Ten ways to save energy in 2011

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Sustainable Danville Area Monthly Forum - January 2011


  • 1.Ten ways to save energy in 2011Energy resolutions for your home and walletWith special support from The Danville Library Gayler ConstructionJanuary 20, 2011

2. Sustainable Danville Area: IntroductionLocal community organization inspiringsustainable practices to support a healthy quality oflife and strong local economy throughout ourcommunity.www.SustainableDanville.comSustainable Danville Area January 2011: Save Energy 3. Gayler Construction: Introduction Local, family business for 50 years Certified Green Builder since 2003 - including customdesigns for residential and commercial clients Chris is General Manager and a LEED certified GreenAssociateSustainable Danville Area January 2011: Save Energy 4. Sustainable Danville Areas Top Ten 5. Eliminate Phantom Energy Watt meters: helpful in gauging the phantom or vampire powerused by electronics in standby mode Kill-A-Watt ($25) & WattsUp ($96) Consumer Reports has confirmed readouts on these meters matched those from a calibrated watt meter in their labs. Kill-A-Watt Available for loan from the CC Library System Smart Strips ($29): power strip automatically switchesdevices on/off when not in use to save energy PG&Es SmartMeters: track real-time energy use online PG&E offers free Energy Efficiency Workshops to all customers.Lots of topics, schedule available at www.pge.comSustainable Danville Area January 2011: Save Energy 6. Water Every Last Drop Counts Mindful water use Fix leaky faucets and toilets Remember to turn off faucet when brushing your teeth Time your showers or beat stress, take a bath Use cold water and only wash full loads laundry Run the dishwasher only when full Use a broom to clean driveways and sidewalks Water your lawn only when it needs it Adjust sprinklers so they dont water driveways and sidewalks Plant California-friendly trees and plants Consider grey water systems to collect shower andlaundry water for landscaping useSustainable Danville Area January 2011: Save Energy 7. Water Every Last Drop Counts Maintain your water heater, consider replacingwith energy efficient model Choose energy efficient on-demand or solar units (30% tax credit until 2016) Consider alternatives to running hot water when washing dishes Soap all pots/pans, dishes before rinsing Use a basin full of hot water verses running water Install a pedal valve to control sink water (kitchen or bathroom)Sustainable Danville Area January 2011: Save Energy 8. Landscape for shade and windbreak Plant for Summer Shade Trees planted on the south-west side of house can cut air conditioning costsan estimated 30% compared to an un-shaded house Trees, shrubs, ground covers and grass affect solar radiation more thanstructural devices, such as awnings by absorbing suns heat while transpiring(release water vapor from leaves) cooling moisture into the airTemperature under a tree can be 9F lower than an adjacent area -and up to 25F lower than air near a blacktop surface street Plant for Winter Windbreak Barriers to reduce & redirect cold winds and protect area fromblowing dust, rain and soil erosion. Generally a single or multiple row of trees, shrubs, perennial crops,tall grasses or fencing Can reduce wind by 50% and winter heating by up to 25%Sustainable Danville Area January 2011: Save Energy 9. Purchase Energy Star AppliancesENERGY STAR is a voluntary labeling programdesigned by the U.S. government to identify andpromote energy-efficient products: Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutantscaused by inefficient use of energy Make it easy for consumers to source energy-efficient products save moneyon energy bills without sacrificing performance, features and comfort. Refrigerator Water Heaters & Coolers Audio/Video Freezer Air Cleaners & Purifiers Battery Chargers Dishwasher Dehumidifiers Computers Washer/Dryer Air Conditioners Cordless Phones Microwave Furnaces Displays/Televisions Ranges & Ovens Boilers Light Bulbs & Fixtures Heat Pumpswww.energystar.govSustainable Danville Area January 2011: Save Energy 10. Purchase Energy Star AppliancesAmerican homes consume six timesthe energy of the world average. Replacing old appliances is one of the most important things people can do to reduce GHG. Front-loading washing machines are much more energy efficient than top-loading models ENERGY STAR refrigerators use 40% less energy today than models did in 2001.Tax Credits 30% of the cost in 2009 & 2010 (