07 prepositional phrases as adjectives 介系詞片語當形容詞用

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Prepositional Phrases as adjectives Class:_____ No:_____ Date: 103.12.12

Please write down the sentences to describe the character in the picture by using a prepositional phrase. tips: (1) with + /() (2) in+ / (.)

(3) about +N()


Hello Kitty and Daniel are a couple. Hello Kitty is the girl with a pair of red glasses and in a red dress. Daniel is the boy in a black jacket and a pair of blue jeans. He likes to read books aboutscience.

Snoopy and Woodstuck are good friends. They always play together.

1. Snoopy is the dog with _______________________. He loves to watch movies _______(preposition) romance.2. Woodstuck is the bird in _____________________. He enjoys singing songs ________ (preposition) love.

Conan became a little boy, so Mouri Ran didnt know that Conan was her boyfriend. 1. Conan is the boy with __________________________. He loves to investigate events ________ (preposition) mystery(). 2. Mouri Ran is the girl in__________________________.

In One Piece, I love the character, Chopper, the most. He is so lovely and funny. The one with big eyes and __________________ is Chopper. The one next to Chopper is Luffy. He is the one ______________________________.

Make two sentences.

1. in ..: ________________________________________________

2. with: ________________________________________________3. about:_______________________________________________

1. Make two sentences with prepositional phrases to describe Finn Morton and Jake.

2. ________________________________________________3. _________________________________________________

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Finn Morton



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