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<p>STOP SOLUTION FOR FORMWORK</p> <p>ONE</p> <p> CONTACT US SHOW ROOM SHOW ROOM 13 553 Highway 553 Highway 13 Hiep Binh Phuoc Ward Hiep Binh Duc District Thu Phuoc Ward ThuHochiminh City Duc District Hochiminh City TEL TEL 08 5422 6238 08 5422 6238 (KOREAN) () 08 5422 6267 08 5422 6267 08 5403 7192 08 5403 7192 () (VIETNAMESE) FAX 08 5422 6237FAX 08 5422 6237 email. email</p> <p>CONTENTSABOUT OUR COMPANY SUMMARY OF THE SYSTEM FORM- DEFINITION &amp; CLASSIFICATION THE TYPE OF FORMAPLY SYSTEM FORM PANEL TYPE WALL, COLUMN BEAM TYPE WALL, TABLE (BEAM &amp; SLAB) OTHER SYSTEM SOLDIER, CLIMBING, SCAFFOLDING</p> <p>FEATURES OF THE FORMAPLY SYSTEM FORM APPLICATIONS</p> <p>Building Structure &amp; Civil Structures</p> <p>COMPANY INTRODUCTIONFORMAPLY SYSTEM FORM One Stop Solution for Formwork</p> <p>VISION 2010DOMESTIC SALES OVERSEAS SALES</p> <p>SHOW ROOM</p> <p>EXPORT SYSTEM FORMS</p> <p>TECHNICAL SUPPORT</p> <p>PRODUCT DEVELOPME NT</p> <p>2009SECURE TECHNOLOGY OF SYSTEM FORMS</p> <p>2008KOREAN SYSTEM FORMS PRODUCTION</p> <p>2007OWN-DEVELOPED TECHNOLOGY TO SECURE</p> <p>1ST FACTORY PARTS MATERIALS PRODUCTION</p> <p>2ND FACTORY FORM PANEL PRODUCTION</p> <p>1ST FACTORY IN KOREA ASSEMBLY,REPAIR,INVENTORY</p> <p>KEY TECHNOLOGIES</p> <p>Integration Technology of Surface : ABS Resin+ Main Body :Grid Type Bamboo Board Seamless Wide Product (Maximum 1200W X 3000H)Provides High Compatibility : 5~10times ---&gt; 40~50time</p> <p>One Stop Solution System Panel + Beam + Scaffold + Accessories Panel Manufacturing Facility In 16,529.00m2 + Accessory Manufacturing Facility In 6,616.60m2MANUFACTURIN</p> <p>Develop various clamp to make One touch Assembly By A Hammer Provide Connectivity Between Two Kinds Of Mold Form (Plywood, Euro Form, Aluminum Form Etc. Keep Experience To Supply A Formwork And Temporary Construction Materials For 10 Years</p> <p>TECHNOLOGY FOR ADHESION OF LAMINATED PLASTIC AND PLYWOOD</p> <p>TECHNOLOGY CONSIDERING THE NATURE OF THESTRUCTURE FOR DEDICATED SYSTEM FORM</p> <p>ASSEMBLY TECHNOLOGY OF PANEL USING VARIOUS CLAMPS</p> <p>SUGGEST A FORMAPLY SYSTEM FORMWORK</p> <p>2nd</p> <p>1st Time-Column (Verticality) Time-Crossbeam &amp; SLAB (Horizontality)2nd Beam &amp; SLAB</p> <p>Decrease Collapse rate by side pressure during 2nd concrete placing System Forms Improved Quality Easy to secure the Vertical Column Before the Concrete Placing Easy of Maintaining Cleanliness</p> <p>BENEFITS</p> <p>1st COLUMN</p> <p> Easy to Assemble Check Status</p> <p> Safe Working SpaceFoundaition C/PHorizontal Pressure Horizontal Pressure</p> <p> Minimizes Material Loss</p> <p>Horizontal Pressure</p> <p>Horizontal Pressure</p> <p>V.H SEPARATE CONCRETE CASTING</p> <p>DIFINITION OF FORMAPLY SYSTEM FORMWORK</p> <p>This is sort of assembly type gang form that is installed or dismantled simply and fast in order to assembly a large form unit by using modularized standard form panel and waller. It is an economical form system that can be used again for a long period by reassembling in conformity of various shapes of concrete wall &amp; column structures.ASSEMBLING IN FACTORY OR SITE</p> <p>CONCRETE CASTING</p> <p>Marking, Reinforcement Placing</p> <p>INSTALLATION AT CONSTRUCTION SITE RE-INSTALLATION</p> <p>LIFT</p> <p>DISMANTLE</p> <p>THE KIND OF FORMAPLY SYSTEM FORMWORK</p> <p>CONFIGURATION TYPE PANEL TYPE</p> <p>APPLICATION OF STRUCTURE General Wall Breast Wall, Inside Wall, Outside Wall, Face Wall Round Wall Round Type Structure, Ramp Column Inside Column, Outside column Foundation Inside Foundation, Inside Column, Pier (Bridge)</p> <p>- PLYWOOD + FRAME - CLAMP - PROP - WORKING DECK</p> <p>-</p> <p>TIMBER BEAM(STEEL +LUMBER) PLYWOOD CLAMP WALLER PROP &amp; WORKING DECK</p> <p>BEAM TYPE</p> <p> High Wall Breast Wall, Face Wall, Underground Road Irregular Wall Tunnel Sidewall, Upper Part Bridge, Pier Slab Tunnel Table Form Slab Construction</p> <p> Soldier System Single Face Wall in Underground, Foundation</p> <p>OTHER TYPE</p> <p> Climbing System Bridge, High Wall Auto Climbing System Core Wall Construction Scaffolding &amp; Supporting System &amp; Fixed</p> <p>PANEL TYPE SYSTEM FORM - COLUMN FORM</p> <p>FORMAPLY COLUMN FORM is? Formaply column form is assembled simply by tying 4 surfaces panel with column clamp without separate waler or tie and therefore + the work is done fast. +</p> <p>Reinforcing spaceris homogenized (Spacer)</p> <p>Tower crane is not required during Form Transfer</p> <p>(Transfr Equipment)</p> <p>FORMAPLY COLUMN FORM</p> <p>Adjustment of Column width is possible (5cm hall interval)</p> <p>Installation Without Tie (Maximum Width of the Column:1.6m): Improved Quality/ Cost Reduction</p> <p>PANEL TYPE SYSTEM FORM - COLUMN FORM</p> <p>Coupling Form1800 1500 1200 900 600 300</p> <p>TRANSFER DIVICE OF ASSEMBLY &amp; DISMANTLING</p> <p>FUNCTION OF SPACER Space interval is adjustable between 20 and 80mm Stable interval maintenance is possible (Keep quality) Saving cost (Improving quality/save cost/Safety/Environment)</p> <p>Height of Standard Form (3m)</p> <p>SPACER</p> <p>PANEL TYPE SYSTEM FORM - COLUMN FORM OPERATING SUGGESTIONS</p> <p>1. FORM 600 2. FORM 900</p> <p> 150 ~ 400 mm 200 ~ 700 mm</p> <p>3. EX) 1200 Forms Changes in the Width Dimention COLUMN : Max 1000mm ~ Min 200mm Application : 1200mm (4sh/1set) Changes In The Width dimensio : 50mm Intervals</p> <p>3. FORM 12004. FORM 1500 5. FORM 1800</p> <p> 200 ~ 1000 mm</p> <p> 200 ~ 1300 mm 200 ~ 1600 mm</p> <p>1000mm</p> <p>800mm</p> <p>700mm</p> <p>900mm</p> <p>1000 x 900</p> <p>800 x 700</p> <p>700 x 600</p> <p>600mm</p> <p> IN ADDITION AS ONE SIZE FORM PANEL CAN BE USED FOR MAKING ANY SIZE OF THE COLUMN WITH HIGH LEVEL OF COMPATIBILITY.</p> <p>PANEL TYPE SYSTEM FORM - COLUMN FORMCOLUMN FORM OPERATION FLOW DRAWING</p> <p>ASSEMBLY</p> <p>CONCRETE CASTING</p> <p>INSTALLATION</p> <p>LIFT</p> <p>DISMANTLE</p> <p>RE-INSTALLATION</p> <p>PANEL TYPE SYSTEM FORM WALL FORM OPERATING SUGGESTIONS1800 1500 1200 900COUPLING FORM</p> <p> COMPONENT : Panel, Clamp, Support, WORKING DECK, SCAFFOLD, HAND RAIL, A CHAMFER STRIP ETC.. CHANGE OF WIDTH : change Width According to Length of the Wall CHANGE OF HEIGHT : 3 ~ 6 m(Coupling Form &amp; Lifting Installation) WEIGHT : 40kg/</p> <p>BASIC CHARACTERISTICS OF FORMAPLY WALL FORM</p> <p>600</p> <p>3.0m</p> <p>HEIGHT OF STANDARD FORM</p> <p> INSTALLATION TIE : Width of Panel 1,2m (5Area) A Chamfer Strip : 20X20, 30X30, R30, Each Kind of Specification is Possible Assembling &amp; Delivery : Product Drawing Assembled at Factory or Site Installation by Construction Site Duration Time of Dismantled / Transport / Installation : 30~40Minutes/Set</p> <p>BASIC CHARACTERISTICS OF FORMAPLY SYSTEM FORMWORKFORMAPLY WALL FORM A LIGHT WEIGHT STRUCTURE AND IT IS SUI TABLE LIFT, INSTALL, DISMANTLE AFTER ASSEMBLING A LARGE SURFACE FORM UNIT AND THEREFORE, THE WORK IS CARRIED OUT FAST</p> <p>PANEL TYPE SYSTEM FORM WALL FORM</p> <p>CAN BE ASSEMBLED CONVENTIONAL PANEL, INCORNER, OUTCORNER, ALUMINUM FORM (THE SAME HEIGHT OF CONVENTIONAL PANELS PROFILE = 63.5MM)</p> <p>CLAMP</p> <p>FILLAR</p> <p>WALL + Coupling Clamp For EURO FORM</p> <p>WALL + EURO FORM</p> <p>W.E.P (Wall End Panel) Conventional Type</p> <p>PANEL TYPE SYSTEM FORM - WALL FORM OPERATION FLOW DRAWING1. ARRANGEMENT PANEL &amp; JOINT A CLAMP 2. ARRANGEMENT WALLER 3. INSTALLATION OF TIE FOR FIXED WALLER</p> <p>4. INSTALLATION OF JOINT WALLER</p> <p>5. INSTALLATION OF SUPPORT</p> <p>6. INSTALLATION OF SAFETY WORKING BOARD</p> <p>7. LIFTING OF PANEL</p> <p>8. JOINT WITH EACH PANEL</p> <p>9. JOINT WITH PANEL &amp; BRACKET</p> <p>10. FIX OF PANEL</p> <p>11. CONCRETE CASTING</p> <p>PANEL TYPE SYSTEM FORM WALL FORM</p> <p>RED COLOR : FORMAPLY L-TYPE, T-TYPE WALL FORMS COMBINATION BLUE COLOR : EURO FORM</p> <p>M0</p> <p>MI</p> <p>MP : Standard Panel MI : In Corner</p> <p>MO : Out Corner W : Wall Thickness</p> <p>Installation Construction Site</p> <p>Lifting JIZ for Table Form</p> <p>PANEL TYPE SYSTEM FORM TABLE FORM</p> <p> SLAB &amp; BEAM</p> <p>Installation Construction Site</p> <p>Beam Bracket + Timber Steel</p> <p>Timber Steel</p> <p>Beam Bracket</p> <p>BEAM TYPE SYSTEM FORM WALL (SLOPPING WALL, VERTICALITY WALL)</p> <p>FORMAPLY SOLDER SYSTEM</p> <p>FORMAPLY SOLDER SYSTEM</p> <p>FORMAPLY SOLDER SYSTEM is?A Method Of Construction Which Enable Concrete Construction In A Building Or On A Public Works Site Without Using Form Ties. It Is Also An Economical System That Provides Precision Construction, Solves Waterproofing Problems And Reduces Construction Time, Materials And Labor Costs.PROVIDES FOR QUICK INSTALLSTION AND DISMANTLING USES ECONOMICAL AND HIGHLY EFFICIENT ANCHOR SYSTEM FITS TO HEIGHT CHANGES OF THE FLOOR FITS IN LARGE SPACES</p> <p>ENABLES LIFTING OF THE PANEL AND BRACE FRAME AFTER BUILDING THEM ON THE GROUND</p> <p>MINIMIZES MATERIAL LOSS</p> <p>FORMAPLY SOLDER SYSTEM5.4m 4.8m 4.2m 3.0m 3.6m</p> <p>Height of Concrete casting 6.0m Standard Height 3.0m</p> <p>ANCHOT BOLT (30)</p> <p>FORMAPLY CLIMBING SYSTEM FORM</p> <p>Swift Pulling Up</p> <p>Maximum 3.5M Concrete Casting</p> <p>Secured Wide And High Work Space Maximum 600M</p> <p>Easy Installation &amp; Dismantling</p> <p>Secured Space For Panel Cleaning And Reinforced Rod Job Economical Cost / Cost Reduction / Improved Quality Protection From Falling Objects And Similar Accidents</p> <p>FORMAPLY CLIMBING SYSTEM FORM DRAWING OF PRODUCTTION</p> <p>OTHER SYSTEMMOLD FRAME MATERIAL FOR BASEMENT</p> <p>Put pipe and rectangular lumber on lumber. And put the plywood panel</p> <p>Install Euroform and rectangular lumber beside plywood</p> <p>View for beam bracket installationFormaply beam B/K does not require nail and tie By using general timber through beam bracket, cost effective, high safety, improving quality, decreasing waste are realized View after installation</p> <p>After installation side beam support, fix them with bolt</p> <p>OTHER SUB MATERIALSBRACKET FOR COLUMN BEAM SUPPORTFEATURE OF BRACKET FOR COLUMN BEAM Fix it to the column concrete w/o nail One worker can install it Good compatibility and repeated use Improve the site environment</p> <p>OLD BRACKET</p> <p>Apply various dimension of column</p> <p>SPECIAL ADVANTAGE</p> <p>OF</p> <p>FORMAPLY SYSTEM FORM</p> <p>1. Data for expecting saving cost in case of Wall Form appliedN O DIVISI ON THE RATE OF REDUCE (%)</p> <p>[unit :US$ / ]COST OF LABER LABER FEE(ASSEMBLY, CLEANING ETC) REMARKS</p> <p>LOSS OF THE MATERIAL COSTAMOUNT(ES TIMATED) EURO FORM SCAFFOLD TIE ANGLE CHAMFER STRIP, TIMBER, THICK WIRE ETC.</p> <p>1 2</p> <p>CONVEN TIONAL SYSTEM FORM SAVED AMOUNT</p> <p>100%61% -39%</p> <p>16.3610.00 -6.363</p> <p>5.45</p> <p>2.00</p> <p>0.7276.363 -3.636</p> <p>0.18</p> <p>1.636</p> <p>6.3633.636 -2.727[unit :US$ / ]COST OF LABER LABER FEE(ASSEMBLY, CLEANING ETC) REMARKS 3.5TIMEX3MTH =10.5TIME</p> <p>2. Data for expecting saving cost in case of Column Form appliedN O DIVISI ON THE RATE OF REDUCE(%)</p> <p>LOSS OF THE MATERIAL COSTAMOUNT(ES TIMATED)</p> <p>EURO FORM</p> <p>ANGLE</p> <p>TIE</p> <p>BAND, WEDGE PIN</p> <p>CHAMFER STRIP, THICK WIRE, TIMBER ETC</p> <p>1 2</p> <p>CONVEN TIONAL SYSTEM FORM SAVED AMOUNT</p> <p>100% 55%</p> <p>16.36 9.090</p> <p>5.45</p> <p>0.363</p> <p>1.363 5.454</p> <p>1.272</p> <p>1.545</p> <p>6.363 3.6367TIMEX3MTH 21TIMES</p> <p>-45%</p> <p>-7.272</p> <p>-4.545</p> <p>-2.727</p> <p>SPECIAL ADVANTAGE</p> <p>OF</p> <p>FORMAPLY SYSTEM FORM</p> <p>QUALITY COMPARE FORMAPLY SYSTEM FORM WITH EUROFORMCONVENTIONAL (EURO FORM)</p> <p>FORMAPLY COLUMN FORM</p> <p>TRIANGULARITY</p> <p>ROUND TYPE</p> <p>ROUND TYPE</p> <p>THE KIND OF CHAMFER STRIP</p> <p>[ ] 1.2m() x 3m()</p> <p> Assembly/Dismantling Type Chamfer Strip is? Application/EURO FORM PANEL, ALUMINUM FORM</p> <p>FORMAPLY Form foces on</p> <p>TRIANGULARITY TYPE (20X20/30X30)</p> <p>Installation Without Tie</p> <p>Line() Surface() Angle()</p> <p>On structure construction</p> <p>SPECIAL ADVANTAGE</p> <p>OF</p> <p>FORMAPLY SYSTEM FORM</p> <p>COMPARISON WITH FORMAPLY SYSTEM FORM AND EURO FORM</p> <p>THE BEST QUALITY OF THE CONCRETE WORK</p> <p>CONVENTIONAL (EURO FORM)</p> <p>FORMAPLY WALL FORM</p> <p>THE SUFACE QUALITY OF CONCRETE IS THE HIGHEST</p> <p>SPECIAL ADVANTAGE</p> <p>OF</p> <p>FORMAPLY SYSTEM FORM</p> <p> FORMAPLY SYSTEM FORMS APPLICATION EFFECT</p> <p>CHECK POINT BEFORE FORMAPLY SYSTEM FORM APPLY</p> <p>IMPROVE QUALITY</p> <p>WORKING PERIOD</p> <p>TIME SAVEV.H SEPARATE CONCRTE CASTING WORKING POSTULATE OF SITE</p> <p>COST SAVEENVIRON MENT IMPROVE SAFETY</p> <p>SUCCESSFUL CONSTRUCTION</p> <p>PLAN OF DIVERSION</p> <p>PLAN of the USED EQUIPMEN T</p> <p>SUGGESTION &amp; SUMMARY OF FORMWORK FOR EACH PROCESS</p> <p>PART OUTSIDE BREAST WALL INSIDE BREAST WALL</p> <p>SUMMARY-FORMAPLY FORMWORKS FORMAPLY WALL PANEL (FP H=6M) FORMAPLY SOLDIER SYSTEM (H=6M) FORMAPLY CLIMBING SYSTEM (H=3~3.5M) WALL PANEL (FP) ROUND TYPE CORE : EURO FORM CROSS PART, STRAIGHT LINE PART RC COLUMN : COLUMN PANEL (CFP) ROUND COLUMN : STEEL WALL TYPE COLUMN : COLUMN PANEL CONVENTIONAL + EURO FORM BEAM BRACKET SUPPORT FOR GYPSUM BOARD (BEAM BRACKET APPLIED) PLYWOOD PANEL SYSTEM SUPPORT (DETACHABLE SCAFFOLDING SYSTEM)</p> <p>REMARKS</p> <p>Check over how to save the construction period firstly</p> <p>Construction method of VH separated concrete placing is applied and column &amp; wall process is pre construction</p> <p>COLUMN</p> <p>Apply column form for easy dimension transformation</p> <p>Increase the time of use by using wall form applied special plywood reusing over 50 times</p> <p>BEAM</p> <p>SLAB</p> <p>Meet the various floor height by simple and stable solder / climbing formwork</p> <p>SYSTEM FORMWORKS APPLICATION CASEBUILDING CONSTRUCTION SITE</p> <p>Susung Leaders View -Dae Gu</p> <p>Metapolis Complex-Dong Tan</p> <p>GS Xi Apartment Ban Po-Seoul</p> <p>Condominium -Pa Ju</p> <p>Weve The Zenith -Haeundae-Busan</p> <p>Park 1 Bldg-Youido-Seoul</p> <p>SYSTEM FORMWORKS APPLICATION CASECIVIL CONSTRUCTION SITE</p> <p>Application Bridge</p> <p>A Shipyard DockYeong Gwang</p> <p>A Nuclear Power Station RCB Foundation</p> <p>A Steelworks Foundation</p> <p>Yeo Su City Industrial Park</p> <p>A Shipyard Dock- Mok Po</p>