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Burn the candle at both endsEl que mucho abarca, poco aprieta (en el sentido que te desgastas al hacer tantas cosas)I want to learn English, Spanish, Italian . I turn in so late and I go to work early morning.You burn the candle at both endsPut the cart before the horsePoner el carro antes que los bueyes Oh think that Lorena always wants to do the second step.That tight, she always puts the cart before the horse.Put the foot in the mouthMeter la pataI think that I offended Marelin You always put your foot in your mouthBeat around the bushAndarse con rodeosHe was being so bombastic and he didnt say anythingAsh! He always beats around the bushLook for a needle in a haystackBuscar una aguja en un pajarI was searching a specific information about the spread of AIDS.Are you crazy? Its like to look for a needle in a haystackPlay with fireJugar con fuego The boss laid off his workersI think that he is playing with fireBark up the wrong treeApostarle al caballo equivocadoDo you think that shes your real loveWell, Im sureYou are barking up the wrong treeLook out for number oneCuidarse por si mismo (en el sentido que slo se piensa en si mismo y en nadie ms)I just want to pass the TOEFL and I dont care the others.Youre so selfish and you look out for number one.Take forever and a dayTomar una eternidadHe is so slow when he walksApparently, he takes forever and a day in order to go homeKill two birds with one stoneMatar dos pajaros de un slo tiro I will do TOEFL exam in order to pass the subject and to graduateYou will kill two birds with a stoneMiss the boatIrse el avin Pay attention, John, or you'll miss the boat and not learn algebra.Tom really missed the boat when it came to making friends.Jump out of the frying pan and into the fireSalir de guatemala para meterse a guatepeor Her parents always mistreat her and shell get married with a bad manShe jumped out of the frying pan and into the fireBetween a rock and a hard placeEntre la espada y la pared The child has to decide with whom he is going to live among his parentsOh no!, he is between a rock and a hard placeHead and shoulders above the restSer cabecita/cerebritoMy classmate always passes all the subjectsHe is head and shoulders above the restAll in a days workEs parte del trabajoIdon'tparticularlylike tocook,butit'sallina days work.Cleaning up afterotherpeopleis all inaday'sworkfora busboy.Jack-of-all-tradesEstuche de monera Wow! Hes a jack of all trades, because he can do plumbing, carpentry, and roofing.Like trying to swim upstreamIr contra la corrienteGetting my mom to let me stay out late is like trying to swim upstream.One in a millionEn un millnShe'sthesweetest, most generousperson I know-she'soneina million.Off the hookLibre de culpaThanksforgettingme off thehook.Ididn't want toattendthat meeting.Icouldn'tgetmyselfoffthehooknomatterwhatItried.All in the same boat En el mismo barcoWe can pass the subject and we can return the semesterWe are all in the same boatLike two peas in a podComo dos gotas de aguaHe is so arrogant and he takes after his fatherOh yeah! Like two peas in a podKnock somebody down with the featherCaer de sorpresa I was with my girlfriend, when suddenly my cousin knocked me down with the feather.A chip off the old blockDe tal palos tal la astillaSalinas de Gortari and Pea Nieto are a chip off the old block.On her last legsA bordo de la muerte We are in hospital 2 days and my uncle is on his last legs.On the tip of my tongueEn la punta de la lenguaI dont remember his name but i have it on the tip of my tongue.Two heads are better than oneDos cabezas piensan mejor que unoTeacher, why do I have to work in team with them?Because two heads are better than one You could have heard a pin dropPoderse or un alfiler When the sponsor was talking in the ceremony. Everybody was quiet and you could have heard a pin dropSix of one, half dozen of the otherDa lo mismoI also compared the two stereos, and in most respects it's six of one, half a dozen of the other.To each his ownCada oveja con su parejaA:Boblikeschopped prunesonicecream!B:Toeachhisown.Rain cats and dogsLlover a cantaroThe sky is so cloudyMaybe today will rain cats and dogsJust my luckVaya suerte la maOh no, America football team lost, therefore you lost the bet.Oh, just my luck.No sooner said than doneDicho y hechoJill:CanIhelpyouout?Jane:Yes!Putthese filesin alphabetical order.Jill:Nosoonersaidthandone.Theserviceatthehotelwasreallyremarkable.Everythingwe askedforwasno sooner said thandone.His bark is worse than his bitePerro que ladra no muerde I wouldnt be scared o f her If I were you. Her barks a lot worse than herbite.Where theres a will, theres a way!Querer es poder A: you need to change B: I cant, its impossibleA: Where theres a will, theres a waySo far, so good!Bien hasta ahoraPor ahora todo bienHow do I like retirement? So far so good. But ask me again in six months.

Every cloud has a silver lining!No ha mal que por bien no venga.A: I couldnt get the job.B: Dont worry maybe you have a better one.Four days laterA: Im happy, I got a good job. Ill earn more moneyB: Every cloud has a silver lining!Rome wasnt built in a dayRoma no se construy en un da I wanna earn money in this enterprise quicklyWait! Rome wasnt built in a dayThe grass is always greener on the other side of the fenceLas manzanas siempre parecen mejores en el huerto del vecinoI sometimesthinkI'd behappierteachingin Spain. Oh well, the grass is always greener on the otherside!Turn over a new leafNo hay vuelta de hoja / atrs / No hay marcha atrsEmpezar de cero A: wait! our friends are trapped by the policeB: Lets go, we cant wait. Turn over a new leaf.Dont count your chickens before theyre hatchedNo vendas la piel del oso antes de matarlo/cazarloA: Now, we have the diplomaB: Yes , but dont count your chickens before theyre hatched. You know that weve not finished the careerStand on my own two feetSostenerseShe'll have to get a joband learntostand on her own two feet sooner or later.Strike while the iron is hotAtscate ahora que hay lodo. Thisisthebesttimein thelasttenyearsto buy a house. Strike while the iron is hot. A s k Lisa for a favor now, while shes in a good mood. Strike whiletheironishot.Hit the nail right on the headDarle el blancoYou'vespottedtheflaw,Sally.Youhitthe nailon thehead.Bobdoesn't saymuch,butevery no wandthenhehitsthe nail rightonthehead.Look before you leapSer precavidoMirar antes de cruzarThinking of investing in a new business? Look before you leap!

Sink teeth intoEmpezar con todas las ganas del mundo She'donlyhadsmall partsinfilmsandwas hopingforabigger, more interestingpart, somethingshecould sinkherteethinto.It'sa reallyexcitingprojectIcan'twaittosinkmyteethintoit.Dot all the is and cross all the ts Poner los puntos sobre las iesShewriteshighlyaccuratereports- she always dot she her is and crosseshert's.Run around like a chicken with its head cut offAndar como pollo degollado I'vegotsomuchwork todo-I'vebeen running aroundlikeaheadless chickenallweek.He wasracingaround likeachickenwithits headcutofftryingtodotheworkoftwopeople.A piece of cakePan comido

I can speak Spanish, its a piece of cake Have been born with a silver spoon in his mouthNacer en cuna de oro, en paales de seda.Cuautemoc Crdenas does not know anything about poverty because he has been born with a silver spoon in his mouth.Cloud nineLa novena nuve Im fall in love with herYou are on cloud nineBreak a legBuena suerteToday is my TOEFL exam, I hope to pass it.Break a leg.Its up to youDarle la gana A: do you want me to play videogames?Its up to you, I dont careMake ends meet Para llegar a fin de mesI have two jobs in ordertomake ends meet.Cook the bookMaquillar las cifras PRI and PAN are good for cooking the bookkickbackMordida The contract to supply Tornado jets went to Smith Inc because they offered a kickback to the Defence Procurement Minister.

payoffDar una mordidaThey paid the inspector off so that they turn a blind eye to the trafficking of reptilesItchy palmDar comezn Ponerse guapo Well I feel an itchy palm. I think Ill receive money.If you dont have problem with your files, itchy palmHush money Silenciar Salinas de Gortari hushed money Cuautemoc Cardenas in the moment to win the Jefe de Gobierno.Cover up EncubrirTaparThe candidate tried to cover up his affair with a woman.

Line ones own pocketsLlenarse los bolsillosSalinas de Gortari sold the mexican enterprises and he lined his own pocketsRide the gravy trainEmbolsarse el dineroMexican politicians always ride the gravy train.Got one head over heelTener de cabezaYou really love her Thats right, she got me head over heelThere's more than one way to skin a catHay varios camino que conducen a RomaA: This is not the only way to answer the TOEFL.B: Theres more than one way to skin a cat