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Summer 2011 Work Experience


<ul><li><p>Dodjng</p></li><li><p>Summertime</p><p>In a great attempt to wipe out the Riddington Family (or so my 16 year old sister believes), my father unconventionally moved the family to Shanghai, China this year. </p><p>Optimistically, scared, filled with strange emotions, I completed my first year of FCP year one preparing myself for the biggest transition in my life (as of yet!).To my annoyance, I secured an internship at the beginning of the summer before knowledge of ever moving to Shanghai. </p><p>Two weeks in the Tesco CE Boyswear Head Buying Department, what a mare. Of course, things always turn out okay and I admittedly had a brilliant time. Amid the course of my internship, the absence of the Assistant Buyer endowed me with responsibility of this demanding role. </p></li><li><p>Along with all the expected spreadsheets, mood and story boards and maintaining of stock, the weekly sales meetings, model fittings and presentations I observed were the factors that truly gave the two weeks </p><p>an interesting, exciting angle.</p><p>A brilliant surprise and act of kindness, my good friend invited me (as if I would refuse) to stay at her villa and yacht in Alicante! My birthday, the end of two weeks work experience and hot sun! </p><p>Arriba!</p></li><li><p>During the more routine days at Shokay, we created a campaign launching the new fashion range within Shokay. A website, look books, promotional materials for in store promotion and Berlin Fashion Week and Tradeshows, photo shoots, product and consumer research, visual merchandising and I even got a taste at modelling </p><p>(definitely not quitting the day job!)...</p><p>The four months interning with a brand cal led Shokay fulf i l led my stay in Shanghai hugely excit ing. Shokay makes yarn from Yak f ibre, impacting on the l ives of local communities oppressed by poverty . P rov id ing l oca l he rde rs w i th l ong - term employment and a greater susta inab le i ncome .</p><p>The Shokay store in Shanghai col laborates with a brand cal led NuoMi which supports a local orphanage. Vis it ing the orphanage gave a great insight on the impact that the two brands are making.</p><p>Although an emotional trip, it was very inspiring to see the help that is being given to children whom would have otherwise been denied necessary care and treatment. </p></li><li><p>When a friend of a friend of a friend (its not what you know, its who you know!) informed me that having seen my CV/portfolio, the owner of the only White Collar Boxing company in China had requested for me to intern with them over the </p><p>summer, I was more than surprised! </p><p>The success of the twice a year white collar boxing event, held in Shanghai spurred the decision to launch the Shanghais only Boxing Gym. Even though boxing, is most certainly NOT a field I would have ever considered working in, it was an offer I </p><p>couldnt refuse. </p><p>6 weeks prior to opening and EVERYTHING (quite literally) had to be organised. The job involved everything; from finialising the logo, brand name and theme, to writing all contracts and manual guides, to designing all of the promotional material.</p><p>boxing Gym Shanghai China</p></li><li><p>Orient Express </p><p>Sophis/cated </p><p>Rich colours Luxurious </p><p>Drama/c </p><p>Oriental </p><p>Elegant </p><p>Lavish Prints </p><p>Sexy Retro Country meets city </p><p>Smart leisure 3me Worn look </p><p>Relaxed </p><p>Check </p><p>Jeans </p><p>Cord </p><p>Girls </p><p>T62 Top 10 Volume Lines </p><p>+( 0.,(# #/!.'-0',+ 2') )#04 4/</p><p> ,+%)##2#3'/0.'*#!')'!0 </p><p> ,+.,#.,1/#./1% </p><p> ,/#,!(+'0!0 </p><p> ,+%)##2#'--)#,$0+'0,2 </p><p> /'+,,$0+'0."',2 </p><p> &amp;,.0)##2##3#)#!(!0 </p><p> .0'/0'!+'),1/#1% </p><p> !)),-* .-,2 </p><p> ,+%)##2#&amp;'+#!0',+1+'!!0 </p><p> ,+%)##2##/'"#0.'-#."'1% </p><p>AW11 Buy Posi,on - WomensAUTUMN/WINTER 2011</p><p>WK 24 - 32 W/E 13/11-06/11WK 33 - 42 W/E 13/11 - 15/01</p><p>Dept Carryover AW11</p><p> TotalCarryover &amp;AW Newness % New</p><p> Total FPEstimate</p><p>TY %</p><p>Contribution % BoughtTOTAL GM</p><p> 62,382 51,723 114,093 45% 52,435 100% 218%</p><p>WOMENSWEAR 18,594 21,482 40,076 54% 24,190 46% 166%</p><p>CASUALWEAR 11,189 3,682 14,871 25% 6,885 13% 216%</p><p>T41 CASUAL TOPS T41 750 1,495 2,245 67% 1,500 3% 150%</p><p>T38 KNITWEAR T38 8,700 904 9,604 9% 3,785 7% 254%</p><p>T51 LEISUREWEAR T51 600 248 848 29% 200 0% 424%</p><p>T54 CASUAL BOTTOMS T54 639 1,036 1,675 62% 1,400 3% 120%</p><p>SMARTWEAR 4,450 5,055 9,505 53% 7,600 14% 125%</p><p>T43FORMAL TOPS T43 - 641 641 100% 900 2% 71%</p><p>T57 FORMAL BOTTOMS T57 1,000 682 1,682 41% 1,400 3% 120%</p><p>T59 SUITS AND JACKETS T59 1,500 302 1,802 17% 900 2% 200%</p><p>T42 DRESSES T42 - 691 691 100% 500 1% 138%</p><p>T50 AUTOGRAPH T50 250 1,956 2,206 89% 1,900 4% 116%</p><p>T49 COATS T49 1,700 783 2,483 32% 2,000 4% 124%</p><p>FOOTWEAR &amp; ACCESSORIES 2,755 6,552 9,307 70% 5,205 10% 179%</p><p>T01 ACCESSORIES T01 440 349 789 44% 690 1% 114%</p><p>T02 FOOTWEAR T02 1,700 3,939 5,639 70% 3,000 6% 188%</p><p>T06 JEWELLERY T06 386 1,315 1,701 77% 860 2% 198%</p><p>T82 SLIPPERS T82 210 507 717 71% 220 0% 326%</p><p>T83 HANDBAGS T83 19 443 461 96% 435 1% 106%</p><p>BRANDS 200 6,193 6,393 97% 4,500 9% 142%</p><p>T69 LIMITED T69 200 2,727 2,927 93% 2,000 4% 146%</p><p>T62 PER UNA T62 - 3,466 3,466 100% 2,500 5% 139%</p><p>The final internship during my time in Shanghai was my only pre-arranged Internship. Shadowing the Head Buyer of all departments in Marks and Spencer China was greatly eye opening and I was </p><p>highly appreciative of this opportunity. Having interned with two buying departments in notably </p><p>diverse marketplaces, I encountered the contrasting fashions, how greatly the job itself varies internationally and the relationships with factories and manufacturers in a country where they are local. </p></li><li><p>That is my summer in brief, of course, I didnt just work..! I got to know my new home, enjoyed being a complete tourist and had my </p><p>most exciting, fulfilling summers yet! These are just a few of my favourite photos </p><p>taken over the four months.</p></li><li><p>Holly Louise Riddington</p></li></ul>