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<ul><li><p>5/27/2018 Tong hop TRane.pdf</p><p> 1/212</p><p>Products, services and controls for air-conditioning</p><p>and refrigeration in commercial and industrial markets</p><p>General Catalogue</p><p>PROD-PRC011-E4</p></li><li><p>5/27/2018 Tong hop TRane.pdf</p><p> 2/212</p><p>American Standard Inc. 2004</p><p>Cooling-only system</p><p>Heat pump (or reversible cooling/heating) system</p><p>Heat recovery system</p><p>R134a refrigerant</p><p>R407C refrigerant</p><p>R404A refrigerant</p><p>Unit is certified Eurovent</p><p>Unit is directly compatible</p><p>with Tracer Summit</p><p>Conforms to the BACnet standard</p><p>Conforms to the applicableLonMark profiles</p><p>Cooling-only + gas burner</p><p>Cooling-only + electric heater</p><p>Throughout this catalogue, Option refers to a factory-mounted device. Accessory refers to a device that is to be installed on the job site</p><p>Plant control applications</p><p>Water terminal + scroll chiller applications</p><p>Air handling unit + air distribution system applications</p><p>Rooftop + VAV applications</p><p>Interoperability and integration</p><p>Factory-mounted controller as standard</p></li><li><p>5/27/2018 Tong hop TRane.pdf</p><p> 3/212</p><p>TR</p><p>ANE</p><p>QUAL</p><p>ITY</p><p>Trane was the first company in its industrial</p><p>sector to obtain ISO 9001 certification, in</p><p>December 1987. Since December 2002, Tranehas been certified ISO 9001: 2000 process-</p><p>based Quality Management System.</p><p>Trane participates in the Eurovent certification</p><p>programmes where product performance and</p><p>construction data are validated by</p><p>independent laboratories.</p><p>All products supplied within the European</p><p>Union conform to essential safety and health</p><p>requirements established by applicableEuropean directives.</p><p>1PROD-PRC011-E4</p><p>Trane Quality</p></li><li><p>5/27/2018 Tong hop TRane.pdf</p><p> 4/212</p><p>2</p><p>PROD-PRC011-E4</p><p>Wherever you are in the world, there is alwaysa Trane representative near you, who will puthis expertise and know-how at your service.</p><p>Trane supports its products in the field with flexible SecuriTraneTM</p><p>manufacturers assistance contracts: technical audits, preventivemechanical servicing, warranty extensions, remote monitoring,24/7 access, or bringing equipment into compliance with variouslegislations.</p><p>All Trane engineers and technicians are expertsin refrigeration and air-conditioning control.Trane will take the extra step beyondinstallation to perfectly adapt the equipmentto its environment, by taking control of andseeing to an efficient and high-performance</p><p>start-up.</p><p>An expert</p><p>Proximity</p><p>SecuriTraneTM</p><p>manufacturers assistance</p><p>Start-up</p></li><li><p>5/27/2018 Tong hop TRane.pdf</p><p> 5/212</p><p>3</p><p>PROD-PRC011-E4</p><p>Trane can instruct you in the operation of itsequipment, by conducting training on location</p><p>with the maintenance managers.</p><p>Tranes technical expertise enables you to safeguard yourinstallation by benefiting from exclusive services: post start-upvisit, oil and laboratory analysis, Eddy current tube analysis.</p><p>Thanks to a full inventory, Trane can providespare parts and any possible supplies that youmay need within short deadlines and this just</p><p>after a simple phone call.</p><p>supports you...</p><p>R</p><p>ANE</p><p>ERVI</p><p>E</p><p>Training</p><p>Technical expertise</p><p>Logistics - Spare parts</p></li><li><p>5/27/2018 Tong hop TRane.pdf</p><p> 6/212</p><p>68</p><p>70</p><p>72</p><p>74</p><p>76</p><p>38</p><p>52</p><p>58</p><p>60</p><p>46</p><p>4</p><p>66</p><p>78</p><p>80</p><p>84</p><p>92</p><p>92</p><p>100</p><p>106</p><p>8</p><p>16</p><p>24</p><p>29</p><p>Air handling units</p><p>360-4 320 m3/h</p><p>Air handling units700-108 000 m3/h</p><p>Air handling units</p><p>700-250 000 m3/h</p><p>Air handling units</p><p>1 000-50 000 m3/h</p><p>Air handling units1 000-200 000 m3/h</p><p>Air handling units1 200-86 000 m3/h</p><p>Variable air volume systems</p><p>Linear and cassette diffusers</p><p>CCGA</p><p>CLCP</p><p>CCEA</p><p>CCH</p><p>CCTA</p><p>CCVA</p><p>VariTrane</p><p>VDLE-VRLE-Cassette</p><p>UniTrane FCC-FCK-FVC</p><p>Slim Line HFO-HFR</p><p>Slim Line HFH</p><p>FWD</p><p>CWS</p><p>Fan coil units1-12 kW</p><p>Fan coil units for office applications</p><p>2-7 kW</p><p>Fan coil units for hotel applications1-5 kW</p><p>Chilled water ductable units4-30 kW</p><p>Chilled water cassette1-12 kW</p><p>Domain solutions</p><p>Application solutions</p><p>Application selection information</p><p>Technical characteristics</p><p>Building Automation Systems</p><p>Air Systems</p><p>Chilled Water Terminals</p><p>Axial fans, scroll compressor19-61 kW</p><p>Scroll compressor50-240 kW</p><p>Scroll compressor, heat pump49-218 kW</p><p>Axial fans, helical rotary compressor250-650 kW</p><p>Axial fans, helical rotary compressor400-1500 kW</p><p>CGA/VGA</p><p>AquaStreamTM CGAN</p><p>AquaStreamTM CXAN</p><p>RTAD</p><p>RTAC</p><p>Air-cooled Chillers</p><p>TABLE OF CONTENTS</p><p>PROD-PRC011-E4</p></li><li><p>5/27/2018 Tong hop TRane.pdf</p><p> 7/212</p><p>132</p><p>144</p><p>138</p><p>150</p><p>5</p><p>4</p><p>154</p><p>158</p><p>166</p><p>174</p><p>182</p><p>183</p><p>112</p><p>114</p><p>118</p><p>120</p><p>124</p><p>198</p><p>200</p><p>188</p><p>190</p><p>194</p><p>204</p><p>Reversible8-13 kW</p><p>Reversible17-62 kW</p><p>Cooling-only17-143 kW</p><p>Gas-fired17-143 kW</p><p>Light commercial building supervisor</p><p>Variable air volume systems</p><p>Rooftops</p><p>Scroll compressor</p><p>51-153 kW</p><p>Helical rotary compressor200-700 kW</p><p>Helical rotary compressor</p><p>500-1500 kW</p><p>Centrifugal compressor</p><p>1400-3800 kW</p><p>Helical rotary compressor, heat recovery version270-385 kW</p><p>Centrifugal fans, scroll compressor49-150 kW</p><p>Centrifugal fans, helical rotary compressor132-262 kW</p><p>Condenserless chiller, scroll compressor51-153 kW</p><p>Condenserless chiller, helical rotary compressor</p><p>160-640 kW</p><p>Water-cooled Chillers</p><p>Air-cooled Chillers</p><p>Condensing Units and Remote Condensers</p><p>Condensing unit3-15 kW</p><p>Condensing unit55-218 kW</p><p>Remote condenser215-600 kW</p><p>Variable frequency drives</p><p>0.37-400 kW</p><p>Variable Frequency Drives</p><p>VarioTrane TR1</p><p>Technology and comfort applications5-20 kW</p><p>High tech applications22-63 kW</p><p>Jupiter</p><p>Mercury</p><p>TTK/TWK</p><p>RAUL</p><p>RTCA</p><p>ImpackTM WCC</p><p>Voyager WSD/WSH-WKD/WKH</p><p>Voyager TSD/TSH-TKD/TKH</p><p>Voyager YSD/YSH-YKD/YKH</p><p>Tracker</p><p>VariTracTM ll</p><p>CGWH</p><p>RTWB</p><p>RTHD</p><p>CVGF</p><p>RTAA HR</p><p>CGCL</p><p>RTRA</p><p>CCUH</p><p>RTUB</p><p>PROD-PRC011-E4</p><p>Close Control Units</p></li><li><p>5/28/2018 Tong hop TRane.pdf</p><p> 8/212</p><p>6</p><p>BuildingAutomationSystems</p><p>PROD-PRC011-E4</p></li><li><p>5/28/2018 Tong hop TRane.pdf</p><p> 9/212</p><p>7</p><p>BuildingAutomat</p><p>ionSystems</p><p>Solutions Evaluation and SupportWherever the location in Europe, Trane customers get a high level of support in their BMS</p><p>projects. Trane, thanks to its long experience in HVAC equipment manufacturing and support,</p><p>has developed competencies in solutions evaluation.</p><p>Specialists can help Trane customers put several solutions side by side and compare them from</p><p>an economical stand point (first cost, return on investment, amortization) and from anefficiency and reliability stand point. The evaluation tools used, mostly based on simulationsoftware, can take into account the gain of using Building Management Systems with</p><p>traditional HVAC equipment.</p><p>Open SystemsTrane knows that there are several systems serving building owners and operation managers.</p><p>Trane considers it crucial that these systems operate together, in the simplest way, in the most</p><p>efficient manner.</p><p>Trane has adopted the latest open protocols standard and built them as native services into its</p><p>BMS offer. Two ways of open communication are therefore offered today as standard functions:</p><p> Trane can integrate other manufacturers' equipment into a Trane BMS, by using LonTalk*protocol.</p><p> Trane systems are also ready for interoperability, by the use of BACnetTM* protocol.</p><p>PROD-PRC011-E4</p><p>* Trane is a sponsor of BACnet Interest Group Association</p><p>Factory-mounted ControlsEvery piece of equipment leaving the factory is equipped with a controller which ismounted, wired up, configured and tested before the unit ships to the site. This ensures</p><p>that equipment is easy to commission and ready to run.</p></li><li><p>5/28/2018 Tong hop TRane.pdf</p><p> 10/212</p><p>8</p><p>Domain: Industry</p><p>Trane already has a wide experience of industrial controlapplications, starting from simple chiller plant</p><p>management, up to highly technical systems, such as</p><p>underground water source heat pumps, or condenser</p><p>optimization for improving chillers efficiency.</p><p>One of the highest priority of Trane engineers when</p><p>designing an industrial application is to ensure a system</p><p>that is reliable. As an example installation operationcontinuity is being focused on at design and</p><p>commissioning stages. Trane proposes systems that can</p><p>revert to a safe stand alone running mode should any</p><p>issue such as communication troubles arise, offering</p><p>cooling capacity until the issue has been analyzed andfixed.</p><p>On top of that reliability, Trane system allows for ease of</p><p>system operation. Whatever the proposed solution is,Trane always proposes simple to use user interfaces.</p><p>These one's always offer pertinent information about</p><p>system status and running conditions. Since every piece</p><p>of equipment is hooked up to a network, the user canaccess at any time many system and unit's information,</p><p>allowing for easy diagnosis, and easy understanding of</p><p>system reactions.</p><p>Pre-engineered chiller plant management function areimplemented on the system so that commissioning time</p><p>can be as reduced as possible.</p><p>Trane also focuses on savings.This objective is focusedon since the beginning of the project. Piping</p><p>arrangement, chiller technology, unit sizes arrangement</p><p>are being studied so that customer can get the best result</p><p>of their installation, according to their system load profile.Chiller Plant sequencing is a powerful pre-engineered</p><p>function that only requires parameters for being able to</p><p>drive the installation with high level of optimization.</p><p>From here, Trane is able to propose the BMS productsadapted to the solution that the customer has chosen. At</p><p>this point of time, BMS project fulfillment teams takeover the project. BMS project fulfillment teams follow a</p><p>complete process: building clear and fully detailed projectspecifications, proposing clear project development and</p><p>fulfillment schedule, and project management.</p><p>PROD-PRC011-E4</p><p>Utilities and HVAC process control</p></li><li><p>5/28/2018 Tong hop TRane.pdf</p><p> 11/212</p><p>Trane also has developed the capacity of offering fullsupport to its customers, beginning with customer'stechnical service.Trane proposes its simulation andsolution evaluation software. Using this tool, customer's</p><p>can easily evaluate the best alternative for solving theirproblem, by being able to view the solutions from</p><p>different angles, such as economical aspects, technical</p><p>aspects, safety and reliability etc</p><p>With Trane's organization, customer's have a singlesource of responsibility.They can have access to projectinfo from this single source. After the project has been</p><p>fulfilled, it is also easy for customer's to get assistance</p><p>from Trane in concluding a maintenance and servicecontract including HVAC and BMS equipment / software's.</p><p>This way, system fluctuations, fine tuning etc can be</p><p>done by people working in sync with those teams that</p><p>have developed originally the application. This by essenceensures service continuity as well as efficiency inanswering any request of system improvement or</p><p>adaptation.</p><p>PROD-PRC011-E4</p><p>9</p></li><li><p>5/28/2018 Tong hop TRane.pdf</p><p> 12/212</p><p>10</p><p>Building control</p><p>Domain: Small/medium size office</p><p>The know-how gained while sharing experiences with itscomfort process customer has led Trane to develop BMS</p><p>solutions dedicated to these applications.</p><p>Comfort is a key in these projects, but not the only one.Having a look at the entire project process, as well as</p><p>offering a system capable of handling the overall building</p><p>control functions has also been taken into account in</p><p>order to offer packaged solutions.</p><p>The packages Trane offers allow for several advantages:</p><p>Comfort:All Trane HVAC equipment are shipped withfactory-mounted/factory-programmed controls, offering</p><p>easy-to-install equipment, and reduced commissioningtime. All building equipment is fully compatible with each</p><p>other thanks to use of LonTalk protocol. All comfort</p><p>control functions, such as scheduling, heating/cooling</p><p>change over management, timed overrides, chiller plant</p><p>management, boiler plant management, indoor air qualitycontrol are built in the system. The system also ensures</p><p>acoustic performance, by having FCU using the lowest</p><p>fan speed possible.</p><p>Energy savings:Trane's package includes severalfunctions dedicated to energy savings, such as</p><p>chiller/boiler plant optimization, allowing for pumping</p><p>energy savings, as well as equipment starts and stopsoptimization. It also includes automatic water</p><p>temperature compensation, occupied / stand by /</p><p>unoccupied modes for FCU etc</p><p>Ease of use:Trane's solution offers a VGA display,presenting data as graphics. The entire system can beaccessed by an intuitive navigation tree system. Daily</p><p>operators can easily access information such as ambient</p><p>temperatures, setpoint settings, timed override on any</p><p>zone, not being forced to understand HOW comfort isbeing maintained. For more advanced users or technical</p><p>personnel, the system also offers capability to access to</p><p>details about equipment such as various running</p><p>conditions for chillers, boilers, and AHU, or optimizationparameters for Plant controls. System however</p><p>integrates advanced event logging and trending, and very</p><p>powerful system access protection through password</p><p>strategies.</p><p>PROD-PRC011-E4</p></li><li><p>5/28/2018 Tong hop TRane.pdf</p><p> 13/212</p><p>Ease of installation:Trane's delivered packagecan come as a predefined kit including all components,</p><p>control panels and so on, so that very little amount of</p><p>coordination is requested for on site installation, wiringand commissioning. It is also possible to get the parts as</p><p>individual pieces, would the contractor, or would</p><p>technical constraints such as clearance etc not allow</p><p>for using the full 'kit'.</p><p>Flexibility:Trane's system is capable not only ofhandling Trane equipment, but also extending its domain</p><p>to integration of non-HVAC functions, such as external</p><p>lighting systems, grass watering, intrusion system or</p><p>even alarms from ancillaries such as power systems,circuit breakers etc</p><p>Ease of doing business with:Choosing thissolution means having only one company handling the</p><p>overall comfort process. Trane is the contact for any</p><p>advice concerning either the HVAC equipment or theassociated BMS. System optimization will be done by</p><p>people who perfectly understand the HVAC equipment,</p><p>and BMS components.</p><p>Thus Trane's offer is a solution that allows for betterbuilding performances and optimized projectmanagement, answering all concerns.</p><p>PROD-PRC011-E4</p><p>11</p></li><li><p>5/28/2018 Tong hop TRane.pdf</p><p> 14/212</p><p>12</p><p>Domain: Large office building</p><p>In addition to HVAC application solutions for large scale</p><p>building projects, Trane has developed one of the mostopen Building Management System solutions availableon the market. This range of solutions, completely</p><p>developed and manufactured by Trane, is the sum of</p><p>decades of expertise, hundreds of HVAC system designs,</p><p>thousands of operating and maintenance experts. It is theway a reliable and renowned manufacturer helps his</p><p>customer get the best out of his products.</p><p>Large building comfort application have been carefully</p><p>studied by Trane and fully optimized functions have beenimplemented within Trane's BMS. These functions offer</p><p>several unique advantages to Trane's contacts along the</p><p>project cycle.</p><p>Flexibility:Trane's BMS is a highly flexible systemthat offers ease of (re) configuration. This allows thesystem to be adapted at every step of a project. It has</p><p>also been considered that large buildings require changes</p><p>quite regularly in the levels layout (open space) and</p><p>Trane's system is fully organized as to allow for spacereconfiguration, thanks to advanced master/slavecapabilities of terminal units controller, perfectly fitted in</p><p>the global BMS.</p><p>Flexibility is also at first priority when consideringBuilding Operations. Trane's BMS integrates...</p></li></ul>