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Welcome to our parish magazine, The Voice. News and information from our communities of faith across our corner of the County of Norfolk in the UK.We are part of the Diocese of Norwich.


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    July/August 2015

    Summer at Horsey Gap Gina Watling

  • The Gayton Group of Parishes July/August 2015 | 03



    Our Pastoral Team

    Revd Jane Holmes Priest in Charge 01553 636227

    Revd Judith Pollard Associate Priest 01485 601251

    Revd Sue Martin Hospital Chaplain 01553 636570

    Joy Smith Reader 01485 600769

    Nell Steele Reader 01553 840814

    Revd Jane Holmes Pastoral Care 01553 636227

    The Magazine Team

    Gina Watling Co-editor 01553 636620

    Steve Williamson Adverts 01553 630203

    Steve Williamson Invoicing (adverts) 01553 630203

    Sarah Renwick Distribution 01553 636275


    Sarah Renwick Gayton 01553 636275

    Sarah Kerkham Gayton Thorpe 01553 636253

    Sarah Byatt Ashwicken, Leziate

    & Bawsey 01553 630993

    Bill Lewis East Walton 01760 337438

    Church Contacts

    All Saints Church, Ashwicken & Leziate with St James, Bawsey

    Churchwarden: Steve Williamson 01553 630203

    St Marys Church, East Walton

    Churchwarden: Bill Lewis 01760 337438

    St Marys Church, Gayton Thorpe

    Churchwarden: Sarah Kerkham 01553 636253

    St Nicholas Church, Gayton

    Contact: Stan Watkinson 01553 636629

    The Sept. issue is due from the 28th Aug. Copy in by 19th August please.

    Hello Everybody.

    From outer space, our planet is a beautiful blue jewel and on the world map, our tiny

    island is a green gem, Travelling from John OGroats to Lands End you pass through

    many varied terrains, accents and cultures and if you take a left diversion you come

    to our beloved Norfolk with all its diversities from the forests and heaths of the

    Brecks to the rivers and waterways of the Broads. Our coastline is amazing: you can

    sit and watch the sun go down in Hunstanton, blast across Brancaster Bay, enjoy the

    pine forest and beach huts at Wells, watch the boats in Blakeney, take in a show on

    Cromer Pier and where else on a hot August Bank Holiday can you find a huge

    beach to play cricket on? Horsey Gap! And on to the thrills and spills of Gt Yarmouth.

    If you get up early, you can see the sun rise at Hopton. Enjoy your summer.


  • The Gayton Group of Parishes July/August 2015 | 04


    01485 600341


    Backache is common, often coming on

    suddenly with excruciating pain.

    However, seeing the doctor

    immediately is unlikely to help. Pain in

    a leg is common and is due to sciatica.

    Take adequate painkilling medication

    such as paracetamol and ibuprofen.

    Rest for up to 24 hours, but then be as active

    as you can to mobilise and

    strengthen your back, returning to

    work as soon as possible. Prolonged

    rest can cause further damage.

    When to see the doctor

    If backache fails to improve after

    two weeks

    If you have difficulty controlling

    bladder or bowels

    If you have weakness or numbness

    of a leg

  • The Gayton Group of Parishes July/August 2015 | 05


    Who can remember John Masefield's beautiful poem Sea Fever?

    I must go down to the sea again, to the lonely sea and the sky, and all I ask is a tall

    ship and a star to steer her by.

    On July 12th we have an opportunity to remember the Mission to Seafarers on Sea

    Sunday, when we think of everyone whose way of life and livelihood depends upon

    the sea. In the coastal waters of Britain and all over the world the Mission to

    Seafarers provides support, in everyday life and in maritime emergencies.

    In Norfolk we are fortunate to have a very beautiful coastline which attracts many

    visitors to our region. However, if we think globally, Sea Sunday takes on particular

    significance. I must go down to the sea...

    Current news stories remind us of the plight of huge numbers of desperate people,

    men, women and children: economic migrants and refugees fleeing war zones,

    risking and so often tragically losing their lives in over-crowded, unseaworthy

    vessels; and finding little comfort after they disembark as they are refused entry to

    their chosen destination; and refugee camps spring up across the Mediterranean.

    We all have the right to live without fear. As fellow members of the human race we

    cannot help but have profound sorrow at these tragic events, perhaps feeling

    powerless to influence things; but we do have the option to lobby our MP, to actively

    support humanitarian organisations such as Christian Aid, and most importantly to

    pray for compassion to prevail, for stability and justice in the regions from which so

    many are fleeing for their lives and, at European governmental level, for

    compassionate, creative, economically sustainable solutions.

    The Archbishop of Canterbury and the Pope have joined together in calling for

    Europe as a whole to rise up and seek to do what is just.

    Amen to that.

    Reverend Judith

  • 06 The Gayton Group of Parishes July/August 2015 |

    Yoga ClassesBeginners & improvers

    Young & not-so-young

    Mondays & Wednesdays

    7.30pm - 9pm

    Wednesdays 6.10pm - 7.10pm

    Methodist Chapel

    Chapel Road

    Pott Row

    Call Debra on

    01485 601136

    Full, part or assisted DIY livery

    Secure yard, trailer parking

    Indoor school

    (available for external hire)

    Jumping paddock

    Grazing only available

    Quiet location, secure fencing

    07900 083208

    01485 600120 (evenings only)

    EWING &

    DAUGHTERsCarpentry Maintenance Renovations

    All Building Works Undertaken Fitted Kitchens

    Internal Carpentry Works (Doors,Wood Flooring,Custom

    Fitted Wardrobes etc.)

    External Carpentry Works ( Traditional Cut Roofs,

    Windows & Doors, Facias, Fencing and much more)

    Tel: 07794 151588 or 01553 630227


    Please contact for a free friendly no obligation quote.


  • 07 The Gayton Group of Parishes July/August 2015 |

    The orchard is now three years old and

    after Andy and myself pruned the trees

    in the Spring we have had a lot of

    blossom. We live in hope that we may

    have apples this year. To ensure the

    safety of any apples produced we will be

    mustering the 'Gayton Thorpe' militia to

    stand guard. Please ensure that all

    muskets are clean and ready for action.

    Andy is also hoping to arrange an apple

    day in the Autumn in the Orchard so

    stand by.


    I hope everyone had a chance to visit

    Susanna's exhibition of her artwork. It

    certainly seemed like she had a lot of

    visitors and I stand in awe of anyone that

    can produce such imaginative pictures.


    Kirsty has now taken up her place on the

    Parish Council so we are back up to two

    representatives again if anyone has any

    issues they wish to be raised.

    The next Parish Council meeting is th

    Monday 13 July at 7.30pm. If anyone

    has any matter that they wish to raise

    please let me or Kirsty know or attend

    the meeting as everyone is welcome.

    Simon Taylor 01553 636763

    Church update

    Our next Celtic Service will be held on

    Sunday 26th July at the later time of

    6pm. Do come and join us.

    Refreshments are always served

    afterwards for anyone who would like to

    stay for a chat - or just for tea and cake!

    Following the information about the

    church organ and other plans for the

    church, we have received very little

    response. The response we have had

    from within the village has been in favour

    of removing the organ as well as

    carrying out the other works suggested.

    We have since had a meeting at the

    church with the Diocese to discuss their

    initial views on the proposed changes

    and they were very positive. We now

    have to make a formal application to the

    Diocese for permission to make the

    various changes. It will be a great deal of

    paperwork, but hopefully we will have

    some news as to what permissions we

    have been granted by the time of the

    next magazine. At the very least, we

    should be able to provide an update on


    The application for permission will need

    to be advertised at the church, so if you

    are interested, please keep an eye on

    the church noticeboard over the next

    month or so, as any notices will be

    posted there.



  • 08 The Gayton Group of Parishes July/August 2015 |




    The Parish Council met on Wednesday th

    10 June 2015.

    Councillors raised concerns about the

    standard of highway repairs. It appears

    to them that some repairs, with particular

    reference to pot holes, can't be

    considered as value for money as the

    repairs are amateurish and will last only

    a small amount of time. It also appears

    that other work that should be done and

    could be done at the same time is being


    Representatives of NCC had promised

    last year that the vegetation on the left

    hand side would be cut back and yet still

    nothing has been done. As our County

    Councillor wasn't present it was agreed

    to write to him with our general concerns

    over these issues.

    It was also reported that the silica sand

    review has reached the next stage. A

    call has gone out to all land owners and

    operators to put forward sites for mining

    of silica sand. The deadline for this is th

    30 June 2015. The Parish Council

    resolved to keep an eye on this review

    and will be very interested to see what

    sites have been put forward.

    It was agreed that we will ask our

    grounds maintenance contractor to cut

    around two bus stops along the B1145.

    With the recent warm and wet weather

    the vegetation is getting out of control

    and is making life hard for those waiting

    for buses.

    We also had some welcome news about

    Homewatch and our chief coordinator

    has written a piece which you will find in

    this newsletter. It appears that

    Homewatch is being regarded as

    important to the Police and this can only

    be good news for our area.

    Borough Councillor Alistair Beales

    attended the meeting and gave the

    Parish Council a review of the recent

    weeks at the borough Council. Cllr

    Beales has retained the portfolio for

    regeneration and has also become

    Deputy Leader.


    Leziate Parish Council next meets on 8

    July 2015, 7.30pm in the village hall. All

    parishioners are welcome.

    NB: Advance warning there will be no

    Parish Council meeting in August.

    Ashwicken & Leziate Home


    The National Home Watch Association

    has launched a new country wide web site

    in conjunction with the Police to allow all

    Home Watch (HW) schemes to register

    the contact details of the coordinators and


    I have registered the Ashwicken & Leziate

    scheme and would like to invite you to take

    a look at the web site and if you would like

  • 09 The Gayton Group of Parishes July/August 2015 |

    Leziate WI

    We all enjoy singing Jerusalem when

    starting our meetings and, although we

    had 5 apologies, we sounded like a

    choir! Our speaker was Pat Watts, who

    explained the main resolution for the

    National AGM at the Royal Albert Hall ,

    which was of the NHS failing in health

    and social care and assessing the need

    for long-term nursing care. We all

    agreed this and had a long discussion

    about it. This left us no time for the quiz

    organized by Joan Brown. Birthday

    mugs went to Mary Belmair, Margaretta

    Whiskin, Margaret Fox and Georgy

    Morris. Janet Jary and Mary Ryan were

    tea hostesses. Margaret Fox won the


    Our June meeting was also open to

    visitors and we welcomed 6 members

    from Ingoldisthorpe. Our speaker was

    to become a Member just register

    following the simple instructions on the


    Registering as a Member entitles that

    household to benefit from a reduction in

    home insurance if your insurance

    company is part of this scheme. The web

    site has lots of details about HW in general

    for those that would like to know more.

    As a member you will receive updates on

    crime prevention in our area as well as the

    latest crime figures. We luckily live in a low

    crime area and being a member of a HW

    scheme will help us to deter crime and

    keep our neighbourhood safe for us all.

    The Norfolk Regional Chairman for HW

    (Peter Evans) has sent the following open

    letter to all HW organisations in Norfolk. It

    provides the web site information plus his

    contact details if anyone would like to

    contact him

    Alan Smith Area coordinator

    Ann Newmeir who talked about 'how to

    pack your holiday suitcase'. She caused

    much laughter with her stories of

    travelling to different destinations,

    especially on cruises and to hot

    countries. Ann also told us of her

    experiences in the many countries she

    has visited.It brought back happy

    memories of holidays enjoyed by us all.

    Ann was thanked by Eileen Baxter. Tea

    hostesses were Violet Giles, Heather

    Box abnd Myrtle Roberts. The

    competition of a holiday photo was won

    by Wendy Twite, 2nd. Jan Eason, 3rd.

    Mary Ryan.

    We don't meet in the Village Hall for July

    and August as we go on outings instead.

    We will meet in the Leziate Village Hall

    for our September meeting, which will be

    for our Harvest Tea in this 100 years of

    WI celebration year. Competition is a

    home-made scarecrow up to 18 high.

    Visitors welcome to this meeting.

    Wendy Twite

    Ashwicken School Year 6 Leavers

    Our leavers are very excited about

    moving on to Springwood High School in

    September.Before they leave they are spending

    three days at Horstead Residential

    Centre where they will be taking part in a

    range of activities including canoeing,

    raft building, high ropes, archery and

    climbing.On the last day of term they will be going

    to Leziate Village Hall for a Leavers

    Assembly and performance of their play

    'Goodbye my friend.'We all have very fond memories of their

    time spent at Ashwicken Primary, so

    best wishes to everyone.

    Editors note. Sadly we were unable to feature a

    photograph. Please check the school web site

    for photos of year 6 leavers.

  • 10 | The Gayton Group of Parishes July/August 2015

    West Norfolk axation ServiceExperts in personal and small business taxation.

    Specialists in dealing with retired individuals,

    people with let properties and subcontractors.

    For a free initial meeting contact Gary Clark on:-

    01553 675952

    07771 760676

    Fred KPlumbing and Heating Services

    By Appointment to

    Her Majesty The Queen

    Painters and Decorators

    Andy Spooner




    01485 601 128

    07808 770 731

    painters and decorators


    200 Vong Lane


    King's Lynn


    PE32 1BW

    Painter & Decorator

    Interior & Exterior

    Domestic & Commercial

    Paper Hanging, Coving & Tiling

    OFTEC Registered

    for the servicing and installation of

    oil fired boiler and centra...