ARC 90 For Small Businesses

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  • 1. No Credit ChecksNo InterestPayment Option For Your Customers

2. Sound Familiar? I cant afford that. I just cant afford to pay that all today. Its perfect, but Ill have to save up for it.We have a SOLUTIONfor your business and your customers! 3. Payment Option Are you losing customers because they cantafford to pay for your product/service upfront? Based on customers income, not credit score Millions of customers have income to pay But have poor credit 4. Payment Option Fast approvals; 24/7 Internet authorization High approval rates Increased sales Backed by Global Check Services 5. ARC 90 (Merchant) MAY qualify for $1,500 up front payment Future payments MAY be guaranteed Recover lost sales Drive in new customers Income qualifier Payment calculator 6. ARC 90 (Merchant) 2 weeks to 6 months payment plans $500 to $10,000 purchases Banner for storefront Brochures/Window Decals Customized video commercial Complete training and setup 7. ARC 90 (Customer) NO Credit Checks Interest Free One time $35 plus 9% fee added to purchase Courtesy reminders 8. Cost to Merchant $495 one-time membership fee Can be broken into 3 monthly payments Recouped with one $500 sale $25, one time, for marketing materials Banner, brochures, fliers, video commercial Monthly fees only $25-$35 OR Annual renewal of $150. 9. Cost to Customer Purchase price $35 fee + 9% of purchase price No interest, so does not compound Down payment required, then weekly ORmonthly payments Based on income and payment calculators 10. Ready to get started? Tina DeLima TD Marketing 916-234-3770


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