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<ul><li><p>T A K I N G T H E </p></li><li><p>IMPROVING^ of sodium TVT Ar 1 TT? 71 bicarbonate, has begun JLNUJL A l^J X\JL-J to research a new use for T)T7 "O W IVf^TH ^ i s v e r s a t i ^ e chemical. Im-XJLJXNJL I J V J JL proving eggshell hardness. / ^ ^ A f ^ T ? A l l i e d m a r k ^ t s bicarb to X j L j A ^ J ^ k M L l V j X Z j the dai ry industry, as a feed additive to increase milk production in cows and improve butter fat content. It promotes weight gain in beef cattle by improving feed utilization. Now, turning to the poultry market , </p><p>Allied is funding research to determine whether sodium bicarbonate added to chicken feed will s t rengthen the eggshell. By improving nature 's own protective package, millions of dollars per year in breakage can be saved. </p><p>Allied is also developing new uses for other existing products. Our chrome chemicals, used in metal finishing and tanning, are now being used to make solar collectors more efficient. One of our advanced fluoropolymer products, ALAR?' is finding increased application </p><p>as insulation for plenum wiring,eliminating the need for metal conduits and thus dramatically reducing costs. And IIALAR's low smoke and flammability properties make it the material of choice for phone and signal cable insu I:it ion. </p><p>In an industry tha t has to find new markets for its products, you'll find that in many areas Allied is taking the next step. For mon informa tion, write Allied Corporation,Chemical Sector, P.O. Box 206-1R, Morristown, New -Jersey 079H0. ()r call (201 )) 1400. </p><p>Chemicals </p><p>N E X T S T E P </p><p>^ | U I E D </p><p>TAKING THE NEXT STEP</p></li></ul>


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