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  • Podiatric Medical AssociationThis initiative has been co-published in the European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery and the Journalof Vascular SurgeryTASC DOCUMENT

    EditorsLars Norgren and William R Hiatt

    Associate EditorsJohn A Dormandy and Mark R Nehler

    Contributing EditorsKenneth A Harris and F Gerry R Fowkes

    Consulting EditorRobert B Rutherford

    Developed in collaboration with the TASC IIWorking GroupThese societies have endorsed the guidelinesMark A Creager representing the American College ofCardiologyPeter Sheehan representing the American DiabetesAssociationJoseph M Caporusso representing the AmericanKenneth A Harris representing the Canadian Society forVascular SurgeryJohannes Lammer/Marc Sapoval representing theCardiovascular and Interventional Radiology Societyof EuropeDenis Clement representing the CoCaLis collaborationHenrik Sillesen/Christos Liapis representing theEuropean Society for Vascular SurgeryNicholaas C Schaper representing the InternationalDiabetes FederationSalvatore Novo representing the International Union ofAngiologyKevin Bell representing the Interventional RadiologySociety of AustralasiaHiroshi Shigematsu/Kimihiro Komori representing theJapanese College of AngiologyChristopher White/Kenneth Rosenfield representingthe Society for Cardiovascular Angiography andInterventionJohn White representing the Society forVascular SurgeryMahmood Razavi representing the Society of Interven-tional RadiologyMichael R Jaff representing the Society for VascularMedicine and BiologyJohn V Robbs representing the Vascular Society ofSouthern Africa

    Additional input to the guidelinesIsabelle Durand-Zaleski for health economics adviceEmile Mohler representing the American College ofPhysiciansInter-Society Consensus for the Managementof Peripheral Arterial Disease (TASC II)

    Inter-Society Consensus for the Management of Peripheral Arterial Disease (TASC II)TASC DOCUMENT


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