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Training Suggestions for Menu Planners Indiana Department of Educations (IDOE) Crediting Website - Courses: 1. Product Formulation Statement Webinar 2. Standardized Recipe Webinar 3. Food Buying Guide 4. Whole Grain Chart IDOE Training Website - Indianas No Time to Train Lesson Plans - Courses: 1. Fruit Preparation Lesson Plan 2. Vegetable Preparation Lesson Plan 3. Weights and Measures Lesson Plan 4. Equipment How-Tos Indiana School Nutrition Association - Institute of Child Nutrition - Courses: 1. CT1-6 Culinary Lessons 2. Focus on the Customer 3. Food Safety in Schools 4. Inventory Management Controlling Cost 5. Managing Food Allergies 6. Marketing your School Nutrition Program 7. Meal Patterns 8. Portion Control 9. Recipe Adjustments 10. Weights and Measures inTEAM - (You will need your FSDs username/password only one username/password per School Corporation.) Courses: 1. Crediting Foods 2. Food Production Record 3. IDOE Coffee Break Webinars 4. Nutritional Quality and Meal Pattern for Menu Planners 5. Weights vs. Volume USDA Professional Standards Website - Specific Training topics to look into: 1. Communication/Marketing Program Promotion, Customer Service, Communication Skills Nutrition - Menu Planning (Nutrition Requirements, Standardized Recipes, Menu Analysis, USDA Foods) 3. Operations Cashier and Point of Service (Reimbursable Meals, POS Financial Responsibility, Free or Reduced Identification) 4. Operations - Food Production (Food Production Records, Culinary Skills, Use and Care of Equipment, CN Labeling and Crediting) 5. Operations Food Safety and HACCP 6. Operations Receiving and Storage (Inventory Management, Receiving and Storage, Hold and Recall) 7. Operations Serving Food (Portion Sizes/Special Diets, Offer vs. Serve, Food Quality) Additional Resources: 6 Cent Certification Worksheets (use these to ensure weekly menus are compliant) - IDOE School Nutrition Program Manual - USDA Meal Pattern - Various cycle menus


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