The GILSON choice is the perfect choice for HPLC.

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    T| ILSON choice is the perfect choice

    for HPLC. The flexibility of Gilson HPLC systems lets you choose the system you need. For separations requiring a gradient LC, we offer Systems 41 and 42. System 41 features two microprocessor-controlled, fast refill pumps capable of microflow rates for precise gradient formation. Other system components include a dual-beam variable wavelength detector, low-volume dynamic mixing chamber, convenient pressure module, 6-port injection valve and an Apple based Gradient Controller. The Gradient Controller allows entry and storage of any gradient profile and includes provisions for remote control of devices such as chart recorders and fraction collectors. System 42 is identical to the system described above but is supplied without detector.

    If you currently have an Apple II Plus in your lab, then our easy-to-install Conversion Package will expand your Apple into a Gilson Controller.

    Gilson systems are supplied complete for most applications and are easy to set up and maintain. Gilson's modular concept using quality components offers the best price/ performance today.

    Let our choice be your choice. For more information contact: Gilson Medical Electronics Box 27 Middleton, Wl 53562 USA Telephone (608) 836-1551

    Gilson Medical Electronics (France) S.A B.R No. 45,95400 Villiers-le-Bel, France Telephone (3) 990.54.41

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    The GILSON choice is the perfect choice for HPLC.


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