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Ursynow : My district My home My life. Index. All about me..2 Introduction ..... 4 Transport..... 8 Entertainment... 21 Trade and Services .... 25 Eating out........................ 31 Sport and Recreation ............ 35 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Guidebook of Ursynow</p> <p>Ursynow:My districtMy home My lifeAll about me..2Introduction ..... 4Transport..... 8Entertainment... 21Trade and Services .... 25Eating out........................ 31Sport and Recreation ............ 35Help..................... 45Maps ....</p> <p>page 1IndexAll about meHi!Im Agnieszka Kos and Im 15. I come from Poland and I live in Ursynow district of our capital (Warsaw), with my parents, younger brother ond our cat My hobby is painting and actually Ive been doing it for 3 years, but I think Im good I love traveling too. I want to see so many countries and get to know their culture. Im very keen on Formula 1 races and Lewis Hamilton Brithish F1 driver. My favourite band is R5 american band with 5 members (family + a friend): Ross Lynch, Rydel Lynch, Riker Lynch, Rocky Lynch &amp; Ellington Ratliff.I live with this motto: When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to archive it - Paulo Coelho page 2All about me</p> <p>My estatepage 3All about meThis is a guidebook about one of Warsaws district - Ursynow. It will provide you with instructions how find more informations and safely and enjoyably spend there time.You can there a lot of information about transport,security service, entertainment, health, sports and recreation and other practical topics. page 4IntroductionIntroductionUrsynow is the southernmost district of Warsaw (capital of Poland) with a surface area of 44.6 km. It is the third largest district in Warsaw, comprising 8.6 percent of the city. The district has a population of almost 148,000 and is one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in Warsaw. Nearly 25 percent of its inhabitants are below 18 years of age. page 5Introduction</p> <p>The map of Warsaws districts:The map of Ursynow:</p> <p>page 6IntroductionThe name of Ursynow comes from Julian Ursyn Niemcewicz, whose middle name Ursyn is derived from Latin ursus meaning a bear. Ursynow has multiaged past. The first estates were built in 1977.page 7HistoryIntroduction</p> <p>TransportHave you ever thought how easy the communication in Ursynow can be? With asistance of this informator you will see how easy it can be. There are a lot of ways to travel here. Starting with underground and buses, finishing with taxis. These activities shouldnt be a problem for anyone.Transportpage 9page 10Buses on Ursynow</p> <p>This is a list of buses and their routes which go on Ursynow:503 : south Natolin Stryjeskich Street Imielin metro station north Ursynow - Nowodwory504 : Kabaty Natolin metro station Stryjeskich Street Central Station136 : south Natolin Imielin metro station Ursynow metro station Koncertowa Street Mynw 185 : West Ursynow Pileckiego Street Imielin metro station North Ursynow - GwiadzistaTransport195 : North Ursynow Stryjeskich Street West Ursynow Stokosy metro station Ursynw metro station Pisudskiego Squere 306 : Kabaty Natolin metro station Migdaowa Street Imielin metro station - Instalatorw179 : Kabaty - Ursynw166 : Kabaty Natolin metro station Belgradzka Street Nowoursynowska Street Hallers Squere192 : Kabaty Natolin &amp; Imielin metros stations Wilanowska station209 : North Ursynw West Ursynw PKP Jeziorki148 : Ciszewskiego Street Imielin metro station Okcie Airportpage 11Transport</p> <p>page 12TransportMetro - Underground - Subway</p> <p>The underground is the fastest and the best functioning means of transport in Warsaw.Instead of driving a car choose travelling by underground.In this way you will escape from traffic in the streets.The route of underground in Warsaw is situated in a way you have good access everywhere. </p> <p>page 13Transport</p> <p>page 14</p> <p>Transport</p> <p>The map of Warsaws metro: page 15TransportHow to buy a ticket?</p> <p>page 16A ticket is very needed to travel by underground and bus. If you want to buy it you have two options. First: you can buy a ticket in newsagents. Second: you can buy it in a special machine which is on every station and on some bus stops.TransportPrices and exemplars of tickets: </p> <p>A single fare ticketA time-limit ticket (20 minutes)A time-limit ticket (40 minutes)A short-term ticket (3 days)A short-term ticket (24 hour)page 17Transport1 km2,40zl1 km at night3,60zlELE TAXITelephon: (22) 811 11 11Taxies:If destination in Warsaw is too far and the way there is complicated, theres an option to order a taxi. This is really fast and accessible transport.The list of our taxies:</p> <p>page 18Transport19</p> <p>SAWA TAXI Telephone: (22) 6444444TARIFF 1 - 1 km in weekdays in: 6.00 a.m 10.00 p.m2,40 zlTARIFF 2 - 1 km in weekdays in: 10.00 p.m 6.00 a.m and Saturdays and Sundays3,60 zlTARIFF 3 (out of the city) - 1 km in weekdays in: 6.00 a.m - 10.00 p.m4,80 zlTARIFF 4 (out of the city) - 1 km in weekdays in: 10.00 p.m 6. 00 a.m and in Saturdays and Sundays7,20 zl</p> <p>page 19TransportWarsaws airportWarsaw Central Stationpage 20Warsaw Chopin Airportwirki i Wigury Street 1How to get there:Buses: 148, 175, 188, 331www.lotnisko-chopina.plJerozolimskie Avenue 54How to get there:Its near Centrum metro station; Bus 504</p> <p>Transport</p> <p>EntertainmentGoing to the cinema is the best option for spending free time. In Multikino you can find many films, that you will like.Apart from that you can go there for a coffee in a cafe.</p> <p>If you want to find more, visit Multikinos website: http://multikino.pl/pl/w-kinie/(Multikino is on Imielin metro station)</p> <p>Cinemapage 22EntertainmentIf you want to see selected movies or there is nothing interesting in the cinema, go to our video rental shops. You will find there something really interesting for you. We recommend you two video rental shops:Casablanca: Kabacki Dukt Street 8 (In front of Tesco Kabaty metro station)A video rental shopBeverly Hills: Belgradzka Street 18 (Natolin metro station) Gandhi Street 19 </p> <p>page 23EntertainmentTo hear good music, dance and spend time with friends, its a good option to go to one of our clubs.</p> <p> Club and restaurant DUO KEN Avenue 18 (Kabaty metro station) http://duo-duo.pl/ Club Vegas - Kulczyskiego Street 14 Club No 22 Jastrzbowskiego Street 22http://www.klubno22.pl/Clubs</p> <p>page 24Entertainment</p> <p>Trade &amp; services TESCO Opening hours: 24 h KEN Avenue 14 (Kabaty metro station)</p> <p> Real Opening hours: Mon. - Sat.: 8.30 a.m - 10.00 p.m Sun.: 9.00 a.m - 9.00 p.m Puawska Street 427 How can you get there: buses 179, 185, 195, 306, 209 </p> <p>Supermarketspage 26Trade &amp; Services E. LeclerecOpening hours: Mon. Thu.: 9.00 a.m 9.30 p.mFri.: 9.00 a.m 10.00 p.mSat. Sun.: 9.00 a.m 9.00 p.m Ciszewskiego Street 15 </p> <p>page 27Trade &amp; Services</p> <p>Markets Na doku - Braci Wagw Street 22; How can you get there: buses 504, 503, 195,185</p> <p> Shopping arcade Kabaty Wwozowa StreetHow can you get here: buses 504 &amp; 179 </p> <p>page 28Trade &amp; ServicesShopping malls Ken Center Ciszewskiego Street 15 Opening hours:Mon. Sat.: 10.00 a.m - 9.00 p.mSun.: 10.00 a.m - 8.00 p.m</p> <p> Ursynow Galery KEN Avenue 36 (Natolin metro station)Opening hoursMon. Sat.: 10:00 a.m - 9:00 p.mSun.: 10:00 a.m - 8:00 p.m</p> <p>page 29</p> <p>Trade &amp; Services Metro Galery KEN Avenue 93 (Stokosy metro station)Opening hours:Mon. Fri.: 10:00 a.m 8:00 p.mSaturday and Sunday: 10:00 a.m 6:00 p.m</p> <p> Metro bis Galery - KEN Avenue 95 (Stokosy metro station)Opening hours:Mon. Sat.: 9.00 a.m - 8.00 p.mSun.: 10.00 a.m - 6.00 p.m</p> <p>page 30Trade &amp; Services31</p> <p>Eating outOn Ursynow theres so many interesting places where you can eat. From regional cuisine to Italian food and sushi bars. I can recommend a large list of these the best. Eating out is really good option for everyone!page 32Eating outThe best restaurants: Yama Sushi Japanese restaurant - KEN Avenue 21 Sapori DItalia Italian restaurant - Dembego Street 10 Zapiecek Polish restaurant - Wakowicza Street 1 (Kabaty metro station) Antica restaurant and pizzeria - Strzeleckiego Street 10F Starlight Cafe restaurant and bar - KEN Avenue 20 (Imielin metro station) Gospoda pod mynem regional restaurant - Wiolinowa Street 14 (Ursynw metro station) May Ksi pancakes restaurant - Filipiny Paskowickiej Street 44 Sphinx restaurant - KEN Avenue 60 (Imielin metro station) page 33Eating outThe Best pizzerias: Da Grasso KEN Avenue 26 Dominium KEN Avenue54 Pizza Hut KEN Avenue 85 (Stokosy metro station)Fast Foods: KFC Dereniowa Street 9; Puawska Street 27; place in KEN Center McDonald place in the supermarket Real (Puawska Street 427) Kebab King Wakowicza Street (Kabaty metro station); Dereniowa Street 2 Coffee bars: Coffee Heaven- Wakowicza Street 1 (Kabaty metro station); place in KEN center Skok na sok- Wwozowa Street 28 A. Blikle KEN Avenue 22 (Kabaty station) Sweet home Wakowicza Street 5b; shopping arcade Ursynow 3 Coco Mokka cafe KEN Avenue 22 (Kabaty station)</p> <p>page 34Eating out</p> <p>Sport and recreationKabacki forest is the place where you can rest and go for a walk, ride a bike, jog or just lie on the grass between the trees. To get there go to the metro and go all the way to the last station - Kabaty. Get out, pass Tesco mall, go straight and youre in.Kabacki forest</p> <p>page 36Sport and recreationThis is a center of sports and recreation. The objects of UCSIR are everywhere in Ursynow.You can find there swimming pools, a sport hall, tennis court and others. For a small theres opportiunity to use all of sports attraction.UCSIR</p> <p>http://www.ucsir.pl/page 37Sport and recreationSports and recreation facilities of UCSIR:</p> <p>ARENA URSYNWSports and entertainment arenaPileckiego Street 122</p> <p>HAWAJSKA Hawajska Street 7KONCERTOWA Koncertowa Street 4HIRSZFELDA Hirszfelda Street 11AQUA RELAKSWilczy D Street 4</p> <p>page 38Sport and recreationPowsin is a place of many possibilities:Playing golf, billiard, basketball, volleyball, tennis or having a barbeque with family or friends, botanical garden, rope park. This is the best place for families.Powsin</p> <p>page 39Sport and recreationThere are two the most popular dance schools: the Kabaty Dance Studio and Loocas Dance Center. Dance instructors teach all kind of dance styles.Dance schools</p> <p>KEN Avenue 18 (Kabaty metro station)http://www.kabatydance.pl/ </p> <p>KEN Avenue 18 (Kabaty metro station)http://www.loocasdance.pl/home.php page 40Sport and recreationTo exercise form and body therere some Fitness clubs:FitnessKabacki Dukt Street 7 (Kabaty metro station) http://www.puella.com.pl </p> <p>Personal Trainer (TI Fitness)KEN Avenue 60 (Imielin metro station, beside Multikino)http://www.trenerindywidualny.pl</p> <p>page 41Sport and recreationIce rinkEven in winter there is so much things to do on Ursynow. To skate, people can come to Figlowisko an ice rink which is open only in winter. Its a great place for children and families. (Imielin metro station - beside Multikino)</p> <p>page 42Sport and recreationHorse racetrackThe Suewiec Horse Racetrack is one of the largest and most beautiful racing tracks in the world. The racing season begins in the spring and runs until the late autumn. Horse racing has a long tradition in the capital of Poland, going back to 1777. The first proper horse racing track was designed on the Mokotowskie Fields (Pole Mokotowskie). Finally, the large, main race track was built at Suewiec, with its official opening taking place on 3th of June 1939.page 43Sport and recreation</p> <p>page 44Sport and recreation</p> <p>HelpWarsaws PoliceTelephone: 997Address of the nearest police station: Janowskiego Street 7Contact number: (022) 603 19 78Warsaws Municipal policeTelephone: 986Address of the nearest municipal police station: ul.Czerniakowska 130/132Warsaws Fire serviceTelephone: 998Address and telephone or the nearest fire services: Paskowickiej Street 40(022) 596 71 70 Polna Street 1(022) 825 72 51 </p> <p>page 46HelpTelephone: 999Address and telephone of the narest hospitals: Military hospitalCzerniakowska Street 231Tel. (22) 584 12 27 HospitalWabrzyska Street 46Tel. (22) 566 22 22 HospitalJarzbowskiego Street 22 Tel. (022) 545 13 07Warsaws Emergency</p> <p>page 47HelpHealthClinics on Ursynow Lux Med Centrum Medyczne (Medical Center)Migdaowa Street 4Tel. (22) 332 28 88 Lux Med Centrum Medyczne (Medical Center)KEN Avenue 93Tel. (22) 332 28 88 Lux Med Centrum Medyczne (Medical Center)Puawska Street 455(22) 431 20 59 Medycyna Rodzinna(Family Medicine)Belgradzka Street 18Tel. (22) 648 74 54 ClinicNa Uboczu Street 5Tel. (22) 649 65 02page 48HelpEuropejskie Centrum Medyczne (European Medical Center)KEN Avenue 96 (Ursynow metro station)Tel. (22) 644 11 77Tel. (22) 644 53 11ChemistsChemists can be found practically on every settlement in Ursynow. Every of them has name APTEKA and this logo.</p> <p>page 49HelpTown hall of UrsynowKEN Avenue 61(Imielin metro)Telephone: (22) 54 57 100</p> <p>To find more information, theres a webside to an Ursynow office:www.ursynow.pl</p> <p>page 50Help</p> <p>Maps</p> <p>PowsinBotanical gardenKabacki forest123page 52</p> <p>4) TESCO5) Video rental shop Beverly Hills6) Video Rental Shop Casablanca7) Duo Club8) Na doku Market9) Shopping arcade Kabaty10) Ursynow Galery11) Sapori DItalia12) Skok na Sok13) Puella46587910111213page 53</p> <p>14) Multikino15) Vegas Club16) E. Leclerec &amp; Ken Center17) Metro Galery18) Metro Bis Galery 19) Real &amp; McDonald20) May Ksie21) KFC22) Kebab King23) Figlowisko24) Antica25) Yamah Sushi26) Town hall141516171819202123222524page 5426page 55Source Googlewww.ursynow.waw.plhttp://naursynowie.p/ www.kabaty.pl www.ztm.waw.pl AuthorAgnieszka Kos</p>