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<ul><li> 1. ULAANBAATAR UNVERSITY ENGLISH LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Subject: Country StudyThe teacher of English D.Batsaikhan 1</li></ul> <p> 2. CONTENTSSubject Country Study IndexCS 302Credit2Hours32 hours /2 credit lec /Class TermSophomore class of English Teacher and English Translator IV 2 3. OBJECTIVE OF THE SUBJECT Gain basic knowledge on their chosen country through the use of the Internet, videos, and text. Learn how to contact a student from their chosen country through the use of epals.com Gain visual knowledge of a landmark in their chosen country through the use of distance learning technology. Know how time zones effect our world Improve letter writing skills, and typing skills Be able to present this knowledge to their classmates orally. Learn to be attentive and responsive listeners. Work collaboratively with peers o3 4. SELF STUDY OF THE COUNTRY STUDY Class managementWeekScoresWork in groups29 / IIof the USAPresent about the states of the USA10 scoresIntroduction of the UKWrite the paper about the UKIndividually30/III10 scoresHolidays of the USA &amp; UKShow how to celebrate the holidays of the USA &amp; the UKWork in groups25/ IV10 scoresTopic 123Activities4 </p>