the Present Perfect Tense

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the Present Perfect Tense. . have (has)+ done. now. past. Now , the classroom is clean because we have cleaned it. Yesterday , we cleaned the classroom. 1. . 1. My father bought many books for me yesterday . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • the Present Perfect Tensehave (has)+done

  • past now Yesterday , we cleaned the classroom.Now , the classroom is clean because we have cleaned it.1

  • 1. My father bought many books for me yesterday . Now , I have a lot to read because ________________________________2. I saw this film last week.Now, I know this film because I_____________________.3. I did my homework yesterday. Now, I can give it to the teacher because I______________my father has bought many books for me.have seen it before have done it.

  • I havent read this book yet .Have you had breakfast yet ?

    already:Yet:, I have already read this book. Have you eaten up all the food already ?

  • ,Is he famous ?I have never heard of him .evernever, I have ever seen this film.Have you ever been to the USA ?

  • have never read this kind of books before.justbefore , I have just bought a novel

  • She began to work in 2005.She still works here now. She has worked at this school for 3 years.

  • now past I began to teach English at this school fiveyears ago.I have taught English at this school for five years.2

  • 1. I am a doctor. I began to work when I was 22.Now , I am 26. I ________ for four years.2. We went to the USA last Monday. Today is Monday . We _________ (stay) in the USA since last Monday. have workedhave stayed

  • since and forThe woman has worked at this school for 2 years.( since two years ago)since 2 years agosince 1998since she came to the school)for + since+for 2 years/a long time

  • forsince______three hours______three oclock______two days______yesterday afternoon______I came here______last Sunday_______a week_______a long time_______1997 ______two weeks_______three years ago _______ last monthforsinceforsincesincesinceforforsinceforsincesince

  • 1.Theyve known each other since_______. A.1995 B. three years 2.Ive been interested in Chinese for______. A. last year B. one year 3. She has been a doctor for______. A. two years B.two years ago 4. Ive had a headache since_______. A. I got up this morning B. five hours 5. Weve been here for______. A. one hour B. one oclock AABAB

  • 6. My parents have owned this house for______. A. a long time B. many years ago7. Theyve been in love since______. A. last spring B. three months8. We have known each other since_____. A. one year B. last year9. --How long have you been like this? --Since______. A.last night B. two days10.--How long has she worked here? --She has worked here for_____. A. 1993 B. six yearsAABAB

  • Exercisejust,alreadyyet1.After lunch you go to see a friend at her house.She saysWould you like something to eat? You say: No, thank you. _______________( have lunch )2.Joe goes out. Five minutes later,the phone rings and the caller says Can I speak to Joe? You say: Im afraid _________________.( go out )he has just gone outIve just had lunch.

  • 3.You are eating in a restaurant this evening. The waiter thinks you have finished and starts to take your plate away.You say: Wait a moment !_______________________ ( not / finish )4.You are going to a restaurant this evening.You phone to reserve(a table. Later your friend says Shall I phone to reserve a table? You say: No,__________________ it (do)I havent finished it yet.I have already done

  • 1.,,. I have lost my wallet.(:.) Jane has just had it.(:.) Michael has been ill.(:) He has returned from abroad. (:)

  • 2. ,.

    I havent seen her these days.Mary has been ill for three days. I have lived here since 1998.

  • 3. ,already, yet, just, before, recently, still, lately:

    He has already obtained a scholarship. I haven't seen much of him recently (lately). We have seen that film before. Have they found the missing child yet

  • 4. ,often, sometimes, ever, never, twice, on several occasion: Have you ever been to Beijing I have never heard of Bunny.I have used this pen only three times. George has met that gentleman on several occasions.

  • 5. ,now, now, just, today, this morning/week/month/year, up to these few days/weeks/months/years,, up to present, so far:

    Peter has written six papers so far. Man has now learned to release energy from the nucleus of the atom. There has been too much rain in San Francisco this year. Up to the present everything has been successful.

  • 6. ,,,for+,.

    Thomas has studied Russian. () Thomas has studied Russian for three years. (=Thomas began to study Russian three years ago, and is still studying it now.(2)

  • 7. .

    We have had four texts this semester.

  • have (has) gonehave (has) been1.have (has) goneShe has gone to Shanghai .()2.have (has) beenShe has been to Shanghai three times.()

  • go/come/begin/start/die/buy/borrow/sell/leave/arrive/receive/becomeforsincehow longHe has borrowed the book for two months.()He has kept the book for 2 months.It has been 2 months since he borrowed the book. Two months has passed since he borrowed the book. becomebe borrowkeep buyhave begin (start)be on openbe open diebe dead leave--be away come--be here/in go outbe outjoin--be a member/be in begin to study--studyI havent bought anything for two days.

  • ed +ed worked,passeded likedlived yyied +yd:playedstayedstudiedcrieded. stoppeddropped

  • AAA: put put put letlet letABA: becomebecamebecomeABB: standstoodstoodABC: eat ateeaten

  • AAAcost-cost-cost read-read-readput-put-put cut-cut-cutlet-let-let set-set-setbeat-beat-beat hit-hit-hit hurt-hurt-hurt spit-spit-spit rid-rid-ridtdreadread-read-read[ri:d]-[red]-[red]

  • :

    run-ran-runcome-came-come become-became-becomeovercome-overcame-overcome


  • ABB()


  • 1.have (has)-had-had leave-left-leftlose-lost-lost make-made-madefeel-felt-felt spell-spelt-spelt stand-stood-stood

    2. sit-sat-sat (babysit) win-won-wonshine-shone-shone hold-held-heldfind-found-found hear-heard-heardhang-hung (hanged)-hung (hanged)ABB()

  • ABC


  • ABCnenen take-took-taken give-gave-givenfall-fell-fallen eat-ate-eaten write-wrote-written speak-spoke-spokenfreeze-froze-frozen ride-rode-ridden get-got-gotten (got) forget-forgot-forgotten (forgot) am/is-was-been are-were-been,do (does)-did-done go-went-gonesee-saw-seen show-showed-shown (showed) lie-lay (lied)-lain (lied)

  • *yesterdaylast night, three weeks ago, in 1990

    *I have seen the film.()I saw the film last week.

  • 1have / has +2(1) :already, just, yet, ever, never, before(2) a.forfor 3 years b.sincesince 1997, since two years ago,since last week