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The Pine Crane Magazine


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    !"#$%&'$ Knh th!a qu! "#c gi$, Trong khng gian %m p c&a ma an c! 2010-2011 n'm nay, t'ng thn Tu vi(n Bch Nham hn hoan ra m)t qu! "#c gi$ !"c san Tng H#c "*u tin. Thng chn v+a qua, Bch Nham c duyn lnh "!,c "n nh-n 8 s! c, 1 th*y v 1 s! ch t+ Thi Lan sang. T. chng Bch Nham c/ng nh! cc t'ng thn c! s0 "1a ph!2ng v cc vng ph3 c-n r%t vui m+ng v4i s5 hi(n di(n c&a ch! t'ng ni m4i ny. Khng kh Bch Nham vui h6n ln v t!2i h6n ra. Ngoi ra Xm Tng Xanh bn cc th*y c/ng "!,c thm 2 th*y t+ Xm V7ng Chi v Xm Th!,ng qua v 1 th*y t+ Massachusett xu8ng an c! chung. Xm H9c Tr)ng c t4i 21 s! c an c! n'm nay. V4i s5 gp m:t c&a cc v1 c! s0 ; di h9n tham d5 vo ma an c! ny, khng kh tu vi(n tr; nn r%t hng h-u. C/ng trong b8i c$nh ny m !"c san Tng H#c bit "@u do t. chng th!Ang tr v cc thi@n sinh "ng gp h*u hi>n t:ng ">n qu! "#c gi$ nh7ng h9nh phc v ni@m vui trong cu#c s8ng c#ng "Bng. Knh mAi qu! "#c gi$ th!;ng th.c !"c san Tng H#c v knh chc qu! v1 m#t ma "ng nhi@u bnh an v m#t n'm m4i nhi@u h9nh phc. Ban bin t$p

    ()*+,)*-.$ Dear readers, In the cozy atmosphere of the Winter Rain Retreat 2010-2011 this year, the sangha at Blue Cliff Monastery happily presents to you the premier issue of the PineCrane magazine. Recently Blue Cliff has the good fortune of welcoming 8 monastic sisters and 2 monastic brothers from Thailand. The four-fold sangha at Blue Cliff, along with our local lay sanghas, were very happy to have the presence of our new brothers and sisters. The atmosphere here is more joyous and fresh. In addition, the brothers hamlet, Green Pine, received 2 more monks from Deer Park and Plum Village and 1 guest monk from Massachusett for the winter. The sisters hamlet, White Crane, has 21 nuns this winter. With the participation of our long-term lay brothers and sisters in this winter retreat, the energy of the

    sangha is strong and stable. It is in this environment that the PineCrane magazine manifests as a small spiritual gift in your hands. The short essays, poems and paintings introduced here are all from the members of the four-fold sangha, both residents and friends; offering joy and happiness, fruits of their practice living in a community. May you enjoy this magazine and may the winter season bring you much peace and the new year much happiness. The editors

    /01$23$ hay! M4i "y "*y trAi Bch Nham l l, nh7ng l thu "= chn d1u dng. L thu vng nu m2 m#ng "Cm th)m. Ma thu nhn Bch Nham c. nh! l m#t b.c tranh v-y!! L9 thi(t khi mnh mu8n diDn t$ ci g "Ep qu th mnh l9i v nh! l trong tranh vF, khng th-t, ph$i th; vo, th; ra, d3i m)t m%y l*n m4i tin b9n nhG! C/ng nhA v-y ti m4i hay rCng, by giA nh7ng chi>c l " thi bay, "ang ngoan ngon nCm yn, tr; v@ v4i "%t, v m#t l*n n7a l chuyt ph& "*y cnh, tuy>t sF lm oCn g$y cy thi. Cy c*n tr2 cnh, ".ng yn, cy nui d!Hng n#i l5c, mai ny khi tuy>t tr)ng bay "*y trAi, tuy>t d+ng l9i trn cy v cy cn c m:t " cho tuy>t; cy nng tuy>t trong vng tay x!2ng x?u c&a mnh. Nh!ng "y, kia c/ng c nh7ng cy tng xanh, tn xe r#ng "*y nh7ng l kim nh= xu xanh th?m, b@n b0, dIo dai. Cy tng khng ng9i ma "ng; tng s8ng "Ep hin ngang v4i ma "ng. Tuy>t c. r2i, c. bm "*y l, "*y cnh, khi tr0u n:ng, cnh bi>t oCn xu8ng, nhn mnh r/ b=, th> thi. V tng cn ", xanh hoi; th-t m*u nhi(m. Thin nhin, cy l cho "Ai bao tu( gic. Cy bi>t nh-m v-n theo thAi. Ma xun ">n cy "m chBi, n; hoa. H9 t4i l xanh mJc "*y cnh che mt cho bao loi. Thu v@, gi mAi gJi l, l nghing "*u "Bng !, khoc vo nh7ng chi>c o "Ep "& mu. L ma, ma nhE nhng, l bay l!,n thong dong, t5 t9i. L khng ng*n ng9i khi ph$i rAi cnh. L " ma,

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    "i(u lun v/ c&a cu#c s8ng, v ta, ta c/ng hy ma, ma theo nh7ng cung b-c th'ng tr*m c&a cu#c "Ai; "< ta cho h>t, h>t c$ t%m lng. Ch6ng gi7 l9i cht g gJi l c&a ring mnh! ChG th> thi!!! V b8n ma xun h9 thu "ng. Ti c/ng chG mu8n s8ng nh! l. Chp t:ng b9n bi th2 nh= nh. HEn g:p l9i Chn Trc Nghim !"#$%&'$()$*+,$-./,0$-12$34$5678$9&:,0$;&6$?#28$@&A$BC,&$DE6$$,&FG$DE6$,&F$90+#,$,0+H,$,IB$2J,$?C,&$#,K$L&M,0$BN%$;&O%$-P,$-+$Q8$R#+$%M6$;&S,0$T6

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    like the leaves of the four seasons. I myself want to live just like the leaves. Here is a short poem I would like to offer you. See you soon, True Bamboo Z'%'B,$D[%'D,R$@&[$D+#\$]'33$+]$3[#([R$^6,\8$_6X[$D[\$3[#([R$$`328$`#33$0[,%32G$0[,%32$$a+;63[G$3#26,0$%&[D[$b'6[%32$c,$X[#;[$$^6%&+'%$%&[$R360&%[R%$&[R6%#%6+,K$d[R8$^&2$\6\$c$,+%$e,+f$$cG$%++G$#B$#$3[#]$ZB+,0$%&[$3[#([R$D[\G$D6X[,$^+,\[D]'332$T[#'%6]'3K$





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    !+55+*$5)$50+$E@)FG$)E$&++.+$ If I didnt hear you calling from the sky, I wouldnt even notice that time was flying by. Thank you for reminding me that nothing has changed. Impermanence never changes. I told myself I wouldnt write anything, considering how my heart is already laid on a platter. The world can stop and stare. But to the geese in the blue sky: I want you to smile, knowing no matter how I try to hide it, I still love you. You are my inspiration, my strength and my hope. I will do better, be more beautiful for you. Did you know that every time you flew by and called to us, we were in deep contemplation? We were contemplating whether life came before death, or death before birth. To be honest, we were contemplating if the egg came before the goose or the goose before the egg. Would that bother you? My heart is full of poetry when I write to you, maybe because you make me feel alive and grateful. Your wings smooth, the wind blows without a sound by you. The evening sun softens your eyes and heart. A few clouds to color the already illustrious sky and you are, as Ive heard, utterly free. I can recite poetry and sutras to you endlessly but I know youre simpleminded or maybe what Im saying is extremely mundane. I just wanted to paint this piece of paper to express my gratitude. Smile dear geese, you are there so I can be here. Let us care for each other and remember always, remember always. Last night as we prepared for the counting stick ceremony, I felt the coming together of the Mahasangha. I am extremely happy knowing we are all practicing together in the 3-month Winter Retreat across the globe. The great reunion, the great dwelling. I feel lifted in spirit and practice, knowing how precious and joyful this Winter Retreat is. I can only imagine the big meditation hall of the Upper Hamlet being filled with Th*y, my brothers and sisters. I dont need to be there to feel the strength, the stability created. We will all grow a full year just in 3 months. Mindfulness, Concentration, Insight. We will create the space for everyones holding. Everyone will be loved,

    accepted and embraced as we bravely face what is inside us and in the world. Transformation and healing. We will rejuvenate and refresh as we prepare to go out and embrace the coming year. We will be a tree, a refuge for tired wings and lost children across the world. How wonderful to use the Dharma as a pillow and the Sangha as a blanket. How wonderful to be a part of this community. So excited! I know joy isnt happiness but its like being lost in the desert and seeing an oasis. I havent drunk the water yet but when I do, my joy will turn to happiness. Ill still be excited anyway cause Im just full of joy. True Morning Light

    Tranh Tng H#c-PineCrane by sister Chn Triu Nghim

    /0C$F0)$HI7$7&J7&$5*"#$ N>u khng nghe cc b9n ku t+ trn cao, ti " khng nh-n ra rCng thAi gian " bay qua mau. C$m 2n cc b9n " nh)c nh; ti rCng khng c g thay "Ki c$. V Th!Ang khng bao giA thay "Ki. Ti d:n lng rCng ti sF khng vi>t g h>t, v tri tim ti " "!,c ":t ra trn mm b9c. Ai c/ng c th< ng+ng l9i v nhn vo n.

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    Nh!ng v4i cc c ch ngLng trn b*u trAi xanh kia: ti mu8n cc b9n m0m c!Ai, dMu bi>t rCng d ti mu8n c8 d%u di>m, ti vMn th!2ng yu cc b9n. Cc b9n l ni@m c$m c&a ti, s.c m9nh c&a ti v ni@m hy vJng c&a ti. Ti sF c8 g)ng h2n, sF "Ep h2n cho cc b9n. Cc b9n c bi>t rCng mLi khi cc b9n bay qua "y v gJi chng ti, chng ti "ang th5c t-p qun chi>u? Chng ti c th< "ang qun chi>u v@ v%n "@ s5 s8ng ">n tr!4c ci ch>t hay ci ch>t ">n tr!4c s5 s8ng. Th-t s5 m ni, chng ti "ang qun chi>u v@ vi(c ci c tr!4c con ngLng hay con ngLng c tr!4c ci Vi(c ny c lm phi@n cc b9n khng? Tri tim ti "*y )p th2 khi ti vi>t nh7ng ging ny cho cc b9n, c lF v cc b9n cho ti c$m gic hi(n h7u v ni@m bi>t 2n. Nh7ng "i cnh c&a cc b9n r%t m!,t m, gi xuyn qua khng nghe th%y ti>ng "#ng. nh m:t trAi buKi chi@u lm m@m "i m)t v tri tim cc b9n. Vi c3m my "it tm cc b9n r%t "2n gi$n ho:c d0 nh7ng "i@u ti "ang ni "y th5c s5 qu t*m th!Ang. Ti chG mu8n vF ln trang gi%y n*y "< by t= lng bi>t 2n c&a ti. Hy m0m c!Ai "i cc b9n ngLng c&a ti, nhA cc b9n c " nn ti m4i c "y. Chng ta hy ch'm sc nhau nh. Lun nh4 nh, nh4 nh! Nm hm qua khi chng ti chu?n b1 LD N>m ThI, ti c$m nh-n "!,c s5 h#i t3 l9i c&a N9i Chng. Ti h9nh phc l)m k