Markis Capital Ltd. - Investor Relations Activities in Taiwan

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Markis Capital Ltd. - Investor Relations in Taiwan Pitch book (Trad. Chinese Version)


Localizing IR Localizing Investor Relations Markis & Company (Asia) Ltd May 2012 Agenda (Investor Relations) IR (Best Practices) FAQ Investor Relations IR / Non-Deal Roadshow 79 88 IR (Best Practices) / - 34iPad 22iPad/ 18 iPad/ IR // - / / // - // - (FAQ) ? - $561000 - $336,000 - $160,000 ? / 0-3 ? ? / 9-122-3/ ? - 4.3 - 5.2 59% CFO 25 analysts (6~11x per year) Non-Deal Roadshow (once per year) / / 18 Analysts / / / 13 Analysts 4/ 30 251 -> 303 - Teddy Tsai DNBNOR 20082010 () 20032008 (/) Copyright This work is protected by copyright and/or other applicable law. Any use of the work other than as authorized or granted by copyright law is prohibited. Disclaimer This presentation is provided for information purposes only. It is not a complete analysis of every material fact respecting any company, industry, security or investment. Opinions expressed are subject to change without notice. While every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in this presentation is correct with no errors and omissions, no responsibility can be nor is accepted as to the accuracy or completeness of the statements, facts, and examples included herein. No liability is accepted whatsoever on the part of Markis & Company (Asia) Ltd., or of any other parties whose material is contained in the presentation for any loss of profit or damage or any liability to third party whatsoever arising from the use of this presentation. Neither this report, nor any opinion expressed herein, should be construed as an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to acquire any securities or other investments mentioned herein. The company accepts no liability whatsoever for any direct or consequential loss arising from the use of this report or its contents. Markis & Company (Asia) Ltd. Teddy Tsai () Managing Director +852 8127-7587 +886 910 723 698


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