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<ul><li><p>The Valeo GroupValeo is an independent industrial group fully focused on the design, production and sale of components, integrated systems and modules for cars and trucks. It supplies both the original equipment and aftermarket segments. With sales of 9.120 million euro in 2000, Valeo ranks among the worlds top ten automotive suppliers. </p><p>Valeo is a truly global enterprise employing 78,000 people in 162 production plants, 49 R&amp;Dcenters and 10 distribution centers in 25 countries. Its OE customers include all of the worldsmajor vehicle manufacturers in Europe, North and South America and Asia. In theaftermarket, Valeo serves distributors and service centers in more than 100 countriesthroughout the world.</p><p>Valeos strategy of profitable growth is driven by innovation. Around 6,000 engineers andqualified technicians work in R&amp;D into which Valeo channeled 573 million euro in 2000, that is 6.3% of total sales.</p><p>The Group is organized into 10 operating Branches and a Distribution Branch which sellsthe Groups products to the independent aftermarket. </p><p>Through its 11 Branches, Valeo aims to be technology leader in each of its three corebusinesses: </p><p> Mechanical/Thermal which includes Valeos Transmissions, Climate Control, EngineCooling and Security Systems Branches.</p><p> Electrical/Electronics which includes Electrical Systems, Wiper Systems, Motors &amp;Actuators, Lighting Systems, Switches &amp; Detection Systems, Electronics &amp; ConnectiveSystems Branches.</p><p> The Aftermarket, through its Distribution Branch.</p></li><li><p>Valeo in figures Sales 2000: 9.120 million euro</p><p>Aftermarket (OES and IAM): 19% of sales</p><p> R&amp;D spending 2000: 673 million euro, 6.3% of sales</p><p> Global presence: 25 countries</p><p> Workforce: 78,000 people</p><p> 162 production plants</p><p> 49 R&amp;D centers</p><p> 10 Distribution centers</p><p> 10 Industrial BranchesTransmissionsClimate ControlEngine CoolingLighting SystemsElectrical SystemsWiper SystemsMotors &amp; ActuatorsSecurity SystemsSwitches &amp; Detection SystemsElectronics &amp; Connective Systmes</p><p> A Distribution Branch</p></li><li><p>Valeos Branches Transmissions</p><p>Core products include complete clutch systems, clutch cover assemblies, discs, releasebearings, dry and wet clutch facings, hydraulic clutch cylinders, torque converters, lock-ups,dual mass flywheels, flexible flywheels, synchronizer rings and cabin air filters.Recent innovation highlights include an automated manual transmission (AMT) actuationsystem, flexible flywheel, G5 technology clutch facings, light-weight plastic hydraulic clutchcylinders. </p><p>The new clutch disc called Bonded Tripod developed by Valeos TransmissionsBranch has been nominated for the International Grands Prix for Technical Innovationat Equip Auto 2001.</p><p> Climate Control</p><p>Core products include heating and air conditioning systems and components: heater cores,evaporators, condensers, compressors, control panels. Recent innovation highlights include a photocatalyst air purifier system, fragrance diffuserand an air quality sensor.A demonstration model of these three innovations is being presented at Equip Auto 2001.</p><p> Engine Cooling </p><p>Core products include radiators, condensers, charge air coolers, exhaust gas recirculation(EGR) coolers, oil coolers, fan/ motor units, cooling modules, front end modules.</p><p>The Branchs THEMIS (THErmal Management Intelligent System) engine cooling systemhas been nominated for the International Grands Prix for Technical Innovation at EquipAuto 2001.</p><p> Security Systems </p><p>Core products include remote keyless entry systems, RF remote controllers and receivers,transponder-based immobilizer systems, electronic central door locking systems, steeringcolumn locks, ignitions switches, door and trunk locks and handles, door, trunk, tailgate, hood,seatback latches, motorized trunk and door locks, door modules.Recent innovation highlights include the keyless handsfree entry system.</p><p>/</p></li><li><p> Electrical Systems </p><p>Core products include alternators, starters, electrical and starter current generation systems,re-manufacturing of alternators and starters.Recent innovation highlights include stARS (separate starter-alternator reversible system),MARS (motor-alternator reversible system), ISA integrated starter-alternator, stop and go andgreen boost functions.A demonstration model of StARS is being presented at Equip Auto 2001.</p><p> Wiper Systems </p><p>Core products include complete wiper systems: arms, blades, linkages, motors, rain sensors,wash systems and modules.Recent innovation highlights include e-module, Flat Blade, new generation of rear plasticwipers, rain/light/tunnel sensor, electronically controlled rear wiper motor, reversing wiper motor.</p><p>The innovative Silencio Flat Wiper Blade has been nominated for the InternationalGrands Prix for Technical Innovation at Equip Auto 2001.</p><p> Motors &amp; Actuators</p><p>Core products include motors for climate control, engine cooling, seat adjustment and headrest, steering column adjustment, ABS, sun roof, seat belt adjustment, as well as door latchactuators and air compressors for adjustable suspensions.Recent innovation highlights include the hydraulically driven fan system and the nextgeneration windowlift motor.</p><p> Lighting Systems </p><p>Core products include auxiliary headlamps (HID and halogen), headlamp leveling actuators,headlamp washers, fog lamps, signal lighting, and multi-function connectors.Recent innovation highlights include the 5th generation Velarc range, an adaptive frontlighting system and LED rear lamps.</p><p> Switches &amp; Detection Systems </p><p>Core products include instrument panel switches, steering column switches and modules,powertrain sensors and obstacle detection systems park assist.Recent innovation highlights include the top column module with steering angle sensor,traffic environment sensing radar, ultrasonic park assist.</p><p>/</p></li><li><p> Electronics &amp; Connective Systems </p><p>Core products include body controllers, electronic modules, modular wiring harnesses andelectronic distribution units.Recent innovation highlights include a 42 Volt junction box and a smart body controller.</p><p> Distribution </p><p>The Distribution Branch markets all Group brand name products Valeo, Cibi and Marchal on the independent aftermarket. It also offers a wide range of services, including trainingprograms, diagnostic and maintenance tools, to distributors and repairers.</p><p>Reglolux, a headlamp diagnostics tool, has been nominated for the InternationalGrands Prix for Technical Innovation at Equip Auto 2001.</p></li><li><p>Innovation throughthe DomainApproachAs part of its goal to be leader in each of its core businesses, Valeo has implemented itsDomain and Module strategy. This approach is designed to offer vehicle manufacturersglobal solutions that meet fundamental consumer-driven market needs such as comfort, safety and security, reduced fuel consumption and emissions. The transversal nature of Valeos Domains simultaneously optimizes all technologicalcompetencies and the product and process capabilities within Valeos 11 Branches generatingcreative synergies in Research &amp; Development. Vehicle manufacturers benefit from shorterdevelopment lead-times for new, innovative systems and modules with enhanced functionality,that are cost-effective and easier to install. </p><p> Electric Energy Management</p><p>The Electric Energy Management Domain covers the technologies and products that enablethe generation (alternators), storage (batteries, condensers), distribution (electric/electronicarchitecture), conversion (DC/DC converters, motors, starters, actuators, pumps, compressors,etc.) and management of electric energy and data communication within the vehicle. This Domain is not only the key to optimizing the electrical consumption of the vehicle duringuse but also the many new electrical and electronic functions specified by customers,especially when these functions are linked to the future introduction of 42 Volt networks. </p><p> Seeing and Being Seen</p><p>Valeos Seeing and Being Seen Domain seeks to address driver concerns generated by everincreasing traffic density and the need to make driving safer, especially in poor weather and atnight. The Seeing and Being Seen Domain aims to enable motorists achieve a more thoroughand precise understanding of the vehicles immediate environment through better visibility andto clearly indicate vehicle position to other road users.Lighting, windshield wiping and obstacle detection systems are, under the Domain approach,closely interlinked. Valeo has integrated a broad range of its technologies from intelligentlighting to smart sensor activated windshield cleaning together with ultrasonic, radar andcamera based obstacle detection systems to enhance all-round visibility both from within andfrom outside the vehicle. </p><p>/</p></li><li><p> Vehicle Thermal Systems</p><p>Vehicle Thermal Systems covers two Domains Thermal Energy Management and Thermal Interior Comfort. Both Domains offer solutions to generate, control and dissipate the thermal energy generated within the vehicle by optimizing engine cooling and improvingcabin climate comfort for vehicle occupants. The Valeo products included in the Vehicle Thermal Systems integrated approach are heatingand air conditioning systems, a diversified range of heat exchangers, combined withelectronically controlled fans, water pumps, thermostats and valves. A sophisticated air quality control system and a fragrance diffusion system that allowsoccupants to choose in-cabin fragrance round off this unique product offering.</p><p> Vehicle Access and Security</p><p>Included in the Vehicle Access and Security Domain are all products and systems thatfacilitate vehicle access and also prevent unauthorized vehicle usage. Mechanized dooropening and closing systems, user identification and keyless access are just some of Valeotechnologies that provide comfort and comprehensive solutions to consumers concernsregarding the safety and security of their vehicle and its occupants.</p><p> Driveline Systems</p><p>The concept of the Driveline Systems Domain is to satisfy the consumer need for the safeand comfortable control of the vehicle.Valeo Transmissions develops a comprehensive range of products and systems products andsystems (clutches, clutch facings, flywheels, clutch cylinders, actuators for automated manualtransmissions, torque converters) designed to ensure the correct, smooth, vibration-free,supply of power and torque to the wheels under all driving conditions.</p><p> Modules</p><p>Complementing these Domains, Valeo also offers vehicle manufacturers new solutions in terms of modules. These modules - front-end, cockpit, door and rear hatch modules -represent the physical integration of many Valeo products. Customer benefits includestreamlined logistics, cost, weight and assembly time reduction together with increasedfunctionality via Domain driven innovation.</p><p> The aftermarket</p><p>Valeos Domain approach makes a significant contribution to enhance the companysaftermarket activities in terms of both product offering and services. Valeo Distribution is, in each Domain, closely involved in all technological innovations and integration. This cuttingedge involvement enables Valeo Distribution to launch innovative solutions for the benefit of its replacement market customers. </p></li><li><p>Four Valeo finalists for the International GrandsPrix for Technical InnovationEquip Auto 2001</p><p>Four Valeo products have been short-listed for the International Grands Prix for TechnicalInnovation to be awarded on October 17th at Equip Auto 2001.</p><p>Valeo has two products competing in the Original Equipment - New Technologies category,Valeo Engine Coolings Thermal Management Intelligent System or THEMIS and ValeoTransmissions Bonded Tripod clutch disc.</p><p>In the Spare Parts Services Accessories category, Valeo Wiper Systems Silencio FlatBlade is up for the grand prize, while in the Garage Equipment category, Valeo Distribution andValeo Lighting Systems are presenting Reglolux, a diagnostic tool to test car headlamps aimedat repairers and vehicle testing centers (MOT).</p><p> THEMIS </p><p>THEMIS (THErmal Management Intelligent System) is capable of managing and optimizingengine temperature in line with varying driving conditions. The system includes electronicallycontrolled actuators driven by a specific control unit or the ECU. THEMIS halves engine warm-up time, cutting fuel consumption by 2 to 5% and by the same token reducing pollutantemissions. The comfort of the vehicles occupants is equally enhanced as in-cabin heating ismaintained in cold weather, even with the engine switched off, and undesirable noise isdiminished due to the use of a variable speed fan.</p><p> Bonded Tripod Disc</p><p>The Bonded Tripod Clutch Disc innovates in two ways: the new Tripod design of the cushiondeflection disc and the new process used to bond the facings onto the disc (no rivets). The maindifficulty in developing this technology lay in precisely bonding material onto a part which has aspring function.The Bonded Tripod Disc offers a real improvement in comfort during vehicle start and gearshifting and a longer clutch service life, is more compact for optimized transmission design, andenables the simplified recycling of components at the end of the clutchs life.</p><p>/</p></li><li><p> Silencio Flat Blade </p><p>The Silencio Flat Blade is a new generation of uniquely styled, ultra-flat, high performancefront and rear wipers designed to boost Valeos aftermarket Silencio product range.The absence of a metallic superstructure considerably reduces both noise and vibrations.The blades glide over the windshield without generating turbulence, a common problem withstandard wiper blades. It is also equipped with Valeos famous wear indicator which offersa simple, fast and reliable indication of wiper blade wear.</p><p> Reglolux</p><p>Reglolux is a three-in-one, fast, accurate diagnostic tool that enables repairers to identify ifa vehicles headlamps or bulb need to be adjusted or replaced and vehicle testing centers tocheck that the vehicles lighting complies with regulatory requirements. Thanks to its integratedcamera and innovative image processing technology, it is the very first tool to offer a full lightingcheck-up. Firstly, it can be used to test that the beam complies photometric specifications andsecondly to adjust the headlamp vertically and horizontally. The built-in printer can be used toprint out the values measured before and after adjustment. This helps to establish a sense oftrust between the motorist and the repairer by providing the motorist with tangible proof that therecommended repairs are indeed necessary.</p><p>A comprehensive technical description and photos of these products are available on ValeosWeb site</p><p></p></li><li><p>Transmissions </p><p>Integrated starter-alternator(ISA)</p><p>Starter-alternator reversiblesystem (StARS)</p><p>Electrical Systems</p><p>Electronically controlled rearwiper motor (4Bebius)</p><p>Flat Blade(FlatBlade1)</p><p>Rain/ light / tunnel sensor(RainlightSensor)</p><p>Tail gate module (Tailgate)</p><p>Wiper Systems</p><p>Hands-free keyless entry systemfor Laguna II (KeylessEntry)</p><p>Security Systems</p><p>Bonded Tripod Disc(BondTrip1)</p><p>Clutch facings(G5 technology)(FacingsG5)</p><p>Flexible Flywheel(FlexFlywheel)</p><p>AMT (Automatic ManualTransmis...</p></li></ul>