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<p>Technical Quiz Competition</p> <p>Technical Quiz CompetitionMechanical SectionSalalah College of TechnologyName the equipment</p> <p>Identify the tool</p> <p>IDENTIFY THE TYPE OF LOADIDENTIFY THE MACHINE</p> <p>Identify the machine</p> <p>Name the following operation in Lathe Machine</p> <p>Least count of this vernier caliperIdentify the type of view</p> <p>Identify the instrument</p> <p>Brass is an alloy of . And </p> <p>Name the type of key</p> <p>Identify the accessory</p> <p>Identify the type of beam</p> <p>Name &amp; use of this equipment</p> <p>Identify the tool</p> <p>Name &amp; Use of this apparatus</p> <p>Identify this part name</p> <p>Identify the type of projection</p> <p>What is the use of this component</p> <p>Least count of this vernier caliper</p> <p>BRONZE IS AN ALLOY OF .. &amp; </p> <p>Identify the toolName the two boxes used in casting process</p> <p>IDENTIFY THE OPERATION</p> <p>IDENTIFY THE OPERATION</p> <p>Identify the type of beam</p> <p>Identify the process</p>