Unit10 Where did you go on vacation? Period 2 龙七中 杨玉珍

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  • Unit10 Where did you go on vacation?Period 2

  • Where did they go on vacation?went to the beachwent to the museumwent to the mountainsA:Did you go to the on vacation?B:Yes I did ./No,I didnt.New York Citythe Great Wall

  • Ask and answerA:Where did you go on vacation?B:I went to on vacation.A:Did you go to ?B:Yes,I did./No,I didnt.

    Guangxi GuilinYunnan Lijiang Hangzhou West lakeBeijing the Great WallAnhui HuangshanShangdong Taishan

  • B:It was fantastic.A:How was the movie?

  • A:How were the movies?B:They were fantastic.

  • B:It was delicious.A:How was the strawberry?

  • A:How were the strawberries?B:They were delicious.

  • A:How was the apple?B:It was awful.

  • A:How was your vacation?B:It was pretty good.A:How was the food?B:It was delicious.A:How was the weather?B:It was warm.A:How were the people?B:They were unfriendly.

    great/boring/not bad/relaxing

    awful/not bad/great



  • Lets enjoy some beautiful places.

  • Tour festival guidingChoose a place to have a trip according the tour guiding,and make a new conversation with your partner.()How is it going?Where did you go? How was your vacation?How was the food/people/weather?


    May 1 May 2 May 3 May 4

  • A:Hello,Lily.B:Hi,Mary.A:Hows it going?B:Pretty good.A:Where did you go on vacation?B:I went to Taishan.A:Really?How was your vacation?B:Great.A:How was the weather?B:It was sunny.A:How was the food.B:It was delicious

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