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Twelfth Night. Group 9 B9307066 B9407066 B9407073 B9407082 B9407086 B9407089 Dec 20, 2007. VS. Adaption --Shes the Man Passionate Love Cross-dressing Coincidence. Table of Contents. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • *Twelfth Night Group 9B9307066 B9407066 B9407073 B9407082 B9407086 B9407089 Dec 20, 2007 VS. Adaption --Shes the Man Passionate Love Cross-dressing Coincidence

  • *Table of ContentsInformation --- p.3 ~ p.5Introduction: characters, setting, plot --- p.6 ~ p.16Metaphor --- p.17Literary Terms --- p.18 ~ p.22Comparing with the filmic adaption -Shes the Man --- p.23 ~ p.29Works Cited--p. 30Job list---p. 31

  • *InformationIt was written possibly as early as 1599, but is usually dated 1601.The earliest performance record: February 2, 1602 at the Middle Temple.The major theme of celebration and festivity was prevalent in all of the sources from which Shakespeare drew.

  • *InformationTwelfth Nights light-hearted gaiety is fitting for a play named for the Epiphany(1/6), the last night in the twelve days after Christmas. The celebrations of the Renaissance era were a time for plays, banquets, and disguises, when cultural roles were reversed and normal customs playfully subverted.

  • *InformationSharing similarities with Shakespeares other plays: The Comedy of Errors identical twinsThe Two Gentlemen of Verona A girl dressed as a page, who must woo another woman for the man she loves.

  • *OrsinoThe Duke of Illyria. He is lovesick for Olivia, and is trying to win her affections.Orsinos use of elaborate, poetic language to identify his feelings indicates that he is experiencing courtly love. He is more devoted to love than he ever is to Olivia, and that his feelings are sterile and lack self-awareness. Orsino & Viola/ Cesario

  • *Quotation of OrsinoIf music be the food of love, play on. Give me excess of it; that surfeiting, the appetite may sicken , and so die. (..1-3)Save in the constant image of the creature, that is belovd. (. .18, 19-20) Orsino

  • *Viola, CesarioSebastians twin sister. She disguises herself as a page, and courts Olivia for the Duke. Her disguise as Cesario allows her and the audience to see through the pretenses of characters like Olivia and Orsino.She can be fatalistic in her attitude to time. Orsino & Viola/ Cesario

  • *Viola, Cesario. is the first and last time that Viola appears in womens clothing.She doesnt remove her mens clothing at the end of the play.

    Quotation:Yet a barful strife! Whoeer I woo, myself would be his wife. (. .42)Must untangle this, not I. It is too hard a knot for me tuntie (. .40-41)

  • *Olivia A rich countess. She rejects Orsinos romantic attention in favor of Viola, whose twin brother (Sebastian) she marries, mistaking him for the page she loves.Orsino Beautiful but cruel; Captain a virtuous maid; Viola Too proud She quickly accepts what happens to her as part of her fate.

  • *OliviaHer prolonged period of mourning is as artificial as Orsinos courtly love, and needs to be awakened from her dream world by Viola and Sebastian.QuotationFate, show thy force: ourselves we do not owe; what is decreed must be; and be this so. (. .310-11) Olivia

  • *SebastianViolas twin brother. Even though he is astonished by Olivias behavior, he submits to a hasty wedding.Both he and Olivia are contented with their marriage to one another.Quotation:If it be thus to dream, still let me sleep! (. .310-11)

  • *Other CharactersCurio & Valentine: The Dukes attendants. They assist Orsino by sending messages for him.

    Captain: Violas friend. He saves Viola from drowning and assists her in disguising herself as a pageboy.

    Sir Toby: Olivias uncle. He lives with Olivia, and wants her to marry his friend and benefactor Sir Andrew, in order to maintain a place in her household. Ends up marrying his co-conspirator, Maria.

    Maria: Olivias gentlewoman. Ends up marrying Sir Toby.

  • Other CharactersSir Andrew: Sir Tobys friend. He is manipulated by Sir Toby to romantically pursue Olivia, and finds himself opposing Viola and late Sebastian in a duel for Olivias favor.

    Feste: A clown. In spite of being a professional fool, Feste often seems the wisest character in the play. Also stands for the playwright.

    Malvolio: Olivias steward. He is tricked into believing that Olivia is in love with him.

  • *Viola Orsino Olivia SebastianViola Plot Olivia

  • *SettingIllyria:An ancient region on the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea covering parts of modern Croatia, Montenegro and Albania.Providing romantic atmosphere in this play. In drama and literature Illyria can be a half-fictional country.The pronunciation is similar with Elysium.

  • *Shakespeares ComediesHaving a happy ending, usually involving marriage for all the unmarried characters, , and a tone and style that is more lighthearted than Shakespeare's other plays. Shakespearean comedies features:A struggle of young lovers to overcome difficulty that is often presented by elders Separation and unification Mistaken identities A clever servant Heightened tensions, often within a family Multiple, intertwining plots Frequent use of puns

  • *MetaphorIt is a play about drowning: in love, in sorrow, in appetite. Olivias gifts:Ring for Cesario and precious pearl for Sebastian. Jewelry serves as a token of her love. Those are intended almost as bribes.The darkness of Malvolios prison:madness and his supposed insanity.Changes of clothing: Changes in gender and class distinction.

  • *Irony Saying one thing and meaning another.Verbal irony:A statement in which the literal meaning differs from the implicit meaning.

  • *Irony Dramatic irony:A plot device in which a character holds position or has expectation that is reversed or fulfilled in a way that the character did not expect but that we as readers or as audience members, have anticipated because our knowledge of events or individuals is more complete than the characters.Ex. Oedipus Rex.

  • *Irony Situational irony:Accidental events occur that seem oddly appropriate, such as the poetic justice of a pickpocket getting his own pocket picked.Both the victim and the audience are simultaneously aware of the situation in situational irony.

  • *Pastoral ;A poem that describes the simple life of country folk, usually shepherds who love a timeless, painless life in a world full of beauty, music and love.It usually idealized shepherds' lives in order to create an image of peaceful and uncorrupted existence. More generally, pastoral describes the simplicity, charm, and serenity attributed to country life, or any literary convention that places kindly, rural people in nature-centered activities.Typically, pastoral liturgy depicts beautiful scenery, carefree shepherds, seductive nymphs, and rural songs and dances.

  • *Green WorldA literary concept coined by Canadian critic Northrop Frye.the main characters escape the order of a city for a forested and wild setting adjacent to the city. This natural environment is often described as a green world. It is in this more loosely structured, fantastic environment that issues surrounding social order, romantic relationships, and inter-generational strife, which are a prominent part of the "city world", become resolved, facilitating a return to the normal order.

  • *2006 Adapted MovieDirector: Andy FickmanStarring Amanda Bynes (Viola) & Channing Tatum (Duke Orsino).Inspired by Shakespeares Twelfth Night.Mixed up element of soccer during World Cup.

  • *CharactersDuke Orsino: The soccer team leader in Illyria High School.He is shy and silent.Crush on Olivia.Viola: The leader of the girls soccer team in Cornwall High School.She is quick, boyish and active.Falling in love with her roommate, Orsino. Orsino & Viola

  • *CharactersOlivia: Studying in Illyria, just broke up with a college guy. Sensitive, eager to be understood. Sebastian: Violas twin brother, just transferred to Illyria. Playing music in London for two weeks.Cant play soccer at all.,h=179,pd=1,w=238.jpg & Orsino

  • *Orsion Viola Olivia Viola Plot

  • *CoincidencesSchool production: What You WillThe pizza parlor is called CesariosVarious characters names are the same. Malvolio is Malcolms tarantula , and Malcolm stands for Malvolio.

  • *Differences and RationalizationShes the M