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A Manual for reference.


<ul><li><p>Westfalia Separator AG</p><p>lnst ruct ion Manual andParts List</p><p>e .</p><p>II</p><p>- l</p><p>IQ*</p><p>ffiIcdrlical Separationttvi*rn</p><p>:r::ii</p><p>N o . 2 0 4 4 - 9 0 0 1 - 2 0 1</p><p>Ed r t ron 0699</p><p>M i n e r a l o i l s e p a r a t o rw i t h s e l t - c l e a n i n g b o w l</p><p>M o d e l O S C s 0 - 0 1 3 6 - 0 6 6 H ' ' : {o s c 5 0 . 0 1 3 6 - 5 6 6OSC 50 -91 -066 L - . t s I ' l / {</p><p>F *</p><p>, iit</p></li><li><p>Westfalia Separator AG I l</p><p>A p p l i c a t i o n :o Separation of l iquid mixtures</p><p>0 ro Clarif ication of l iquids</p><p>Subject to modif ication</p><p>Westfalia Separator AGD-59302 Oelde (F. R, Germany)</p><p>Type</p><p>bui l t ininner O otbowl mm</p><p>Rpm of bowl</p><p>Permissible density of productto be treated</p><p>heavy l iquidkg/dm3</p><p>sol idskgidms</p></li><li><p>IV Westfalia Separator AG</p><p>AN</p><p>F o r y o u r s a f e t y</p><p>S t r i c t l y a d h e r e t o i n s t r u c t i o n s m a r k e d w i t h t h i s s y m b o lThis avoids damage to the machine and other units.</p><p>T a k e s p e c i a l c a r e w h e n c a r r y i n g o u t o p e r a t i o n s m a r k e d w i t ht h i s s y m b o l -</p><p>otherwise danger to l i fe,</p><p>O b s e r v e a c c i d e n t p r e v e n t i o n r e g u l a t i o n sThe local safety and accident prevention regulations apply uncondi-tionally to the operation of the separator.</p><p>l n s t r u c t i o n m a n u a lFollow only the instructions given in this manual</p><p>O p e r a t e t h e s e p a r a t o r o n l y i n a c c o r d a n c e w i t h a g r e e d p r o -c e s s a n d o p e r a t i n g p a r a m e t e r s</p><p>M a i n t a i n t h e s e p a r a t o r a s s p e c i f i e d -</p><p>in th is manual</p><p>C a r r y o u t s a l e t y c h e c k s o n t h e s e p a r a t o r -</p><p>as described in chapter "Safety precautions" in this manual</p><p>L i a b i l i t y f o r t h e f u n c t i o n o f t h e m a c h i n e p a s s e s t o t h e o w n e rLiabil i ty for the function of the machine passes uncondit ionally to theowner or operator irrespective of exist ing warranty periods in so far asthe machine is improperly maintained or serviced by oerscns otherthan Westfal ia Separator service personnel or i f the macnrne is not ap-ol ied in accordance with the intended use.Westfal ia Separator AG shall not be l iable for damage rf- ch occurs asa result of non-observance of the above. Warranty anc rabrl i ty condi-t ions in the Condit ions of Sale and Deliverv of Westia ia Seoarator AGare not extended by the above.</p><p>ttF ?:' 0699</p></li><li><p>))r</p><p>J</p><p>i-2</p><p>Westfalia Separator AG</p><p>Safe ty p recau t i on sCorrect usage .Safety stickers on the machineBasic operat ing pr inciplesBowl speed and productOperations on the separatorAssemblyElectrical appliancesBefore start-upOperationShut-down and " Emergency-Off"</p><p>1.5.6 Maintenance and reoair1.6 Cor ros ion1.7 Eros ion</p><p>M a c h i n e d e s c r i p t i o n . 1 7</p><p>t . I</p><p>1 . 2</p><p>1 . 41 . 51 . 5 . 11 . 5 . 21 . 5 31 F A</p><p>1 . 5 . 5</p><p>1z</p><p>a</p><p>4</p><p>q</p><p>I J1 A</p><p>2 1</p><p>22</p><p>23</p><p>2425z o</p><p>2828.JU</p><p>3232J Z</p><p>3 5</p><p>J /</p><p>37383838</p><p>4041</p><p>2 , 12 . 1 . 1</p><p>Appl icat ionCentrifuge with watefuel oi l t reatment . .</p><p>r content monitoring system (WMS) for</p><p>Technical informationSeparationNotes on separation with the purifier bowl (-02- operation) . .Make-uo waterNotes on seoaration with the clarifier bowl .General information on bowl ejectionsBefore start-uo</p><p>2.1.2 Centri fuge with sludge space monitoring system (SMS) forfuel oi l treatment</p><p>2.1.3 Centr i fuge with sludge space monitor ing system (SMS) forlube oi l t reatmentComoonents of the 0lant and the seoaratorTechnical DataOperating principles of the separatorOperating principles of the bowl . . .Operat ing pr inciples of the hydraul ical ly control led sl id ing piston . .Operating principles of the centripetal pumpOperating principles of the gearOperating principles of the centrifugal clutch</p><p>2.5 The regulat ing r ing2.5.1 Determining the size of regulating r ing by experiment</p><p>a . a</p><p>2.32 . 42 . 4 12 . 4 . 22 .4 .32 .4 .42 .4 .5</p><p>O p e r a t i o nJ . l</p><p>3 . 1 . 13 . 1 2U , I , U</p><p>3 , 1 ' 4</p><p>J . Z3 . 2 . 13 , 2 , 23 .33 , 43 . 53 . 5 . 1. t . oa 7</p><p>Before initial start-upWhenever starting .Start-up of separatorMon itori ng of operationSetting the separating timeDetermining the separating t ime by calculationBowl ejectionsStopping the separator</p><p>i 1- l</p><p>42+ J444448</p><p>3.8 Trouble shooting3.8 1 Seoarator faults3 . 8 2 B o w l f a u l t s . .</p><p>2044-900t-201 /0699</p></li><li><p>Westfal ia Separator AG</p><p>I n s t a l l a t i o n ,4 . 14 . 1 . 14 . 1 . 24 . 1 . 34 . 1 . 4^ 1 8</p><p>4.24 . 2 . 1, 6 ^. + </p><p>. 2 . 4</p><p>4.2 34 .2 .44 .34 .3 14 . 3 . 24 3 34.3 .4, A a R</p><p>4.3 64 .3 7r l a a- . U . U</p><p>4.44 . 4 . 14 .4 2i A a</p><p>4.54 . 5 . 14 . 5 . 2t R eT , J , U</p><p>4 . 64 .6 1+ . o , 44 . 6 . 34 .6 .44 . 6 . 5+ . o , o</p><p>4 . 74 .84 . 8 , 14 , 8 . 24 .8 34 . 94 . 9 14 , 9 . 24 . 1 0</p><p>m a i n t e n a n c e a n d r e p a i rInstallation of the plantConnecting the plantFas ten ing thesepara to r . . , . .Motor connection . .Direction of rotation of the bowlSpeed and starting time of bowlMaintenance and lubr icat ion . . .Lubricat ion and maintenance schedule . . . .Lubricat ionL u b r i c a t i o n C h a r t . . .W e a r t o g e a r . . . . . .Bowl .Dismantl ing the bowlCleaning the bowlCleaning the upper sect ion of f rameCleaning the strainer and the operat ing-water feed systemlmportant hints . .Assembling the bowlReplacing the PolyamReplacing the polyamVertical gear partsRemoving the vertical gear PartsCleaning the gear chamber , . .Re-assembly of vertical gear partsHeight adjustmentBowl heightCentripetal pumP clearance . .Neck bearingMotor and centr i fugal c lutchRemoving the motorP r i o r t o f i t t i n g t h e m o t o r . . . . . . .Fi t t ing the motor ,Removing the clutch shoes . . , .Fi t t ing the clutch shoesFitting the clutch driverRemoving the gear pump and pump coupl ing . , .H o r i z o n t a l g e a r p a r t s , , . .Removing the worm wheel .Before a long-term shut-down of the separator ' . 'Fitting the worm wheelRemoving the clutch drum and worm wheel shaft 'lnstallation of the worm wheel shaft and the clutch drumInstal lat ion of the seal ing r ingsFinal checks after assembling the separator</p><p>5 5565 75 85 95 0o i</p><p>626 2c +</p><p>6 87072738283838487a 799</p><p>1 0 010 '11 0 51 0 6' 1 1 01 1 01 1 1I J1 1 4'11 5t r o1171 1 81 1 4</p><p>t z v1211 2 2123125126128t e n</p><p>1 3 0t J l</p><p>1 3 31 3 5t . J /</p><p>1371 3 8</p><p>141143144145</p><p>e.ide gasket Ln the annufar Pistonrde gasket (bowl toP)</p><p>\</p><p>P a r t s l i s t . .Guide to ordering parts .F r a m e , c o m p l e t e , . . .Lower section of frame ,Lower section of frame (view from below) .Lower section of frameUpper sect ion of f rame with syphon . .Upper sect ion of f rame without syphonIn termed ia te f lange c0mple te . . . ,Inspect ion port . comPl. (</p><p>21-:: $3' .201 /0699</p></li><li><p>Westfalia Separator AG v t l</p><p>oJunct ion assemblyJunct ion assemblyFlansch vol lst .Fastening parts</p><p>1 4 61 4 71 4 8149of the seoarator</p><p>Gear. complete . 151Spring assemblyWorm spindle, completeNeck bearing bridge with cover, cpl.Centr i f ugal c lutch, completeRevolution indicator, completeAvailable oear oartsB o w l c o m p l e t e . . .C e n t r i p e t a l p u m p , c o m p l . . . . .H o o d , c o m p l e t e . . ,AccessoriesWater feed line. compl.Set of tools and accessories , .Lubricant (hazardous substance)Single gear pump (with part numbers for pump connections compl.)Pump connection, compl.Pump connection, compl.Pre-strainer, compl. (on special order) .Pre-strainer complete (on special order) .</p><p>o s c 5 0 - 9 1 - 0 6 6 .6.1 The regulat ing r ing6.1.1 Determining the size 0f the regulat ing r ing with the aid of</p><p>the diagram 1876,1 .2 Determining the size of regulat ing r ing by experiment 1896.2 Dismantl ing and assembling the bowl . 191</p><p>Bowl completeSingle centr ipetal pump, compl.Hood, complete . .</p><p>1521 5 5t c ot 0 ut o lt o . J1 6 5t o /1 6 9t o Y1 7 2t / c175t t o</p><p>1 8 1182'183</p><p>1 8 5t o /</p><p>1921 9 31 9 5</p><p>I</p><p>))I</p><p>l</p><p>)1L</p><p>68C01</p><p>3)5J7</p><p>i839A 1</p><p>A Q</p><p>M45</p><p>OYY</p><p>A p p e n d i x . . 1 9 7Table of lubr icat ing oi ls , . . 198Comments on table of lubr icat ing oi ls . . 199The health hazards involved when handl ing heavy oi ls and lube oi ls . . . . 200Specifications for the use of separators 201</p><p>201 /0699</p></li><li><p>-Westfal ia Separator AG</p><p>1 .5 . ' 1 Assem b lY . l f the plant has severar ce^:"-Jes,be caref ul not to intercna' :e ca' ls o. fdi f ferent bowls since eac. o3Y/ 1asbeen balanced individua tYThe bowl oarts are marKec w i^ :heserial-number of the macnlne cr w tnthe last three digi ts c ' theserial-number,</p><p>Damaged parts must be rePlaced im-mediately by new Parts.</p><p>After installing certain critical sparebowl oarts. the bowl must bere-balanced.</p><p>The bowl parts are arranged in fixedoosit ions relat ive to one another.Locking devices and al ignmentmarks must be in perfect condit i0n.The bowl must not be operated ifthese locking devices and al ignmentmarks are not in perfect condition.</p><p>O O\ /</p><p>F ig .4</p><p>F ig.</p><p>Fig</p><p>2044-9001 -201 / 0699</p></li><li><p>Irf</p><p>ne</p><p>1t</p><p>i frt</p><p>ioo</p><p>al ia 5e rator AG</p><p>' . 5 . 2 E l e c t r i c a l a p p l i a n c e s</p><p>When assembling the bowl. be sureto strictly adhere to the instructionsgiven in chapter "bowl", in order toavoid undue unbalance.Before starting the bowl, be sure to fitall parts.Tighten the bowl lock r ing securely:the "O" marks on the bowl bottom orbowl top and on the lock ring must bein l ine with each other.</p><p>Check i f the machine is completelyassembled and properly installed.</p><p>Carefully fasten hood 1, feed anddischarge housing 2 and centripetalpump 3 .</p><p>The governing accident preventionregulations apply for the electricalappl iances and instal lat ions.The frequency and voltage of thepower supply must correspond to themachine specif icat ions.Carry out potential equalization.Observe legal regulat ions; e.g. inthe EU:- Low-voltage guideline 73l23lEWG- Electro-magnetic compatibility</p><p>89/336/EWG</p><p>Fig</p><p>- 3</p><p>Fig. I</p><p>o</p><p>a</p><p>2C44-9001 -201 / 0699</p><p>Fig 1 0</p></li><li><p>(.</p><p>1 .5 .3 Be fo re s ta r t ' uP</p><p>+ +</p><p>F i g . 1 2</p><p>F ig . 13</p><p>. Check that the bowl icc&lt; '^ j ^asbeen f i rmlY t ightened</p><p>. The 'O" marks on bowl cc : : - c rbowl toP and on the lock r inE -- -s: oeal igned.</p><p>. The bowl must rotate in clockw se dt-rect ion (see arrow on f rarre c ' sol idscol lector).</p><p>o The separator may only be operateowith orotection devices conforming toEN 294Eouip sol id and l iquid discharges ac-cordingtY</p><p>. Check that the lubr icat ion and coo-ling systems are serviceable.</p><p>Fi9 1 4</p><p>2a-L1,9oc1-201 / 0699</p></li><li><p>9 Separator AG</p><p>Check whether the supervisoryequipment is operational and the cor-rect limit values are adjusted.When hoods, concentrate collectorsand vessels are pressurized e.g. by- Inert gas,- cool ing,- steam sterilization etc,the pressures stated on the name-plate must not be exceeded.</p><p>Check that the product tines are setto ooerat ion.Regularly check hoses for signs ofageing.Check sight glasses for mechanicalu d i l t d u E .</p><p>Replaie damaged parts by partswhich are as good as new.</p><p>Refer to chapter " opetdtionr ,Note nameplate, The values for- bowl soeed- density of the heavy l iquid,- density of solids (centrifugally dry)are max. values and must not be ex-ceeded.</p><p>o Wear ear protection</p><p>a</p><p>a</p><p>Operat ion</p><p>Fig</p><p>G</p><p>Fig. 16</p><p>Nameplate</p><p>L*fqtio s.pqrsh. AG0-1.?10 0ttfr (\h:t 6rrmony )</p><p>Tvp*lesch,-\r ,[-]o or in *SsuJEha</p><p>Tr@1&amp;chrah l 1n D ln- l</p><p>Zu ] i i sg lqe 01chte in ko / f i ,@5 SnI?udergutes : -</p><p>$l!:i8u"t, Ef r..t"torr f-l</p><p>/ wEsttllJ \gru 'on,</p><p>1 -201 / 0699</p><p>Fi9 1 8</p></li><li><p>I'Westfalia Separator AG</p><p>F i9. 20</p><p>I n case o f l r equ ency con ve r te r ope r -a t i o n :. Do not under any circumstances ma-</p><p>nipulate the frequency converter toexceed the permissible bowt speed(see maker 's nameplate)</p><p>. The separator may only be operatedwith an independent device f or speedl im i t ing .</p><p>Do not feed product which is catego-rised as exolosive.The separator must not be used inareas where explosion protection isreourreo.</p><p>When processing products harmfulto persons, observe the pertinent sa-fety regulations.Refer to the safety data sheet of theproduct.Wear protective clothing.</p><p>Stop the separator immediately i f un-usual noises or vibrat ions occur.</p><p>Fig. 19</p><p>gF ig. 21</p><p>Fi9</p><p>z:4! -!f,- z. 0699</p></li><li><p>AG</p><p>t r -</p><p>l d _</p><p>toed^ iw</p><p>ed</p><p>lo-</p><p>rn;^I J</p><p>fultA'</p><p>ne</p><p>)YY</p><p>rator AG</p><p>Sh u t -d own an d- E m e r g e n c y - O f f u</p><p>Fig</p><p>m a x . 1 5 m i n</p><p>F ig .24</p><p>F ig .25</p><p>O n l y i n c a s e o f h o t o p e r a t i o n :o Product-contacting parts such as</p><p>- pipes and hoses,- hood,- sol ids col lectorreach temperatures over 80 oC.</p><p>The bowl is not allowed to run withoutl iquid supply for more than 15 min-utes. as otherwise it would result inoverheating of the bowl material,</p><p>For shut-down refer to the chaoter"ooerat ion".</p><p>xa in tenance and re . Unfavourab leopera t ingcond i t ionsmayrequ i reshor te rmain tenance in te rva ls .Thep a ir factors listed below are unfavourable because they either attack the separator ma-</p><p>terial directly or impair the lubrication/cooling system:. aggressive product (chemical or physical). high product temperatureo product with grease decaying propeftieso environment: temoerature, dust and vaoours</p><p>/t-</p><p>\'|\\VI^\\.1,t,/,'</p><p>20.4-9001 -201 / 0699</p></li><li><p>1 0 Westfal ia Separator AG</p><p>Y.</p><p>)oPart icular ly stressed pals s-:- asbearing hub, bowl hub a^: : : -e ' sowlparts with a large outer c a-e:e' -rstbe checked on a regula' cas s : : e^sJresafe and efficient ooerai o-</p><p>Before maintenance and servicing,o switch off all electrical appliances via</p><p>the main switch,. secure instal lat ion against unin-</p><p>tended re-starting with locking de-vices.</p><p>D o n o t l o o s e n a n y p a r t b e f o r e t h eb o w l h a s c o m e t o a s t a n d s t i l l .For checking standst i l l re fer tochaoter "bowl .</p><p>Fig</p><p>Timely maintenance and replacement of worn or damaged machrne parrs s essen-t ial for safe ooeration of the machine.</p><p>Maintenance and repair work may only be carried out by the customer to 1r e extentas described in this instruction manual.</p><p>Maintenance and repair work not described in this manual may only be car ed outby the manufacturer or by "repair shops" authorized by the manufacturerWe therefore, recommend in your own interest to have your separator rnscectedby our service engineers at regular intervals. Such inspections wil l keep yo"r separ-ator working rel iable and prevent undesirable shut-downs,</p><p>(</p><p>Fig</p><p>F ig. 28</p><p>2044-9001-201 / 0699</p></li><li><p>\G</p><p>1S</p><p>wl^ +5 t(e</p><p>Ut</p><p>trl</p><p>t _</p><p>nt</p><p>5e rator AG</p><p>F ig .29</p><p>= --...-</p></li><li><p>IWestfalia Se rator AG</p><p>Collect dr ipping oi l to p.eve^: : a.gerof s l ipping or product r^:e:: c^When handl ing waste o rs ^ c:e- They can be injur ious tc ^ ea :^ de-</p><p>pend ing on the i r chen :a lom-oosit ion,</p><p>- Waste oi l must be d soosec cf rnaccordance with local rec- a: crs.</p><p>'-rl</p><p>F ig. 33</p><p>201'1,/ia' 2c1 , 0699</p></li><li><p>G1; .</p><p>a l i a 5 rator AG</p><p>Cor ros ion Corrosion can also affect bowl parts made of stainless steel. This corrosion can beflat-spread or pit- or crack-shaped and merits special attention,Corrosion on stainless steel bowl material should be examined thoroughly and do-cumented.Flat-spread corrosion can usually be measured (reduction of wall thickness)Pit- o...</p></li></ul>