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Academia Arena 2015;7(2)

BHARAT RATNA!...(A New theory on GEM)

M.Arulmani, B.E.; V.R.Hema Latha, M.A., M.Sc., M.Phil.

M.Arulmani, B.E.


V.R.Hema Latha, M.A., M.Sc., M.Phil.


1. Abstract:

In Republic India BHARAT RATNA is considered as GEM of India and Highest Civilian award being offered to meritorious artist, politician, scientist, literature and recently to sports person also. Further NAVARATNA is considered as nine most precious, rarely available stones used in the jewellery since ancient time as believed in the culture of Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism for prosperity of life.

i) Navaratna gems (Nine) alone are so precious?...

ii)White cystal is not so precious?

iii)Black gem is not so precious?...

iv)Ratna differs from Gem?...

v)Crystal differs from stone?...

This scientific research article focus that Bharat Ratna, gem shall be considered as closely associated with, COSMO UNIVERSE. Ratna shall mean cosmo. Gem shall mean universe. Bharat Ratna shall mean MEGA STAR emanating radiation.

This research further focus that in the origin of universe J-RADIATION shall be considered as the GEM of universe responsible for birth and existence of billions of precious, semi precious colourful stones and matters. In Proto Indo Europe language the mega star, gem shall be called as OLI VILAKKU, MUTHU MANI as described below.



(i) G is like Photon (moral aspect)

(ii) E is like Electron (sensational aspect)

(iii) M is like Proton (emotional aspect)

GEM (Muthumani) shall mean the soul of White crystal (or) virgin matter consider exists at Endothermic environment and composed of only fundamental particles photon, Electron, Proton and free from atomic matter like Hydrogen, Carbon, Nitrogen, Ozone. RATNA shall be considered like spirit and source of GEM.

- M. Arulmani, Tamil Based Indian

[M.Arulmani, B.E.; V.R.Hema Latha, M.A., M.Sc., M.Phil. BHARAT RATNA!...(A New theory on GEM). Academ Arena 2015;7(2):1-9]. (ISSN 1553-992X). 1

2. Key Words:

a) Philosophy of RATNA?...

b) Etymology of RATNA?...

c) Philosophy of GEM?...

d) Etymology of GEM?...

e) Philosophy of J-CRYSTAL?...

f) Philosophy of DARK GEM?...

g) Philosophy of BHARATH OBAMA?...

h) Etymology of JEWEL?...

i) Philosophy of FEBRUARY GEM?...


Academia Arena 2015;7(2)


3. Introduction:

Since Ancient human culture the Jewelry composed of Nine Precious stones consider have significant effect on life aspects such as spiritual power, mental power, physical health and other socio-economic status. Further the Nine gems are considered as closely associated with Nine planets of universe sun, moon, mercury, mars, Jupiter, Venus, and two nodes of moon Rahu, Ketu. If so

i) Pluto is not associated with gem?...

ii) Uranus is not associated with gem?...

iii) Neptune is not associated with gem?...

This research focus that J-RADIATION (Zero hour radiation) shall be considered as the GEM of billions of planets, comets, asteroid, etc. The J-RADIATION shall be called as JEWEL (or) JOULE. Jewel shall mean White energy (Soul) Universe which is responsible for birth of various gems like black gem, blue gem, green gem, red gem.

4. Hypothesis and Narrations

a) Philosophy of Bharat Ratna?...

It is hypothesized that the philosophy of Ratna, gem shall be considered as having distinguished meaning and characteristics. RATNA is like LAMP (Supernature) and GEM is like LIGHT (Nature). The philosophy of origin of RATNA, GEM shall be described as below:

It is further focused that RATNA shall be considered as COSMO UNIVERSE having three-in-one foundation of Sun, Earth, Moon. GEM shall be considered as VIRGIN LIGHT emanated from cosmo universe near white hole region during Zero hour of origin of matter of universe. In Proto Indo Europe language cosmo universe shall be called as PARATHAM (PAR + RATHNAM) called in short as BHARATH



Region I Perfect vacuum region (Anti-Neutrinos radiation)

Region II Partial vacuum region (Neutrinos radiation)

Region III Observable Vacuum region (EMR radiation)

b) Philosophy of GEM?...

It is hypothesized that GEM shall be considered as state of origin of J-RADIATION (Zero hour radiation) emanated responsible for existence of all matters of Universe. Further WHITE CRYSTAL shall be considered as SUPER SOLID WHITE MATTER, emanating billions of rays. Each ray consider composed of three-in-one fundamental particles photon, electron, proton (crystal beads) having distinguished mass say zero level mass and each ray have micro level variation in mass level within the zero level spectrum.

It is further hypothesized that the White crystal shall be considered as Super solid white matter originated in the early Universe. The while crystal shall be considered as exist under Endothermic environment as supported by thermo dynamic law as described below.



It is further focused that the white crystal shall also be called as J-CRYSTAL. The Etymology of word GEM considered derived from phonetics J-AUM (or) JAYAM.

c) Philosophy of Birthday Stone?...

Case study shows that PEARL is the oldest known gem for many centuries and considered most valuable. Unlike other gems pearl is organic matter and derived from living creature Oyster, Mollustus. In fact much history accompanies that pearl is auspicious stone for the birthday falling in the month of February, April, June, July, and November. Further astrologers believe that Pearl is closely associated with MOON and symbol of PURITY.

It is hypothesized that in the origin of Universe J-RADIATION shall be considered originated during JANUARY 14 and J-CRYSTAL (White crystal) shall be considered originated in the month of FEBRUARY in the early universe as per Gregorian, Julian calendar estimation.



d) Philosophy of Dark Crystal?...

It is hypothesized that white, dark shall not be considered as specific colours. WHITE shall mean it includes all colours. DARK shall mean it excludes all colours. The Philosophy of white and dark shall be described as below:



It is hypothesized that in the expanding universe, Dark crystal shall be considered as originated from white crystal of and billions of coloured gems considered originated in three Nuclear age from Dark Crystal. Dark crystal shall be considered as Absolute Black Body. Dark crystal shall be considered as image of white crystal.

e) Crystal differs from Stone?...

It is hypothesized that Ratna, Gem, Crystal, Stone shall be considered as having distinguished properties and characteristics of matters as described below.





It is further hypothesized that during expanding Universe different gems shall be considered BORN in different date based on Gregorian, Julian Calendar estimation as described below.

i) RATNA (Karimani) is like Mu-Tamil (January 14)

ii) WHITE CRYSTAL (Muthumani) is like Kanni Tamil (February 14)

iii) DARK CRYSTAL (Karukamani) is like Kodum Tamil (March 14)

iv) COLOURFUL GEM (Chinthamani) is like Sen Tamil (April 14)

f) Philosophy of Bharath Obama?...

It is hypothesized that BHARATH OBAMA shall be considered as human ancestor originated in the early universe due to impact of J-RADIATION and lived in white planet (white mars).

During PLASMA AGE of Universe (3,00,000 years ago) human ancestor considered descended to earth planet and started living on earth planet. Bharath Obama shall also be called as RATNA OF MARS or MGR (Mars Geo Ruler). Further it is speculated that THE GREAT EGYPTIAN PYRAMIDS might have been constructed by them for controlling various planet systems without much difficulty as they were capable of FLYING.



BLACK OBAMA, BLACK AMMA shall be considered as PROTO-INDOS who considered lived in KACHCHA THEEVU (3,00,000 years ago). The populations of Kachcha Theevu shall be considered as single large family and subsequently might be spread over to other parts of the world by flying like Java, Sumatra of Southeast Asia. PROTO-INDOS shall mean free from colours, race, ethnicism, chauvinism.

- M. Arulmani, Tamil Based Indian

g) Case study on Navarathna?...

Case study shows that GEM is free from impurities having radiation characteristics. According to Hindu Astrology life on the Earth is influenced by the Navagrahas (or) Nine influences closely associated with NINE GEMS.

In Thailand (formally known as Siam) Navarathna is officially recognized as national and royal symbol of Kings. Quartz crystal is considered as having healing power but scientifically not established.



5. Conclusion:

INDO (ETHIA) shall be considered as DARK CRYSTAL (absolute black body). All GLOBAL NATIONS shall be considered as COLOURFUL GEMS of INDO exists under varied environment condition with genetically varied wavelength, frequency, characteristics of radiation. In other words Indo shall mean MOTHER of nations.

- Author

6. Previous Publication:

The philosophy of origin of first life and human, the philosophy of model Cosmo Universe, the philosophy of fundamental neutrino particles have already been published in various international jo