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Advert Analysis

The Pretty Reckless

This is The Pretty Reckless advert to promote their album Going to hell in many magazines such as Kerrang!, Hammer and many other rock music magazines.

I really like this advert, as it is really simplistic, pleasing to the eye and easy to read as they do not over do it with placing loads of information in front for the viewer to read, as many wouldnt read it. It only contains key information needed such as the bands name, the album name and image of the album, a website of the band and Twitter or Facebook pages helping promote themselves to as many people out there who enjoy heavy rock music.The advert uses a simple plain easily to read font and the bands name big and bold styled to the bands styling which many fans would easily recognise upon viewing this advert. The albums name is directly underneath the bands logo at the centre top of page in a white stylistic font standing out from the dark background adding emphasis and focus towards the writing.

Adding to this, it contains the release date at the bottom of the advert to let the viewer or fans know when their album is going to be out so they can get a profit in their CDs, which is important in promoting a product. The image used in this advert is simple and eye catching as the band have used the album cover as the main image for this, helping viewers and fans to locate their album when shopping online or in record shops. It also works well as it shows the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the band which is Taylor Momsen, many people would recognise her as the star from the band. I think they have also used the revealing image of Taylor Momsen to give off that 'I Don't Care' feel to it, it could also represent how she feels stripped as this album is about how she feels on certain subjects helping with the rock 'n' roll hard rock image of her and the band. Lastly I feel that it could be done to get your attention and make you think why she has done that, getting you interested in the album gaining a profit for what they done.

Overall I think that this advert has worked really well, as they have all the key information needed, good clear texts and images, the use of colours (dark background and bright text) adding to this makes it clear to the eye of the reader. I will used this as an inspiration for when I create my own advert.