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  • 1. Present simple Verb tobe ( is am are )

2. 1. Verb to be Present simple 2. is / am / are (Verb to be) 3. Verb to be - - - 4. 3. 5 verb to be ( is am are ). 10 . () a , b , c, d 1. Jack ........... a student. 6.A dog the cage. a. is a. are b. am b. am c. arec. were d. were d. is2.Sopha and I..................friends.7.................. Rich and Gun singers? a. is a. Is b. am b. Am c. arec. Are d. wasd. behind the chair?8.Pam is a girl. She..........a boy. a. Is a. is b. Am b. isnt c. Arec. are d. Were d. arent4...........I a farmer?9.Sutee is a doctor. He............ a teacher. a. Is a. isnt b. Isntb. arent c. Arec. are d. Am d. is5.The the town Hall. 10.They.......... carpenters. They arent a. isbarber. b. am a. is c. areb. isnt d. wasc. are d. arent 4. 1.a2.c3.a4.d5.c6.d7.b8.a9.d10. c 5. Verb to be , , is , am, are () is () are 1I amWe are 2You are You are 3 He isThey are She isIt is 6. A fish is orange. The cats are fat. Min and Tom are tall. You are a student. He is a teacher. not is, am, are Is, Am, Are ? A fish is orange. A fish is not orange. Is a fish orange ?The cats are fat. The cats are not fat. Are the cats fat ?Min and Tom are tall. Min and Tom are not tall. Are Min and Tom tall ?You are a student.You are not a student.Are you a student ?He is a teacher.He is not a teacher.Is he a teacher ? 7. Is, Am, Are 2 1. Yes 2. No You I I You Is a fish orange ? Yes, it is. No, it is not. oYes. It is orange.o No. It is not orange.Are the cats fat ? Yes, they are. No, they are not. oYes. They are fat.o No.They are not orange.Are Min and Tom tall ? Yes, They are.No, they are not. oYes. They are tall. o No.They are not tall.Are you a student ?Yes, I am.No, I am not. oYes. I am a student.o No. I am not a student.Is he a teacher ?Yes, he is. No, he is not. oYes. He is a teacher. o No. He is not a teacher. o 8. Exercise 1 1. They are _________ 6. I am not __________2. I am _________ 7. She is not ___________3. He is not _________8. Mary is___________4. It is_________ 9. We are __________5. We are not _________10. They are not ________ 9. Exercise 2is, am are 1.I Sombat.2.SheNuan.3.Thisa telephone.4.Thesetrees.5.It a butterfly.6.She a nurse.7.I a man.8.A birdflying.9.An antslow.10. You and Ifriends. 10. Exercise 3 is , am are 1. I a boy.2. Hea boy.3. She a girl.4. Theyboys.5. Wegirls.6. You a girl.7. Hetall.8. She short.9. Theytall.10. We short. 11. Exercise 4 1.That is a book.____________________________________________________________.2.This is a pencil.____________________________________________________________.3.Those are boys.____________________________________________________________.4.These are girls.____________________________________________________________.5.You are a doctor.____________________________________________________________.6.I am a student.____________________________________________________________.7.He is a teacher.____________________________________________________________.8.She is a nurse.____________________________________________________________.9.We are in school.____________________________________________________________.10. They are tigers.____________________________________________________________. 12. Exercise55Exercise 1.I ( is, am, are ) in school.2.My friends ( is, am, are ) waiting for a bus.3.Geese ( is, am, are ) on the farm.4.It ( is, am, are ) a green leaf.5.We ( is, am, are ) carpenters.6.They ( is, am, are ) papayas.7.It ( is, am, are ) an empty bottle.8.The dogs ( is, am, are ) big.9.This exercise ( is, am, are ) easy.10.These glasses ( is, am, are ) old. 13. Exercise 6Exercise 6 1.She is a teacher.____________________________________________________________.2.They are students.____________________________________________________________.3.You are a student.____________________________________________________________.4.These are cats.____________________________________________________________.5.Those are dogs.____________________________________________________________.6.This is an apple.____________________________________________________________.7.That is a pineapple.____________________________________________________________.8.He is a fireman.____________________________________________________________.9.She is a good girl.____________________________________________________________.10. He is a bus driver.____________________________________________________________. 14. Exercise 7 7Exercise1.Is she a nurse? (Yes.) .2.Are you at the door? (No.) .3.Are they dogs? (No.) .4.Is he Mr. Sombat? (No.) .5.Am I a student? (Yes.) .6.Are you a postman? (No.) .7. Are they students? (yes.) .8. Is he in the bus? (No.) . 15. Exercise 8 is am are Hello, my name (1) ________ Maria. I (2) ___________5 years old. It (3)_________ my birthday today. I (4) ____________ very happy. All my friends (5) __________ here today. This is Jack. He (6) _________ my brother.Jack (7)__________ 14 years old. His hobby (8)_____________ playing the guitar.My brother has brown hair and black eyes.He(9) ___________ short. Jack (10) ____________ a tall boy. 16. Exercise 9 Read the letter and then answer the questions.Dear, students My name is Joy Walsh. Im 11 years old. Im sixth grade here in Alberta.Can you guess where Alberta is? Its in Canada. My class wants to e-mail students in other countries. The students in myclass are 12 or 13 years old. We all like sports. Our favorite sports arehockey, skiing, and snowboarding. We also like movies and music.If you want to write to my class, go to In your e-mail, please tell us where you are from, your age, and your favorite things todo. I hope to read your e-mail soon! Joy1.Whats the writers name?_________________________________________________________________2.Where is she from?_________________________________________________________________3.What is her nationality?_________________________________________________________________4. How old are the students in her class?__________________________________________________________________5.What sports do they like?___________________________________________________________________ 17. Exercise10 Answer these questions1. Whats your name? =_______________________________________________________________2. How old are you? =_______________________________________________________________3. Where are you from? =_______________________________________________________________4. Whats your nationality? = _______________________________________________________________5. Whats your address? =________________________________________________________________6. Whats your telephone number?= ________________________________________________________________7. What is your favorite fruit?=_________________________________________________________________8. How tall are you?=__________________________________________________________________9. What is your pet?=__________________________________________________________________10. When is you birthday ?=__________________________________________________________________ 18. Answer Exercise 1 Theyre1. They are _________6. I am not Im not __________2. I am Im _________ 7. She is not Shes not / She isnt ___________3. He is not _________ He isnt Hes not /8. Mary isMarys___________4. It isIts_________9. We are Were __________5. We are not _________We arentWere not / 10. They are not Theyre not / They arent________ 19. Answer Exercise 2 is, am are 1. I am Sombat.2. Sheis Nuan.3. This isa telephone.4. These are trees.5. It is a butterfly.6. She is a nurse.7. I am a man.8. A bird isflying.9. An antis slow.10.You and Iarefriends. 20. Answer Exercise 3 is , am are 1. Iam a boy.2. He is a boy.3. Sheis a girl.4. Theyare boys.5. We aregirls.6. Youarea girl.7. He is tall.8. Sheis short.9. Theyare tall.10. We are short. 21. Answer Exercise 4 1. That is a book.That is not a book.____________________________________________________________.2. This is a pencil. This is not a pencil.____________________________________________________________.3. Those are boys. Those are not boys.____________________________________________________________.4. These are girls.These are not girls.____________________________________________________________.5. You are a doctor.You are not a doctor.____________________________________________________________.6. I am a student. I am not a student.____________________________________________________________.7. He is a teacher. He is not a teacher.____________________________________________________________.8. She is a nurse. She is not a nurse.____________________________________________________________.9. We are in school. We are in school.____________________________________________________________.10. They are tigers.They are not tigers.____________________________________________________________. 22. Answer Exercise 5 1.I ( is, am, are ) in school. 2.My friends ( is, am, are ) waiting for a bus. 3.Geese ( is, am, are ) on the farm. 4.It ( is, am, are ) a green leaf. 5.We ( is, am, are ) carpenters. 6.They ( is, am, are ) papayas. 7.It ( is, am, are ) an empty bottle. 8.The dogs ( is, am, are ) big. 9.This exercise ( is, am, are ) easy. 10.These glasses ( is, am, are ) old. 23. Answer Exercise 6 1.She is a teacher. Is she a teacher ?____________________________________________________________.2.They are students. Are they students ?____________________________________________________________.3.You are a student.Are you a student ?____________________________________________________________.4.These are cats. Are these cats ?____________________________________________________________.5.Those are dogs. Are those dogs ?____________________________________________________________.6.This is an apple. Is this an appl