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<ul><li><p>WUXI MSV IMPORT AND EXPORT CO.,LTD </p><p>WUXI MSV IMPORT AND EXPORT CO., LTD ROOM 918, NO.311 GUANGNAN ROAD, WUXI, JIANGSU, CHINA </p><p>CELL: +86 180 6151 7858 </p><p>TEL: +86 510 8202 7818 / 7828 </p><p>FAX: +86 510 8202 7858 </p><p>WEB: http://wxmsv.en.alibaba.com/ </p><p>WUXI MSV IMPORT AND EXPORT CO., LTD is a leading international </p><p>business company based in Wuxi, China. We have more than ten years' </p><p>experience in STEEL PRODUCTS and DYED FABRIC. STEEL </p><p>PRODUCTS covered from PPGI, galvanized steel, roofing sheet, strut </p><p>channels and pipes/tubes including seamless, welded, stainless and </p><p>galvanized types. DYED FABRIC covered from T/C (Terylene/Cotton), </p><p>CVC (Chief Value of Cotton), and 100% COTTON. </p><p>With the strong support from our cooperative suppliers in China, our </p><p>products enjoy high quality, competitive prices and top credit. Working </p><p>according to the principle of "Customer-Oriented and </p><p>Customer-Focused", WUXI MSV IMPORT AND EXPORT CO., LTD </p><p>keeps developing steadily. We have established long-term cooperation </p><p>with customers from Europe, America, Australia, the Middle East, </p><p>Southeast Asia and Africa. Currently our annual turnover exceeds </p><p>USD15,000,000. </p><p>Providing customized products to meet different requirements is our </p><p>strength. We satisfy all partners with high-quality products and meticulous </p><p>services. </p><p>We warmly welcome customers from worldwide to get in touch with us to </p><p>begin the business negotiations. We guarantee that you will enjoy not </p><p>only the good quality goods you are interested in, but also the fantastic </p><p>service experiences we provide you! </p><p>http://wxmsv.en.alibaba.com/</p></li><li><p>WUXI MSV IMPORT AND EXPORT CO.,LTD </p><p>HOT DIPPED GALVANIZED STEEL ("GI") COILS </p><p>&amp;SHEETS(PLAIN OR CORRUGATED) </p><p> STEEL QUALITY APPLICATION </p><p>Commercial Quality CQ For the production of simple shapes and corrugated iron sheets </p><p>as well as for simple manual forming procedures </p><p>Lock Forming Quality LFQ For Ductwork </p><p>Drawing Quality DQ For complex sections, embossing and draw components </p><p>Deep Drawing Quality DDQ For medium requirements on formability such as deep drawing </p><p>Special Deep-Drawing </p><p>Quality </p><p>SQ For the most demanding forming requirement </p><p>GRADE JISG3302 ASTM </p><p>A653 </p><p>EN </p><p>10142-47 </p><p>CQ SGCC CS DX51D </p><p>LFQ SGCD1 CS DX51D </p><p>DQ SGCD2 CF DX52D </p><p>DDQ SGCD3 DDS DX53D </p><p>SQ SGC370-570 G230-550 S220-S550 </p><p>Coating Mass </p><p>(g/m) Z60-Z350 </p><p>Thickness </p><p>(mm) 0.2-4.00 </p><p>Width(mm) 90-1250 </p><p>I.D(mm) 508/610 </p><p>O.D(mm) 800-2140 </p><p>Coil Weight </p><p>(MT) 322 </p><p>Surface Finish </p><p>Regular Spangle </p><p>Minimized Spangle </p><p>Skin Passed </p><p>Zero Spangle </p><p>Surface </p><p>Treatment </p><p>Chromated(15mg-25mg) </p><p>Chromated&amp;Oiled </p><p>Non-chromated but Oiled </p></li><li><p>WUXI MSV IMPORT AND EXPORT CO.,LTD </p><p>PRE PAINTED STEEL.(GI BASE PPGI),(GL BASE </p><p>PPGL) </p><p>GI&amp;GL are twice painted and baked to give various colored finishes </p><p> Regular Modified polyester </p><p> Special modified polyester </p><p>PVDF </p><p>Embossed, wood and stone print and etc. </p><p>PVC Film Laminated Metal </p><p>Thickness 0.2-2.0mm </p><p>Painting Topcoat 1430m </p><p>Back coat 518m </p><p>Primer 26m </p><p>Width 6001250mm </p><p>Steel Grade JIS G3312 CGCC,CGC340,CGC400,CGC400,CGC490,CGC570 </p><p>ASTM CF,FS,SS </p><p>EN10326 S250GD,S280GD,S320GD,S350GD,S550GD </p><p>EN10327 DX51D,DX52D </p><p>*Please noted that customized service is available. </p></li><li><p>WUXI MSV IMPORT AND EXPORT CO.,LTD </p><p>COLD ROLLED STEEL COILS &amp; SHEETS </p><p> Grade </p><p>Quality </p><p>EN </p><p>10130 </p><p>DIN 1623/83 ASTM JIS </p><p>Commercial A-366 3141/96 </p><p>Drawing FE901 St.12 A-619 SPCC </p><p>Deep drawing FEP03 RRSt.13 A-620 SPCD </p><p>Extra deep drawing FEP04/0</p><p>5 </p><p>RRSt.14 A-620 SPCE </p><p>Super Extra deep </p><p>drawing </p><p>FEP06 SPCEN </p><p>Type Cold Rolled Closed </p><p>Annealed (CRCA) </p><p>Cold Rolled Full Hard (CRFH) </p><p>CRNGO SLICON STEEL </p><p>Width 60mm-1525mm </p><p>Thickness 0.14-3mm </p><p>Surface </p><p>Finish </p><p>Matte,Bright,Dull </p><p>Finishing </p><p>Facilities </p><p>Slitting </p><p>*Please noted that customized service is available. </p></li><li><p>WUXI MSV IMPORT AND EXPORT CO.,LTD </p><p>CORRUGATED IRON &amp; ROOFING SHEET </p><p>1. Base metal: Hot dip galvanized steel </p><p>2. Thickness: 0.16mm-1.5mm </p><p>3. Length: 1.8m-5m </p><p>5. Zinc Coating: 40g/m2-100g/m2 </p><p>6. Color: All RAL colors </p><p>Model Spead Width </p><p>(mm) </p><p>Valid </p><p>Width </p><p>(mm) </p><p>Peak Height </p><p>(mm) </p><p>Peak Distance </p><p>(mm) </p><p>YX25-205-1025 1200 1025 25 205 </p><p>YX25-205-820 1000 820 25 205 </p><p>YX35-125-750 1000 750 35 125 </p><p>YX25-212.5-850 1000 850 25 212.5 </p><p>YX25-210-840 1000 840 25 210 </p><p>YX15-225-900 1000 900 15 225 </p><p>YX23-210-1060 1200 1050 23 210 </p><p>YX22-213-860 1000 860 22 213 </p><p>YX6-91-910 1000 910 6 91 </p><p>YX35-238-950 1200 950 35 238 </p><p>YX18-63.5-825 1000 825 18 63.5 </p><p>YX50-410-820 1000 820 50 410 </p><p>YX71-380-760 1000 760 71 380 </p><p>YX10-108-1065 1200 1065 10 108 </p><p>YX42-250-750 1000 750 42 250 </p><p>*Please noted that customized service is available. </p></li></ul>