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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>A NEW FILE SYSTEM TECHNOLOGY BASED ON HADOOP </p> <p>Presented byM.V.AKHIL PREM KUMAR</p> <p> Appendix</p> <p> Hadoops history</p> <p> Architecture in detail</p> <p> Hadoop in industry</p> <p>4. Advantages</p> <p> What is HaDooP</p> <p>Brief History of HadoopDesigned to answer the question: How to process big data with reasonable cost and time?</p> <p>Search engines in 1990s</p> <p>1996199619971996</p> <p>Google search engines</p> <p>19982013</p> <p>Google Origins</p> <p>20032004</p> <p>2006</p> <p> Hadoops Developers</p> <p>Doug Cutting2005: Doug Cutting and Michael J. Cafarella developed Hadoop to support distribution for theNutchsearch engine project.</p> <p>The project was funded by Yahoo.</p> <p>2006: Yahoo gave the project to Apache Software Foundation.</p> <p>Hadoop Framework Tools</p> <p>Hadoops Architecture</p> <p> HDFS ARCHITECTURE</p> <p>Hadoop MapReduce</p> <p>Hadoop in the WildAdvertisement (Mining user behavior to generate recommendations</p> <p>Hadoop is in use at most organizations that handle big data: </p> <p>Yahoo! FacebookAmazonNetflixEtc</p> <p> Security (search for uncommon patterns)</p> <p>Why use Hadoop?</p> <p>Some Hadoop Milestones </p> <p> CONCLUSION:Distributed by the user all the world </p> <p>Efficently used for job tracker and task tracker in its map reduce engine</p> <p>Top level apache project</p> <p>Having more capabilites by adapting cloud computing too</p> <p>QUERIES</p> <p>Developer(s)Apache Software FoundationInitial releaseDecember10, 2011; 3 years ago[1]Stable release2.7.1 / July6,2015[2]Development statusActiveWritten inJavaOperating systemCross-platformTypeDistributed file systemLicenseApache License2.0Websitehadoop.apache.org</p> <p>The name "Hadoop" was given by one of Doug Cutting's sons to that son's toy elephant. Doug used the name for his open source project because it was easy to pronounce and to Google. If you have 2 minutes, you can watch a video [1] with more details.</p>