Sustainable Computing

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  • SustainableComputing

    Making your computing activities sustainableMaking you computing budget go further

  • Did you know That power makes up > a computing budget? That 90% of PCs have power management

    disabled or crippled? That PCs waste around the energy they use? That PCs lose around their power as heat? That a PC can use over 800kWhr/yr (~$300pa) That manufacturing a PC consumes double its

    weight in fossil fuels? That peripherals (printers, routers. switches,

    etc) may be just as bad? That computing creates around 2% of global

    CO2 emissions? Thats the same CO2 as the aviation industry!

  • Aims of Sustainable ComputingMinimise costsOperatingCapitalConsumables

    Minimise wasteMaximiseSystem lifeEssential performance, flexibility,

    Minimise environmental footprint

  • Optimise PC Power Management

    Save up to 80% of PC power use Up to 60% network-wide

    Minimal cost to implementCan be centrally managedRequires analysis of usageFor monitors, as well

  • Enable hibernation

    Maximises power savingsEquivalent to turning PC offBut much faster to restart

  • Turn hardware off

    Can be scheduledRestart can be

    scheduled, tooTurn off at wall for

    maximum savings Includes monitor,

    printers, etc

  • Does Power-cycling harm PCs?

    Urban mythTo harm a PCPower cycle >40,000 timesOnce per working hour for

    20 yearsThe less a PC is on, the

    longer it will lastThe less power it will waste

  • Optimise peripheral sleep mode

    Printers, routers, access points,monitors, etc

    Enable sleep modeCustomise time-to-sleep

  • Reduce power-on times

    Schedule start-up If manual start-up impractical

    Install power timersDevices without power timers

  • Screen-savers

    Dont save screensConsume energyCPUMonitorGraphics card

    Turn monitor offAutomate monitor stand-by

  • Minimise paper usage

    Use duplex printingSet as printer default

    Reuse single-sided printedpaperAdd a paper tray

  • Recycling

    Use recycledPaperPrinter cartridges

    Buy consumables in recycled/recyclable packaging

    Recycle waste paperOr compost

    Recycle printer cartridges

  • Do you have multiple servers?

    Can you virtualise?E.g., Windows on Linux

    Can you consolidate?e.g., email/directory/terminal/SQL server

    Replaces several servers with one

  • Do you have many users?

    Can you virtualise?Replace full PCs with thin clientsContinue to use old hardware

    Can you right-size PC performance?

  • Right-sizing computers

    Dont over-specifyCheap hardware obsoletes quicklyMaximise life-cycle performance &

    durabilityMinimise unused

    performancePotentially reduce

    purchase costs

  • Energy-efficient computer design

    Select components for energy efficiency &power management CPU Motherboard Hard disk Graphics card Power supply Display Case (cooling)

    ~$30/PC, ~$45/server

  • Optimise network design

    Higher network speeds high power 100Mb Gigabit: up to 4W/connection Are higher speeds required everywhere?

    Can unused network ports be disabled?Dont use non-essential WiFi

    55Mbps up to 20W/client Higher network

    overheads 55Mbps nominal 18Mbps actual (best)

  • Smart network technologies

    Link-down > power-downCable length power settingSmart-fan & fanless designsWake-on-LanScheduled WiFi, PoEHibernationWiFi output power managementNAS hard disk power-downUp to 80% power saving

  • Device consolidation

    Printer/fax/copier/scannerCheck stand-by power

    consumption less thanseparate fax machine

  • Printers Laser v/s inkjet

    Laser consumables cheaper, more sustainable(per page)

    Inkjet power consumption lower Most lasers replace drum

    plus tonerOptimise device selection

    Peak power consumption Standby/sleep mode

    consumption & configurability TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

  • Optimise usage practices

    Get off the upgrade cycleUse PCs for the purpose they were

    bought forReduce hard copy

  • eWasteMinimiseMaximise life of hardware

    ReuseReassign old hardware

    Internally & externallySecurely erase confidential/ personal data

    before disposalRecycleRecycle consumablesRecycle ewaste

  • The BenefitsReduce ITPower consumption by up to 85% IT hardware purchase costsMaintenance & support costsConsumables expensesWaste costsSoftware costs

    Extend hardware life

  • SustainableComputing www.