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    ORGANISER'S NAME Automobile Club Ponente Ligure licence for organiser n.16101

    IMPERIA Via Tommaso Schiva, 11/19 tel. +39 0183 720055 +39 334 1662083 Approved by the ASN on 04/04/2018 Visa number RM/25/2018 Approved by FIA on 06/04/2018 Visa number 11ERT/060418

    65 RALLYE SANREMO This rally will be run in compliance with the FIA International Sporting Code and its appendices, the 2018 FIA Regional Rally Sporting Regulations, the National Sporting Regulations which comply with the FIA regulations and these Supplementary Regulations Modifications, amendments and/or changes to these Supplementary Regulations will be announced only by numbered and dated Bulletins (issued by the organiser or the Stewards). DATE 12-14 April 2018 ZONE Liguria

    TYPOLOGY International Rally QUALIFYING ROUND FOR FIA ERT Alpine Rally Trophy Campionato Italiano Rally Campionato Regionale Coeff. 2

    Campionato R1 Trofeo Suzuki

    Trofeo Twingo R1 Top Trofeo Renault R3T Top

    1. PROGRAMME location date Time Entries opening Imperia 28 February 2018 08,30 Publishing of supplementary regulations Sanremo AC Sanremo 05 April 2018 12,00 Entries Closing Imperia 05 April 2018 18,00 Publication of entry List Sanremo AC Sanremo 07 April 2018 20,00 Road Book Collection Sanremo AC Sanremo 11 April 2018 08,30/12,30 Raimondo, 58 14,30/19,00 Reconnaissances with production car SS 2-10 (2 passages max) 12 April 2018 08,00/19,00

    SPS 1 Porto Sole (1 passage) 13 April 2018 12,20/14,30 Competition Numbers, Plates Collection Sanremo Palafiori 12 April 2018 20,00/23,00 Sealing and marking Sanremo Service Park 12 April 2018 17,00/20,00 priority drivers

    Administrative Checks Sanremo Palafiori 12 April 2018 20,00/23,00 Scrutineering Sanremo Service Park 12 April 2018 20,30/23,30 First Steward's Meeting Sanremo Palafiori 13 April 2018 00,00 Publication of Start List 13 April 2018 00,30

  • Shakedown San Romolo 13 April 2018 08,00/11,001 13 April 2018 10,30/13,302 (1) Priority Drivers, ERT Drivers and C.I.R. Drivers (2) All other Drivers Rally Start Sanremo Piazza A. Rava 13 April 2018 15,36 Leg 1 End Sanremo Palafiori 14 April 2018 01,52 Competitors who for any reason do not complete Leg 1 and wish to start in Leg 2 will have to confirm their intention to the Clerk of the Course until 14 April 2018 02,30 Publication Partial Unofficial classification after Leg 1 Official notice board 14 April 2018 03,00 Publication of Start List of Leg 2 Official notice board 14 April 2018 03,00 Leg 2 Start Sanremo Palafiori 14 April 2018 10,30 Rally End Sanremo Service Park Out 14 April 2018 19,00 Prize giving Sanremo Casino 14 April 2018 19,05 Final Scrutineering Gino Concessionaria Mercedes 14 April 2018 19,20

    Via S. Francesco, 350 Arma di Taggia tel. +39 0184 42257 Publication of Provisional Final Classification Official notice board 14 April 2018 21,00 Publication of Final Official Classification Official notice board 14 April 2018 21,30 Location of the Rally Head ACI Ponente Ligure Delegazione di Sanremo Until 08 April 2018 Quarters and Secretariat Orazio Raimondo 58 Sanremo From 09 April 2018 Garibaldi Sanremo 09,00- 12,30 Tel. +393341662083 15,00 - 19,00 Press Room Teatro Ariston From 11 April 2018 08,30 - 13,00 Via G. Matteotti Sanremo 14,30 19,00 Tel. +393331563619 Location of Official Notice Board Rally Head Quarters Palafiori Garibaldi Sanremo Link from Parc Ferm Palafiori Garibladi Sanremo


    The Organization declares that the Rally will be provided for all necessary administrative authorization.

    2.1 Organization Stewards of the Meeting

    Chairman Jean Pierre Tardent FIA 2nd Steward/Observer Metod Kurent FIA

    ASN Steward Massimo Rinaldi ASN Lic. n. 17467

    Clerk of the Course Simone Bettati Lic. n. 336067 Deputy Clerk of the Course Alfredo Delleani Lic. n. 20758

  • Chief scrutineer Luigi Pacini Lic. n. 22283 Scrutineers Massimo Cataldi (CTN) Lic. n. 17484 Marco Pacini (CTN) Lic. n. 21300 Giancarlo Platino Lic. n. 76008 Aldo Alasia Lic. n. 49810 Marco Berruti Lic. n. 202485 Alessandro Rebaudo Lic. n. 218966 Giuseppe Ruta Lic. n. 234510 Francesco Valsecchi Lic. n. 91219 Simone Meneghetti Lic. n 219694 Franco Demichelis Lic. n 30435 Luciano Ceste Lic. n. 33515 Emanuele Saglia Lic. n. 101541 Competitor's Relations Officers Franco Peirano Lic. n. 17400 Claudio Pozzi Lic. n. 352531 Pietro Migliori Lic. n. 17100 Sauro Ghisolfo Lic. n. 17437 Safety Officer Mattia Maiga Lic. n. 92577 Chief Medical Officer Dott. Roberto Lucifredi Lic. n. 245346 Secretary of the Meeting Giovanna Ossato Lic. n. 345316 Secretary of the stewards Yvonne Gilli Administrative Checks Officers Mario Guglielmi Lic. n. 222336 Natale Soracco Lic. n. 54186 Vincenzo Garibbo Lic. n. 234420 Patrizia Ricca Lic. n. 42812 Antonio Multari Lic. n. 22220 Gabriella Voersio Lic. n. 22219 Car 0 TBA Car 00 TBA Timekeepers FICr Associazione Riviera dei Fiori Chief timekeepers Angelo Masin Results Giovanna Enrica Amedeo Marshalls of A.C. Ponente Ligure, Genova, Cremona, Brescia, Cuneo, La Spezia, Firenze,

    Siena, Mantova, Lecco, Torino, Arezzo The marshals will be identified with yellow tabards. Post Chief will have red tabards. Stage Commander will have red tabards with specific label. Extrication team Red One s.r.l. Lic. n. 338813 Press room Sergio Zaffiro


    3.1 Characteristics of the course Start location Sanremo Service Park Finish Location Sanremo Service Park Provinces affected by the event Imperia, Savona Total distance of the intinerary, Km. 491,25 Total distance of the special stages Km. 152,20 Number of time controls 31 Number of special stages 10 Road Surface Tarmac Average speed declared over Km/h 80 3.2 Competitors and Drivers Entry Requirements: Fixed numbers assigned by Italian Giunta Sporrtiva N.33 Max Rendina

    For each car must register a team formed from two persons of with both drivers (1st and 2nd drivers) therefore are holders of valid driving licences A,B,R, Italian C Senior or C National with the following limitations. Drivers (1st and 2nd drivers) registered with cars in classes N4,R4,A8,super 1600,R3C,R3T,FGTmust hold a licence of at least type R international or Italian C Senior. Drivers (1st and 2nd drivers) registered with cars in classes Super 2000,R5,K11,must hold a licence of at least type R International or Italian C Senior and (only for Italian licence drivers) have passed an Ability Test. The second driver of this car that hasn't passed therefore mentioned Ability Test cannot dive the car at any stage of the competition. Foreign competitors and drivers who wish to participate in a national or international competition organised in must have authorisation from the appropriate ASN (Sporting Authority who released the licence).The authorisation must be presented to the organisers that have requested it. The absence of this document that comes to the knowledge of the ACI or FIA constitutes a violation under article 2.3.10 and 3.9.4 of the International Sporting Code and carries a sanction. Admitted:

    Competitors and Drivers holding International driving licences type A, B or C/R and Hosting ASN national licences

    3.3 Car Registration To register the following cars, they should conform to the regulations of the Appendix J FIA 2018 and to the standard safety measures of FIA.

    Cars with national homologations are allowed, they will be divided in hosting ASN Classes and they wont score point for FIA ERT.

  • 3.4 Subscription, number plates and race numbers a) Subscription Subscription will be open from 28th February 2018. Subscription requests should be sent to the following address; A.C. Ponente Ligure Del. Sanremo O. Raimondo 58-18038 Sanremo (IM) E-mail: Tel + 39 334 1662082 Fax + 39 0183 720054 before 05th April 2018, 18:00. recorded delivery , mail courier or e-mail. Requests sent by recorded delivery must be sent also by fax or e-mail with an attachment showing proof of payment of the subscription tax, bank transfer to the account: A.C. Ponente Ligure Banca Carige di Imperia - Filiale no. 1736 IBAN: IT65 Z 06175 10503 000 000 022980 BICA: CRGEITGG Subscription requests will not be accepted if they are not accompanied by the enrolment tax. We are not able to accept more than 120 subscriptions. b) Number plates and race numbers Each enroled team will be supplied with, free, race numbers and the following materials: A race and number plate to be placed at the front of the car A number plate to be applied on the rear window Two panels with dimensions 67 cm in length and 17 in height to be applied on front doors Two 20cm high numbers to be placed on rear windows The car must be presented for scrutineering with race numbers and official plates applied. 3.5 Enrolment tax For each car, there will need to be a deposit, under penalty of nullity, for the following subscription fee fixed by the limits provided by the rules of the relative sector. For crew under 23 (Both 1st and 2nd Drivers) the enrolment tax will be reduced by 50%. a) Entry fees for all com