financiara</p> <p>6.Translate into English</p> <p>Hotelul Massimo este unul dintre primele 5 hoteluri din oraul nostru si este locul ideal pentru 0 vacanta in care sa uitati de toate grijile. Cele 50 de camere sunt spatioase si decorate cu gust, desi sunt mobilate simplu. Toate au baie proprie, aer conditionat, uscator, televizor si mini-bar.Restaurantul ofera atat 0 bucatarie traditionala, cat si o varietate de specialitati frantuzesti si italienesti.</p> <p>Hotelul are piscina, sauna, sala de fitness si un teren de tenis.</p> <p>II. HOTEL DEPARTMENTS</p> <p>1. Rooms Division - Basic Departments in a full hotel service</p> <p>A. Front Office</p> <p>a) Reservations/ Front Desk/ Registration - Checking in</p> <p>b) Handling guest complaints</p> <p>c) Updating and checking guest accounts</p> <p>d) Checking aut</p> <p>B. Guest services / Uniformed services</p> <p>C. Housekeeping / Sanitation</p> <p>D. Engineering and maintenance</p> <p>E. Security and safety</p> <p>Rooms division responsabilities:</p> <p> Promoting and selling the hotel services</p> <p> Planning the reservations and their records</p> <p> Monitoring clients' arrival and room status</p> <p> Greeting the clients</p> <p> Allocating rooms / keys</p> <p> Registrating guests</p> <p> Communicating in / out hotel (phone, fax, telex)</p> <p> Communicating with other departments</p> <p> Dealing with guest complaints</p> <p> Collecting and dispersing payments</p> <p> Issuing the bill</p> <p> Maintaining security and safety</p> <p> Cleaning and maintaining the rooms</p> <p>A. Front Office</p> <p>It is well-known the fact that a hotel centres around its Front Office and that is why this department is often called the "heart" of the hotel. All the departments in the hotel are connected to the front office, from engineering/maintenance to the accounting office and from food and beverage department to housekeeping. The impressions generated by the front office staff play a major role in establishing and promoting a positive guest experience.</p> <p>The duties of the front desk include:</p> <p> Guest registration (check-in);</p> <p> room assignment and key dispensing;</p> <p> providing the guest and the other departments with information;</p> <p> handling guest complaints;u</p> <p> updating and checking guest accounts;</p> <p> collecting and dispersing payments;</p> <p> checking the guest out.</p> <p> The Front Office Manager controls and supervises all front office operations with a view to ensuring guest satisfaction.</p> <p>The Front Office takes care of guest requirements from the moment guests arrive at the hotel until they leave.</p> <p>The reception staff must work quickly, efficiently and be able to deal well with difficult guests and problems such as overbooking, late arrivals and missing reservations.</p> <p>The Reception is also responsible for providing numerous services to guests including handling messages, answering questions about hotel services and facilities, and providing financial transactions as needed to support the guest visit.</p> <p>The Front Office clerks must be careful to give information about the hotel services and facilities and encourage the potential guest to book rooms at the hotel being at the same time careful to watch for the dangers of overbooking.</p> <p>Front Office Position Titles:</p> <p> Front Office Manager</p> <p> Receptionist</p> <p> Reservation Clerk / Information Clerk</p> <p> Cashier</p> <p>POSITION TITLES AND POSITION DESCRIPTION- JOB REQUIREMENTS</p> <p> Front Office Manager:</p> <p> Responsible for the direction and supervision of all Front Office staff, operations and services and working to maximize both guest satisfaction and hotel profits.</p> <p> Informing all Front Office staff of program for day, week, month in writing or verbally.</p> <p> Inspecting the hotel premises to ensure that rooms and furnishings meet hotel standards.</p> <p> Identifying P.O.needs and dealing with staff problems e.g. overwork, lateness, and personal</p> <p>problems.</p> <p> Handling all daily problems and dealing with serious guest complaints in order to maximize</p> <p>guest satisfaction.</p> <p> Recruiting staff, explaining all policies, tasks, procedures and standards and writing references</p> <p>for staff.</p> <p> Writing incident / accident reports.</p> <p> Participating in the selection and training staff process.</p> <p> Providing the General Manager with current arrival and departure statistics and guest</p> <p>information and reporting about the Front Office situation.</p> <p> Providing current information about hotel facilities, services and special events to F.O.</p> <p>staff and ensuring that staff can provide this information to guest as required.</p> <p> Receptionist</p> <p> Responsible for the efficient and courteous co...</p>