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<p>2010-2011 academic year</p> <p>School number 44th </p> <p>GRADE 7</p> <p>ENGLISH LESSON</p> <p>TEACHER G.Amarzaya</p> <p>TOPIC:</p> <p>WILD ANIMALS</p> <p>AIM OF THE LESSON:</p> <p>Students will able to learn wild animals and new grammar can/can't</p> <p>Warm up:</p> <p>Across 2. A group of birds.4. A group of fish.6. A group of apes.8. A group of cattle or bison.</p> <p>Down 1. A group of wolves.3. A group of bats or ants.4. A group of insects.5. A group of puppies or kittens.7. A group of whales.</p> <p>New vocabulary:</p> <p>bear</p> <p>New vocabulary:</p> <p>KANGAROO</p> <p>New vocabulary:</p> <p>Polar bear</p> <p>New vocabulary:</p> <p>panda</p> <p>New vocabulary:</p> <p>lion</p> <p>New vocabulary:</p> <p>aligator</p> <p>#Slide 23</p> <p>New grammar:</p> <p>AFFIRMATIVE:</p> <p>I/YOU/HE/SHE/IT/WE/YOU/THEY/ CAN SING</p> <p>NEGATIVE:</p> <p>I/YOU/HE/SHE/IT/WE/YOU/THEY/ CANNOT/CAN'T SING</p> <p>INTERROGATIVE:</p> <p>CAN I/YOU/HE/SHE/IT/WE/YOU/THEY/ SING?</p> <p>SHORT ANSWERS:</p> <p>YES,I/YOU/HE/SHE/IT/WE/YOU/THEY CANNO,I/YOU/SHE/HE/IT/WE/YOU/THEY CAN'T</p> <p>FOR EXAMPLE:</p> <p>What can monkeys do?Monkeys can climb trees.</p> <p>FOR EXAMPLE:</p> <p>BIRDS CAN FLY</p> <p>FOR EXAMPLE:</p> <p>KANGAROO CAN JUMP</p> <p>FOR EXAMPLE:</p> <p>I CAN SING A SONG</p> <p>For example:</p> <p>HE CAN RIDE A BIKE</p> <p>Speaking practice:</p> <p>HE CAN DRAW</p> <p>Speaking practice:</p> <p>I CAN PLAY FOOTBALL</p> <p>Can you swim?Yes, I can.No, I cant.</p> <p>#Slide 23</p> <p>SPEAKING PRACTICE:<br /></p> <p>SUGGEST ANSWER:</p> <p>HE CAN PLAY PIANO.</p> <p>SHE CAN SWIM.</p> <p>I CAN SKIING.</p> <p>HE CAN JUMP.</p> <p>SHE CAN PLAY ROPE.</p> <p>Sing a song:<br />African safari</p> <p>Oh, Im going on an African safari, Oh, Im going on an African safari,Oh, Im going on an African safari, Oh, wont you come along with me?I hope Ill see some lions on safari, Oh, I hope Ill see some zebras on safari,Oh, I hope Ill see some cheetahs on safari, Oh, wont you come along with me?Oh, wont you come along with me? Oh, wont you come along with me?</p> <p>LET'S DO EXERCISE:</p> <p>1. She ...... fly but she can run. 2. No,she .......... watch TV,it is too late. 3. No,I'm sorry you ......have this knife. It's too dangerous . 4. Yes , I .......... see a bird in the tree. 5. She can't write but she ............ read ! 6. He ........... watch that cartoon on TV. It's only available on DVD's. 7. Yes,of course you ............ have a glass of water . 8. No , I ............ hear you . Speak up, please. </p> <p>CORRECT ANSWER:</p> <p>1. CAN'T2. CAN'T3. CAN4. CAN</p> <p>5. CAN6. CAN'T7. CAN8. CAN'T</p> <p>CONCLUTION FOR THE LESSON:</p> <p>WE HAVE LEARNT THESE- ANIMALS NAME AND - USE CAN/CAN'T:</p> <p>HOMEWORK:</p> <p>http://www.tolearnenglish.com/exercises/exercise-english-2/exercise-english-62121.php</p>