Thomas Fleck - Meet Magento Ukraine - How Magento and open source change the e-commerce industry

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  • How Magento and open source change the

    e-commerce industry

  • Magento made in

  • I will not talk about ...

    market sharestrategic open source (community- and enterprise edition)for beginners and enterpriseglobalunparalleled community and ecosystem

    can be found on youtube soon ;)

  • My agenda for today

    thoughts about commerce and e-commerce

    open source: values and why this matters

    how magento can change your live

  • open sourcee-commerce

  • thoughts about (e) commerce

    capitalism is

    you buy stuff you don't needwith money you don't haveto impress people you don't like ;)

  • thoughts about (e)commerce

    trade has been connecting people and fostering exchange (not only of goods and money but ideas too)

    commerce has been improving quality of live

    e-commerce is just the next step

  • open source and values

    sharing knowledge and ideas

    paradigm shift resources that grow by sharing light my candle with your candle Age of Enlightenment / Age of Reason

  • In everything we do...

    we enable and connect people

    we help them to make good businessand become friends

  • Meet Magento Movement

    independent from the beginningfoundation for community and ecosystem

    events in more than 10 Countriesconnecting people from more than 26 countries

  • What does and have in common?

    these days

  • connect with

    Meet Magento communitybecome successful

    change your live ;)