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    4814 Abbas, Hassan The Taliban Revival: violence and extremism on the Pakistan-Afghanistan frontier. 296p New Haven 2014 978-0-300-17884-5 4,500 4815 Abbas, Shemeem Burney Pakistan's Blasphemy Laws: from Islamic empire to the Taliban. 222p Austin 2013 978-0-292-74530-8 8,250 :This pioneering study of the evolution of blasphemy laws from the early Islamic empires to the present-day Taliban uncovers the history and questionable motives behind Pakistans blasphemy laws and calls for a return to the prophet Muhammads peaceful vision of social justice. 4816 Ab 'l-Fazl 'Allm The 'n-i Akbar (A gazetteer and administrative manual of Akbar's Empire and part history of India). tr. by H. Blochmann 3 vols. Calcutta 2010 repr. 7,200 :Vol. I. Tr. by H. Blochmann, Vol. II & III. Tr. by H.S. Jarrett 4817 Ahmad Ibn Fadlan & Abu Zayd al-Sirafi Two Arabic Travel Books: accounts of China and India and mission to the Volga. ed. & tr. by James Montgomery & Tim Mackintosh-Smith (Library of Arabic Literature Series) 320p N.Y. 2014 978-1- 4798-0350-7 5,250 :Two Arabic Travel Books combines two exceptional exemplars of Arabic travel writing, penned in the same era but chronicling wildly divergent experiences. Accounts of China and India, Mission to the Volga 4818 Ahmad, Najma Perveen (tr. & cfomm.) Tashrih-ul-Moosiqui (persian translation of Tansen's original work "Budh Prakash"). 74p+117p(per) New Delhi 2012 978-81-7304-943-9 3,180 :One such rare manuscript if Tashrih-ul-Moosiqui,

    written by Hakeem Mohammad Arzani during the 17th century. It is the Persian translation of Tansen's work Budh Prakash. 4819 Ahmed, Iqbal Kashmir Coinage: Sultanate period (1339-1586). 124p ills. Srinagar 2013 978-81-8339-230-3 4,380 4820 Ahmed, Khaled Sectarian War: Pakistan's Sunni-Shia violence and its links to the Middle East. xxxvii,369p Karachi 2012(11) 978-0-19-906593-6 Pap. 1,920 :This book traces the roots of the sectarian conflict in the Muslim past in India, and throws light at the new developments in the Middle East after the replacement of the socialist Arab leaders with religious scholars, and the rise of Shia Iran under Imam Khomeini. 4821 Alam, Muzaffar & Sanjay Subrahmanyam Indo-Persian Travels in the Age of Discoveries, 1400-1800. xvi,399p maps, ills. New Delhi/Cambridge 2008(07) 978-0-521-89852-2 3,180 :Indian ed. 4822 Alam, Muzaffar et al. Writing the Mughal World: studies in political culture. 536p Ranikhet 2014 978-81-7824-386-5 2,025 :This book contains nine jointly authored essays on the Mughal empire, framed by a long introduction which reflects on the imperial, nationalist, and other conflicted trajectories of history writing on the Mughals from the two leading historians of early modern South Asia. 4823 Algar, Hamid Jami. (Makers of Islamic Civilization) viii,152p New Delhi 2013 978-0-19-809044-1 1,580 4824 Ali, Kamran Asdar & Martina Rieker (ed.) Comparing Cities: the Middle East and South Asia. xix,349p Oxford 2009 978-0-19-547498-5 1,480 :The comparative framework builds on a shared history of the colonial encounter, modernity, nationalism and urbanity and is further deepened by the larger framework of Muslim culture that influences social life in both spaces. 4825 Allan, James W. The Art and Architecture of Twelver Shi'ism: Iraq, Iran and the Indian sub-continent. (Biennial Ehsan Yarshater Lecture Series, 5) viii,174p photos. London 2012 978-1-898-59229-7 9,000

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    4826 Alpers, Edward A. East Africa and the Indian Ocean. 240p Princeton 2007 978-1-55876-453-8 Pap. 4,342 :For centuries, East Africa has played a central role within the Indian Ocean world. The Arabs built the first trade networks there; these were laid siege to by the Portuguese in the 16th century, followed by British colonialists in the 19th century. 4827 Alpers, Edward A. The Indian Ocean in World History. (New Oxford World History) x,172p N.Y. 2013 978-0-19-533787-7 Pap. 2,992 4828 Alvi, Sajida Sultana Perspectives on Mughal India: rulers, historians, 'Ulama and Sufis'. xx,277p Karachi 20112012 978-0-19-547643-9 2,860 :A collection of essays that explore Mughal India through lenses varying from the historical to the political and spiritual. 4829 Anderson, Clare Subaltern Lives: biographies of colonialism in the Indian Ocean world, 1790-1920. (Critical Perspectives on Empire) 232p Cambridge 2012 978-1-107-64544-8 Pap. 5,197 4830 Anjum, Tanvir Chishti Sufis in the Sultanate of Delhi 1190-1400: from restrained indifference to calculated defiance. xv,433p Karachi 2011 978-0-19-906009-2 4,800 4831 Ansari, I.H., H.A. Qureshi & T. al-Siddiqi (tr.) Kirmani's Siyar-ul-Awliya'i. (IAD Religio-Philosophy (original) Series No. 46) x,474p Delhi 2013 2,600 :Sayyid Muhammad b. Mubarak b. Muhammad b. Mahmood Kirmani, was a successor of Hazrat Khwaja Nizam-ud-Din Awliya'i, wrote this book contains the description of the spiritual guides of the Chishtiyah silsila (chain). 4832 Ansari, Ishrat Husain & Hamid Afaq Qureshi (tr.) Medieval & Modern India: new sources (1000-1989 AD). (IAD Oriental (Original) Series, 41) 2 vols. Delhi 2009 3,000 :Translations of Vol. 1 - Tazkirat-ul-Asfiyah, Bagh wa Bahar-i-Abbasi, Faiz-ul-Jari, Akhbar wa Insab Sadat-i-Sandilah Mai' Deegar Khandan, Vol. 2 - Tazkirah Mashahir-i-Sandila, Nasbnama Hargam wa Khairabad

    wa Sandila, Khulasa Nasbnama Buzurgaun-i-Hargam, Tazkirat-ul-Ansab, Tazkirah Pakizah, Zia-i-Najm, London Sharjah, Spiritual tales-I. 4833 Aquil, Raziuddin In the Name of Allah: understanding Islam and Indian history. xi,289p New Delhi 2009 978-0-670- 08261-2 1,996 4834 Aquil, Raziuddin Sufism, Cultures, and Politics: Afghans and Islam in Medieval North India. (Oxford India Paperbacks) xiii,269p New Delhi 2012(07) 978-0-19-806915-7 Pap. 1,500 :the relationship between politics, Islam and Muslim religious leaders. 4835 Aquil, Riazuddin (ed.) Sufism and Society in Medieval India. (Debates in Indian History and Society) xxiv,184p New Delhi 2010 978-0-19-806444-2 2,580 :on the perennial debate regarding the different roles of Sufis played in medieval Indian society and culture 4836 Arif, Iftikhar & Waqas Khwaja (ed.) Modern Poetry of Pakistan. 352p Champaign 2011 978-1-56478-605-0 Pap. 2,542 :The first anthology of its kind to appear in English, Modern Poetry of Pakistan brings together not one but many poetic traditions indigenous to Pakistan, with 142 poems translated from seven major languages, six of them regional (Baluchi, Kashmiri, Panjabi, Pashto, Seraiki, and Sindhi) and one national (Urdu). 4837 Asha, Raham Jvedn Xrad: some fragments of the eternal wisdom of Aoshnara the wise which are extant in Prsg (Pahlavi), Arabic and Persian. 137p Mumbai 2011 978-81-905943-8-7 2,000 4838 Auer, Blain H. Symbols of Authority in Medieval Islam: history, religion and Muslim legitimacy in the Delhi Sultanate. 256p ills. London 2012 978-1-84885-567-0 14,170 :Investigates the ways three historians living in India during the 13th and 14th centuries, Minhaj Siraj Juzjani, al-Din Barani and al-Din Siraj, narrated the religious values of Muslim sovereigns through the process of history writing.

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    4839 Awan, Samina Political Islam in Colonial Punjab: Majlis-i-Ahrar 1929-1949. xxxvi,190p Karachi 2010 978-0-19- 906011-5 2,160 :The investigation of an ideologised and activist organization like the Majlis-i-Ahrar-i-Islam (MAI) proves a journey through several inter-related domains including political Islam, South Asian Muslim identity politics and the transformation of Punjab from a bastion of the Raj to a sword arm for Pakistan movement. 4840 Azim, Firdous (ed.) Islam, Culture and Women in Asia: complex terrains. 114p London 2013 978-0-415-52826-9 22,100 :An examination of the place of religion, especially Islam, in political and cultural life took on a special urgency after the events of 9/11. 4841 Banerji, Arup Old Routes: North Indian nomads and bankers in Afghan, Uzbek and Russian lands. 260p Gurgaon 2011 978-81-88789-72-6 1,800 :This book is a study of commercial relations between North India, the Uzbek Khanate of Bukhara and Russian between the 17th and 19th centuries 4842 Bano, Masooda The Rational Believer: choices and decisions in the Madrasas of Pakistan. xii,250p Ithaca 2012 978-0- 8014-5044-0 5,992 4843 Barani, Zainuddin Tarikh-i-Firoz Shahi. intro. by S.M. Azizuddin Husain (Rampur Raza Library Publications) 3p(eng)+ 344p(facs.) Rampur 2013 978-93-82949-02-2 4,800 :Facsimile edition, Tughlug dynasty, 1320-1413 -- Delhi (Sultanate) -- History 4844 Bashir, Kanwal & Abbas Kazmi Punjabi-English Dictionary. x,667p Hyattsville 2012 978-1-931546-89-8 18,750 :This work is the first edition of the continuing series of the Punjabi-English Dictionary. It contains approximately 2,500 main entries. The purpose of this book is to assist beginning and intermediate students of Pakistani Punjabi. Two main sources of written data are the daily Punjabi newspapers Khabran and Bhulekha published in Lahore, Pakistan between January and December, 2009. Another source is the audios of unrehearsed conversations of

    native Punjabi speakers living in Punjab province in Pakistan. 4845 Beach, M.C., E. Fischer & B.N. Goswamy (ed.) Masters of Indian Painting, I: 1100-1650, II: 1650-1900. (Artibus Asiae Supplementum Series 48 I-II) 839p in 2 vols. ills. Zurich 2011 978-390707750-4 30,000 4846 Beach, Milo C. The Imperial Image: paintings for the Mughal court. rev. & exp. ed. 232p