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<ul><li><p>Mechanical Separation Division</p><p>Westfalia SeparatorMembraflow</p><p>Westfalia SeparatorMembraflowDynamic Filtration</p></li><li><p>Westfalia Separator and Membraflow </p><p>increased efficiency through a complete process chain</p><p>Centrifugal Separation Technologyand Dynamic Filtration from a Single Source</p><p>Westfalia Separator, with more than 50 salesand service companies worldwide, is holding a top position in the mechanical separation sector. Supported by 100 years of innovation,first-class engineering and extensive process-technological know-how, the company pro-duces centrifugal separators and decanters.</p><p>They are used for clarifying suspensions, separatingliquid mixtures with simultaneous removal of thesolids, but also for extracting active substances andfor concentrating and dewatering solid material. Inall, Westfalia Separator gathered experience with more than 2500 different applications. This enables the company to provide perfectly </p><p>customized solutions in terms of machine and process technology. Westfalia Separator recentlyextended its product portfolio by another future-oriented high-end technology: filtration with ceramic membranes.</p><p>As a specialist in dynamic filtration, Westfalia Separator Membraflow offers equipment tailoredprecisely to individual customer requirements. Westfalia Separator Membraflow develops, manufactures and installs ceramic membranes andcomplete membrane filtration systems. Thanks tomembrane filtration with ceramic elements, a solution is now available from a single source for many application areas requiring the parallelemployment of separators, decanters and membranefiltration.</p><p>Benefits to the user: intelligent technologies usingcentrifugation and membrane filtration, matched toeach other, provide a significant improvement inprocess line efficiency for example, in the foodindustry, biotechnology, the chemical industry or inwater and waste water treatment.</p><p>Since 1988, the company installed more than 1000 systems in a variety of sizes and for various applications, operating worldwide anddemonstrating the outstanding competence ofWestfalia Separator Membraflow.</p><p>High-tech manufacturing facility: the Westfalia Separator</p><p>Membraflow manufacturing facility brings together development,</p><p>production and logistics under one roof.</p><p>Individual solution Manufacturing Test stand operation Customer installation</p><p>Analysis ofthe problem</p></li><li><p>Westfalia Separator </p><p>now offers complete </p><p>product clarification within </p><p>the process chain.</p><p>... centrifugation</p><p>with decanters and </p><p>separators and ...</p><p>Optimisation of </p><p>efficiency by </p><p>matching the </p><p>technologies...</p><p>... dynamic filtration with</p><p>ceramic membranes.</p></li><li><p>Westfalia Separator</p><p>Membraflow4</p><p>Filter Systems for Extreme Chemicaland Physical ConditionsTechnology and function of the ceramic membrane elements</p><p>The schematic drawing combined with an REM image show a cross-section through the support and membrane. </p><p>The multi-layer construction is clearly visible. The size of the particles determines the size of the spaces, the pores.</p><p>Where other filtration systems meet their limits,dynamic filtration with ceramic membrane elements opens new horizons.</p><p>The demands for maximum mechanical and chemicalstability, coupled with the lowest possible flow resistance are met by using a support made of pure-Al2O3 with a macroporous structure.</p><p>The membrane is applied to this support materialand consists of at least one, but usually several, layers of highly porous ceramic, with a precisely defined texture. The layer with the finest porositydetermines the filtration characteristics.</p><p>Westfalia Separator Membraflow offers a wideapplication-specific spectrum of membranes and element geometries, unmatched by the competition.Membranes with nominal pore diameters from 1 to 1400 nanometers are available.</p><p>Ceramic membranes are therefore almost predestinedfor use in the areas of ultra and microfiltration.</p><p>The outstanding properties offered by these typesof membrane elements are being successfully usedthroughout the world in Westfalia Separator Membraflow filter systems.</p></li><li><p>The Basis: the Ceramic Multi-Channel Element</p><p>The body made of highly porous ceramic contains numerous round channels runningparallel to its longitudinal axis. The membraneis mounted on the surface of these channels.</p><p>The suspension being clarified flows along the membrane in the channels with a portion of theflow passing through the membrane as the filtrate:this is then carried off by the support material.Thanks to the extremely high permeability, pressureloss during passage through the support is so low as to be negligible when compared to the pressure loss resulting from the passage through the extremely thin membrane.</p><p>A powerful filter element</p><p>Inert materialAcid and base resistantSolvent resistantCan be regeneratedNo problems with backflushingWear resistantLong service lifeOperationally safeHeat resistant can be sterilised with steam</p><p>Westfalia Separator</p><p>Membraflow 5</p><p>Pore diameters of the ceramic membranes</p><p>Pore diameter Pore diameter Molecular weight</p><p>m nm kD</p><p>1.4 1400 </p><p>1.0 1000 </p><p>0.8 800 </p><p>0.5 500 </p><p>0.2 200 400</p><p>0.1 100 200</p><p>0.05 50 100</p><p>0.02 20 50</p><p>0.005 5 10</p><p>Round channels: Westfalia Separator Membraflow utilises a</p><p>channel form which provides optimum flow characteristics.</p></li><li><p>Westfalia Separator</p><p>Membraflow 7</p><p>Matching the ceramic elements, modules and systems to </p><p>the individual requirements of the filtration task</p><p>High-performance materials manufactured in-house</p><p>Production of the filter elements, the modules, andthe individual membrane layers all takes place in-house. It is based on decades of know-how in thedevelopment and manufacture of high-performanceceramic materials made of aluminium oxide, zirconium oxide, titanium oxide and non-oxidizing,mechanically resistant materials.</p><p>Multi-channel filtration elements</p><p>During dynamic filtration, membrane elements areoperated with process-optimised flows across themembrane surface. A portion of this flow passesthrough the membrane and is carried off as the filtrate.</p><p>The optimal conditions for flow are achieved in acircular tube which is standard in all ceramic membrane filter elements. In practice, a number ofthese tubes are embedded in the coarsely poroussupport ceramic. This creates a multi-channel filterelement. The diameters of the channels are matchedto the requirements of the filtration process and liein the range of between 2 and 8 mm.</p><p>Application-specific module housings</p><p>Module housings serve to hold one or more membrane filter elements. The membrane is onlytechnically usable once it has been installed in sucha housing. The modules primary functions include:</p><p>Holding the working pressureEnsuring flow channelling of the raw solution, the permeate and the retentateChannelling the filtrateAllowing a controlled flow across the membrane</p><p>Geometry selection is always application-specific,based on the requirements. Module housings aremanufactured from stainless steel or other corrosionresistant materials.</p><p>Essential design features of the module housing</p><p>Elastic and secure sealing of the filter elementsFiltrate guidanceComplete evacuation of the filtrate side</p><p>Modules with variable membrane</p><p>surfaces, manufactured using </p><p>housings made of stainless steel,</p><p>titanium or other materials</p><p>Multifunctional Filter Technology Modules with Variable MembraneSurfaces</p></li><li><p>Analysis of the problem Individual solution Manu</p><p>Westfalia Separator Membraflow System Partner for Dynamic Filtration with Ceramic MembranesHigh-end technology and qualified employees </p><p>guarantee maximum customer satisfaction and the </p><p>highest level of product reliability</p></li><li><p>ufacturing Test stand operation Customer installation</p><p>Experienced specialists, innovative technology and process competence</p><p>From the analysis of the problem right up to finalinstallation Westfalia Separator Membraflow isable to offer integrated solutions from a single source.</p><p>Using innovative technologies combined with a unique level of process competence, Westfalias process engineers work with the customer to develop the most profitable separation process.Westfalia Separator Membraflow manufacturescompact and powerful filter equipment to cover awide spectrum of applications. </p></li><li><p>Westfalia Separator</p><p>Membraflow10</p><p>Customer-specific </p><p>requirements profile</p><p>Analysis of the Problem</p><p>The process begins with the analysis of the problem. Working with the customer, the requirements are first defined and specified.Only a precise knowledge of the individualcomponents will produce a complete picture ofthe whole and lead to the initial solution, frequently this is combined with testing.</p><p>The detailed analytical data concerning the individualsubstances, such as their concentration, structure,size, chemical and physical behaviour during theprocess are all of fundamental significance. Anunderstanding of the molecular relationships permits the selection of the membrane offering theproper cut-off for the specific application inquestion. The results of orienting tests in the lab areconfirmed by additional field tests carried out on alarger scale which enables the secure scale-up toproduction equipment.</p><p>The equipment begins to take shape</p><p>Details come together and a system begins to takeshape. 3D visualisation on the computer helps makethe details apparent.</p></li><li><p>As early as in the problem </p><p>analysis stage, 3-D </p><p>visualisations</p><p>help to illuminate the details.</p><p>The precise analytical </p><p>data of the individual </p><p>substances are of </p><p>fundamental importance.</p></li><li><p>Special solutions tailor made developments </p><p>based on specific requirements</p><p>Individual Solution</p></li><li><p>Westfalia Separator</p><p>Membraflow14</p><p>Since the beginning of 2000, all subsidiaries at home and </p><p>abroad have been certified to the highest quality standard. </p><p>In 2001 DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 was introduced.</p></li><li><p>Westfalia Separator</p><p>Membraflow 15</p><p>Experienced specialists ensure </p><p>highest quality standards</p><p>All ceramic membrane filter elements, the modulesand the entire system are subjected to rigorous quality conformance tests to satisfy the stringentdemands of the pharmaceutical or chemical industry. Before the system undergoes a test bedrun, thorough tests ensure that the system meetsthe quality requirements.</p><p>Total quality management means for WestfaliaSeparator Membraflow not only to be satisfied withwhat we have achieved in the past, not only to havein place a quality control system, but also to specifically improve all processes. Potential problemsare identified and eliminated early.</p><p>For the customers of Westfalia Separator Membraflow,total quality management means: higher standardsof safety and reliability, long service lives of the filter systems, minimised maintenance and sparepart costs and greater reliability and efficiency in thelong run.</p><p>Quality-ControlledProduction</p></li><li><p>Westfalia Separator</p><p>Membraflow16</p><p>The elements and modules are individually subjected to an acceptance test. Filter systems areassembled prior to delivery, tested in accordancewith the order requirements and after plant acceptance by the customer are made ready fordelivery.</p><p>The advantages of this procedure are immediatelyapparent and help safeguard the investment. At thetime of transfer, customers can rest secure in theknowledge that quality-assured components orseparation systems offering maximum performanceare being integrated into their production operation.</p><p>Functional testing under </p><p>near operational conditions</p><p>The essential functional </p><p>tests are performed </p><p>prior to delivery on the </p><p>companys own test stand.</p><p>Test Stand Operation</p></li><li><p>Westfalia Separator</p><p>Membraflow 17</p></li><li><p>Westfalia Separator</p><p>Membraflow18</p><p>Customer Installation Completeand Competent from a Single Source</p></li><li><p>Westfalia Separator</p><p>Membraflow 19</p><p>Highly qualified in-house specialists monitor </p><p>commissioning and ensure efficient production </p><p>operation</p><p>The fully tested system is</p><p>installed by experienced </p><p>process engineers.</p><p>At the time of delivery and installation, the customerreceives a quality-assured product, which has been subject to detailed tests. This thorough testingmeans that on-site installation can proceed rapidlyand smoothly.</p><p>Westfalia Separator Membraflow provides highlyqualified in-house specialists who assume totalresponsibility for all aspects of the installation, commissioning, and final customer acceptance.</p><p>Timely and comprehensive training of the customersemployees is vital for smooth production and forefficient maintenance. This task is also performedby the commissioning engineers.</p><p>Finally, comprehensive documentation ensures optimal performance.</p></li><li><p>Westfalia Separator</p><p>Membraflow20</p><p>A Broad Spectrum of Applications for Ceramic Membrane Filters</p><p>Economical advantages in many branches of industry </p><p>compared to conventional filtration systems</p></li><li><p>Westfalia Separator</p><p>Membraflow 21</p><p>Ceramic membranes have outstanding propertiesthat make them valuable in numerous processes.Over 1000 filter installations are currently in operation world-wide to the satisfaction of ourcustomers.</p><p>Each solution has been individually developed fora specific task. By way of example, the productionof foodstuffs is subject to different requirementscompared with the treatment of waste water or processes in the chemical industry. </p><p>Different regulations, market conditions or naturallaws all represent new challenges. </p><p>No matter how diverse the fields of application for our membrane filtration installations are, we develop the optimum solution jointly with our customers for the specific duty and in this way open up the economical advantages of ceramicmembranes.</p></li><li><p>Westfalia Separator</p><p>Membraflow22</p><p>Due to the mechanical barrier, a ceramic membraneinstallation continually delivers a clear filtrate with the clarification efficiency and capacity forwhich it has been rated. These special propertiesoffer economical advantages in many branches of industry compared to existing filtration systems, forexample in the:</p><p>Food industryProduction and processing of dairy productsClarification of fruit juices, wine and beerWater treatment</p><p>BiotechnologyContinuous contamination-free separation ofbiotechnologically recovered products fromfermenters </p><p>Chemical industryCatalyst recoveryPurification and recovery of raw materialsRecycling of solvents</p><p>Recycling technologyWater treatmentRecycling of cleaning bathsOil-water-emulsion separation</p><p>Convincing Solutions for Industries World-Wide</p><p>A ceramic membrane</p><p>installation delivers</p><p>a constantly clear filtrate.</p></li><li><p>Westfalia Separator</p><p>Membraflow 23</p></li><li><p>Westfalia Separator</p><p>Membraflow24</p></li><li><p>Westfalia Separator</p><p>Membraflow 25</p><p>Whoever supplies capital goods in cost-intensiveindustries will only win and keep the customer if hesucceeds in helping him avoid the fixed cost trap. The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is theessential indicator for economy.</p><p>Westfalia Separator Membraflow performs im-pressively in terms of TCO with an extremely longservice life of the systems and with extremely lowcosts for replacement elements. Damaged elements,for instance, can be re-coated a further examplefor low replacement costs. </p><p>Likewise a significant factor for the economy: theceramic elements are robust in operation, relativelyinsensitive to faulty operation and...</p></li></ul>